The companies greatest asset


These stories are written from my heart and are what I fantasize about.   I like hearing from like-minded individuals especially women who enjoy my thoughts and dreams.   
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The company’s greatest asset
Chapter 1 of 4   5/16/06
Life had been good to John and Cassandra as their business had grown over the years.   John at 52 was always confident and business minded while his wife Cassie always did what needed done but did not seem to pay too much attention to the business.   Cassie at 34 had somewhat of a secret fantasy life and would spend the mornings after John left, dreaming and pleasuring herself before readying herself for the day.
Cassie had always been sexually submissive and loved how John would take her at his pleasure.   Problem was that John just did not take her as often as she would like.   This left the tall brunette beauty longing for her next orgasm too often.   As a beautiful, well built white woman she would find herself sometimes walking places just to see if any of the men would notice her.   Sometimes this might entail dressing in sexy clothing, but she was always careful not to let anything go to far.
As a woman she was blessed with the perfect figure, larger breast and a sex drive that wouldn’t quit.   Life with money had helped to keep her busy and her mind off sex but it did not keep her warm on those early mornings.  
Sunday morning Cassie wakes early and begins trying to wake John in an excited state.   John awakens to find his wife’s warm mouth slowly massaging his hard cock.   Lying there quietly he lets her continue until he unloads.

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    When he is finished she slowly pulls her head up to his and lovingly lies next to him snuggling.
He thanks her for the blow job and tells her something she will never forget.   “The company is in real trouble, financially.   I just don’t see how it can survive. ”  Cassie looks stunned as she ask, “What do you mean and how?”  John looks concerned and replies, “Our material cost is too high, sales volumes are too low and labor cost too high.   Even if sales were up we could not afford the increased labor expense. ”  Cassie lays her head back down and ask quietly, “What can we do?”  “It will take a miracle at this point baby. ” Was his only reply.
The more that this news sunk in, the more Cassie began to resent the fact that this did not happen over night, but yet she is just hearing this news.   After they had gotten dressed Cassie made John drive her down to work and explain in more detail just why they could not make the company profitable.
The mood was quiet on the drive and John seemed defensive when explaining things from this point on.   Cassie decided at this point that she would find the answer to these problems and save the company and her comfortable lifestyle.
Cassie spends the day compiling lists of all vendors and suppliers of components to them.   With the vendor list finished she then compiled a list of distributors of their product.   The employees she was somewhat acquainted with but she pulled their information as well.

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    All this in hand, she rode home with a renewed sense of confidence.
 Trying not to ask John questions she revised her list to show only items that comprised a large portion of the product expense and the vendors who could supply this.   It pretty much boiled down to one part and one vendor.   The distributors she compiled as a list of potential sales and the employees, she figured, really didn’t matter if sales did not increase.
She confronts John about the fancy metal bracket that is only available from the one vendor.   John tells her that when he first started in business that this vendor was the only company willing to completely dissolve the tooling cost into the price of the parts produced.   Now, years later, the tooling has long since paid for itself and the tooling itself has became even more expensive to reproduce.   Looking to John she asks, “Have you went to the company to ask if he will lower the price?”  Looking flustered he replies, “No, I don’t see any reason why he would want to, even if I ask. ”
Cassie completely changes subjects now and ask, “How often do you visit the distributors?”  John now walks away mad as he says, “I play golf once a week with Phil you know that and several of the other distributors stop in from time to time. ”  Turning away she knows that its Johns fault that all this has happened.
Monday morning Cassie is in the office bright and early to the surprise of everyone.   Dressed in a very sexy red dress that wrapped around her shape nicely, showing off just a little cleavage she more less moved into one of the empty offices and setup shop.
By 9 AM everyone was going about their duties as she called the metal shop to speak with the owner.   It seemed apparent to her when he answered the phone that it must be a small shop.   Cassie turned on the charm and asks if it would be ok if she came by to see their shop and meet him in person.

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    His name was Leon and he seemed a little bewildered by the request but said ok anyway.   Then in a surprising statement she told him that she would be by shortly.   Taken back by this he agreed and told the guys to clean up the place, quickly.
It’s about an hour before her little red Corvette convertible parks in front of his shop.   Mouths hit the floor as this beauty steps from the car and carefully makes her way through the gravel drive in her spiked heels.   Her long legs against the red dress make her look 7 foot tall as she reaches the door.   The guys gather at the dock door and watch, making her feel more confident in her dress selection.
Leon meets her at the door and shakes her hand anxiously.   Leon is fairly big, about 60 years old and very black.   As she looks to the other employees she notices immediately that they are all black.   Smiling brightly Cassie gets the grand tour of the place and the guys make sure to show her how her parts are made.   Cassie accepts the attention and tries to be as confident as possible when responding.   Several times Cassie catches the guys checking her out but makes sure not to do anything that would make them stop.
After the tour Leon takes her to his office and offers her a chair after brushing it off.   Cassie sits and crosses her legs making sure to show plenty of leg and says in a playful manner, “You really know how to show a person around.

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    I haven’t had such a nice tour before. ”  Leon laughs in his low raspy voice and replies, “You should know now that we don’t see too many pretty women here for tours and don’t try and tell me you were just in the neighborhood. ” 
They both laugh and Cassie goes out of her way to swing her hair around as she laughs and then she says, “I guess I must be a little too transparent.    The reason for my visit, other than to get to meet you, is the cost and availability on the brackets.   We are hurting a little and need to see about getting our cost down anyway we can. ”
Leon chuckles at her plea and says, “When I first agreed to make the tooling at my cost I told John it would be in his long term interest to pay for it up front.   I even offered to sell it at cost.   When he wouldn’t even consider it, I told him that he will pay for that tooling in every part he ever orders.   He told me he didn’t care. ”  Pausing he continues, “I guess now he cares. ”  Cassie wants to cry but holds it back asking quietly, “I’m not John and can’t answer for his bad judgment before.   Forget John, you were completely right but isn’t there anything I can do that will make you consider helping me out. ”
Cassie sits there looking like he has just kicked her hard and he begins to soften his stance, feeling sorry for her.   She notices him glancing at her legs but does not move to cover them when he suggest, “I will do this for you, because frankly you are a gorgeous woman who needs a hand.   In return though I expect you to drop in frequently and excite us like you did today.

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Crying lightly she smiles and replies, “Thank you!  You are such a kind man.   I promise to stop in and visit often. ”  Leon smiles at her reply and adds, “You will dress sexy like this, right?”  Cassie now feeling somewhat excited replies, “I have lots of sexy clothes and will enjoy dressing anyway you like. ”
Now emboldened, Leon sits back in is chair and puts his hands behind his head.   In what he knows is a bold move Leon tells her, “I really like you, but keep in mind the nicer you are the nicer I am. ”  Cassie does not even fully digest what was just implied before she stands and leans forward with her hand outstretched to shake his.   Leon’s eyes immediately drop to her cleavage which at this angle pulls her dress top open.
Cassie knows that he is seeing what he wants and waits for him to put his hand out to shake hers.   The moment does not seem awkward as he stares down her dress and when he glances up he meets her smiling face and says, “It looks as though I have made one hell of a deal. ”
Walking towards the door, she looks back to see him standing and staring at her ass.   Accidentally, she glances to the huge tent in his pants and says, “I’m glad you liked the dress. ”
This episode really excites Cassie on several levels and she now knows that saving this company might be possible.   Calling distributors on her list she has no luck even getting anybody important on the phone until way down the list.   Bobby takes her call just when she starts to lose confidence in her ability.   His company is second from the bottom on her list and she waste no time being a little flirtatious and setting up a sales appointment.

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    To her surprise he is willing to meet tomorrow and is only about 100 miles away.  
On pins and needles all night and morning, Cassie readies herself by dressing in a short dress with loose plunging neckline.   She thinks to herself that this worked once before and that she will try it again.   Staring at herself in the mirror as though she had never really seen herself before, she checks herself from all angles.   Leaning forward, she notices that this dress will show her boobs completely and moon anybody behind her.   This causes her to giggle as she slips into her heels.
Nervously she waits for Bobby in the conference room with her products spread out on the table and lays a catalog out for viewing of other items, ideas and options.   When Bobby enters the room she smiles brightly, introducing herself and pointing to her products.   He sits in what looks to be the center of her products as she walks around talking about the product line.   When she has reached a point where she expects questions she sits across from him.   Bobby is not dumb by any standard and hits her with several intelligent questions before letting her respond.   Answering his questions without hesitation seems to put them on better footing with each other and soon she is reaching across the table pointing at things as they talk.
It is not long before she catches his eyes down her dress and she just leans all the more.   Bobby is obviously taken by her charms and she moves to sit next to him while discussing things in the catalog.   It is then that she notices that he is huge compared to her.

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    Trying not to stare unpleasantly she figures that this huge black man must be close to 7 foot and 400 pounds.   Cassie stays close to his side and seems to be all business while occasionally brushing against him.
All is going well when Bobby asks her if she would like to have lunch with him.   She happily complies, grabbing her jacket and walking towards the door.   His huge hand reaches over her to hold the door making her feel smaller in size.   As they walk to the elevator he stays behind her and she walks just as sexy as possible.
They ride in his Jag to a nice bar and grill only a few blocks away and he takes her to a booth along the wall.   It is not long before she notices that everyone seems to know Bobby and says, “Hi” as they walk by.   Eyes seem to roam as they shake Bobby’s hand and ultimately check her out.   Conversation is business until the second Martini when it turns a little more open and friendly.
Cassie tries to move in ways that she knows may allow Bobby a better view but as the Martini’s take effect it becomes a little frustrating.   Bobbie enjoys the show and is not subtle in his glances anymore.   When she finishes her second drink Bobbie already has a third waiting and is at least one ahead of her.   Standing perfectly, she excuses herself to use the restroom and sees all eyes follow her as she crosses the room.
When she is walking back to the table she watches Bobby’s eyes as they look right through her dress and devour her naked body.

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    She is excited.   In every sense, she feels, desirable.   Walking right up to Bobby she sits down beside him as he quickly slides over.   He hands her the Martini and she says in a playful voice, “I hope you’re not trying to get me drunk. ”  They both laugh and he tells her, “I don’t have lunch with too many women who look as fine as you. ”
This makes Cassie pause before saying, “You seem like such a nice man and you smell just great. ” They chuckle and she continues, “I think I can say from the way you look at me that you like women. ”  This causes him to laugh and leans slightly closer before saying, “I like my women to be a little on the slutty side. ”  Cassie pretends that she does not know what on earth he means and ask him to explain.
He puts his hand on her bare leg and says in a low voice, “I like to be with a woman who likes to be seen.   It’s a turn on to wonder if she has underwear on, to know that she would do anything to please a man and herself.
They pause for a drink and she makes no move to get away.   His hand slides up her thigh slightly and she whispers, while not looking at him, “I have on a small white thong and you know I have no bra. ”  She feels his fingers touch her panties and she does not move.   When his hand slides back down her thigh she says, “We better go before you take advantage of me.

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  ”  She smiles up at him letting him know that she is not mad and stands up next to the booth.
Bobby slides to the edge but does not stand and says, “I have pitched quite a tent in my pants.   We may want to wait a couple of minutes before we walk out.   I don’t want them thinking that I am stealing something. ”  Cassie smiles at him and hands him her jacket saying, “Carry this and it will help hide your enthusiasm. ”  They both laugh as he stands and hides a nice bulge in his slacks.
It is a quiet walk to the valet and they do not speak until he pulls away from the curb when he says jokingly, “That’s the first time I ever asked a woman for help with a bulge in my pants and had her hand me a jacket.   You are resourceful. ”  They both laugh until her open hand touches his bulge.   Rubbing slowly she looks to him and says sexily, “I planned to help you in another way also if you don’t mind a white woman sucking on your cock. ”
Bobby swerves and almost wrecks before pulling into the garage.   When he gets to his parking spot he reaches down and slides the seat back before reclining.   Moving the steering wheel up he has to lift his belly to open his pants.   Within seconds his cock is out for Cassie to see first hand.   Gently she takes it in her hand stroking it and does not take her eyes from it while saying, “Are you sure you don’t mind a white woman sucking on your cock?”
Bobbie holds his stomach up while laughing and says, “Bring your pretty little mouth down here.

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    I have never had a white woman before but then again I have never had a woman turn me on like this before. ” 
Releasing her seatbelt she easily slides over to his lap and takes his cock in her mouth without using her hands.   The steering wheel bumps her ear as his belly rubs her cheek.   All this makes her feel dirty and cheap while exciting her all the more.
It is only minutes before she feels his large hand on the back of her head and he takes a hand full of hair.   He slows her pace and she lets him use her mouth at his own pace.   Being careful with her teeth she knows he will cum any second when she hears him moan, “Your about to eat my cum baby. ”
He pushes her face all the way down and holds it as she feels his fluid squirt into her mouth.   She is pulled up and pushed down again hard while he squirts again.   This goes on several times while he moans, “Eat my cum, you white slut. ”
She continues to suckle even after he has let go of her hair and only releases his cock when it is softening.   Sitting up Cassie fixes her makeup and brushes her hair while Bobby tells her, “You are quite the cock sucker!  Where did you learn to suck a black cock like that?”
Flattered, Cassie smiles and replies, “Yours is the first black cock I have ever seen and I have always loved the taste of cum. ”  She puts her hand on his chest and continues, “Thank you for letting me give you a blow job.   I hope it makes you feel better for the rest of the day.   It just wouldn’t be right to send you back to work all excited like that.


Bobby is still lying back in his seat thinking about how his life took such a crazy turn for the better.
  On the long drive home Cassie is remembering what she had done by the taste in her mouth when her cell phone rings and it’s Bobby.   He tells her that he has set up a meeting later with his sales staff and a few customers to discuss the sales of her products.   He goes on to say that he would like her to plan to be there just in case anything hard was to pop up.   She thanks him again and vows to be at the meeting.
Once at home, she changes clothes and is comfortable on the couch when John arrives home.   She proceeds to tell him that the metal guy has agreed to reduce his price and that the distributor has planned to sell more product.   John is dumbstruck and asks, “How?”  Cassie walks to him, wraps her arms around him sexily and says, “You don’t think I can be persuasive?”
John stammers his reply, “You seduced them?”  Cassie laughs and says, “Well, kind of but more than that I visited with them and tried to make friends.   She can feel the bulge in John’s pants and continues, “Leon, the metal guy wants me to come visit wearing my sexy clothes. ” John looks on stupid while she continues, “Yesterday I went to see him in a sexy red dress and he really liked it.   I went today and met with Bobby in Brownsville.   I was wearing an even shorter sexier dress. ”  John’s cock is pounding against his pants now while she drops to her knees to unfasten his belt.  
Stroking his cock she continues, “Bobby loved the dress and my company.   I let him see down my top and put his hand on my thigh at lunch.

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  ”  She lightly sucks the head of his dick and continues, “On the way home I decided to suck his cock and he came in my mouth. ”  Cum flies from his dick and shoots over her head, leaving a white trail through her dark hair and down her face.   The next stream hits her in the face and this continues until it is a trickle.
Cassie smiles and cleans his cock before standing and kissing him.   When she turns to go upstairs she looks back and says, “You caused this problem now let me do my part and fix this company.   From your response to my story I would say you may even enjoy it. ”
John is still standing in the middle of the living room with his pants down, silent as he watches her climb the stairs.   Later that evening John already has his third erection and is pounding Cassie hard when he stops and asks, “Aren’t they both black?”  Cassie opens her eyes only slightly and replies, “Oh yes, very black. ”  A couple of thrust later he asks again, “How far are you going to take this?”  This time she doesn’t even open her eyes but instead pulls her ankles further apart and back towards her head and replies, “I am ready to do whatever it takes. ”
The Storyman