Sally's black awakening - part 2


After Sal expressed dismay at the thought of her carnal lust for Wade never being fulfilled, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Sal was upset that she was (in her words) "over the hill" and would not be able to experience her young fantasy hunk for real. Partly to prove her wrong. , partly to parade her as my trophy wife, but most of all because the thought of her being pleasured by this black stallion was such a massive turn-on, I contacted Wade without Sal's knowledge.
I realised I was playing a dangerous game, but the excitement of what may happen had consumed my senses and i couldn't get the idea of him sliding that gigantic black prick between her legs out of my mind.
So i sent a detailed letter to his email address and made sure i enclosed some of Sally's raunchiest pics and a description of how she had lusted after his picture and the fun he had already provided for us both. I wondered if I may have laid it on a bit thick as I'd gone into detail of how she had marvelled at his body and his massive penis so I was delighted when the next day he replied saying he thought she was hot and that he'd love to meet up with us both.

So the plan to give Sal what she wanted was formulated.
As it was Sal's birthday the next weekend, I took her to a country hotel where I knew we wouldn't be known. I had purposely booked in a honeymoon suite with a four poster bed, jacuzzi, the works. I still hadn't told Sal about Wade replying to my email and thought it would only be reasonable to book a single room for him as he had a long drive and would probably want to stay over himself.
Sal and I spent a glorious evening at the hotel, swimming and taking advantage of the sauna and steam room facilities. After a good meal and a bottle of wine, I knew Sal would be ready for a long loving shag and so with a mixture of excitement and trepidation we went back to the room.
This is where the plan reached fruition. Laying Sal down on the bed, I asked her what she'd like best. "Mmm - I need your tongue buried deep in my cunt, your fingers on my clit and maybe the little one in my arse - you know how tight it is.

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  " And what about "Wade?" I enquired - that had now become our pet name for her favourite dildo - the gigantic 12" rubber cock that was as thick as a child's arm clutching a tennis ball.
"Ooh yes" Sal giggled "Wade is always welcome in our bed you know that".
"Since it's your birthday darling, I'd like to give you your present, but you'll have to close your eyes. " Although Sal was unaware i had sent Wade a text message to come to our room at 9. 30 and join us both.
"Oh God if it's a new dildo or toy i can't wait". I reached over to our bag of tricks, a holdall full of dildos and raunchy gear and pulled out a blindfold. "Put this on !" I ordered and she obediently followed no doubt thrilled by my rejuvenated sexual appetite. I managed to persuade her to let me tie her wrists and ankles to the posts of the bed and so, whilst she had a limited amount of room for manoeuvre she was captive. It was 9. 15.
I began by running my tongue up and down her thighs which is a guaranteed turn on for Sal. Her body was squirming as she attempted to meet my tongue with her juicy cunt but i maintained full control of the situation. I wanted to make sure she would be like a tomcat ready for Wade (as if I really need to turn her on first!).
At 9.

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  30 on the dot I saw the handle of the bedroom door turn slowly and the door open. As we had music in the background,Sal was unaware of the noise and in any case was lost in her fantasies (no doubt concerning her young stud) as I licked and stroked her naked body.
Quiet as a mouse Wade slipped out of his clothes until he was standing in just a pair of boxer shorts. His ebony skin glistened in the weak light of the bedroom lamp. Sal would not be disappointed - he was as muscular and defined as in his photos. I motioned for him to take his shorts off and gasped with shock as he stood before me. Sal was right - his penis was incredible, he was hung like Sean Michaels or Lexington Steele - a gigantic cannon of a cock and it was still only semi-hard!
As I licked Sal further, I whispered "Sal, are you ready for Wade? " Thinking I meant the dildo she squealed "Oh fuck yes, i'm always up for a good shagging from Wade". So making sure it was well lubed, I began to shag her slowly with the dildo whilst the real Wade stood languidly stroking his own prick to full erection. Stark bollock naked he looked frighteningly big and I worried that Sal may not accommodate him or even that in the flesh his sheer bulk and powerful body may overwhelm her.
Meanwhile, the dildo was having the desired effect - beads of sweat formed on Sal's brow as she bucked (within the constraints of her shackles) rhythmically, grinding her pelvis on the rubber dick. Wade grinned as he watched her mouth gasp for air as she writhed; had she stopped for a moment she would surely have heard Wade's deep breathing or smelled the musky aroma of his coal black skin but Sal was too lost in her own pleasure to notice.
I slowly withdrew the dildo and Sal groaned - she had been close to coming. i beckoned Wade over and he needed no second invitation. He positioned himself between Sal's thighs and his pink tongue was soon darting along her slit.
"Oh fuck, that's good, that feels wonderful" Sal gasped.

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   "Could she tell? "I wondered. His fingers were twice the thickness of mine so I knew that putting them inside her would be a give away - instead he pulled her lips apart and went to work on her clit - voraciously nibbling and slurping on her bud until she screamed out that she was coming. Wade expertly manipulated her as she wrung maximum pleasure out of the situation, squeezing every last drop of her orgasm as her body shook with ecstasy. This young buck was a natural - it couldn't be experience as he was only 20 and yet his tongue had taken Sal to another plane she seldom if ever reached when I licked her.
"Wow" she gasped "fucking hell darling, that was fucking incredible" you've not given me such a good orgasm since , well fuck knows when" she gasped as she dissolved in a fit of giggles.
"So Sally darling" i retorted "Are you ready for your birthday treat. ?"
"Oh God yes - am I. . . . . . . . .

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  . " she giggled. I told Wade to rub the helmet of his prick along her pussy lips. Sal sighed "Oh fuck" no doubt thinking it was a new dildo. "Mmmmmmmmmm feels so good hun, so fucking real " she murmured, more to herself than me. At that, Wade parted the wet, puffy lips of her cunt with the head of his cock.
"Oh shit, what's this baby ? This is fucking fantastic" she gasped - "Wow this feels incredible, so lovely and warm so life like "!! At that I ripped the blindfold away and Wade, right on cue grabbed her by the shoulders and eased himself astride Sally. Sally looked up direct into the eyes of the young stud she had fantasised about for weeks with a mixture of fear, panic and lust. I sat mesmerised whilst the young stud eased his ripe, rampant cock inside her inch by inch as he started to give her the birthday treat we had planned for her. . . . . . .

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  . . .
To be continued