The companies greatest asset Pt 4


These stories are written from my heart and are what I fantasize about.   I like hearing from like-minded individuals especially women who enjoy my thoughts and dreams.   
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The company’s greatest asset
Chapter 4 of 4   5/19/06

Cassie is drinking and flirting with the men who have sat with them at the jazz bar when Leon tells her, “Go put this money in the juke box and choose a couple of slow songs.   I want you to dance for the men in this room. ”  The guys sitting with them all agree loudly and she picks a couple of slow sexy songs.

The room all watches her every move as the music starts and she begins to slow dance with herself.   In her fishnet body stocking she looks to be some kind of 3 dimensional porn movie playing for the crowd.   Not a sound can be heard, except for one lady who drags her man out for staring.   She gyrates to the beat with her eyes closed and does not notice the 40 year old woman until they are dirty dancing together.   The men watch in silence as the two have quite the time feeling each other up playfully.

They kiss when the song ends and the crowd cheers for them.   Cassie moves back to Leon’s table and the men undress her with their eyes.   Looking to Paula she can see that the young lady had enjoyed the show and wants to tell her so.   The young girl carefully waddles up to Leon’s table and touches Cassie’s shoulder as she says, “That was the most erotic dance I ever seen.   This place really needs you.

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  ”  As quickly as she had came over Paula waddled off to the bathroom.   Cassie listens as the guys at the table talk about the black baby she carries.  

The band begins tuning up and Leon asks Cassie to go to the bathroom with him.   Cassie is somewhat taken back as he guides her into the men’s bathroom.   Once inside he tells her to take it out and that he needs to pee.   He stands at the urinal peeing while she stands to the side holding his big dick.   When he finishes she shakes it lightly and puts him away.   The other men in the bathroom all watch and hope that they are next.

The band finishes the first set and Leon leans to her and says, “The band breaks out on the side walk.   Go out and see if you can help them relax. ”  Cassie looks deep into his eyes, downs her drink and goes out with the band.

Outside, the four men all like her company and she leans with her back against the wall as they look her over really good.   It is still fairly light outside and she knows that they can see everything from as close as they are.   Her nipples stand out clearly as the men stare and talk.   The talk turns sexy as the guys hit on her and she tells them, “I came out here to see if you would like me to help you relax.

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  ”  The guys decide to move around the side of the building and they all watch as this white beauty sucks each of them off.   Finished, the guys help her up and they go back inside behind her.  

Cassie has cum on her face when she sits down and one of the guys points out more cum in her hair.   Smiling Cassie excuses herself to freshen up when Leon stops her and ask her to remove her bra and thong while she’s in there.   Exiting the bathroom, the first guy she sees stares at her pussy as she walks.   She feels almost naked and is tingling from the sensation.

At the table the guys all get to see and she stands and turns for them as the music starts to play again.   The lead singer starts the second set with the announcement, “This set is dedicated to the very pretty lady with the sweet, sweet lips. ”  Everyone turns to stare at her as she stands there smiling.  The guy across from her tries to see between her legs and isn’t subtle in his trying, he just stares.   Leon leans over and whispers “Uncross your legs and show him. ”  The guys at the table know and watch as she opens her legs slowly.   Her mind swims as she almost has an orgasm letting these strange men see her pussy.  

The second set ends and the band goes on break again.   This time they stop at Leon’s table and everybody introduces themselves.

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    They all go outside together and stand around Cassie.   The band wants to know what she sees in Leon and she smiles sexily saying, “I love his cock!”  The guys all love this answer and get loud with retorts.   Standing there exposed Cassie enjoys the attention and lets the men openly flirt with her.

The band gives her a card showing where and when they play while telling her that anytime she wants to accompany them to a gig she is more than welcome.   Before they go back inside someone ask, “You really like all these black cocks?”  Cassie smiles at him and wraps her arm around Leon’s and replies, “I’m his white whore and I prefer dark meat. ”

Inside the band plays the final set for the remainder of the people and Leon lets Cassie dance with the men out on the dance floor.   Cassie lets the men touch her and she tries to dance with all of them.  

In the corner she can see the 40 Year old woman being felt up by two men and is partly nude as one of her studs kisses her deeply.   The band has played every slow song they know and some of them, twice.   The music ends with Cassie sandwiched in between 2-large men from Leon’s table with her arms straight up in the air.   Leon watches her intently while she is handled by all these men.  

Paula meets Cassie as she exits the dance floor saying goodnight and that she will call.   Then she tells Cassie that she is tired but still needs to service these studs before they will take her home.   Cassie smiles to her, while placing her hand on Paula’s pregnant belly and says, “Somehow I know that you can handle it. ”

With the music finished Leon walks to the band with Cassie on his arm to say good night.

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    The men swoon over Cassie and she blushes at their crude requests and comments.   Leon looks to Cassie and says, “Tell them what you want to go do now. ”  Cassie holds on to Leon tightly and says proudly, “I am going to Leon’s and he is going to fuck me until I can’t walk. ”

Once in the truck Leon kisses her lips suddenly and Cassie opens her lips to except his tongue.   Cassie is dizzy after the kiss and Leon starts the truck to go home.   On the short drive to Leon’s, Cassie sits next to him quietly while he talks about how good she was tonight.   Leon’s house is close and he hurries her inside.  

With the lights on Cassie begins undressing Leon until he is standing in his living room naked.   His cock stands straight out and looks huge like this.   Cassie stares at his cock while getting undressed and says, “You must impregnate every woman you fuck with big dick of yours. ”  Leon smiles and replies, “I’ve had a few. ”  Cassie walks to him and straddles his dick while looking behind her.   With her crotch against his, his cock is long enough that she can see it behind her.

She turns back to Leon and kisses him deeply before saying, “I need to be on top the first time since you are so long. ”  Leon leads her to his bedroom and lies back on the bed.

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    Cassie straddles him with his cock in front of her and pumps it slowly saying, “This is going to go so deep.   I know you are going to cum in my uterus.   Your sperm doesn’t have to swim far when you can spray it right on the eggs. ”  They both laugh as Cassie rises up and leans forward working the head of Leon’s cock into her pussy.

Once started Cassie begins to slowly rock causing him to go deeper each time.   After several orgasms she opens her eyes to see Leon grinning at her and she brings a tit to his mouth to suck.   Pushing herself back Cassie feels his cock pressing against her cervix and she almost passes out from an intense climax.   Cassie rocks back and forth slowly using the full length of her pussy and looks with lusty eyes at Leon and says, “Would you like to cum in my womb?”

Leon kisses her deeply and she starts rocking harder until she feels him push through and into her womb.   Gently she pushes down on him until she is sitting up with her ass all the way down on him.   His hands find her breast and knead them roughly as she enjoys this new sensation.  

Once again she starts rocking but this time faster until she screams with passion.   Leon enjoys the ride and tells her, “You’re the first to take me all the way down.   You’ve done it with both your pussy and your mouth. ”  Cassie slows and lays on him to rest saying, “I’m your white whore remember, I aim to please. ”  Leon holds her for a few minutes before saying, “Please me now by making me cum in your womb.

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  ”  Not needing to be told twice Cassie fucks him with renewed vigor and soon has him telling her, “I’m about to plant my seed deep in your womb, whore.   Are you ready for that?” 

Cassie can not speak at this point and is suddenly flooded with cum as Leon orgasms deep inside her for what seems like forever.   She collapses into his arms and his hard cock is still inside her.   Several minutes go by before she attempts to slide off of his cock.   As she lies on the bed her pussy gapes open but cum does not run out.   Cassie is completely out of breath but Leon tells her, “Don’t go to sleep until you clean up this mess. ”  Grinning she rolls over and sucks Leon clean and spends extra time on his balls saying, “I’ve never had anything go so deep or make me feel so good.   I’ll be your own personal slut and whore anytime. ”

Leon lays naked in bed watching TV while Cassie naps.   When she awakens she rolls over and puts her arm around him saying, “I was worried it was all a dream. ”  She opens her eyes to see Leon’s soft cock next to her face and begins a slow massage.   It only takes a few minutes before he is ready to go again.

This time Leon takes charge and fucks her in several positions.   He makes sure to push through her cervix and fuck her deeply each time.   Before he cums he stops and asks, “Are you on birth control?”  Trying to speak Cassie mumbles, “No.

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    Please cum deeply in me. ”  Leon smiles devilishly and starts to fuck harder while saying, “Get your eggs ready baby.   I’m going to cover them with cum. ”  This drives them both into a frenzied orgasm that fills Cassie with what she most desires.

Its 4 AM when Leon helps Cassie into his truck for the ride home.   Naked, this beauty is the prettiest woman Leon has ever seen and he still can’t believe this has happened at all.  

When they arrive home the light is on and Leon helps this well fucked naked beauty into the house.   John is still up and stands to greet them saying, “It looks as though she had quite a night. ”  Leon asks, “Where should I put her. ”  John points him upstairs and to the bedroom where he places her gently on the bed and covers her.

Back downstairs John hands Leon a beer and ask about the evening and how things went.   Leon is hesitant at first but opens up quickly with a few beers and tells John a lot of the extra juicy details.  

John lies down next to Cassie and caresses her body while she sleeps.   He inspects her closely and can see that she is not the mess that she was last weekend.   While she sleeps he can smell sex on her and masturbates wildly.

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    She awakens later in the day with John next to her and takes a long time before she gets up.   John sees her get up and has breakfast waiting when she comes downstairs.   While she eats he asks her about her date and compares her answers to Leon’s.  

When he asks about condoms she laughs and says, “I thought we covered that.   He not only came in me.   He came in me so deeply that it didn’t even run out.   You saw how much volume he cums.   He came in me twice last night. ”  John is speechless and looks confused when he hears this.

Cassie spends the rest of the weekend walking somewhat bowlegged but feeling very content.   While she rests on Sunday, Paula calls and wants to go out for a glass of milk later in the evening.   Cassie laughs then agrees.   They meet at a bar Paula knows and hug as they see each other.

Helping Paula through the door Cassie is very gentle with her and can tell that she must not even weigh 100 pounds if not pregnant.   They find a table and order a glass of wine and a glass of milk.

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    This turns into a nice joke and they laugh together.

Paula bluntly asks, “I know you want to ask me about the baby.   Go ahead, I don’t mind. ”  Cassie can see that this young lady is a good judge of what she wants and says, “Ok, tell me about the wedding ring. ”  Smiling brightly Paula replies, “You asked the perfect question.   I was a stripper out of high school and married an older man I met at the club.   I needed money and security.   He had both, so I married him.   We love each other but he is so much older than I that things were a little weird at first. ”  Cassie hangs on her every word as she continues.   “At first he was always trying to get me in new sexual situations to excite me.   You know all the little fantasy stuff, gang bangs, prostitution, nudity.   The more he tried the more we both loved it.   Pretty soon when we talked about it, we found that we both were turned on by pushing the others limits. ”  Touching Paula’s stomach Cassie asks, “Was this a limit.

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She chuckles and says, “No, I did this as a gift to him for our first anniversary.   I knew that he wanted kids and I knew this would absolutely push the limits. ”  They sat quiet for a moment before Cassie asks, “Would you do it again. ”  Paula says bluntly, “It was still the ultimate fuck of my life.   I let him watch as these men fucked me for an entire weekend.   We still discuss that weekend and he still likes me to service my studs. ”

Cassie is a little confused and a lot turned on by this whole conversation and says, “I’ve thought about letting Leon breed me to have his baby.   The really strange part is that I think our husbands would have a lot in common.   They almost sound like the same man. ”

They agree to get their men together and Cassie heads for home.   Excited like never before her focus seems to be changing.

Come Monday morning Cassie was up early and feeling refreshed when she arrives at work.   Bobby calls first thing and sets up a special meeting Wednesday night and tells her that he has been thinking about her.

When she finishes the call, Tony is outside waiting to see her and tells her that the guys have all agreed to work over on 3-days a week and half days on Saturdays.   Cassie hugs him excitedly and Tony reaches up under her skirt grabbing her bare ass.


    While he caresses her ass John walks in and stands quietly watching.  

Once Tony goes back to work, John hugs his wife and wants to fuck her but she refuses until the company finances are straightened out.   John vows it is almost over and then lets her know that this week they will have just enough to make payroll and will not be able to pay any vendors.   Cassie yells at him and tells him that if this goes under because of him that she will move in with one of her lovers.   John tries to calm her but it does little good.

Cassie decides to tell Leon gently and buys enough barbecue to feed all of his employees and heads for his shop before lunch.   She arrives and the guys all try and talk with her and she sends them out to get lunch from her car.   Leon finds her setting up the barbecue lunch in the break room and watches her work before speaking, “You sure look nice when you have an orgasm. ”  Cassie turns and smiles before approaching him and saying, “You really know how to show a girl a good time. ”  She kisses him and tells him about what John had said and that they will not be able to pay him this week.

She looks down and asks meekly, “Can I do anything to make this up to you?”  Leon raises her chin with his hand and replies, “Every day you’re late with your payment you’ll spend one complete night with me.   You will do anything I ask and pleasure me anyway I want.   If more than 2-weeks go by with no payment, you’ll let me coat those eggs. ”  It takes a few seconds before Cassie realizes what he just said then she replies, “Ok, if that’s what it takes. ”  Leon pulls her close and says, “Make sure you tell your husband that if he is late with his payment then his wife will be late with her period.

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    Then he can raise my black babies. ”

Shocked and excited Cassie finishes setting up lunch just as Leon calls break for the guys.   The guys are thrilled and like the attention she gives them while they eat.   Cassie sits on a table to one side and watches the young men eat lunch.   With her short skirt on, she is sure that they get to see glimpses of pussy from time to time.

After lunch Cassie hugs Leon and thanks him for all of his help in solving her problems.   Leon touches her belly and says, “My dick is going to be in here. ”  Cassie laughs and raises his hand 3 inches and says, “No it’ll be about here. ”

At home she tells John who pulls out his dick and masturbates while she talks.   She fails to mention the part about fertilizing her eggs if he is not paid within 2 weeks.  

Wednesday morning Cassie goes shopping for her meeting with Bobby and finds a nice yellow dress that is very low cut and short.   While preparing for her trip Cassie is pleased to have the young soldier call her and talk about their little date.   Cassie spends time talking to him and agrees to see him after finding out he will be deployed soon.   She sets a date for Friday in the hopes she will be able to walk by then and leaves him with the hope of her pussy.

Cassie leaves around noon and meets Bobby right on time.

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    Bobby loves the outfit and really admires the ability to see those boobs.   He takes her to the bar and grill to meet with 2 men from another state to see about national distribution.   The 2-men are older and really built and get right to the point with their questions.   Cassie does her best and the men warm up to her answers after a few drinks.   Bobby talks her up and the guys place an initial order that is huge.   Cassie is stunned and thanks the men profusely telling them that she will get their order into the system immediately.   She figures out what she needs for a deposit and a check is written on the spot as Bobby guarantees her trustworthiness.  

With this huge check in hand Cassie thanks them and Bobby drives them back to the office.   After the men are taken to their car Bobby takes her back to the strip club to celebrate this sale.   Her mind reels as she knows what this money will do.   Bobby is sitting next to her as they are getting a lap dance from a young lady when he leans over to her and says, “Aren’t those military guys over there. ”  Smiling, Cassie responds by getting up and introducing herself to the men.   Bobby is feeling up the stripper as Cassie flirts with these young military men.

Eventually the owner comes over and asks to talk with her alone.   He offers her a job, flattering her about her looks and attitude, she considers his offer as he looks down her dress but decides that it would be too much work.

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Later, after the alcohol has worn off, Cassie wakes up next to Bobby.   She is turned around 69 and doesn’t remember much.   Touching her pussy, she knows she was fucked but doesn’t remember by whom.   She gets up and walks around the room and decides it must be Bobby’s apartment and lies back down next to him.   In the morning she awakens to find Bobby hard and asleep and mounts him for her pleasure.   He awakens to see this beauty riding him and lets her have another orgasm before letting her know he is awake.   He cums inside her and she licks him clean before thanking him and heading for home.

Cassie decides to thank the late shift guys and shows up when they have just finished work wearing a short skirt and blouse with a case of beer.   The guys enjoy the beer and enjoy the show while having pictures signed by her.

Friday morning Leon calls early to tell her that she will entertain his employees tonight.   She is to show up at the bowling alley at 830 and wait for his team.   He instructs her to wear a short loose skirt and thin tank top.  

Excited by this Cassie spends the day finding the right outfit and bowling alley and waits for her men.   The guys all show up to bowl but not Leon.   Cassie decides that he must be testing her and she sits at the table with the guys much to there obvious approval.

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    As they bowl she flirts with them and they start making bets to be paid off later.   Eventually the guys agree on a payout scale.

A)    3- Strikes gets 1 blow job each additional strike gets another.
B)     A split conversion is good for a quick feel.
C)    250 plus is good for a fuck.
D)    200 plus is good for a hand job.
E)     Punching in the 10th to win is good for a full date.
F)     300 is rewarded with anything the guy wants.

The guys are so nervous they can’t bowl and she ends up owing just 6 blow jobs, 3 quick feels and 5 hand jobs.   After the game they follow her to her car where she agrees to follow the others to a house.   At the house she quickly sucks off all 5-guys to make a down payment on her bets and lets the men feel her while she enjoys their touch.

Afterwards she drives to Leon’s house to see why he was not there.   Leon is watching TV when she arrives and she asks him why he was not at bowling.   He tells her that her not paying him hurts his employees and he feels they should be compensated also.   This makes Cassie feel bad and she agrees to go back and make them feel needed.

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Cassie wakes up in a strange house with lots of Leon’s employees around her.   She remembers each man as they mounted her and used her for their fun.   As she walks through the house naked cum runs down her legs as a reminder of how much she appreciates them.

The first week passes without payment to Leon and at the end of the second week she knows what happens.   Cassie is excited and John can tell.   He knows that she will have to live with him for 2 or more weeks but does not consider the consequences of this.   At the end of the 2-week period Cassie turns in her huge deposit check as though nothing has happened.   The money has just turned around, things are looking up and Cassie wants one last fling.

She packs her bags on Sunday and tells John, “I made a deal with Leon to put out for the late payment on his invoices.   You knew about this and we discussed it and still you did not pay.   He now gets to use me for each day you were late and I will be at my most fertile during this time.   You know how much he cums and how deeply he goes.   You basically agreed to let him impregnate me. ”  John’s head is spinning and thinks he will fall.   When she is done packing he carries her bags downstairs and sees Leon at the door.

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Leon opens the door and walks in saying, “It is always a pleasure John.   I will take good care of Cassie for you but I do think she will be in a motherly way when I bring her back. ”  Cassie kisses John and then they are gone.   John stands there thinking of the children she will bare and is so turned on that he goes to masturbate again.

Cassie rides home with Leon and is taken immediately by him upon arrival.   Leon tells her that she will not wear clothes and will remain naked unless he says otherwise.   In total heaven, Cassie is fucked several times a day by Leon and services his balls when he finishes.   After several days of this Cassie welcomes him at the door with open legs and he breeds her deeply.   Leon tells her about how she will service him and his friends in the future but for now nobody fucks her but him.

Calling Paula, Cassie tells her of what she is doing and how she plans to have his baby.   Paula is happy for her and asks that she be present as she has her baby.

This hard core breeding goes on for both weeks and towards the end he fucks her 5 times daily.   When it is time for her to go home Cassie is a little relieved and a little sad.   She knows she will be having his baby but also has to accept that he cannot fuck her daily.

When Leon and Cassie walk in the door John shakes his hand and kisses her.

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    John has long since paid the invoices and cleared his accounts but he knows that his life will never be the same now that he has let this black man impregnate his wife.   Cassie kisses John and gives him a hug before saying, “I took a test today and it’s positive. ”  She sounds all excited and John looks to Leon and Leon says proudly, “Aren’t you going to give me a cigar?  I’m going to be a daddy. ”

It is only 2 days before Paula goes into labor and true to her word Cassie is there when a cute, healthy baby boy is delivered.   While momma lies there nursing the baby Cassie dreams of what her life will be in 9 months.

As a couple of months pass, Paula and Cassie have became very good friends and tell each other all of their secrets.   Paula arrives early and waits for Cassie to dress for their night out.   John is downstairs trying to get Paula to tell him what they plan to do this evening.   Paula has on a short thin pink dress with white stockings.   Even though this blonde beauty is only 5 foot tall, it is obvious to him that she is not wearing panties.

Cassie enters the room with a narrow piece of thin black fabric wrapped around her chest and pinned to the side.   As John looks down he sees that she has wrapped a wider piece around her waist as well.   She spins for them to see and John can see everything.   Paula whistles her approval while Cassie checks her out as well.   Reaching out and tracing a circle around Paula’s nipple Cassie tells John that they are going to the Jazz club and that she promise not to drink any liquor.

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Smiling she kisses Paula passionately and looks to John saying, “Paula is here to keep me honest.   I’ll remember our deal but you need to do the same and maybe you will find Paula in bed with us some morning. ”  With that said she leaves John standing stupid again and goes out the door holding hands with Paula.

John thinks of the deal they made and is too excited to move yet.   Knowing that she has agreed to limit her non business dating to 2 nights a week while bringing some of her dates home so that he may watch.   He has agreed to meet Paula’s husband and get to know him while baby sitting for them as they take care of the many black studs in their life.

He knows that it is only the beginning and that when she begins to nurse the baby in public that her lovers will think it’s their baby.   Everyone will know she dates black men and that she is all too ready to do anything it takes to please her man.   He also knows that she will entertain many men from now on but he tries to find solace in the fact that all this really, really turns him on.
The Storyman



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