Blackmailed by Neighbor


I was so turned on as I walked out the side door of my house. It led to the sidewalk running along the side of the house next to the driveway. The door opened into the side of the backyard with a few steps to a small gate that led to the front of the house. I had backed my car up in the drive next to the house where it was out of sight from the street or the houses across the street, unless you were standing at the end of my driveway next to the street. I had done this quite a few times before but always at night. This time it was the middle of the day in broad daylight. You might ask yourself, ‘why was he going out his side door so he couldn’t be seen?’ and the answer would be, because I was butt naked and I didn’t think the front door would go over too well with the neighbors. The only things I had with me were my wallet, keys and the tennis shoes on my feet. I am a total exhibitionist and the idea of being out in public completely nude and the thought of possibly exposing myself to a nice looking young woman or two and having them catching me jacking off is such a rush. I love women and having sex with them and dearly love pussy and have all my life, but from the time I first discovered exhibitionism sex, in my early teens by accident, it has given me the most exciting and intense orgasms of my life. I squirt like a fountain when an unsuspecting, nice looking, young woman happens onto me and see what I’m doing. It’s that surprised look they get on their faces that sends me over the edge.

Anyway, back to the story. A few naked steps through the gate and I was at my car. Just as I swung the door open a woman from up the street, that was out walking her dog, went by and said hi! She couldn’t see below my waist and had no idea that I was completely naked. She stopped to chat for a few minutes and I was really hoping she wasn’t going to come up the drive.

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   She did and stood at the front of my car and said I must be enjoying the weather to go driving around without a shirt. From the front of my car she couldn’t see that I was completely naked and had a raging hardon that was starting to leak pre-cum and she went on her way again. Then I was in my car and on my way. Just up the street I slipped on three women’s ponytail bands over my hard cock and under my swollen balls as cockrings. They make my whole package really swell up. I got to the nearest shopping center and just cruised around the parking lot. I put some lube on my cock and started stroking it as I drove past a couple of young women. One of them glanced in and saw what I was doing but just turned away and kept walking. Then I saw this nice looking young woman park and head into the store. I pulled into the spot next to hers so our driver’s doors were together. When she came back out she would be less than three feet away when she opened her door. My excitement level was at an all time high as I sat there jacking off my swollen cock waiting for her to return.

I didn’t have to wait long as she was only in the store about 18 minutes. I saw her coming across the parking lot to her car and it was all I could do to control myself with a really slow stroke as that intense tickling was already starting in my swollen cockhead. As she got to her car door I raised my butt up off the seat so my cock and balls and me jacking off was very visible through my open window.

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   As she opened her door she turned to make sure she didn’t bump my car and that’s when she looked in and saw what I was doing. Her eyes got as big as saucers and her mouth dropped open in surprise. That look of surprise always sends me over the edge. As my hand slid up and down over my rapidly swelling cockhead the intense tickling in my cockhead radiated down into my balls and I felt my cum boiling up out of them. She and I watched as several white ropes of cum exploded out of my cockhead and landed all over my chest and stomach. As I kept stroking my cock my cum just flowed out all down my hand, onto my balls and onto the car seat. She quickly gathered herself and very angrily said,

“You fucking pervert. What do you mean coming out here in public naked and sitting here and beating off right in front of me? You should be ashamed of yourself. Look at the way you came all over yourself. That is so fucking nasty. You’re such a pervert I guess this is the only sex you can get so I guess I should feel sorry for you. If you get out of here right now I won’t report you. Besides you’ve already cum all over yourself and probably need to get home and get cleaned up, don’t you? Listen, if I ever see you out here naked and beating your meat again, I will report you and get you in a lot of trouble. Now get the fuck out of here. ”

She still had her eyes glued on my hand still holding onto my very hard cock as I told her I was sorry, but she looked so hot I just couldn’t resist jacking off in front of her.

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   I thanked her for not reporting me and headed for home.

When I came up in front of my house and started backing up into my drive my neighbor Carol was coming out her front door and headed my way. As I stopped my car up in the drive beside the house and close to the gate, Carol was coming around the fence between our properties and was headed for the passenger side of my car and the open window. Well! I was naked with nothing to cover up with and my cum was still all over me with a still respectable semi-hardon cock and I knew I was busted big time. She reached the window just as I shut the car off and said,

“Well! Mister, what do you have to say for yourself? I saw you leaving your house naked and by the amount of cum you have all over yourself I’m sure you have been out riding around in your car and jacking off, haven’t you? My guess is that you do this all the time and are probably out exposing yourself to young women quite often, aren’t you? This is not the first time I have seen you leaving your house naked, but it’s the first time in broad daylight.

You are taking a huge risk of getting caught and getting in a lot of trouble. Don’t try to deny it. I have seen you out in your back yard naked and jacking off a bunch of times. I know you know I’m watching you and I know you like it. I’ve even seen you doing it when my teen daughter was out there and she watched you too. She has never said anything to me about it and I haven’t asked her. But, I bet if your wife ever found out about your little perverted habits she would really be pissed. Well! Here’s the deal. I told a few of my girlfriends about your little perverted habits and they all said they would love to watch you do that to yourself, but not peeking at you through your fence. They want you to come over to my house and let us watch you in my living room and you have to do whatever we tell you to do, or I will tell your wife and show her a couple of pictures I’ve taken of you beating off and cuming in your back yard.

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   I can tell by your growing hardon that you like the idea. If you want to jack yourself off again I would love to get in your car with you and watch while you think about our little arrangement. Oh! And I love the way you keep your whole package completely clean shaven and those bands around you cock and balls really make your package swell up, don’t they?”

She got in the car with me and we sat there and she watched me beat my meat. I stroked my cock really slowly and she reached over and played with my balls and tickled my asshole with her finger. I came again but not as much as I had earlier. I told her she had an agreement and she said that was a wise decision on my part. She added a couple of addendums to it when she told me that her and her friends also wanted to do a little anal playing on me and also some CBT. I had to agree. What else could I do? It wasn’t all bad though. I would get to jackoff in front of some nice looking women a lot. The down side was that the biggest excitement to exposing myself is the surprised look women get on their faces when they see me naked and stroking my cock, but I could still keep doing that too. Plus I love CFNM, but the anal play and CBT had me a little concerned. I mean, what kind of deviates were these women? Of course, in light of with my own perversion, I guess me saying that is like the pot calling the kettle black.