The Mexican Affair Part I


"That bitch!" I thought to myself as I sat at the hotel bar
My name is Robert Tyler, I am 6"1 and try to hit the gym as often as possible. I'm nothing special down low with a seven inch dick but I've always loved a good fuck nevertheless. I had just finished arguing with my girlfriend, Amy, an argument that had driven me down to the bar in the hotel we were vacationing at in mexico. It was there, as I sipped a shitty mexican beer that I saw her. A petite, smooth-skinned latino girl, no more than 23, sitting alone at a table across the bar from me. I studied her beautiful young face and noticed that she looked lonely, maybe even scared. But as I looked closer, I noticed a far different side to this mystery woman. She stroked the inside of her left arm, sending a shiver through her body despite the hot temperatures inside the bar. Suddenly I went from seeing an innocent young girl, to a very horny bitch. I sat there and thought about the opportunity before me. I wondered if it was the best idea to make a pass at this little mexican with Amy waiting upstairs.
 "Fuck it. " I said standing up and walking towards my target sitting across the room
 As I reached her table, the girl looked up into my eyes, a look of curiosity on her face. She was even more beautiful up close than from a distance. Although she wore no makeup, I could see a sexy edge in her eyes which peered into mine, unblinking. I fumbled with my words as I tried to think of the right thing to say to her.

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 "Hola," I said nervously "it looks like you could use some company. " 
 'Fuck!' I thought to myself. I was sure that she hadn't understood what I'd said. My hope was fading fast but I pressed onward.
 "I am Robert. Do you have a name?"
 She stared at me blankly and I prepared to walk away with my tail between my legs.
 "I am Pinta. " She replied slowly
 My heart leapt. Her English was shaky but her face immediately relaxed into a soft smile.
 "Would you like to go for a little walk Pinta?"
 I wasn't sure how much English she understood, but Pinta knew enough to push back her seat and stand up. She had on a beige tank top and a tight jean mini-skirt that hugged her firm little ass. It was easy to see that she wore no bra as her breasts hung behind the fabric of the shirt. Her black hair dangled down just past her shoulders. As she drew herself to full height I realized just how petite she was. No taller than 5"4 and 110 pounds.

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 "We go?" she asked as she wrapped her arm around mine
 I nodded and walked her out the door of the bar into the moist mexican air. We walked down the streets of the city in which I was staying for about ten minutes when I looked down at the girl on my arm. A small layer of perspiration was forming on Pinta's perfect neck and was running down the rest of her body, causing her shirt to stick to her back and chest. The sight sent a shiver down my spine and aroused my cock. She allowed my hand to slip down to her lower back as we walked and encouraged the gesture by stroking my upper arm. The sexual tension became high, too high. I felt like my cock was about to burst in my pants. I had the biggest load of my life ready to blow and I needed a place to do it.  
 Pinta seemed to read my mind as she broke contact between my arm and her back and led me by the hand through one of the doorways that lined the street. As we entered the darkness of the doorway, Pinta turned and pulled my face down to hers. Our lips met and my eyes grew wide. It was a perfect kiss. Sweet with a salty tinge from the sweat on our lips. I stretched my tongue out as far as i could into Pinta's throat. A deep, deep throat.

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   Almost too soon, though, she stopped and pulled me onward through a kitchen in which a young man sat at a low table. I wondered what we were doing there until the man smiled warmly at us, a gesture that Pinta returned before she pulled me out of the kitchen, through a hallway  and into a dark bathroom. She immediately turned around and dropped to her knees, pulling down my black skater shorts. She took my erect dick into her hands, admiring it as if it were something of great interest. Once finished carressing it, Pinta began to lick my cock: tip to base, tip to base, tip to base. She reached her tongue out further to get my balls into the mix before swallowing the entire penis altogether. I was nothing short of impressed with her amazing depth. I felt the deep areas of her throat tighten around my cock as she pressed it further past her beautiful lips. As the sensations of the blow job pumped up my body, I ripped my shirt off, feeling as though my heart was about to fall out of my chest. I was completely naked as Pinta pumped my cock deep into her throat and sweat poured off my body.
 Suddenly, Pinta pulled my cock out of her mouth and ripped off her own shirt revealing her breasts. They were as tanned as the rest of her body, firm and perky. I lowered my head to lick her ripe nipples, trying to maximize her pleasure. Before long, Pinta was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, legs spread wide, crying out in Spanish as I stuck my tongue into the pink lips of her wet pussy. "Fuck!" She finally screamed.

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   I took this as my cue. I rose and positioned my cock in between her legs, stroking myself as I prepared to penetrate her. I teased her for a moment, rubbing my tip on the soft lips of her pussy.  
 "Put it in!" She demanded
 With that, I jammed my cock into her waiting vagina. She grunted as I began to thrust slowly and then quickly into her body. We fucked there in the bathroom in that one position for what seemed like forever, lost in our own worlds as sweat poured off of us and onto the floor. She slowly began to turn onto her side, slipping her foot up towards my face. I licked the small, perfectly formed foot as I fucked her sideways. This just made her scream more. I abruptly pulled out and jammed her face deep into the bath tub. She nodded fiercely as I grabbed her incredibly firm ass cheeks and slipped my cock into her tight little ass hole. I continued to give it to her harder and harder which only seemed to make this bitch want more. I had been saving a huge load all night long and new that it was about time to blow it all over this bitch's face. I grabbed her tiny torso and turned her around taking my cock into my hand and pumping my cock up and down. One, two, three, four.

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  . . I counted the seconds leading to my gigantic orgasm when finally, I popped a huge load of cum all over Pinta's face, she allowed it to blow into her mouth and all over her face, letting it run down onto her tits. When the onslaught of siemen was over, she proceeded to lick it all up like candy, swallowing all of it and finishing with a wide smile. At that, the night was over as Pinta led me to a bedroom where our exhausted bodies fell to sleep.  



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