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Topic: Close The Door Girls! You Will Be Get Naked & Drenched Automatically During Reading This. Hi I’m Shanti from Delhi, India. I’m 23 years old having short brown hair, fair complexion & a sexy body. I like Love+sex very much. I’m a new reader of ISS. Recently, I got a boy’s email address from a roleplay story of ISS. I liked that roleplay story so much & orgasmed two times. It was a romantic sex session. Then I decided to do the same or different type of roleplays with him & added him in my messenger. After waiting for somedays, I got him one night at the messenger. He accepted my request & gave me the link of his other real & roleplay stories. There were different types of roleplay stories of him including soft, toys, hard & rough sex with some Indian, AUS, UK, US, Bangladeshi & some other countries’ girls. I read them all & liked most of them. I realised that he’s a great player 7 sexguru who has many girls to do roleplay or something else. Moreover, he seemed quite dominating & moody in the roleplay stories. So, I was quite anxious because I was a novice & doesn’t know anything about roleplay & many sexual words.

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   But I saw that he’s very friendly too. I told him that I’m totally inexperienced & will love only romantic roleplay. He assured me to help me if I obey & response him correctly. That night I did my 1st roleplay & he really helped me a lot & taught me many things. Then a few days ago, I did it again with him for a long time though still I wasn’t so good. But I decided to publish it for the ISS readers. After reading it, boys who can do good roleplay are invited to add & send me message at RANI_QUEEN867@YAHOO. COM . And girls! Don’t be upset! you can also try him at BDPLAYBOY@YMAIL. COMRani_queen867: Hi Ovilashbdplayboy@ymail. com: Hi Shantibdplayboy@ymail. com: how are you?Rani_queen867: How are youbdplayboy@ymail. com: finebdplayboy@ymail. com: thanksbdplayboy@ymail. com: what are you doing now?Rani_queen867: Me too fine then wat are you doingbdplayboy@ymail.

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  com: browsingRani_queen867: Watching tvbdplayboy@ymail. com: ohbdplayboy@ymail. com: what's your dress now?Rani_queen867 has signed back in. (1/10/2009 5:21 AM)Rani_queen867: Chudibdplayboy@ymail. com: alone at home?Rani_queen867: Then are you hornyRani_queen867: No my brother is also watching tvbdplayboy@ymail. com: hahabdplayboy@ymail. com: i can be horny at any timebdplayboy@ymail. com: but if you want normal chat, no problem. we can do that toobdplayboy@ymail. com: what's about you?Rani_queen867: Hmmm but now i'm little bit hornybdplayboy@ymail. com: why?Rani_queen867: Dont know pabdplayboy@ymail. com: so wanna play or just talk dirty?Rani_queen867: Play meansbdplayboy@ymail. com: roleplay that we did beforeRani_queen867: Hmmm your wishbdplayboy@ymail. com: ok. bdplayboy@ymail.

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  com: what relationship would you like in roleplay?Rani_queen867: Lets start hey tell me a joke firstbdplayboy@ymail. com: okbdplayboy@ymail. com: Why is Phillip's girlfriend annoyed? Coz she finds out that Phillips 24 inch is a TV, not a cock. Rani_queen867: Hey this is too muchbdplayboy@ymail. com: ha. that's why she wished if it was a cockRani_queen867: Thenbdplayboy@ymail. com: joke is joke, not a story that it finishes. wanna read another 1?Rani_queen867: Okbdplayboy@ymail. com: Who is stronger, Man Or Woman? Ans: A woman bcos she lifts 2 mountains on her chest while a man lifts 2 stones with the help of a crane.  Rani_queen867: Be fastbdplayboy@ymail. com: remove your dress. wear just bra & panty please. Rani_queen867: Nicebdplayboy@ymail. com: rooster &c at going over bridge, cat slips & falls in the river. rooster cant stop laughing.

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  wats the moral? Wherevar there’s a wet pussy there’s a happy cockRani_queen867: Hmmm i didbdplayboy@ymail. com: so you like bf-gf relationship in roleplay?bdplayboy@ymail. com: or something else?Rani_queen867: Yabdplayboy@ymail. com: okbdplayboy@ymail. com: love+sex?Rani_queen867: I think couple is betterbdplayboy@ymail. com: married?Rani_queen867: Ok i go for itbdplayboy@ymail. com: okRani_queen867: Yabdplayboy@ymail. com: tell me the place & situationRani_queen867: Hall no current only candle light raining outsidebdplayboy@ymail. com: other people?Rani_queen867: They gone for some functionbdplayboy@ymail. com: okbdplayboy@ymail. com: brb. 3mins plzRani_queen867: Brb means watbdplayboy@ymail. com: brb means Be Right Backbdplayboy@ymail. com: If you are to leave the computer(such for piss) for a short time, you can use itbdplayboy@ymail. com: so noe describe me your costume please that you're wearing at cinema hallRani_queen867: OkRani_queen867: Hey not in cineme hall.

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   Its our house. Like pink transparent saree with sleeve less blousebdplayboy@ymail. com: ohbdplayboy@ymail. com: okbdplayboy@ymail. com: so want long roleplay or short?Rani_queen867: Wat about youbdplayboy@ymail. com: i can do anybdplayboy@ymail. com: i've a lot of time & staminaRani_queen867: Short and sweetbdplayboy@ymail. com: last time we played for a long time. so we can do short nowbdplayboy@ymail. com: ok. then be nakedbdplayboy@ymail. com: i'm sitting on the sofa with my underwear onRani_queen867: Short and sweetbdplayboy@ymail. com: you sit on my lapRani_queen867: Thenbdplayboy@ymail. com: You have a very sexy and lusty look and the lipstick on your lips made your look hornier. You are now getting warm and I am taking my first step.

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   I am placing my hands on your arms and pulling you to my chest and raising your face with my right hand kissing you lightly on your lips.  Rani_queen867: Come on continuebdplayboy@ymail. com: meanwhile the was slipped away from your chestbdplayboy@ymail. com: i'm pressing your boobs over your blouse & unbuttoning itRani_queen867: Come on continuebdplayboy@ymail. com: Now I am kissing more passionately. I am licking your other ear lobe and you are becoming hotter. bdplayboy@ymail. com: say morebdplayboy@ymail. com: use love & dirty wordsRani_queen867: Hmmm thenbdplayboy@ymail. com: i made you stood up & removed your saree & skirt totally. also removed your blouse. You are wearing a thin Bra and a thin Panty .  Rani_queen867: Come on suck my nipples more harderbdplayboy@ymail. com: I keep kissing & inserting my hands inside your bra and feeling the smoothness, softness and warmth of your boobs with my palms. You are moaning again.

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   As I am unhooking your bra, your tits sprang out and the bra fell off. You are now only in your pantiesRani_queen867: Drink my milkbdplayboy@ymail. com: You are whispering "uuufffff aaaahhhhh ooouuuuu and closed your eyes in excitement.  bdplayboy@ymail. com: I am laying you on the sofa and taking your erect nipples into my mouth and chewing them. You are giving a small cry and moaning. Rani_queen867: Ahh suck morebdplayboy@ymail. com: I am putting myself on top of you; my tongue is going up and down between your breasts, licking them both one by one. I am then alternating between each of your full breasts. bdplayboy@ymail. com: i removed your pantyRani_queen867: I pressed your cock hardlybdplayboy@ymail. com: While sucking your both nipples, I am placing my hand on your pussy and started to rub it. You are now mad with desire.  I keep rubbing your cunt. I am running my finger between the lips of your cunt and taking your swollen clit between my fingers and pressing it.

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   You are shuddering as an electric current are going through your body. oh my horny slut, how are you feeling? Rani_queen867: I want your cock insidebdplayboy@ymail. com: okbdplayboy@ymail. com: Then I guided my rod through your legs into your pink pussy and in one blow broke open your lock. you screamed with pleasure and me too. could see the love juice coming out and you are enjoying every bit of your life at this time. Rani_queen867: Now i spread my legs widebdplayboy@ymail. com: I got up and put your legs on my shoulders and started giving you in your pussy. My cock going in and out and faster and faster every minute you are moaning in pleasure. . ooooooo ooooo. . . . "ooooo .

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   . fuck me. . . fuck me fast. . . ooo ooo do it. . . i will give you real satisfaction, darling! my horny girl!Rani_queen867: I want more dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: My giant cock slashed in and out, slinging your spewing juices flying all over the bed. As I fucked you, I could smell your musky, pungency as the room filled with the erotic odor of sex. Rani_queen867: I tied my legs around your hip and said want more fast come on fast bdplayboy@ymail. com: "OH, GOD, BABY, YES, YES, YES, OH FUCCKKKKKK,AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK ME HARDERRR YYESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH"" OH FUCK I'M CUMMING OOOOHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHHH," you screamed out at me.


   yes baby! i really enjoy you & love you so much!Rani_queen867: Hmmm me too now i kiss you with more satisfication  bdplayboy@ymail. com: "OH MY GODAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAA HHHHH HHHH HHHHH FCUKKK ME HARDERRRRRRRRR OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYESSSSSSSS DEEEPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR," you cried aloud. you continued screaming . oh my girl! your are so lovely, beautiful & sexy!bdplayboy@ymail. com: want more?Rani_queen867: Ya in doggie stylebdplayboy@ymail. com: okRani_queen867: Already my love juices flow through my thighsbdplayboy@ymail. com: Then I positioned myself behind your pussy & made the doggy style. I inserted my cock right inside your wet vagina holding your soft smooth, fleshy and round hips. I started to and fro movement of my torso and hips.  Rani_queen867: Ahh fast hard deep my dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: You are also making a similar to and fro movements rhythmically so that whole of my cock could be penetrated into your pussy.  Gradually I increased my speed. And later I am stroking fast. As fast as I could like a wild animal. Every time I inserting my cock forward you’re throwing your hips back to receive my cock.


   And thus I am penetrating deep into your pussy.  Rani_queen867: Come on hug me tightly from back so that your cock go deep inside bdplayboy@ymail. com: You are moaning, YYESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH DDDEEEEEEPPPPPPPERRRRRRRRR FFFFAAASSTERRRRRRR HHAAAARRDDERRRRRRRRRRR sighing sexily in ecstasy, encouraging me to fuck you more and more, deeper and deeper, faster and faster.  Rani_queen867: You are making me too hot so i go madly for your fuckbdplayboy@ymail. com: I go on fucking like that for a longer time in that posture. You just go on encouraging me "…. oooohhh. . yess Ovilash…. faasstt… deep… oooohhhhhh……Ovilash…I like ittt…. faaassst faaassst…ffuckk mmee faaassstt. . " I am in my full speed and force. You are sighing and moaning sexily FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!!. And we came together.

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  Rani_queen867: Hmmm do it fastbdplayboy@ymail. com: ok. now ride on meRani_queen867: Now my boobs also move according to the movementbdplayboy@ymail. com: “Now it’s my turn” you told me and took the ride. You hoisted your huge arse, straddled me and sunk down onto the cock. I fondled your breasts as you jigged up and down for a few seconds. You are positioning yourself so your clit is being stimulated.  Rani_queen867: Ok now you lie down on the floor and i sit on your hip your cock insert straightly into my pussy bdplayboy@ymail. com: My cock going in and out of your pussy slowly at first but then harder and deeper gliding smoothly on the lubrication of love juices. I feel your cunt fully accommodates my size and you began pushing back against the powerful thrusts.  bdplayboy@ymail. com: My tool touching your cervix and a hard downward thrust allowed the head of my tool to slip pass your cervix and penetrate your womb. Your eyes popped out of your sockets as you saw your vagina explored to new depths. Your hairs are totally disarranged and rolled on your face with sweat due to vigorous movement during sex encounter.  Rani_queen867: Now i do the up and down motion bdplayboy@ymail.

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  com: You are sitting on my long shaft and doing a female-superior. Your firm breasts are jiggling up and down.  My hands continuing to caress your boobs, squeezing your nipples, sucking, biting & licking them and rolling them between my finger and body.  Rani_queen867: Now unload all your load into my pussybdplayboy@ymail. com: You cry out "FUCK ME, FUCK ME. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HHMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKK ME HARDERRRRRRRRR YYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FASTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DEEEPPEEERRRRRRRRRR OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH YYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Your entire body is being gripped by an agonizing need to climax and your body writhing and heaving as my impaling hugeness meet your every thrust. bdplayboy@ymail. com: Suddenly your vaginal muscles spammed and gripped the cock inside your pussy. You got orgasm and I feel like a volcano erupting at the back of your pussy. A glow spread across your body from neck to breasts to your thighs. I exhaled deeply as my cock twitched and pulsed and you feel my hot seed spurting deep inside your pussy as we mutually climaxed. You opened your mouth wide in a silent scream AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM YYESSSSSSSSS as the orgasm exploded through your body and your nails dug into my chest.  Rani_queen867: I love youbdplayboy@ymail. com: Me too, Jaanbdplayboy@ymail. com: want more?Rani_queen867: Its too nice dearRani_queen867: Ok dear now my pussy is wetbdplayboy@ymail.

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  com: what do you want now? titfuck, anal or pussyfuck?Rani_queen867: Titfuck meansbdplayboy@ymail. com: fucking your breastsbdplayboy@ymail. com: sitting on your chestbdplayboy@ymail. com: you'll like it, i can saybdplayboy@ymail. com: want it now?Rani_queen867: Ya i like itbdplayboy@ymail. com: okbdplayboy@ymail. com: then let's start!bdplayboy@ymail. com: Now I sat on your chest & put my cock between your boobs. now make a cleavage with your hands. You push your tits together around my cock. Now I'm fucking your tits with my cock.  Rani_queen867: Ok my dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: You are bringing your mouth near the dick to lick it during fucking. You are licking the tip of my cock every time it comes up to your mouth. Now you placed your mouth more closer, make the cleavage with your one hand & grab my cock with another one.

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  bdplayboy@ymail. com: Now 1/3th of my cock is going in & out into your mouth everytime during your titsfucking. You are also giving handjob with your another hand between the place of your chest & throat.  bdplayboy@ymail. com: Oh! what a feeling! you're giving me handjob, blowjob & titfuck simultaniously. You start to bite on my cock. I'm also pressing your boobs, rubbing your pussy & licking your face & body wherever i can. “I am going to squirt,” you said loudly.  Rani_queen867: Ok keep shake your cockbdplayboy@ymail. com: i'm going to cum too. “Cum in my mouth”, you begged to me again & opened your mouth wide. You are squirting all over the place & I cummed into your mouth. "OH, GOD, BABY, YES, YES, YES, OH FUCCKKKKKK,AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK ME HARDERRR YYESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH"" OH FUCK I'M CUMMING OOOOHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHHH," you screamed out at me. both of us released. It is great! You drunk my cum & cleaned me up.

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  bdplayboy@ymail. com: now i sat on the sofa again & you sat on my lapbdplayboy@ymail. com: I like good dilations of shapely and slightly heavy breasts. I am really mad about your perfect body. I have an intensive wish to crush them and suck all by my hungry mouthRani_queen867: Oh suck my nipples dearRani_queen867: I want more sucksbdplayboy@ymail. com: I am playing with your nipples under and between my fingers. You are raising your body in anticipation of my fingers squeezing them. You are moaning again to the rhythm of my hands. I am kissing, sucking and licking your tits and nipples. Rani_queen867: Suck like a baby or calfbdplayboy@ymail. com: …. . aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh. . .

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  . drink it aaaaaao. " You are wailing like an uncontrolled animal. Your naked gyrating body twisting. "Ooooh yessss. . . Oooh. . . unnnnhhhhhh. . . uhhhhhhgggghhhh!" i'm drinking milk from your breast. it's so sweet.

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   you hold my head tightly against your breast. Rani_queen867: Ya do it moreRani_queen867: Drink allbdplayboy@ymail. com: i like it so much. you are starting to moan in whisper & making sounds like usssssssss. I am licking up with my flattened tongue. My nose is resting firmly against your areola. My mouth is feeling your soft boobs.  Rani_queen867: Very nicebdplayboy@ymail. com: I slowly circling & biting your nipples with my dripping tongue & sliding my lip up and down over your breasts. Faster and faster I am goingto the delicate licking of your nipple. You are now reaching new heights of ecstasy.  Your chest heaving in desperate attempts as loud screams of "Oh God. ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Rani_queen867: Love you dear you nicely suck itbdplayboy@ymail. com: My face is burried in your boobs. your climax is exactly what I wanted.

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   I am proud of my work.  bdplayboy@ymail. com: love you too, darlingRani_queen867: Have you enjoyedbdplayboy@ymail. com: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. so much. i hope your child will also enjoy drinking your milk.  Rani_queen867: How you told like thisbdplayboy@ymail. com: lols. don't mind. because he/she will be the real 1s drinking your milk. & i really enjoyed your boobs, nipples & milk a lotbdplayboy@ymail. com: however, want me to suck your pussy now?Rani_queen867: Yabdplayboy@ymail. com: ok.  bdplayboy@ymail. com: I am lying down between your legs& kissing your wet inner thighs.

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   I am faintly licking the sensitive crease of your leg. You are moaning as my tongue tickling you. Rani_queen867: Hmmm come upbdplayboy@ymail. com: I am extending my tongue and placed it below your pussy. You have a clean shaved pussy. It smelled so good. I am getting down kissing on your pussy lips.  Rani_queen867: Hmmm suck it dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: When I am planting a kiss on your pussy lips, you are starting to moan in whisper & making sounds like usssssssss. I am licking up with my flattened tongue but not sliding into you. I am going back and sucking one of your pussy lips into my mouth.  Rani_queen867: More dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: With extreme gentleness I am sliding my tongue along both sides of the delicious flesh. I am repeating the act on the other side too. “Eat my cunt fully….


  . aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh. . . . drink it aaaaaao. " You are wailing like an uncontrolled animal. i'm also presiing your boobs with 1 hand & inserted my other's hand's 1 finger in your asshole. Rani_queen867: Hmmm eat me dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: Your naked gyrating body twisting. "Ooooh yessss. . . Oooh. .


  . unnnnhhhhhh. . . uhhhhhhgggghhhh!" your hands are moving down and opening yourself for me.  My tongue is moving in and slipping deeply and hard into the folds of your pussy. my finger is also working inside your asshole. i'm sliding it in & out. you took my hand from your boobs & licking my two fingers. bdplayboy@ymail. com: say more. how're you feeling baby?Rani_queen867: I'm totally lost my control dearRani_queen867: I'm totally lost my control dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: My nose is resting firmly against your clitoris. My mouth is feeling your juices. Slowly I am swirling through your wetness & tickling every bump and fold.

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   I slowly withdrawing and circling your clit with my dripping tongue & sliding my lip up and down over your clitoris. Faster and faster I am going, alternating between deep excursions into your pussy with my tongue, to the delicate licking of your clit. Rani_queen867: I'm totally lost my control dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: You are now reaching new heights of ecstasy. your head is thrashing from side to side. Your chest heaving in desperate attempts as loud screams of "Oh God. ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii That is indeed what I wanting you to do. My face is being literally covered in your juices. your climax is exactly what I wanted. I am proud of my work. You are looking up at me with a look that I'd never seen in a woman before.  Rani_queen867: You are great you satisfied mebdplayboy@ymail. com: ok.  bdplayboy@ymail. com: I lied on the sofabdplayboy@ymail.

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  com: wanna sleep with me, darling?Rani_queen867: Then now i give you a nice kiss on your lips bdplayboy@ymail. com: me too kiss you lightlybdplayboy@ymail. com: you put your head on my bare chestbdplayboy@ymail. com: & both of us closed our eyes holding our hands each-otherRani_queen867: Then now i give you a nice kiss on your lips bdplayboy@ymail. com: I am kissing your neck again. You are tilting your head back to allow me to taste even more of your neck and shoulders. I am feeling your flesh pressing against me. Now I’m giving you a deep hickey.  Rani_queen867: I told that we have short session but today we had very long sessionbdplayboy@ymail. com: You are moaning & shaking your body with sudden hurt & pleasure! Oh my sweetheart! I love you so much! You hold me more tightly. yeah, because we love & feel each-other so much. Rani_queen867: Ya dearbdplayboy@ymail. com: what do you want me to do with you now?Rani_queen867: Now i'm very tired so lets sleep togetherbdplayboy@ymail. com: hmmmmmmmmmm. i want it too, Jannbdplayboy@ymail.

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  com: hmmmmmmmmmmmm. i took you on my lap againbdplayboy@ymail. com: & took you in our bedroombdplayboy@ymail. com: & laid you on the bedbdplayboy@ymail. com: me too lied on the bedbdplayboy@ymail. com: & sleeping togetherRani_queen867: Ok dear take care good nightbdplayboy@ymail. com: good nightRani_queen867: Hug tightly and sleepRani_queen867: Good nightThank you all reading my story. So, readers! How’s it? I think I should have been more expressive in the roleplay. But I really was feeling the roleplay very much & was deep in it that couldn’t write so much. I orgasmed 3 times with real satisfaction. Next time, I will do the voice sex chat & webcam sex with him like other girls who did with him after buying my MIC. But I really fell in sexual love with him & must go to Bangladesh for a real experience with him after completing my graduation. If you like it, boys who can do good roleplay are invited to add & send me message at RANI_QUEEN867@YAHOO. COM . And girls! Don’t be upset! you can also try him at BDPLAYBOY@YMAIL.

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