Amy the Exhibitionist - part 2


Amy the Exhibitionist

Part 2

Well, it’s now nearly 3 months since my brother went off to University and I’m really missing our daily fucks. Ben was right when we bought that vibrator and told me that I’d be needing it, I’ve lost count of the number of batteries I’ve had to put in it.

In those 2+ months a few things have happened which I will tell you about.

My Breasts
My breasts have now grown to a full ‘C’ cup. They are still as firm as they were and I had to buy another bra for the times at school when I needed one. I bought a ¾ cup bra where the cups are very thin and see through. My nipples poke out nicely when they get hard. I hope that they don’t grow any bigger, my breasts that is, I quite fancy bigger nipples, more to poke out.

I’m still only wearing knickers very occasionally, and my skirts haven’t got any longer. Because of the cold English weather I’m wearing the crotch-less tights a bit more often.

Sleepover at Katie’s
Katie’s parents went away one weekend and Katie asked me to stay at her place for the Friday and Saturday nights to help her keep control of her 18 year old brother Tom.
Although Tom has met me before, and I’m sure that he will have heard the stories at school, he’s never been in a position to ‘see’ me first hand; until that weekend.
Tom was in his room when I arrived and Katie and me were in out bed clothes (Katie in PJs, me in just a T shirt) before he came out to get some supper. He did a bit of a double take when he first saw me cos my ‘T’ was right up to the top of my legs. He sat opposite me when he came to eat and watch TV. I didn’t deliberately flash him but he certainly looked enough times.

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That night Katie and me both slept in Katie’s bed, me naked, but Katie wore her PJs.
We talked for hours. The topic of conversation got round to my exhibitionism and her brother. I asked her if Tom had seen her naked. She didn’t think so, but he’d tried to a few times. I suggested that I satisfy his curiosity. After a long pause Katie agreed.

There was no physical contact between me and Katie before we went to sleep, but when I woke up my arm was on Katie’s breast. Katie was still asleep so I teased her nipple until it got hard. She moaned a bit then woke-up. I didn’t move my hand and she didn’t move. I asked her if she was just a bit ‘bi-curious’, she said ‘yes’ so I looked at her then kissed her. Just a quick one, no tongue work.
Just then we heard a noise and Katie said that it would be Tom going into the bathroom. I said, “Great, now’s the time to educate him.

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With that I jumped out of bed and without putting anything on, I went to the bathroom. I didn’t knock and walked right in. Tom was having a pee and said, “What the fuck?” as he looked at me. I said, “Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were in here. Don’t mind if I have a shower do you. ”
I didn’t give him chance to say anything and climbed into the bath and turned the shower on without closing the curtain.
I smiled at him as he just stood there and stared at me.
Eventually I said, “Haven’t you seen a naked girl before? Haven’t you seen Katie naked? Would you like to?” Eventually he nodded but didn’t say anything.
I looked down to see that he’d not moved from holding his little cock to have a pee, but his cock was hard.

After a while I said that he’d seen enough for now and closed the curtain. When I finished my shower he’d gone.

Back in her room, Katie’s was still in bed. I told her what had happened, including the bit about Tom wanting to see her naked. She said, “No chance,” but the way she said it wasn’t very convincing.

All day Saturday Tom was at one of his mates so that left Katie and me to do our own thing.

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   There’s a bit of a water leisure park in the next city and Katie fancied going there so we did. I wanted to go home to get one of my bikinis, but Katie said that she’d got one sorted for me. I wasn’t too keen on the idea but Katie promised me that I would be happy in it. When we got there we went into one of the family changing cubicles and stripped off. Katie gave me the bikini and I went ballistic. It was horrendous. It was one of Katie’s mums. Katie’s mum is at least 2 dress sizes bigger than me and at least a DD. The top was one of those that have optional shoulder straps that attach to the sides of the cups. Before Katie gave me it she took off the shoulder straps. When I put it on my tits felt as if they could rattle around in it. After a lot of persuasion we put our clothes in a locker and went to the pool. I was embarrassed in that bikini and tried to hide behind Katie.

Katie dived in then urged me to do the same. I didn’t take much persuasion and I quickly followed.

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   When I surfaced Katie told me that she knew that I would be happy. I didn’t understand until Katie pointed at my chest. The bikini top had slipped down round my waist. As well as that, the bottoms were well below my bum cheeks.

Well, that was it. I started looking for young men to show-off to. It didn’t take long to find a group of young men. We swam up near them and climbed out. My arse cheeks were on display as I climbed out but I quickly pulled the bottoms up.

We waited until the men were looking at us then in we dived. I surfaced right next to them and then jumped up so that my chest was out of the water. Yes, the top was around my waist and my pups were on display. One of the men soon noticed and told his mates. I pretended not to know and said “Hi” to one of them. It didn’t take long for them all to be chatting to me while Katie stayed away.


   After a few minutes Katie swam over and said, “Have you seen your top?” I looked down and pretended to be shocked. I apologised to them and said that I had a similar problem with the bottoms, a consequence of borrowing someone else’s bikini.

One of them told me that there was no need to apologise and that they understood the problem. Ha!

We continued to chat to the guys for quite a while. Occasionally Katie and me would get out and dive in again. The last time that I dived in I pushed my bottoms right off. When I surfaced near the guys I told them that my bottoms had come off, and asked them to get them for me. One of them swam off then came back with them; but wouldn’t give them to me. Instead they passed them for one to another of them as I tried to get them. Hands started wandering and some found their target. After a while one of them threw my bikini bottoms out of the pool into a pile of pool equipment. I had no choice other than to get out and get them. I knew that Katie wouldn’t help me. Not that I wanted her to.

Out I got and stood on the side, pretending to look for the bottoms.

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   It wasn’t long before most of the people in the pool and the lifeguards saw me. The lifeguards (an older man) came over and started ranting on at me. I tried to explain that it wasn’t my fault but he wasn’t having any of it. In the end he ‘asked me to leave’. I slowly walked round the pool (not trying to hide my ass or puss) to the changing room. I got to the locker room and realised that Katie had the key. What I haven’t said so far is that there is only one locker room for both men and women.

I had to wait there for Katie. She took ages. I guess that was deliberate. All the time men and women were walking in and out and staring at the bottomless girl. What a turn on.

Eventually, Katie arrived and we got changed. I had to admit to Katie that she was right. I did like her mum’s bikini.

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After the leisure centre, because we had some time to kill before our train back, we decided to go shopping. We headed right for a clothes shop and got some skirts and dresses to try on. In the changing room I managed to talk Katie into taking her knickers off so that she didn’t have a VPL. She put them in her bag, but when her back was turned I pinched them and hid them, then dumped them in a rubbish bin when she wasn’t looking. Katie moaned like hell about losing her knickers but I wouldn’t tell her where they were. As we were walking through the shopping centre she told me that it wasn’t too bad being knickerless, but she wished she’d worn a longer skirt.

I decided that I wanted to flash a shoe salesman. We tried 3 shoe shops before we found one with a young man assistant. I was having a good time showing him my puss when I had an idea. I told him that my friend would like to try the same pair (lace-up boots) on. Katie went red and tried to get out of it but I insisted, and so did the young man. I stood behind Katie as the young man helped her. Katie was doing her best to keep her legs closed so I held my hands out, together, then opened them. The young man got the idea and at the right moment eased her feet apart. The smile on his face told me that he had seen Katie’s hairy puss.

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As we were walking round the shops Katie told me that she’d been extreeeeemly embarrassed and didn’t want to do it again. She didn’t sound too convincing.

We found another clothes shop and got some dresses to try on. I went to the changing room telling Katie that I’d leave the curtain open a bit so that she’d find me okay. I picked a changing cubicle that was opposite the entrance. I did leave the curtain open a bit, a very large bit. Facing the entrance, I took my top off and started undoing my skirt. I looked up and saw a man watching me. I smiled at him and dropped my skirt. I was totally naked with him staring at me. Wow, my puss was tingling and boy, was I wet. We both just stood there looking at each other for about a full minute before Katie came in and told me that I was terrible. She closed the curtain behind her.

I checked-out the dresses that I taken in but didn’t like any of them. Then it was Katie’s turn.

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   She kept one dress that went right up to her neck until last. When she got it on it looked terrible. I told her so. To get it off she had to take it up, over her head. The problem was that she caught some of fancy bits round the dress neck in her hair. There she was wearing just her bra with her arms in the air, dress covering her head, trying to unravel her hair. I told her to stand still whilst I sorted it out. I’d just started when I had an idea. One hand fumbled in her hair whilst the other slowly slid the curtain back. As she was facing the entrance, two men who were obviously waiting for their girlfriends or wives soon noticed her.

She was stood there, head covered with her arms in the air, wearing only her bra, not knowing that she was exposed to those men. It didn’t take long to untangle her, but I didn’t tell her. Instead I told her that one of her bra straps was tangled in the mess and that I’d have to undo her bra. She said okay, so I did. I pulled it up above her breasts, much to the delight of the 2 men.

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   I held out as much as long as I dare, and then lifted the dress over her head.

Almost instantly she saw the 2 men, screamed and closed the curtain. She turned to me, thumped me and called me a rotten bitch. “Tell me that you didn’t enjoy it” I said. When she didn’t say anything I slid a finger along her puss. It was wet, very wet. I held my finger up in front of our faces and said, “Well!” “Okay,” she said, “I did, happy now?”

We dressed and left for the train station.

On the way home Katie admitted that she got turned-on by the experience.

On the Saturday night I again slept naked (what other way is there?). I was a little surprised when Katie didn’t put her PJs on. She climbed into bed naked as well. I didn’t say anything and we talked and giggled about Tom, the day’s fun and lots of other things. She tickled me and I tickled her back. We started wrestling a bit, not seriously, but she ended up on top on me with her knees either side on me; and the quilt on the floor. All of a sudden things stopped and went silent before she lowered her head and kissed me.


   My natural reaction was to kiss her back, and it turned into a full blown passionate kiss, tongues and all. Her hands went to my breasts and mine to hers. I caressed her nipples like Ben does to mine. After a while she got off me and lay beside me. I kissed her again, and let one hand wander over her flesh, slowly, to her puss. She doesn’t shave, but she does trim it. She moaned a little as my fingers found her clit. I told her to relax, close her eyes and enjoy the experience.

A little later something made me look up. There was Tom standing in the doorway watching us. I put my finger to my mouth to tell him to be quiet. Then I waved him in. He came and stood at the bottom of the bed watching me frig his sister. I told Katie to keep her eyes closed and relax. I continued playing with her clit and the rest of her puss, occasionally putting one, then two fingers in her.

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   I motioned to Tom to have a go. He was slow to react, but did so, and I let him take over from me. I raised a knee and started frigging myself. I came first, shortly followed by Katie. Her brother kept on playing with her puss as I put both my hands on her breasts and played with her nipples.

Eventually Katie realised that there were 3 hands working on her and she opened her eyes. When she saw Tom she slammed her legs together and screamed. Tom ran out.

Katie called me all the names under the sun before calming down. When I could get a word in, I asked her if she’d enjoyed it. After a short pause she admitted that she did.

We hugged, kissed and lay there until we fell asleep.

Next morning I woke up to find us both lying on our backs with the quilt on the floor. Katie was still asleep but soon woke up when I pinched one of her nipples. We lay there for ages, just talking.

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   She admitted that she’d enjoyed all of the previous days and nights experiences and asked me if we were lesbians. I told her that I believed that one experimental woman on woman session doesn’t make someone a lesbian. I asked her if she’s got any pleasure from knowing that it was her little brother that had brought her to an orgasm. She said that the orgasm was brilliant, and the fact that it was by her brother, who probably didn’t know exactly what he was doing, made it more exciting. I asked her if she would let him do it again. After a long pause she said, “Yes. ”

The next thing that we knew was Tom running into her room asking when he could do it again. The little runt had been stood outside listening and looking at our naked bodies. Katie screamed at him to get out.

That had spoilt the moment and we got up. As we were getting dressed I asked Katie if she was going to let Tom fuck her. She immediately said, “No,” but after a second or two said, “Maybe. ” We’ll have to wait and see. I also asked her about exposing herself again and again she said, “Maybe. ”

Old Misery Guts
Old misery guts has got some binoculars.

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   I stopped closing my curtains a couple of years ago, and never really thought about peeping toms. One night I was walking around my room doing things when I noticed a light outside go on, then off again quickly. I decided to check it out, put a ‘T’ shirt on and went into Ben’s room without putting the light on. There he was in one of his bedrooms, holding the binoculars to his eyes and definitely looking towards my room. Great I thought, I’ll put a show on for him. I went back to my room, stood at the back of my room so that the light was in front of me, took the ‘T’ off and started caressing my breasts. After a minute or so I stood on my bed and let my fingers bring me to an orgasm.
Shortly after that night I re-arranged my bedroom furniture so that there was more room to put on a show. I also moved the table lamp so that I was lit-up more.

I’ve started going to bed about the same time on most nights, and just about every one of those nights I put a show on. I guess that old misery guts isn’t watching every night, but I get pleasure imagining that he is watching, and probably wanking.

Continued attempts to seduce my Dad
I really miss the sex with Ben and decided that I was going to tease my Dad so much that he would eventually (I hoped) pounce on me and fuck me. After we’d got back from Spain I sunbathed naked a few times, and made sure that Dad was around to see me. I also get changed into my ‘T’ shirt ready for bed earlier, and sit or lay carelessly so that Dad can see more of me. When he says that he’s off to bed I often jump up and sit on his lap to say goodnight.

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   I’ve felt his hard cock a few times and when I do I grind my arse a bit to make sure that he knows that I know. Once when I was getting off his lap I noticed that he had a wet patch where my puss had been. I’m sure that it was my juices.

One night last week we were talking and the subject of boyfriends came up. Dad asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said no. He asked me why not and I just said that the right boy hadn’t appeared yet.
I said that just because I didn’t have a boyfriend didn’t mean that I didn’t have ‘needs’. He blushed a bit, letting me know that he knew what I meant. I said that those needs needed to be taken care of and that I needed some help in that direction. He asked me if I meant the vibrator. It was my turn to blush a bit as I didn’t know that he knew about that. I said yes, but that it’s no substitute for the real thing. I asked him if he could help me in that area. He didn’t say yes or no. Instead he just said, “Interesting question.


   I must admit that the thought has crossed my mind quite a few times but I didn’t think that you’d want your stepfather so I’ve just put it to the back of my mind. Besides, what would your Mother think?” My instant reply was, “There’s no need for her to find out. ” He said that he’d think about it, and went to bed. I bet he had a quick wank before Mom got home. Either that or he gave her a real good seeing to when she did get home.
Anyway, nothing has been said about it – yet. I’m going to talk to him again real soon.

Visited Ben at his University
Ben lives in a Hall of Residence and they are not supposed to have female visitors. However, many do and it wasn’t difficult for Ben to ‘smuggle’ me in.
I wanted to go and see Ben for 3 reasons. Firstly I wanted to do the ‘family’ thing and catch up on how he was doing and what I had been up to. Secondly, Ben now lives in a Hall of Residency, a MALE Hall of Residency. There would be lots of men around that are Ben’s age and I wanted to expose my body to as many of them as possible. Thirdly, I wanted Ben to fuck my brains out.

I travelled there by bus on the Friday afternoon.

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   I wore one of my denim minis and a pair of crotch-less tights. That was to please my Mum as it was a bit cold. The tights came off as soon as I settled in on the bus.

I was so please to see Ben that as soon as we got to his room we stripped and I rode on top him with my knees either side, facing him. He teased my nipples as I came TWICE. Just as I came the second time his door opened and one of his Uni mates came in saying something. He stopped dead as he saw us. The silence was deafening as all three of us froze. Eventually I said, “Well Ben, aren’t you going to introduce us?”
Another pause then Ben said, “Harry this is Amy my step-sister, Amy this is Harry. ”
Still impaled on Ben, I put my hand out to Harry. Eventually Harry said, “Very pleased to meet you Amy. Ben you didn’t tell me Amy was you STEP-sister, I thought you two were real brother and sister. That would have been hot. I’d better let you two finish whatever. Will I see you in the bar later?” Ben said, “Probably.

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  ” And Harry left.

We exchanged news for ages before deciding to go and eat and drink. I told Ben that I needed a shower and we went to the communal bathroom.

There was one other guy in there when we arrived. I took my towel off and went into one of the showers. The other guy looked at me but didn’t say anything.

We went to the nearest bar, had something to eat and a few drinks. Later on, two of Ben’s mates came and challenged us to a pools double. I told them that I didn’t know how to play but they said that it wasn’t a problem, they’d show me. We weren’t playing for money. I was wearing a low cut, loose top and very short mini, not really the clothes to play pool in, but I’d had a few to drink and knew that I’d enjoy the teasing anyway. And I did, as the two friends showed me how to position myself to get the best shot, or was it so that the other guys in the bar could get the best view of my assets. I enjoyed it when they used their hands to move me into the ‘best’ position.

Two other guys challenged Ben and me to a game. I told them that we didn’t play for money and they said that they’d play us for my clothes.

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   I knew what they meant, and I knew that I would have got excited if I ended up naked, but Ben didn’t want to know. In the end we left and Ben sneaked me back in to his room.

We had sex again before going to sleep.

Next morning I woke up first and went to the bathroom naked, carrying my towel. It was a bit early and I didn’t see anyone until I got in there. There were 2 other guys in there. One was shy and pulled a towel round himself quickly. The other guy just stood there shaving, naked. I said “Hi,” hung up my towel and went into a shower without closing the curtain. I could still see the guy, and if he looked, he could see me in the mirror. I stayed facing him as I showered. When he’d finished shaving he washed his face then turned and walked to the next shower to me. He had a hard-on and smiled at me as he disappeared into the next cubicle. I needed to wash my puss again.

I was outside the cubicle drying myself and looking at the hard-on when Ben came in and accused me of teasing the guys.

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   I told him that there was only one guy in there, and that I didn’t hear him complaining. Ben went into a shower and the other guy came out, wrapped his towel round him self and left, smiling. “See you around,” I said to him.

That day Ben took me round a few of the interesting sites in the city, not that there were many. We spent most of the day in the shopping area going up and down escalators with him stood beside me so that the men behind me could get good upskirt views. Ben also took me to a shoe shop that he’d found that had a male assistant. That was fun. I lost count of the number of shoes that I tried on, but the assistant never complained, and judging by the bulge in his trousers he appreciated what he saw.

For lunch we had a McDonald’s takeaway that we took to a little park in the city centre. It has some of those wooden tables with benches attached to each long side. Ben sat in the middle on one side and I sat next to him, but with one leg either side of the bench. With my skirt being so short, my puss was totally exposed. Ben finger-fucked me as we ate.

A group of teenage boys walked passed us and stopped to stare for a while before moving on. Ben didn’t stop while they were there, as he knew that I would enjoy being finger-fucked with an audience.

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Ben told me that we were going to an end of term Toga party at a student house that evening. While we were out we bought the cheapest, single white bed sheet that we could find. When we got back to Ben’s room we ripped it in half, length ways. I say half, but it was more like two-thirds for Ben and one-third for me. It was only when we started to make the Togas that we remembered that we would need some safety pins. We didn’t have any. Ben went round all his mates and managed to borrow just one, and some sticky tape that he kept for his Toga. I had to make do with a couple of paper-clips and the sticky tape. I was in serious danger of having multiple wardrobe malfunctions, which was just what I wanted. The thought of me ending-up naked anywhere from Ben’s room to the party and back got me excited. The first wardrobe malfunction happened while we were walking down the street to the party. There was a sudden gust of wind and the part of the sheet that went over my shoulder and was covering my front blew off my shoulder leaving me topless in the street. A couple walking toward us got quite a shock.

It was great meeting Ben’s new friends. They are all great people.


   All of them were wearing Togas. Most were short, but one or two were long ones. All of the top bits left a fair bit of skin exposed, but no breasts were on display. Two of the girls wore bras under theirs. They looked silly.
When I was getting introduced to the people there, one of the girls said, “So you’re Ben’s little sister, the 18 year-old sister that he’s fucking. ” I smiled at her and said, “Sure am!”

There was lots of alcohol there, but Ben and me managed to drink only a little. The party was going great when someone suggested playing twister. There were enough well lubricated people who wanted to play. I thought it would be a good opportunity for some fun so I joined in. During those games I discovered that at least 4 other girls at the party were knickerless. Also, 2 of the men were going commando.
My wardrobe kept malfunctioning (not surprising when my body was is such unusual positions) and I was forever putting it back together. Each time it fell off I got one or two comments from other people there. All of them were cheering me on to not put it back on.

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   In the end I didn’t put the top part back on, then someone stood on the end of the sheet and the whole lot came off. I just gave up at that point and stayed naked until I was out of the game.

One girl offered me a safety pin, but I declined saying that it was more fun this way.

Twister progressed to little ‘challenges’ for people to do. There were lots of silly things and drinking games, but one very interesting one. Handstands. Most people had a go. Those who were without underwear got the biggest cheers. One of the men was ‘well hung’, and semi erect. One of the girls shouted, “I want some of that. ” When it came to my turn my Toga fell apart just as I went down onto my hands. I ended up standing on my hands, naked, with my feet well apart and leaning on a wall. I stayed there for ages and took my time re-assembling my Toga when I did stand-up.

I was amazed at how many people, men and women shave their pubes.

Later, the alcohol got the better of a few people with a few people collapsing on chairs and the floor.

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   Two girls were on the floor in a corner of the kitchen. One had her knees under her chin leaving her puss on display. She was shaved.
The other girl had her legs out straight in front of her and her Toga right up to her puss. Two men there were discussing whether or not she was knickerless. I said, “We can soon solve that little puzzle. ” With that I moved her feet apart and pulled the Toga up to her waist. She didn’t even blink. She was wearing a mesh thong that had been pulled up giving her a wedgie. I gave it a little tug higher, she moaned a bit, and I left them to it.

Shortly after that I went and sat in the stairs with my feet on the step below. My puss was on display to everyone who went up to the bedrooms or toilet. I pretended to be drunk and asleep. I’m sure that most of the people who wet upstairs had a good look. One man even stroked it with a finger.

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   I moaned a little. I think that was a mistake as he moved on quickly.

    At one point in the evening I was talking to a couple of girls and one of them asked me if I really was fucking my big brother. “Yes I am, we’re not lovers, just fuckbuddies. Been doing it for about 2 years now. ” They thought that it was really cool. One of them said that she fancied Ben so I told her to go for it, I didn’t mind. After all, he was away from home most of his life now and was probably quite sex starved.

    Eventually the party ended and we walked the short distance back to Ben’s room. It was cold and my nipples hurt.

    On Sunday morning we got woken up at 7 am by Henry. He came barging straight in saying, “Come on Ben, we’ve got to be in the pool by half past. ” He stopped dead when saw me in bed with Ben. “Sorry, I forgot,” he said and just stood there looking at us.
    Ben said, “Oh shit!” then explained to me that 6 of them went to the Uni swimming pool every Sunday morning for a game of water polo before anyone else got there.

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       I asked about a lifeguard and Ben told me that it wasn’t a problem as Andy was fully qualified. I told them that I didn’t have a costume with me so Henry said that it wouldn’t be a problem as there would only be the 7 of us there. He could lock the door and keep anyone who arrived early for the next session out. I said, “Are you expecting me to swim naked with 6 horny Uni students?” Before Henry could answer Ben said, “Come on, get dressed, we’re off. ”
    The quilt came off revealing my nakedness to Henry. On went a skirt, top and shoes and we were off.
    When we got to the pool, Andy and 3 other guys were just arriving. I’d met 2 of them the night before. Andy opened the door and we went in. They went into the men’s changing room while I went to the women’s changing room, but it was locked. I went to the men’s and asked Andy if he had a key. He didn’t. He said that he only ever got the keys to the front door and to the men’s changing room. “Oh well, I guess I’ll have to get changed in here,” and dropped my towel on the bench next to Ben.
    The guys didn’t take much notice of me at that stage, and within seconds they were off towards the pool.


       I stripped and walked the same way as they went. I passed the communal shower and the toilets and turned a corner to see them throwing a ball to each other, in the pool.

    I stood at the waters edge, completely naked, and shouted, “Right, which team am I in?” Six young men stopped and turned to look at me. Everything was quiet for a few seconds before Andy told me who else was in my team. Standing there I was getting quite wet; and that was before I got into the water.

    I had great fun with them. Occasionally, one of them would try to get the ball off me and grab hold of me. Sometimes getting my breasts, which bobbed in and out of the water as I went for the ball.

    When time was up we all got out and walked to the changing room. I went straight into the shower and was enjoying the warm water as one by one they came in, naked as I was. What a sight, 6 naked young men, all with semi-hard-ons that were starting to point to the ceiling as they watched me washing myself, paying special attention to my breasts and puss. It didn’t take long for one of them to ask if I wanted any help. Naturally I said that that would be nice and before long hands were all over me. I was in heaven.
    Ben just stood back watching it all happen, but after a minute or so he said, “Guys, remember that she’s my 18 year-old sister.

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       Two rules, firstly, if she says ‘stop’, then you stop; and secondly, no actual fucking her. Everything else is up to her, but no fucking. Okay?” The 5 of then said ‘okay’, and Ben went off to get dried.
    Four of them carried me, an arm or leg each (legs wide apart), into the changing room and lay me down on one of the benches.

    Wow, what a great time I had. A sort of gang bang without the actual fucking.
    Five hard cocks to play with while they played with my breasts and puss. I’d given Ben a blowjob before, but one of the guys really pushed his cock down my throat. I thought I was going to choke. At the same time a hand was getting more and more fingers into my puss. Cocks were getting wanked by me and the owners right above me. I don’t know how long it took before one of them came, but his spunk shot all over my face. When the second guy shot his load over my face I came as well. The hand that was in my puss was removed and another went in. It’s thumb playing with my clit.

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       I came again, then again. I don’t remember the other guys coming, but they must have, there was spunk all over my face and chest.

    Eventually it all stopped and I stood up. On wobbly legs I stood in the shower and washed myself again.

    Most of the guys had left when I went to get dried. Ben asked me if I was okay. I didn’t need to say anything, the smile on my face told him everything. I got dressed and we all left with Andy locking up behind us.

    Back in Ben’s room I collapsed on Ben’s bed and told him that the last day and a half were the best that I’d ever had, except that I needed a proper fucking. Ben didn’t need to be asked. He dropped his trousers, pulled my legs over the side of the bed, turned me over, and fucked me from behind. I came again.

    I had to leave for home soon so I told Ben that I needed a shower before leaving. Ben threw me a towel and said, “You know where it is. ” I put the towel over my shoulder and walked down the corridor naked.

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       The 3 shower cubicles were already in use and one guy entered the room at the same time as me. Of course I didn’t try to cover myself. The guy waiting was in just his boxers, holding his towel. This came down his front when he got a hard-on.

    A few minutes later the guy in one of the cubicles came out. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the naked girl in front of him. His cock started to get hard and he left quickly. Both the waiting guy and me moved to the now vacant cubicle. When he saw that I was going as well he stopped and said, “After you. ” I told him that we could always share. After a slight pause he said okay and we both went in. It was a bit crowded in there and when he took his boxers off his cock was pointing to the ceiling. He tried to cover it but I said, “Don’t be shy, it’s not the first hard-on I’ve seen today. ”

    We both tried to wash ourselves with his hard-on knocking into me, but it was difficult. In the end I said, “You soap me, then I’ll soap you.

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      ” He just stood there for a second or two then started soaping me. He started round my neck then moved down. He seemed a little reluctant to soap my tits so I said, “ They won’t bite you. ” My nipples were already hard, but they started to ache as they got the attention from his hands. When he moved down he didn’t need to be told to do my puss. He was straight in there, literally in there. I moaned as he gave my clit the works. I shuddered as I came. He moved on down my legs before I started on him.
    I quickly worked my way down to his tummy, but then went to his feet. When I’d done his legs I went to his balls. Even in the shower I could see the pre-cum on the end of his cock. It didn’t take much handwork for him to shoot his load onto me.
    Things cooled down and we rinsed off and got out. As I was drying myself another guy came in and looked surprised to see a naked girl drying herself.

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    As I walked back to Ben’s room with my towel round my neck, another girl came out of a room, saw me and said, “Looks like you’ve been having a good time too. ”

    Shortly after that I had to leave, and Ben took me to the bus station. He put me on the bus giving my ass and puss a little pat. “Keep it warm for me,” he said.
    Within minutes of the bus moving off I was asleep. When I woke up we were only about 18 miles from home. In my sleep I had turned so that my back was against the window and my right hand was up my skirt and playing with my clit and the rest of my very wet puss. When I looked up I saw an old man looking at me with a big grin on his face. I guess that I’d been having a good dream about the weekend. Just for good measure, I moved my hand and opened my legs as much as I could within the limited space. The old man’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. I smiled at him, said, “That’s it,” and closed my legs. The crotch-less tights then went on.

    School’s very much the same as before the summer holidays except that it’s much colder. I’ve even resorted to wearing my crotch-less tights a few times.


       I’m still getting good marks in History, even though I hardly do any of the work. I still remember the look of disappointment on the History teachers face when I walked into his classroom wearing the tights. His smile soon re-appeared as soon as he found out that they are crotch-less tights.

    My reputation as a slut is still going strong, even though I haven’t been out with any of the boys there. I guess that in their minds, just because I wear short skirts and flash my puss whenever I can that I must be a slut. I don’t care. I’m having fun.

    Dare Games
    Katie and me have always been into ‘dares’ and we’ve started doing them again. The intention was for Katie to dare me to do things that leave me exposed to some watching guys. The first dare was from Katie to me. She dared me to wear my vibrator (switched on) for one whole lesson at school. I wasn’t too keen as it would mean wearing knickers (I doubt that I could keep it in without the knickers), but in the end I gave-in as a deal is a deal. I chose a RE lesson as they are always boring.

    Throughout the lesson there was a low humming that one or two people near me looked puzzled about, but no one said anything. I on the other hand had a difficult time.

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       It wasn’t long before I was getting all worked-up. I sat there getting hotter and hotter as I fought to not have an orgasm. At one point I was so flushed that the teacher asked me if I was okay. I managed a very croaky, “yes. ” Eventually the vibrator got the better of me and I came. I nearly bit my lip off holding back the moans that normally come out of me. I was glad when the lesson ended and could rush to the toilet to bin the knickers and make myself cum again.

    The second dare was from me to Katie. I dared Katie to come over to my house a couple of week ago wearing just a coat and shoes. I told her to bring her other clothes in a bag ready to put them on. I’d already decided that that wasn’t going to be the end of it, but I hadn’t told Katie. Katie wasn’t at all happy, but I kept reminding her of our agreement.

    When she arrived I didn’t let her get dressed, instead I asked her how she felt. She admitted that she was excited and nervous, especially when she walked passed a group of men. I asked her if I could check (the finger test) but she told me to take her word for it.

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       She said that she’d had a nervous moment when her Mum asked her why she was wearing a skirt and long coat instead of her usual jeans and jacket.

    Leaving her sat in the lounge after she promised not to get dressed just yet, I told her that I had go for a pee. Instead of a pee I stripped off and put just a coat and shoes on. I went back to the lounge and told her that we were going for a walk. I then locked the door leaving us both now in just coats and shoes. I then told her that we were going into town for a bit of fun. Not giving her chance to object I dragged her off and onto a bus. It was a new double-decker, one that has a big front window that comes down to the seat level. Katie went up the stairs in front of me and I couldn’t resist putting my hand up her coat and touching her puss. It was wet.

    Fortunately there were not many people on the top deck and we were the only ones at the front. I hadn’t realised before then that both our coats buttons stopped at about pussy level, so when we sat down the coats opened showing a lot of leg.

    It was easy for me to open my coat and flash my tits to anyone that was looking. Unfortunately I didn’t see anyone looking. I’ve come to the conclusion that people just don’t look around them as they go about their business.

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       Very disappointing.

    In town we walked round the market and shops. Katie wasn’t too happy, especially when I tried to pull her coat open so that she was exposed. We ended up playing a game that Katie christened ‘‘Flash ‘n’ dash’’. We unfastened our coats and held them closed. Then one, or both of us would whip open our coats and flash someone; then we’d run off. We must have flashed about a dozen men before it started raining and as Katie was getting cold we went home and put some warm clothes on.

    Before we got dressed the finger test confirmed that Katie really had enjoyed herself.

    I think that my next dare for Katie will be to pluck or shave her puss. I haven’t yet decided if the dare should be for her to do it, or for me to do it. I think it might just be me doing it so that it might just lead to more fun.

    I’m trying to think of more ideas for Dare Games so if you can think of any please let me know.

    I’m writing this over the Christmas holidays. Ben’s home for a couple of weeks and we’re making the most of it. Dad’s looking at me slightly differently, staring at my legs and breasts more.

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       Needless to say that I’m giving him more opportunities these days. I’m hoping that he’ll make a move on me soon.
    I’ve discussed this with bro and he’s cool with it. Says that I’ve got to get what I can, when I can.

    More to cum – maybe!