Slave Lover


She knew all to well how angry her husband would be if he knew what she was doing. But she couldn't sleep knowing that Ben was in pain. He had been so good to her, and she had always tried to treat him with respect and dignaty in return, well as much as one could treat a slave. Gathering together some bandages, and water, she set out for the stables. Her husband had beaten him servearly tonight, taking out all his frustration at this years, nearly noexistant, crops. She had watched, helplessly, as her husband brought that long, wicked looking wip down, again and again on Bens’ back. But now she had to help him. He looked up at her shocked, as she used the dampened cloth to clean the cuts covering his dark-brown back. She didn’t speak, looking deeply into his dark, almost black eyes. Trying to convey just how sorry she was. She continued, and he layed his head on one arm, wincing occationally when she touched a sensitive area. “Well, well, well, isn’t this a pretty scene”,They both jumped at the voice behind them. Eliza stood immidiately and turned to face him. “Husband!”, she spoke trying to keep the shock and fear out of her voice. “My wife, cleaning a niger”, his voice boomed. It was then that she noticed the Smith & Weston in his right hand.

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  “Husband, please”, she pleaded, lost for words, her mind muddled by fear“My wife cleaning the slave!”, his voice just got louder, his chubby round face, red with rage. “My wife the slave lover _____ My wife the niger lover”“Husband, No! I was just trying to help. A slave is no good to us dead, I was just_____AH!”, she was cut short, as he slapped her, hard. She crumpled to the ground, crying softly, terrified og her husbands wrath. Afraid for herself, but she was shocked to find that she was even more afraid for Ben. “My wife and the niger, sneeking out after dark”“No! Husband please, it wasn’t like that I swear, I just wanted to help. I’m sorry my husband, so sorry. ”, but he wasn’t listening, he was way past listening. “Well! If my wife is going to be a slave lover, then she might as well be a slave whore!”“Husband!”, she cried out shocked, “Please don’t say such things”“You will be what ever I tell you, and right now you are a slave whore”, he pulled her to her feet and threw her down on her back, onto a bead of hay, “And before you start liking the idea! You won’t just be a slave whore to the Boy here”, he spoke, pulling the shaking black man to his feet, “You’re going to be the whore to all our fine slaves”,Eliza watched terrified as her husband, leared down at her. “But don’t worry my dear, We’ll start slow with the Boy here”, Turning to Ben he smiled a cruel smile. Eliza watched, in shock, as her husband lifted the gun, pointing it directly at Bens’ groin. “Now Boy, you’re going to do exactly as I say arn’t you. ”Ben nodded, never taking his eyes of the gun“Watch closely Boy, this shows’ in your honour”, he turned back to his wife, and knelt beside her, “Up on your knees, my little niger whore”, cringing at his fowl language, she did as she was told, he looked back up at Ben to make sure he was watching, then turned back to Eliza. Gripping her nightgown with both hands, he ripped it apart, bearing her full white breasts, for Ben to see, then stood, pointing the gun at him again. “Now fuck her”, he spoke in a low dangerous voice.

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  “Master?”, Ben spoke, his voice shaking. “You heard me Boy”, he rose the gun again. Ben nodded and obedently knelt before his masters’ wife. “Mam, I’m so sorry, but I have to or he’ll ___”, she cut him off, placing a finger on his lips. On his knees between her smooth white thighs, he unbuttoned his pants. Eliza watched fearfully as he freed his 18 inch member, but at the same time, new sensations began to invade her, sending little thrills to her private center, as she looked him over. His broad muscular, dark-brown chest, seemed to be affecting her the most. She placed her hands on his muscular shoulders as he moved over her, his hard shaft pushing against her tight opening. “Sorry to dissapoint you my dear whore”, her husbands harsh voice, broke into her thoughts, “But this isn’t going to be a tender love making session ____ Boy! That’s a nice big cock you have there and your going to ram it into that whore, to the hilt, and your going to keep pounding at her, you hear me Boy?”. Eliza looked up at Ben, nodding at his questioning look, letting him know that she was ready. But she wasn’t prepared for that first thrust, as he gripped her hips and, with all his strength, forced his enoumous shaft into her tight hole, unable to hold back his cry of intense pleasure, while she couldn’t hold back the cry of pain.
    She felt torn apart, stretched to the limit. He held himself still for a moment, allowing her to adjust to him within her. The pain dissipated faster then she expected, as her inner muscles began to relax and accept him. A new sensation began to take over, along with the fullness.

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       Something she hadn’t yet experienced. He pulled almost all the way out before thrusting back inside, sending a wave of pain and something else, that she couldn’t quite grasp, through her. She gripped his shoulders as he pounded into her, moaning and grunting, his pleasure. The pain had all but gone now relplaced by something else. Something was building in her, she could feel it with every thrust of his shaft. She raised her knees, trying to get him deeper, staring amazed at his beautiful dark face, eyes closed, mouth wide, curling up a little at the sides, showing his delight. His eyes flicked open and for a moment they stared deeply into each other, before closing again, concentrating on his pleasure. She closed hers’ as well shocked by the change in sensations. She lay back, glorying in the sensations that were building within her, tightening within her. She gasped as he began moving faster, thrusting harder, filling her so completely, stretching her further then she had thought possible. Still faster, harder, bruising the delicate flesh of her bottom as he gripped her pulling her up for a deeper penetration. And still the sensations built, her center tightening more, more. Suddenly the heat took over, a scorching burning heat starting where he was filling her, and speading in red hot waves of ecstacy. She was unable to hold back her scream, but this time she was screaming with pleasure not pain. In her pleasure haze she felt him thrust once more, hard, roaring as his shot his seed into her, sending more thrills though her, and a warmth as she felt his semen filled her.

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      To be continued. . . .



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