Taking care of the boarders 2/6


These stories are written from my heart and are what I enjoy.   These are all my fantasies.   They are written for my enjoyment. If you like them let me know, I always enjoy hearing from like minded individuals but obviously prefer to hear from women who allow themselves to become drawn into my stories.   Storyman000@yahoo. com
Taking care of the boarders
Part 2      12/4/04  As morning arrives Rhonda wakes slowly, still thinking about Bobby looking at her partially nude body through the open bedroom doors.   Reaching down, with her eyes still shut, her hand finds her smooth pussy and begins to slowly stroke herself to the point of her well needed orgasm.   Rhonda is on her back with her knees pulled back completely exposing her secrets to anyone who would look into her bedroom door.   This excites her immensely and she looks and listens for signs of any spectators.
 Everything seems quiet and she gets up and walks to the bathroom to see if Bobby is still sleeping.   Peeking through the door she can see his bed is empty and she pushes his door open and walks in.   Bobby is not in his room so Rhonda walks towards the kitchen wearing only her short nightshirt.   The house is completely empty and Rhonda is visibly disappointed that she was not caught in her nightshirt.  
 Rhonda makes coffee and sits at the table thinking of all she needs to do today. She dresses in her Gym clothes and straightens her room before cleaning and straightening Bobby's.   She pulls out Bobby's stack of porn magazines and looks through the titles noticing the enticing pictures on the covers.

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    Straightening the stack she puts all of his books together including the ones under his covers and neatly stacks them under his bed.   A piece of white material catches her eye and she looks in his pillow case to find her panties.   This makes her smile and she knows that he has been fantasizing about her.   Standing there wondering what he could possibly be thinking of doing to her she puts her panties back into his pillow case.
 With her shopping list in hand Rhonda makes a trip to the grocery store and finds Bobby at home when she arrives.   Bobby comes outside to help carry in the groceries and Rhonda smiles at him saying, "What got you out of the house so early this morning?"  "I had football practice at 6 am.   You looked like you were sleeping pretty sound so I just grabbed something to eat. " He replied.   Immediately she concludes that he had to have seen her sleeping and this warms her nicely.   Walking towards the door with him following she knows his eyes have to be on her butt and she shakes it a little harder then normal.
 She can't help but wish she was wearing clothes that were a little sexier as she was putting the groceries away with Bobby sitting at the bar watching her.   As they talk he tells her that one of the other players, Ivan, would like to come by today and see one of the other rooms.   Rhonda smiles to Bobby saying, "Thank you.   I appreciate your helping me find tenants.   Tell him that anytime is fine.

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  "  Bobby picks up the phone and calls Ivan.
 Rhonda changes into her new white dress and looks at herself in the mirror.   It shows off her breast nicely with a generous amount of cleavage but seems to be a little longer than it had looked in the store.   Bending slowly she checks to see at what point her pussy will show and finds that her lack of height makes the dress a little secure.   Bending over completely she looks through her legs at the mirror to see her bare pussy in the mirror and notices Bobby entering the bathroom.  
 Bobby notices her, pausing before saying, "I am going to use the shower. "  He reaches to close her door awkwardly and has to move the door stop to do so.   This disappoints Rhonda and she goes to the hall closet to get him a towel.   She listens and waits until she knows that he is nude then knocks on the door and says, "I have a towel for you. "  She opens the door to find him already in the shower but can clearly see the shape of his body through the glass.   As she leaves she blocks her bathroom door open again and turns to admire his figure before heading back downstairs.  
 Lunch is on the table as Bobby enters the Kitchen in an obvious good mood and Rhonda takes advantage of this moment to tell him that she is going clothes shopping again and ask if he would like to go along.   Bobby stops when he sees that white dress and says, ?Damn girl you look nice.   Yea, I'll go.   It will be fun.

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    We just need to be home by 5 when Ivan will be here. "
 They head to the mall and Bobby watches as she looks at clothing which is a little boring and when she ask his opinion he tells her just that.   "OK then, you pick out something that you like. " Rhonda says.   He looks around and says, "Let?s try a different store. "  They walk down the mall to an obvious teenage type clothing store and he starts pointing out things.   Rhonda slows his pointing as she starts grabbing her size in the things he points out.   With a dressing room full of stuff she tells him to have a seat, she will try on the stuff and come out for him so he can see what he thinks.  
 She begins trying on clothing for him and it becomes clear to her that he really seems to like stuff that shows off her body.   The clerks in the store watch her closely as this odd couple picks out different clothing.   I would assume that they don't often see 47 year old little white women laughing and shopping with 19 year old black men.   Rhonda picks out everything that he likes and gives them to the clerks to purchase.  
 With Bobby carrying her sacks they go back out into the mall looking for shoes and some new Gym clothes.   In no time at all they pick out new work out clothing and several pairs of high heel shoes.   Shopping with Bobby, no, shopping for Bobby she cannot wait to start dressing to please this young man.

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    Bobby beams a smile as people stare at the couple in what can only be called jealousy.  
 When they arrive at home Ivan is already there and shakes Rhonda's hand while noticeably checking her body out.   Rhonda is taken back by this huge man and seems a little timid.   Ivan stands 6' 8" at about 300 lbs and is black as night.   He towers over Rhonda and this intimidates her completely.   He backs off a little and says, "I have heard so much about you. "  Rhonda blushes visibly and replies softly, "You are so big.   I guess I haven't heard anything about you. "  They laugh and then go inside to see the rooms.  
 Ivan picks a room and tells her that he will take it as this seems like a great place to live.   They head to the kitchen to talk and Rhonda turns several times to find Ivan staring at her body.   Ivan and Bobby elbow each other occasionally laughing at what can only be an inside joke.   Rhonda?s mind races and she knows that this could be a lot of fun.   ?So, what has Bobby told you about me?? Rhonda asks while still working.   The boys chuckle lightly and he replies, ?He tells me everything I can pry out of him.

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 She ask the men if they would like a drink and bends at the waist and grabs Cokes from the refrigerator.   Knowing that they are watching but cannot quite see her pussy, emboldens Rhonda greatly and she becomes a little more flirtatious.   The men enjoy her company and she invites Ivan to have dinner with them.   While fixing dinner the men sit at the table watching Rhonda's every move.   At one point she gets on her hands and knees to retrieve something from a lower cabinet and looks back to catch the men leaning down trying to see up her dress.   She smiles at them and goes on as though nothing happened.  
 After dinner Rhonda shakes hands with Ivan, before he leaves and he agrees to move in tomorrow.   Bobby retires to the living room to watch TV while Rhonda cleans the kitchen.   When finished Rhonda sits with Bobby on the couch and they watch a movie while talking about Bobby's life.   Bobby now seems a lot more relaxed with Rhonda and they talk like old friends.   Rhonda tells him she is going to get ready for bed and gets up and goes upstairs.   Once in her room she starts to remove her dress when she hears a noise from the hall and knows that Bobby has followed her up.   Slowly removing her dress she stands completely naked in front of the dresser and rubs lotion sensuously all over her body.   She can see Bobby standing in the hall watching and tries to work slowly to let him take this all in.   Turning slowly she grabs her robe and removes the tie.

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    She sees Bobby head back towards the living room and looks at herself in the mirror again.   The short robe barely covers her ass and without the tie will be hard to keep closed.
 When she starts down the stairs she sees Bobby, on the couch, still watching TV.   His eyes lock onto her figure as she approaches and he watches until she sits next to him and gets comfortable.   He scans through the channels and happens upon a soft porn movie.   When he realizes what it is he quickly turns the channel.   "Hey, turn that back. " Rhonda says playfully and grabs the remote.   Bobby remains silent as Rhonda watches the scene on TV and laughs at how fake it all looks.   Then in a bold move she asks, "How come I don't ever hear about your girl friends?"  "We broke up. " He replied.   "OK, tell me why. " She prodded.   He is reluctant to answer when Rhonda says, "That explains why you masturbate so much.   I found the Library under your bed while cleaning and have been seeing your t-shirts wet with the results.

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  "  Bobby is taken back and starts to reply when Rhonda cuts him off saying, "Don't worry about it.   We all do it and it?s perfectly natural.   Well, not as often as you do it though. "  They both laugh and Bobby tells her that his girl friend just wouldn't have sex with him because he was telling his friends all about her and what they do.
 "Go put on something comfortable.   You surely don't sleep in your clothes. "  Rhonda tells him.   Bobby goes and changes into a pair of loose sweat pants and returns to the couch where Rhonda was still sitting, now drinking wine. "Is this better?" He says turning a circle.   "Much better.   Would you care for a beer?  I don't mind if you drink one now and then while at home. " She replied.   She gets up to get him a beer and takes her glass for a refill while making sure that her robe fell open just enough to let him have a quick peek.   Handing him the beer she sits next to him and looks through the channels for another dirty movie.   She hits the wrong button and the DVD in the player begins to play.

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    It is Bobby's and he must have left it in there from earlier today.   Bobby is defensive and starts to remove the DVD when Rhonda reassures him that it is OK and that he should at least let her have a look.   The movie starts with actual sex as the amateur type movie gets under way.   "Oh my!" Coo's Rhonda as this huge black dick enters a white pussy over and over again.   "That is the biggest dick I have ever seen.   You really know how to pick your movies. " She said while not taking her eyes off of the TV.  
 The Man pounds this white woman hard for a long time giving her several orgasms and then pulls his dick out.   She regains her control and turns to offer him her mouth.   Rhonda looks to Bobby and ask softly, "Was your girl friend white?"  "No. "  Was his reply.   "Don?t you usually masturbate when you watch these movies?? Rhonda asks glancing at him.   The huge black dick on TV disappears into the mouth of the white woman and the man begins actually fucking her throat.   Rhonda lets go of her robe, reaches down and begins to touch her pussy while staring at the TV.   She looks to Bobby who is watching her fingers at work.

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    His dick, very hard now, presses against his pants making quite a lump.   "Should I assume that you have a thing for white women?" Rhonda asks hungrily.   Bobby does not answer but just stares at her open robe.
 Rhonda stops pleasuring herself and reaches out lightly touching the lump in Bobby's pants.   Her hand gently squeezes and begins to stroke him through his pants.   "I have never touched a black dick before. " Rhonda said to Bobby looking into his eyes.   Looking back to her hand she continued, "May I pull it out and touch it?"  Bobby did not reply but just slid his pants down to expose his hard dick.   Rhonda, now extremely excited leaned in closer to him and laid her head on his chest.   One hand ran up his leg to his balls as the other reached for his dick.
 Her mind races as she holds onto the objects that she has only dreamed of.   She stares as her little white hands slowly massage Bobby's manly parts.   "Would mind if this little white lady wanted to be your girlfriend while you look for another one?" Rhonda says lustfully still staring at this marvelous site.   Bobby struggles to regain control and replies hoarsely, "No, I like it better when you stroke my cock. " 
 They both watch as the man on TV cums deep into the throat of his white woman causing her to gasp and choke while still giving him her throat and mouth.

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    As she chokes, sperm comes from her nose as this massive cock over fills her.   When finished he slowly withdraws from her mouth and lays it lewdly across her face while she catches her breath and kisses it.
 Rhonda's head drops slowly bringing his dick to her mouth sucking the head inside licking his cum from the tip.   Her little white hand now stroking this hard black dick into her mouth Rhonda's only thoughts are of bringing this young man pleasure.   Lips parted wide she forces more and more of this dick into her mouth and then starts to bob her head slowly stroking him with her lips. Bobby's hand finds the back of her head but she needs no help.   She is dedicated to her task and continues until Bobby pushes down on her head and does not let her up.   The tip of his dick touches the entrance to her throat and she knows he is about to cum.
 Then his warm juices squirt into her mouth and he relaxes his grip on her head.   Her head lifts and drops again and he pushes down shooting more cum into her mouth.   Expertly she lets him guide her head with his hands learning exactly how he likes his orgasms.   Over and over she does this until the cum slows to a trickle and then she lays there in his lap just sucking on the end of his dick while it begins to soften.
 On the TV the scenes have now changed and a white woman is being fondled by several black men but Bobby is not watching his head is laying back looking straight up into the air, eyes closed with a smile on his face.
             The Story man
This story was inspired by a very special slut whom would do anything when excited.





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