The company's greatest asset Pt 3


These stories are written from my heart and are what I fantasize about.   I like hearing from like-minded individuals especially women who enjoy my thoughts and dreams.   
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The company’s greatest asset
Chapter 3 of 4   5/18/06
Cassie awakens several hours later to find that John has driven Bobby home.   John arrives awhile later and Cassie is lying awake on the couch when he walks in.   He sits by her and kisses her lips then smiles at her and says quietly, “You had quite a night. ”  Cassie nods her head and John helps her stand up.   Cassie hangs on Johns arm as they walk to the dining room and he sits her at the bar.
While he gets coffee he asks her, “So how did it go last night?”  Cassie smiles sleepily and says, “A man from last night drove me home nude, my boobs have hickies all over them and my pussy is so sore that sitting here hurts. ”  She chuckles as John laughs and hands her the coffee saying, “You also had sex with a room full of black men with no condoms.   What was up with that?”  Cassie rubs a breast while answering, “I was swept up in the moment and did not even think about it.   Once it all started I was lost in pleasure and enjoyed the sensations of having them cum in me.   It was the best time I have ever had in my life. ”
Monday, Cassie sleeps in and arrives for work in the afternoon.   Excitedly, John hurries into her office and is surprised to see Cassie fastening Tony’s pants.   Cassie tells him to wait just a minute and she zips his pants.

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    Tony grins from ear to ear as he walks past John saying, “I was just enjoying my break. ”
When Tony is gone he looks to Cassie with a bewildered look and Cassie says calmly, “He’s helping me with some labor issues. ”  John slips back into gear and tells her about new orders that have been coming in and that she has really changed things.   After he leaves Cassie sits down and works out the maximum production figures for budgeting and is deep in thought when Bobby calls.   She is bright and cheerful to him and he flatters her nicely.   He tells her that several of the men from the other night have called with orders.   They also have all agreed that they would have bought your product even without the sex.   For sure though they all thought you were the hottest woman ever.
Cassie blushes while thanking him and she goes on to thank him for bringing her home and calling John.   Bobby is quite the gentleman and acts as though it’s no big deal.   He does remind her though that she still has to deliver the product as agreed but if she does she will be quite successful.
Its Wednesday before Cassie is her old self again.    Dressed in her little white dress, her nipples are clearly visible.  
At the office Tony asks for some x-rated pictures to pass out and Cassie poses for him willingly.   He snaps about 20 pictures before leaving and Cassie returns a few phone calls.

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    One of the calls surprises her by being the young man she had given her business card to at the strip club.   She quickly learns that he is 18, in the Army, stationed nearby and wanting her in a bad way.
Flattered she tries to talk him out of it but finally agrees to meet him for dinner.   Back to business, she knows that she will need to increase production shortly to keep on schedule.   She calculates what she needs and drives to Leon’s to see about a quantity increase.   The guys all follow her around when she arrives and Leon has to shew them away.   He is sitting at a machine while she stands before him.   Staring at her breast he says, “Damn you look good. ”  Cassie smiles down at him and asks, “Do you have a minute?”  Leon smiles and stands up following her to his office.   He sits back in his chair and asks, “What I can I do for you miss?”  She sexily walks up to him bends over and opens his pants while saying, “I really want to show you how much we appreciate the discounts you’re giving us. ”
Leon puts his hands behind is head as Cassie hauls out his cock and plays with it as he hardens.   She can hear the guys walking past the office door now and then and bends over at the waist to take his cock into her mouth.   The cool air blows across her pussy as she slowly takes his cock all the way in until it touches her throat.    Pulling her mouth from his cock, she looks to him and says, “I have something special for you. ” 
With that said she takes him back in her mouth and slowly pushes downward.

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    When he fells the entrance to her throat he is surprised to see her push past and take him into her throat.   Slowly she keeps sliding down until she feels his gray pubic hair pressing against her lips and nose.   She holds it for a second then pulls back until just his head is inside.   This goes on for a long time before she feels his hands on the back of her head.   When he gets a hold of her hair she lets him take over and fuck her throat at the speed he wants.   Catching her breath when she can, she closes her eyes and lets him use her for his pleasure.
Suddenly he pushes down hard and she feels cum squirt into her throat.   He pulls her up then thrust her face back down again.   This goes on for several nice squirts before she feels his grip loosen on her hair.   At that point she takes over again using her mouth to finish off his orgasm.   When he softens she squats down in front of him and looks up to him saying, “Could you please tell me what I would have to do to get you to increase your production numbers?”
Leon smiles and says, “One night a week you are going to go out with me on a date. ”  Cassie looks innocent and asks, “You mean a full service date. ”
At home she readies herself for dinner with the young military man and can not find the look she wants.   She does not want him to cum in his pants when he sees her but yet she wants to excite.   Calling his cell number she finds out he is taking her to a teen hang out dance, food kind of place.

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    He tells her dress casual and with that advice she wears a loose pair of short shorts and a short tank top.   The top is light pink and her nipples are visible.   Then she notices that if she bends just right her pussy is visible up her pant leg.   “That’s about right, I think. ” She says out loud.
The young man picks her up at her house and becomes very aware of her nipples before they leave.   They go to the club and all of the patrons are around 20.   Feeling a little out of place he gets them a booth and they sit.   He has a hard time not staring and she makes conversation with him.   They talk about how his friends razzed him the other night and what was said when she gave him her phone number.
A slow song came on and Cassie asks him to dance.   As she danced with him she could see the others looking at her and she watched them to see how they dance.   Several of the girls had clothing on that made Cassie's look tame and she took notice.   Cassie paused and they both watched 2 couples dirty dancing and touching each other.   Turning to him she asks, “Do you dance like that?”  He could not answer and she pulled him close and began to dirty dance with him like the others.

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The other kids in the room broke into applause and several also started dancing dirty.   As they danced she could feel his bulge and paid close attention to it.   When they finished she lead him back to the table and sat next to him asking him, “You seem extremely frustrated.   Am I the first older woman you have asked out?”  He smiles and tells her yes and that he is just a little over excited.
Cassie stands back up and says, “Come on. ”  He stands and she leads him out the front door and to his car.   His car is in front of a tree and she leads him around front and sits on his hood.   Still a little baffled he is shocked when she pulls him close and kisses him.   After the passionate embrace he is speechless and she cups his dick through his pants saying, “Lets get in the back seat and I will cure your frustration. ”  In a flash he has the door open and she climbs in the back seat.
Her legs are open as he gets in and she is sure he sees pussy.   Once inside she lets him kiss and feel her up real good.   He even touches her pussy roughly but he calms down when she comes to life and reaches for his cock.   She hauls a nice cock out of his pants and he leans back trying not to cum.   As her lips touch his cock he explodes into her mouth causing her to swallow quickly.

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    When she is sure he is finished she raises up and fixes her makeup while watching him smile.
He starts to apologize for cuming in her mouth when she stops him saying, “Didn’t you want to cum in my mouth?  If a woman puts your cock in her mouth then cum in it.   It is part of the job. ”  He likes her views on the blow job topic and puts his cock away and invites her back inside.
The rest of the evening goes very smoothly as they laugh, dance and have a great time.   It is after midnight when he gets her home and walks her to the door.   She kisses him very passionately before telling him that she would ask him in but her husband is home.   Fear covers his face as she thanks him for the splendid evening and the special drink he gave her.
She lets him stand there in fear before telling him, “Its ok.   My husband knows I’m pretty easy. ”  Confused the young man goes back to his car as she says, “Good bye and thank you for your service to your country!”
He is still insight when she calls him to say, “Don’t worry about my husband and I had a wonderful time. ”
It’s finally Friday and Cassie shows for work all chipper and happy.   First thing in the morning Leon calls to tell her that he has a load of brackets for her and he has another load for her as well.   Cassie smiles and asks, “When is that date?”  Leon pauses then says, “Tonight 7 PM. ”  Writing her address down, Leon is to pick her up at home.

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    He doesn’t even consider that she is married.
The day drags on and Cassie leaves early to shop for her date with Leon.   She is excited when she finds a black fish net body suit with small square holes.   Then she sets about trying to find a bra and thong set that would be just right to have on display with Leon.   Looking for hours she finally finds her set and tries on the bra.   The bra and thong are very sheer and black with nothing to take away from the contents.
At home she dresses early and looks at herself in the mirror. With her highest heels on she looks very tall in this outfit.   All dressed in black she can see everything!  Getting close to the mirror she has to try very hard to see her pussy and the dark pussy hair makes her sheer thong look solid.
      The nipples are easy to see on her white breast and she likes that.   She makes a decision, disrobes and for the first time, shaves her pussy smooth. Then she tries the outfit on again.
    Now she can tell it’s a thong and she admires herself for a while longer until John come s home.   Wearing this outfit and fixing dinner causes John to sit at the bar and watch but Cassie doesn’t let him touch, not wanting to spoil Leon’s evening.
    The doorbell rings and John answers the door causing Leon to look at the address again.

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        John remembers him and invites him in.   Leon is uncomfortable as John offers him a beer and a seat.   He asks Leon what the plans are and when she will be home.   It sounds more like he is talking about his daughter than his wife.  
    Cassie enters the room and Leon’s heart about shuts down when he jumps up suddenly, spilling his beer.   Turning around she asks their approval while John whistles.   Glancing down at Leon’s crotch, Cassie says, “I can see you like it too. ”  Leon is speechless before saying, “I better clean up this beer. ”  Cassie stops him and says, “Don’t worry John will clean it up. ”
    Taking his hand Cassie leads him to the door and turns to John saying, “I'll be home late.   Don’t wait up. ”
    Leon leads her to his truck and helps her inside.   When he gets in she asks, “What are we going to do first tonight?”  Leon smiles and says, “That was all a little too weird for me.   I was thinking of taking you to a little jazz club I know.   You up for that?”  Cassie slides over next to him and says, “This is your night and I’m yours.

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    Cassie’s mind runs wild as she wonders what type of club she is going to.   They are in a poorer section of town when Leon pulls into a dumpy buildings parking lot.   In her mind Cassie was hoping that the place would be a dive full of horny black men and she wasn’t sure if this was it or not.
    At the door Cassie asks Leon how she looks and he flatters her with compliments and then tells her, “These are my friends in here.   Treat them very nice.   I want them all to know that you are my white whore. ”  Cassie does not need to be told twice and immediately takes his arm.
    Inside it is dark and she can not see until her eyes slowly adjust.   The band is setting up to the side and they walk through an oddly shaped room full of people.   Looking about she can see only black men, a few black women and two other white women.   Staring at the white women she can see the younger one appears pregnant and sits with 3 men while the other is about 40, nicer looking and flirting with some black men.
    She feels the room’s eyes on her and she holds still for them to undress her with their eyes.   Leon chooses them a table and orders a drink.   Before the drink arrives he gives Cassie $5 and tells her to go up and tip the band.   Cassie does as she is told and the four man band all gathers around to talk with her.

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        She remembers what she was told and lets the men look her over good while flirting with them.   They all stand together and watch her return to Leon while Leon smiles brightly.
     Several men come and sit with them to talk with Leon and to check Cassie out. Cassie makes sure to be extra friendly and flirtatious for these men.
    Cassie’s eyes now focus in the dim light and she eyes the young white woman who is looking back.   They both smile and the young girl waves in a friendly gesture.   The young girl sits with 3 men and appears to be very pregnant.   The guys with the young girl also start to check out Cassie and Leon tells her that it is ok to go over and be friendly.
    Slowly she walks over to the young girls table and introduces herself.   One of the guys offers his lap for her to sit on and Cassie sits while he touches her.   The young girl is extremely pregnant, 20 years old, small, blonde and wearing a wedding ring.   Her name is Paula and she touches Cassie’s leg as she says, “I see you’ve found our secret little hideaway.   It’s nice here and real friendly. ”  Cassie smiles at her and she continues, “You look so hot in that outfit.   The guys are going to be all over you tonight.


    They laugh as the man she is sitting on reaches up and cups her breast.   Cassie says, “When is the baby due?”  Paula just smiles and replies, “I should be due in about 2-weeks. ”  Before they can say anymore, the man she sits on, introduces himself and says that he is the father.   Cassie smiles nicely at him when the man next to him also introduces himself and says that no he’s the father.   They chuckle and the other man says that they are both wrong he is the father.   They all laugh and Paula leans over while the guys joke and says, “I’m not sure which one is the father but I’m sure my baby is black. ” 
    In that short conversation these 2 become good friends and Cassie gives her a card and wants to have lunch or dinner sometime.   Paula agrees and promises to call.  
    As Cassie stands to go back to her table, she sees the man next to Paula reach over and rub her belly while saying something crude and Cassie is suddenly hit with the realization that her life has changed.   She walks slowly to her table and it seems like a dream as she now knows that this life is a very special part of her wants, desires, dreams and needs.
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