Misty had  told me that Dawn had a boy friend but i had never met him and Dawn never talked about him . One day Misty told me  Dawns boyfriend would be at the house when i got home so i could meet him. Well i stopped by the liquor store  and headed home since i got off work early i could get in some extra drinking time. I opened the door slowly as to suprise them all and i got a suprise. I  saw a naked black man in my living room . He had his back to me and i could tell he was fucking someone real hard . As i stood there Dawn came up to me and said hey daddy thats my boyfriend lamar. She took my hand and we walked up and i saw he was fucking Misty deep and hard. Misty had sweat running off her face and as she looked up at me she said just sit down and wait. As i sat down and then looked over at Dawn she was naked too. She looked at me and said that when momma finishes im going to fuck him again. I was at a loss for words and just opened my bottle and took a good stiff drink or two. I have to say i started getting excited watching Misty getting fucked by this young black man . I started watching his cock as it pumped in and out of her pussy. I could see thick white cum ozzing out from around his cock and it made me rock hard He began to pump slow and very deep and misty was shaking  and then she grabbed her legs and held them up in the air.

I glanced over at  Dawn and she was finger fucking herself.

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   I was starting to go crazy. I looked back at Misty and lamar had pulled his cock out and it was huge . It was about 18 inches long. It have knotty veins on it. It was a very manly looking cock. He was holding it up and  misty put it in her mouth and she began sucking his cock and for some reason i got really excited again. After six or seven drinks i started getting into this. Lamar never said a word just kept fucking. Dawn had gotten up and was on the couch  laying down waiting to be fucked again. Misty got up and came to sit beside me. As she sat down she sat indian style and i looked and she had cum all over her  pussy. Misty how long has this been going on. About two weeks and i really like lamar. Hes going to start comming over once a week to fuck me and Dawn. God hes got a huge dick doesn't he.

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  l blurtted out hell yeah . Anybody would like to suck that cock. Before i thought about what i said Lamar was lookingover at me and smilling and nodded his head. While he was fucking Dawn Misty took her finger and pulled it out of her pussy and stuck it in my mouth and my first thought was to lick her cum off her finger. Then i realized it was his cum too. She started to run her finger  in and out of my mouth like a fucking motion. Misty got up to go take a shower and kissed me and run her tounge in my mouth and i could taste cum as i had kissed her many times after she sucked my cock. As Dawn got thru fucking she got up and went to take a shower also and that left me and lamar alone. After about ten drinks i was pretty relaxed and  Lamar turned around and said for me to take a towel and wipe the cum off his cock. I said nothing and reached over and picked up a towel they had in the livingroom and held that enormous cock in my hand and began wipping it off slowly. Misty came back into the room saw what i was doing and walked up grabbed his cock and the back of my head and put his cock in my mouth . I had never sucked a cock before but this was good . Dawn came back in and told me to suck his cock its good daddy. . I looked up and lamar was rubbing Dawns tits  and that made me  really hot so i sucked his cock as best i could until he throwed his load in my mouth.

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   He wouldnt pull it out so i had to swallow what i could . As big as his cock was he had plenty to go around. Well  he put his clothes on and said nothing and walked out the door. Misty looked at me and said he will be back. .