Susan's New Life (MF, interr, reluc)


When I asked Becky about it, she suddenly became very angry and defensive which worried me a great deal. Finally after doing some checking around, I managed to find out a few things about the boy Becky was seeing. What I found out did not make me happy at all. For one thing he was much too old for Becky. He was 22 years old; he wasn't attending college or anything like that. No one I talked to seemed to know what he did for a living. But I did manage to learn that this boy, Darryl, spent a lot of time at this place called Martin's Gym. So that afternoon I got into my convertible and drove to Martin's Gym. It was a small, dirty building tucked away on some side street and I shuddered to think what kind of people would go there instead of one of to a nice clean health club. But I parked my car and went inside. Inside, the building smelled far worse than it looked. The whole place smelled of sweat, like old socks or a dirty hamper. Mirrors lined one wall and there were a row of weight lifting benches there as well. Another corner had a pair of old treadmill machines. I couldn't help but notice that most of the guys in the gym were black. They stared at me as I walked in.

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   I guess I did look rather out of place there. The staring quickly grew uncomfortable. Hesitantly, I approached one of the men. "Excuse me," I said. "I'm looking for someone named Darryl?"The man smiled and motioned to someone. A young man came over to us. He had just been exercising with a jump rope and his dark, shirtless torso glistened with sweat. "What's up?" he asked. "Someone here to see you," the first man said with a grin that made me nervous. He pointed to me. "Are you Darryl?" I asked. I'm sure the shock on my face was rather obvious. I was prepared for the fact that my daughter was seeing an older guy, but I was not prepared to learn that he was black. "Yeah I'm Darryl. Who the fuck are you lady?""My name is Susan Morgan.

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   I'm Becky's mother. "Darryl's face broke out into a big grin at the mention of my daughter's name. "Oh yeah, Becky. "I was acutely aware that people were still staring at me. "Is there somewhere we can talk privately?" I asked. "Yeah whatever. " Darryl turned and led the way. I followed a few steps behind and as I made my way through the gym, I saw more than a few guys openly leering at me. "Darryl's got himself a fine piece this time," I heard someone say. I did my best to ignore their stares as I followed Darryl. We went into a back area, which turned out to be a locker room. I felt a little uneasy, but no one was there so it would do. Besides, I wasn't planning on staying long. "So what's this all about?" Darryl asked as he turned to face me. His dark skin still glistened with sweat from his workout and I had to admit he was in really good shape. 

   He was muscular, but without being overly bulky, and his chest and arms were nicely defined and he had a very chiseled look to him overall. "It's about my daughter, Becky. ""Oh yeah, she's fine. "I felt myself growing angry at his attitude. "Look, I'm going to get to the point. I don't want my daughter seeing you anymore. She's much too young to be dating, let alone dating someone your age. ""Maybe she's not as young as you think. ""What is that supposed to mean?"Darryl shrugged. "Look she's a big girl, she knows what she's doing. ""No she does not!" I snapped at him. "She is not old enough to be making these decisions. ""She seems old enough to me. ""Now you look here, I am Becky's mother. And when I say I don't want her going out with you, I mean it.

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   From now on you will stay away from my daughter, do you understand me?" I was angry and my voice was getting louder. I couldn't stand the thought of my innocent little girl going out with someone like this and being corrupted. Darryl broke into a lewd grin. "Hey no problem. But you know, she's the one that can't stay away from me. I got what she needs. " He cupped his crotch suggestively. Despite myself, I couldn't help but be drawn to the large bulge in his sweat pants. I found myself wondering what he might look like without his pants, wondering how big he was. I snapped myself back to reality. "I mean it young man. My daughter is a good girl and I don't want her corrupted by someone like you!""Too late for that. "I had had enough of Darryl and his smug attitude. I slapped him hard across the face for his last comment. That turned out to be a mistake.

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   He retaliated by slapping me with the back of his hand and sending me stumbling back against a row of lockers. Then he grabbed my wrists and pulled them up over my head. "You want to play rough, huh bitch?""Let me go!" I demanded. He leaned in close. "You know what I think? I think you don't want me seeing your daughter, because you're jealous. You want me for yourself don't you bitch?"I struggled but it was in vain. He was much stronger and had a firm grip on my wrists. "Yeah, that's it, you want yourself a big, black cock don't you? Just say so baby, I'll give you what you need!"Keeping my arms pinned above my head with one hand, Darryl used his other hand to stroke the side of my face. "You know what?" he said with a leer. "I have a real thing for pretty white girls, especially with the blond hair and blue eyes like you and your little slut daughter Becky. Oh yeah, I already did her. Now I'm gonna do you. Gonna do you hard bitch. "Darryl's finger slowly moved down the side of my face and down my neck. He slowly undid the buttons on my blouse and pulled down my bra.

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   "Oh yeah that's nice," he said as he looked into my eyes. He groped my breasts roughly, and seemed to enjoy playing with them, bouncing them up and down in the palm of his hand. Then he began to move down lower and lower, tracing the tip of his finger down my flat belly. "You keep in pretty good shape don't you bitch?"It was true, I did try to keep in shape. I jogged and exercised at the health club whenever I could. I had never believed that getting older was an excuse to let yourself get out of shape. Unfortunately this had made me more attractive to Darryl. Suddenly Darryl moved his hand all the way down and slipped it under my skirt. I felt him pushing my panties to the side as he started to play with my pussy. And despite my protests and struggles, I could feel myself becoming aroused. Darryl sensed it as well and he laughed. "Well how about that, Mrs. Morgan. You're wet already! Just like your sweet innocent little Becky!" He laughed again as he continued to work my pussy with his fingers, mercilessly teasing the outer lips, then slipping his fingers inside. "No," I pleaded with him, "please let me go!"Darryl started to thrust his fingers in and out of me, slowly at first, then quickly as he started to suck on my hardening nipples.

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   I lost myself in the sensations of being finger fucked by him. The more he worked me, the wetter I became. I even began to moan softly, much to Darryl's satisfaction. I started to cum right there as Darryl continued to finger me, expertly working me with his fingers, stroking my swollen clit. Darryl pulled his dripping fingers from my cunt and wiped them all over my mouth. Much to my surprise, I found the smell of it arousing. Then he placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed down. "On your knees bitch," he commanded. By this point I had stopped struggling and did as he instructed. I found myself down on my knees, staring right at his crotch. "You know what to do. Becky sure did!"I reached up and took hold of his sweat pants. I hesitated a moment, then pulled them down. Darryl's cock sprung out and hit me in the chin. I stared at it wide eyed.

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   I couldn't believe how big it was, and it wasn't even fully erect yet. It had to be at least 8 inches long, nearly twice as long as my husband's, and easily three times thicker. "Oh yeah," Darryl said with a big grin. "You like what you see huh? Why don't you play with it. "Slowly I wrapped my fingers around the thick, black shaft. I began to stroke it, watching in awe as it began to grow in my hand. It was already so big to begin with, I couldn't believe that it was getting even bigger! I continued to stroke Darryl's thick member, paying close attention to the way the head swelled up, like a big bulb. A tiny dribble of precum began to ooze forth. "Yeah that's it," Darryl said. "Now suck it. "I hesitated at first. I had never before performed oral sex, not even on my husband. Darryl placed a hand on the back of my head and guided me gently but firmly forward. I leaned in and opened wide, allowing Darryl's huge cock to slide into my mouth. I could taste the tangy precum as Darryl's cock pushed deeper into my mouth.

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   Pressing my tongue upwards against the underside of Darryl's cock, I slowly began to suck. I did my best, not ever having done it before. Slowly Darryl began to slide his cock in and out, pumping my mouth with the first four inches. "Oh yeah that's it you dirty fucking slut," Darryl said. "Look up at me when you suck my dick bitch. "I looked up at Darryl as he began working his dick deeper into my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to be doing something like this. I had always considered oral sex dirty. Something that only women of ill repute did. But there I was, down on my knees in a men's locker room sucking on a big black cock like a common street whore. Now Darryl had both hands on my head as he began to thrust his hips wildly, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. He had only worked half of it in but I could feel the head beginning to push at the back of my throat. I felt myself gagging as Darryl thrust vigorously, fucking my mouth with his big, black cock. Darryl continued to fuck my mouth for a good long while before finally pulling out.

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   Saliva dripped from the head of his cock, which he smeared all over my face. "Yeah you definitely got potential bitch," Darryl said. "Now I know where Becky gets it from!" My face blushed at the mention of my daughter, as I pictured her down on her knees taking Darryl's cock in her mouth the way I had just been doing. The thought sent a shiver of nasty pleasure running between my legs. "You like suckin black dick huh?" Darryl asked. I nodded, no longer able to deny my true desires. "You wanna get fucked by one too bitch?""Yes," I admitted. "Good, then get down on your hands and knees. I'm gonna fuck you like the horny slut you are!"Without hesitation I got down on my hands and knees. Darryl moved behind me and hiked my skirt up past my hips. He practically ripped my panties off and tossed them aside. I felt one hand grabbing hold of my hips, then I felt the enormous head of his cock rubbing up against my slit. I couldn't believe how much I wanted him inside of me. I couldn't believe how wet I was--much wetter than my husband had ever gotten me!"Tell me how much you want this," Darryl said. "Oh please Darryl just fuck me!"With that he pushed forward, spearing me on his long thick shaft.


   I let out a moan of pure release as he began to fuck me. Darryl grabbed hold of my hips with both hands as he pushed deep inside of me. I moaned louder as he started to pump in and out, fucking me from behind. "Oh yes!" I cried out as he repeatedly pushed in to the hilt, filling me completely with cock on each inward push. I could feel every inch of him as he filled me the way no one ever had before. I cried out again and again as he fucked me hard and fast. Darryl grabbed my hair with one hand and yanked back hard. "You feel this bitch? This is what it feels like to be owned! I own you now you hear me?""Oh yes Darryl! Yes!""Let me hear you say it bitch. ""You own me Darryl," I cried out. "I'm yours! Please fuck me harder!"Darryl laughed as he continued to ram away at me from behind. He pulled back on my hair each time he pushed in, seemingly forcing his way deeper and deeper with each thrust of his magnificent cock. "Yeah tell me how much you love being fucked like a dirty whore!""Oh yes Darryl I'm a dirty whore! Fuck me like a cheap slut!" I would have said anything he wanted to hear at that point. I continued to moan loudly, crying out his name over and over again. I was sure the people outside could hear me, but I didn't care. All I wanted was for Darryl to keep fucking me.

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   I screamed again as I pushed back to meet his every thrust. Finally after building to a frenzied humping I felt myself cumming again. Darryl slapped my ass hard as I came, then pulled out of me, leaving me to drop to the floor panting and exhausted. Standing over me, Darryl reached down and grabbed hold of me by the hair. He pulled me up painfully back to a kneeling position. "On your knees again bitch. " He offered up his thick cock, now dripping with my pussy juices, which I eagerly took in my mouth again. I sucked on it hungrily, savoring the taste and feel of him in my mouth. Darryl banged away at my mouth for a few minutes before finally pulling out. Darryl pulled back on my hair so I was looking up at him again as he used his other hand to stroke his cock. "You gonna take my cum bitch," he said, "just like your little girl!"Just as he said that, I felt a glob of hot, sticky goo land on my chin. Darryl continued to stroke himself as he came, sending spurt after spurt of hot cum all over my face. I felt it dribbling down my face and off my chin and onto my breasts. Darryl made me open wide and the last few spurts of cum landed in my mouth. When he was done, I was literally covered and drenched in cum.

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   The taste and smell of it were intoxicating and I was only too eager to comply when Darryl pushed his cock back into my mouth. Darryl slowly thrust in and out of my mouth a few times before pulling out again. He looked down at me and started laughing. "Shit bitch, look at you! Come in here all pissy about me fucking your slut daughter and how long did it take to get you on your knees? You're just a dirty fucking whore. And from now on you belong to me, just like Becky. You understand?"I nodded meekly. Darryl had awakened something within me. Something powerful and I couldn't deny it. I needed to be fucked by him again, and soon. Now that I had experienced his rough, commanding style, I knew my husband would never again be able to satisfy me. "Good," Darryl said, turning away. He walked to the showers. "I'll be stopping by later tonight to pick you and Becky up. Tell your dumb ass husband we're all going to dinner or shit. Just make sure you're both ready. 

   Now get the fuck out of here bitch. "With his cum still dripping down my face I hastily redid the buttons on my blouse and smoothed out my skirt. I picked up my bra and discarded panties and used them to wipe the cum from my face as best as I could before scampering out of the locker room. Outside in the main gym area, I was met with knowing grins and some outright degrading comments. I did my best to ignore it all and hurried out onto the street and into my convertible. I drove off quickly, wanting desperately to put as much distance between myself and that gym, but knowing that when Darryl came to pick me up later that night, I would be ready as he had instructed. My life had just changed, but I had no idea how much. I would find out soon enough. . . .