Taking care of the boarders 3/6


These stories are written from my heart and are what I enjoy.   These are all my fantasies.   They are written for my enjoyment.   If you like them let me know, I always enjoy hearing from like minded individuals but obviously prefer to hear from women who allow themselves to become drawn into my stories. Storyman000@yahoo. com
Taking care of the boarders
Part 3      12/6/04
 Rhonda kept Bobby's dick in her warm mouth until he was completely soft before rising up.   Once she had set up, she could see that Bobby was fast asleep surely having a very pleasant dream.   Grabbing a blanket, Rhonda walks through her house with her robe completely open and a warm feeling in her stomach.   She covers Bobby on the couch and walks to the kitchen still entranced by what she had just done.    Sitting at the bar she watches Bobby with a sense of pride knowing that she has brought him such satisfaction.
 With a new glass of wine in hand she walks towards the stairs noticing that she was not even closing the blinds or shades anymore.   It excited her to know that someone may look in or even maybe, somebody just saw what she had done.   In her room she looked to see the blinds were open and pulled back the curtains to allow anybody the best view.
 Lying in bed drinking her wine Rhonda could not help but notice that the wine really brought out the flavor in Bobby's cum.   As the wine glass emptied Rhonda drifted off into a night filled with dirty dreams.
 The next morning, Sunday, Rhonda woke first and walked through the house naked to find Bobby had gone to his room in the middle of the night.

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    Back in her room she puts on her new Gym clothes and heads off to the Gym.   In her new spandex shorts and loose tank top Rhonda can feel the eyes of the men at the Gym undressing her.   While riding the bike she looks at herself from different angles in all of the mirrors to see what everybody else is seeing.   The loose tank top shows a little bit of boob from the side or if she leans down but she does not see anything too provocative.
 She arrives home and enters the house going right upstairs to her room.   Bobby's door is shut in the hall but is open in the bathroom and Rhonda can tell he has been up that morning.   Rhonda starts her bath water and undresses in her room watching herself undress in her mirrors.   She walks to the window and watches as cars drive by, not noticing her at all.   Sitting back into her bathtub, Rhonda closes her eyes and pictures that black dick pointing at her face, from the night before.
 She bathes, shaves herself and steps from the tub into Bobby's view causing him to smile brightly.   "Good morning.   I know you slept well. " Rhonda said in a flirting tone.   "Yea, I must say I was completely relaxed. " He answered energetically.

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    Rhonda walks into his room while drying herself off letting him see her naked body.   Throwing the towel back into the bathroom, she walks naked to the end of his bed and pulls his covers back just enough to see his hard dick.   "I wasn't kidding last night when I told you that I would take care of you until you have a girl friend. "  Rhonda said, climbing onto the end of his bed.   "You don't need to waste your sperm anymore.   When you feel the need, I will always be available. " 
 On her hands and knees she crawls to his crotch and examines his balls up close.   Bobby pulls his knees back giving her better access to his balls and she holds them gently saying, "These so beautiful and look so perfect swinging just below this. "  She grabs his dick and begins to stroke it.   "Do you like to cum every morning before breakfast?" Rhonda says in a playful voice.   "Hell yes!" Was his reply.
 Rhonda moves to the side and brings her mouth to his dick, kissing the end and licking the sides before putting her mouth on the end of it.   Still stroking him while using her mouth she can see Bobby is in heaven.   She raises her mouth from him and asks, "I am not being too slutty, am I?"  Bobby looks at her as if to say "WHAT?" but then says, "I don't think you could be too slutty. "  Rhonda smiles while slowly stroking him and says, "What if I told you that I used to lick and suck the sperm out of your t-shirts?"  He pauses smiling and replies confidently, "I would say that you are getting it fresh from my cock now",
 Her mouth goes back to work and before long lets go with her hand and is just stroking him with her mouth.

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    Rhonda, having seen the woman on the DVD taking a bigger dick all the way down her throat, pushes the head of this dick against her throat each time.   Slowing her pace, she puts the head against her throat and slowly forces it in.   The feeling causes her to choke and she backs off for only a second before trying it again.   After a few tries she gets used to the feeling and starts to work it down a little farther each time.
 Bobby senses what is going on and watches her in amazement saying, "Your throat feels fuckin great. "  Rhonda pulls her mouth from the end, looks to him with her sultry eyes and whispers, "I want to be able to do anything it takes to please my man. "  Her mouth slowly slides over his dick, enters her throat and she keeps pushing down until her nose is pressed into his pubic hair.   Coming up just enough to breath she goes back down over and over until his hands find the back of her head.   She knows what is about to happen as he starts forcing her head down harder and harder.   Then he grunts loudly saying, "Suck my cock baby. "  Rhonda changes nothing because that is exactly what she has been doing.   He holds her head down and then cums in her throat and she lifts her head several times so that he may force it down again shooting more cum into her mouth.
 Bobby lets go of her head and Rhonda rises to her knees grabbing his dick in her hand, stroking it slowly.   His hands are behind his head, with a smile on his face when Rhonda looks to him and says, "Don't worry about what you say when it's just you and I.   Say what you want, what you need and I will always know what you expect.

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  "  Her head swoops down one last time to clean the cum from the head of his dick as they both think about the fact that the elder is now teaching the young.
 Breakfast is quite joyful as the two talk openly about his past lovers and what he likes about women.   He tells her of his girl friend being mad once because he called her his slut during sex.   Rhonda laughs saying, "I'm trying to be a better slut then her!"  They both laugh and she looks to him saying in a somewhat more serious tone, "With me, call me anything that pleases you and with me you are allowed to kiss and tell.   I find it strangely exciting to know that you tell your friends about me.   Do you remember the people in the mall and how they reacted to me and you together?  I like that feeling.   I like people to know that I might be doing something that is wrong by some standards. "  Bobby sits and thinks about what she has just said.
 Rhonda selects a pair of very short jean shorts to wear and a tube top.   This is quite a site in the mirror as Rhonda inspects herself and prepares for the day ahead.   She can hear Bobby talking to Ivan on the phone but can not quite make out all that is said.   But she knows that her name was mentioned several times.   Going through her dresser she begins piling all of her old clothes upon the bed and putting her new clothes away.   She has not been wearing any underwear or bras and throws them into the pile.   "The Salvation Army will be happy to see me this month", she whispers to herself while tossing this stuff into a box.

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 The door bell rings and then she hears voices.   Ivan must be here.   She brushes her hair and touches up her lip stick before coming downstairs.   The boys stop as she approaches and are both quite taken by her appearance.   "Holy shit!  You look fine. " Ivan says as he sticks his hand out to shake hers.   She smiles all over, lightly blushing saying, "You are still one giant man. "  Her little white hand disappears into his giant hand as they shake and she cannot help but notice the contrast of their skin.   The men both stare as Rhonda's nipples push firmly against her top.   Ivan turns to Bobby and says, "You told me you went shopping but damn!"  Ivan does not want to let her hand go but does saying that he had better bring his stuff inside.  
 They all go outside to see what he has and to help as needed.   Rhonda can not help but think that she is helping a man who could probably carry this whole truck by himself.   They hand her little stuff to carry as they make several trips following her at all times.   The neighbors across the street watch from the windows as this little white woman moves in a second young black man into her house.   The old man in the house next door cleans his car while watching them.

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    She knows that they won't dare say anything bad with Ivan around.
 With Ivan's stuff moved into his room he takes his extra stuff to the basement and stacks it neatly.   He goes outside to park his truck while Rhonda starts putting his stuff away in his room.   She can hear him talking to Bobby downstairs while she works and has it all pretty much in order when Ivan enters his room.   "Man you put all that away?  That's great. Thanks. "  Ivan says with a nice smile.   Rhonda shows him where everything is and tells him that dinner will be ready shortly.   She can feel his eyes on her as she leaves and heads for the kitchen.  
 Rhonda knows that the boys have football practice tomorrow morning at 6 am and she structures the evening towards feeding them and getting them off to sleep, pledging to make sure their school work comes first.
 Monday morning her alarm clock goes off at 4 am and she walks downstairs in her short nightgown.   With coffee brewing in the kitchen she enters Bobby's room and finds him still soundly sleeping as his alarm sounds.   Walking around to the side of the bed, she sees him on his side facing her and kneels on the floor and touches him gently.   He rolls on to his back but does not wake so she reaches under the cover to find a very hard dick.   It jumps at her touch and she leans in sucking this nice black dick into her mouth.

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    She knows that she only did that to please herself and giggles.   After a few minutes he awakens to find this beautiful white woman kneeling next to his bed stroking his dick.   "I hope you have slept well.   I am going to take care of this hard dick for so just lay back and enjoy. "  She said while stroking his dick.   Her tempo was faster then before within minutes he shoots several large streams of cum onto his chest and then the cum runs down the sides of his dick onto her hands.
 Bobby looks to her with a sleepy disappointment in his eye and she says, "We don't have much time in the morning.   I am sorry it was not as good for you and I will find someway to make it more enjoyable. "  With that she leaned down and sucked the head of his dick into her mouth washing it with her tongue.   With his dick now clean she slid her mouth off of him and began to lick the cum from his stomach and chest.   She had to suck the cum from his pubic hair to get it clean but inspects him to see that she got every drop.   Lost in her work she suddenly looks to Bobby who is smiling brightly at what he has just seen and he says, "Thank you, that was just fine. "  Rhonda beams with pride knowing that she had not let him down and tells him, "Its time to get up. " 
 She has to wipe her face as she walks through the bathroom as her face has his cum all over it.   Not sure of how to wake Ivan she knocks on his door then opens it to see Ivan in his briefs laying on the bed sleeping.

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    She opens his door slowly and stands just looking at this mountain of a man.   He is on his stomach and she touches his shoulder lightly shaking him.   As he begins to awaken she realizes that she hardly knows this man but is standing here in only her nightgown.   It is now too late as he turns his head towards her and gets quite an eye full to start the day.   Rhonda retreats to her room and grabs her robe before heading to the kitchen.
 With enough breakfast for five, Rhonda figures that she should be ready for her first breakfast with Ivan.   The men enter the kitchen one at a time and both comment on how nice Rhonda looks as they sit down and eat all five servings easily.   The men take off one at a time for practice, Bobby hugging her as he leaves and Ivan commenting on how nice she had looked earlier.  
 Rhonda brings her coffee and climbs the stairs slowly.   She opens Ivan's door and walks in looking at how he finished off his room.   He set his computer up in the corner and has it connected to her DSL.   Not wanting to be too nosey she does not touch anything but just looks at his desk.   Accidentally she bumps the mouse and the monitor comes to life.   As the screen slowly illuminates she is surprised to see that his wall paper is of naked white women in various poses.
 Backing away she feels that she may have intruded on his privacy and she begins to make his bed.

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    His underwear is lying on his bed with a post-it note that says, "I made this just for you. "  Rhonda opens them to see that he has used them to clean up his cum and from the volume she guesses he may have came three times or more.   Raising his underwear to her face she smells the very familiar smell of fresh sperm.   Breathing deeply, she realizes suddenly, that he has just completely seduced her and that she is hooked.   This mountain of a man had planned this with information he only could have gotten from Bobby.  
 "Bobby has to be telling people about me. "  She said aloud with a smile.   Rhonda brings the underwear to her face breathing that smell and gently taste Ivan's cum.   It taste as desired and Rhonda sits back onto his bed and licks gobs of his sperm into her mouth.   Stroking her pussy she has several orgasms as she at some points was literally chewing and sucking on this mans underwear knowing that he is trying to seduce her.   Now covered in this mans cum, Rhonda decides to let him make all the moves and straightens his bed laying the underwear on his dresser.
 On fire now Rhonda gets dressed to go to the Gym, putting on her tight little shorts and an athletic bra only.   At the Gym the stares only make her long more for her orgasmic release.   Rhonda drives by an adult bookstore on the way home and buys a nice black dildo.   Once home she goes straight to her room and washes her new lover before touching it to her wet pussy.

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    It is not huge but it is more than she has ever had and it's been just too long.   Slowly she impales herself repeatedly until she is comfortable with its size and texture.   Orgasms rock her body one after another until she is just franticly fucking the thing silly.   Her arms now tired and her pussy sore Rhonda drifts off to sleep.
 Rhonda awakens to the sound of the front door closing and at first thinks she has slept all day.   She looks to the clock and it is only 11:30. She puts her robe on to see who has come home.   As she gets to the stairs she sees Ivan standing looking through some papers and he looks up at her and says, "You are really sleeping in today. "  They both laugh and Ivan's eyes fall to her pussy.   She knows that from his angle he can clearly see up her short robe.   Rhonda slowly walks downstairs and asks, "Why are you home so early?"  "I have different classes then Bobby so I am home from 11:30 till 1 pm everyday" He replies.   Rhonda tells him she will make him some lunch and heads to the kitchen.   While she works Ivan sits at the bar and watches her every move.   She knows that her robe barely covers her butt and that the wrong move could show him everything.
 She sets his lunch in front of him and he hungrily begins eating.


    Rhonda stands across the bar and waits for him to ask for anything else.   When he is finished she heads upstairs to take a bath and he watches her walk up the stairs taking advantage of the angle to see up her robe again.   This is all too exciting for Rhonda and her head swims with excitement.   She takes her robe off in her bed room and starts the bath water naked.   Returning to her room she places her new black dildo on her nightstand and straightens her bed.   She hears Ivan enter his room and knows that she has been caught as she sits in the tub wondering what will happen next.  
        The Story man
This story was inspired by a very special slut whom would do anything when excited.