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The first time I saw him, it was a late Friday night in December, and I was dropping some things off to the mail room next to my office. He was there. About 5'9'', muscular, black hair, and dark brown eyes. He was also Latin. I have a thing for hispanic men that I just can't help. He startled me because I will admit that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going until we nearly collided in the hallway. I took a sharp breath in and looked up into his eyes (I am only 5'2''), and felt like I was trapped. We held each others' gaze for a few minutes and I said " excuse me. " I quickly moved around him and hurriedly put my things in the out going mailbox. Leaving the mail room, he was still standing there, but he watched me, smiling. I returned his smile and ran into my office to collect my things. It took me all of 2 minutes to pick up everything, and locking up, he still stood there. In my mind, I tried to gather why he was still there, and wondered why he looked the way he did. I also picked up that he didn't say anything when I said excuse me, and I wondered if he spoke any english. On my way out after locking up I turned to him and said " buenos noches, senor". I guess it surprised him that I spoke spanish and he asked me in his best broken english if I speak spanish.

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   I said yes and we went on talking from there. Before I knew it, we lost track of time and I realized why I was in a rush in the first place; I had to be home to open the door for my friend. I told him I had to go and it was nice talking to him and he walked me to my car. I sped away and made it home in record time.
We saw each other when I worked late at night and we became fast friends. He told me his name was my and he was originally from Cuba, but he moved here 4 years ago. Neither of us ever asked if we were single or anything. We would always stick to one conversation and it went from there. Three months later, I was alone again in my office, working late on a database. I was finishing up the last column when he came in singing. I laughed because I had never heard him sing before and he said " hello honey," and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I didn't expect that and the feel of him that close to me, made me feel like my body was on fire. Mike pulled up a chair next to mine and told me that there was something he had to tell me. I had just finished the database and saved it, and I turned to give him my full attention. He said " I found another job that pays more and is closer to my home.

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   You know that I drive 2 hours to get here, and I need to save as much as I can wherever I can. This is my last night here. It was really great getting to know you and becoming your friend. " I looked at him, a little disappointed, but happy for him at the same time. I smiled and said congratulations and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. I stood up to let him know that I had to go myself and he asked " can I get a hug goodbye?" He stood up and held his arms open for me and I said " sure, I don't see why not. " We held each other for a moment and I said that it was great getting to know him and that I was really going to miss him. He told me he was going to miss me too and that we should at least keep in touch. He let me go just enough to look into my eyes and he gave me a closed mouth kiss on the lips. I was startled because, I was not expecting it. He bent to kiss me again, only it was a french kiss. I don't know what came over me, but I kissed him with an intensity that shocked the hell out of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close to him again, let his hands slide freely up and down my back.
I was so close to him, that it felt like our bodies felt as one. I felt his hands slide to my butt and I kissed him more in depth.

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   He took my hand and brought me to the door and pinned me against it. Simultaneously, he locked the door and started kissing me again. He told me " I want to make love to you before I go. " I was so dazed by his intense kisses that I felt myself say yes, but in a voice that I haven't heard myself use in 2 years. No sooner than I told him, off went his shirt and he unbuttoned my blouse. He left a small trail of kisses down my body, paying special attention to my breasts. He was on his knees kissing my stomach, putting his hands up my skirt and pulling down my g-string. I rubbed his head while he nuzzled my pussy through my skirt, with his hands rubbing my ass. He stood up with his hands still under my skirt, and I rotated my hips, wanting to feel him inside of me. Call me wanton (to hell with you), my body needed this!
He stood up and took off his pants and boxers before I could blink. I was taken back because I didn't think penises came in that size. He was hung like a horse and I was ready to ride. He kissed me again, and I opened my legs for him, waiting to feel his length deep and hard inside of me. Mike entered me slowly, taking us both down to the floor, rolling ontop of me. I didn't know how flexible I was until one of my legs was on his shoulder and the other was wildly tossed to the side.

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   He rode me nice and slowly at first so I could get used to him. Before I knew what hit me, I was thrusting my hips and throwing my hot, wet pussy back to him. He pumped his hard, throbbing cock in my pussy so fast and hard that my body felt like it was going through convulsions. I moaned my pleasure so loudly that it seemed like someone had put a microphone next to me for a stadium to hear me. I cried out " ohhh yess!! fuck me!!!" I was near screaming after I said those words because he was hammering himself into my dripping wet pussy. I had cum 3 times and he hadn't done it once. It felt like hours of him pounding me before he finally took one of my tits and squeezed it as he cried his release " aye mami, que rico!!" (oh mami, how sweet), and he kissed me softly as I felt his scorching hot cum rush into my worn down walls. He lay there inside of me, his cum still running out like a leaking hose, kissing me gently and sucking on my titties. When I finally stood up, he had to help hold me up. It took me almost 18 minutes to get to the elevator, and even longer to get to my car. We exchanged phone numbers and he kissed me one last time. We never spoke or saw each other again.
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