Mommy Knows Best


Both women were quiet for a moment, and after choosing her words carefully Hillary said softly, Well, um, there is one thing, I mean I have this incredible craving that I’m not sure that I can control!!! Her mother patted her on the arm and whispered, have you given in to your desire, dear, I mean I completely understand if you have!?! Oh mom, she replied before breaking down in tears, ever since I found out that I was pregnant I’ve had the most incredible desire to fuck well hung black men!!! Now, now, her mother soothed, it’s just that your vagina is so sensitive right now that any little thing can set it off, and for you, somehow you’ve become fixated with large black peckers!!! I just can’t explain it, she sniffled, the other day at work I was in my office doing some paperwork when the mail room boy stopped in with some letters!!! Is he black, her mother asked gently?!? Yes he is, she shot back, and he’s only nineteen years old, and just having him in the same room with me was pure torture, I just had to have him!!! And did you, Jill asked softly, I mean did you use him to satisfy the burning in your vagina!?! With her eyes still shiny with tears, Hillary nodded her head and replied, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I did!!!Both women let that sink in for a moment until Jill asked in barely a whisper, Was his penis quite large, did it have the effect you so desired!?! Oh, mother he was huge, Hillary sighed, I’d never seen such a large penis in my entire life, and to have such a massive organ on such a thin young man made it even more arousing!!! Was he circumcised, her mother asked thickly!?! That’s another thing that was so wonderful about it, Hillary replied, his was the first uncut penis I had ever seen, and I must say that sliding that long piece of foreskin back and exposing his huge head was extremely exciting for me!!! Of course you sucked him to completion, he mother offered a matter of factly, I just know that you couldn’t help yourself!!! I-I let him ejaculate in my mouth twice, she stammered softly, and each time I swallowed all of his cum!!! When you were sucking his penis, Jill asked, was he saying anything or was he being quiet!?! Oh my, she replied quickly, he was calling me his white whore and cum slut, it was very, very arousing to say the least!!! So, her mother offered gently, now I guess we’re about to get down to it, so tell me, how hard did he fuck you!!!
Jill had by now slipped her hand up her dress and into her panties where she was diddling her fully erect clitoris, and as he daughter did the same, she explained, Well you see, after I let him cum in my mouth for the second time, he had me stand up and take off all of my clothes, and when he saw how dark and full my nipples and breasts were he went absolutely nuts!!! He liked you large chest, I take it, Jill replied with a laugh, but then again who wouldn’t!!! Oh, mama, Hillary sighed, I nursed him just like he was a baby, it felt so natural and wonderful to have a black man at my chest sucking me, and even though he had just cum twice, his penis got really hard while he sucked on my big boobs!!! Oh, I forgot to ask, Jill asked almost urgently, have you shaved your vagina yet, or are you still bushy!?! I started shaving it smooth two weeks ago, so I was clean as a whistle when I let him have me, she replied, and I must say, the second he saw my bare pussy he went wild!!! And that’s when he fucked you, her mother asked!?! Oh no, she replied, first he ate my pussy, and ohhhhhhhhhh was he a good cunt sucker!!! Did you have a hard one, dear, Jill asked her daughter, I mean did the young black buck suck you to orgasm!?! I came like a rocket, she sighed, his tongue was all over my clitty, and believe me, I wasn’t the first white woman he had sucked!!!
Both women were now furiously fingering their buttery slits, and as they neared their climaxes Jill asked, w-when he finally fucked you did you ride him!?! N-no, she moaned while flicking her middle finger over her very erect clit, h-he rode me, he pushed me down on my desk and mounted me, god it felt nice to have him on top of me!!! I-is that when he penetrated you, Jill gasped as her finger literally flew over her hot clitty, did he finally fuck you hard and fast, just like a good little white girl likes it!?! Y-yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh am I hot, Hillary moaned, he took his erection and slowly slid it into my smooth cunt, making me come in a rainbow of colors while he rode me for all I was worth!!! L-let’s expose ourselves to each other, Jill gasped, I-I wanna see your shaved pussy!!! Both women had hands that were shaking like crazy, but finally after they had gotten their panties down around their ankles, they both spread wide so the other could see their now gaping slits!!!
O-oh mother, Hillary moaned, I had forgotten just how hairy you are, ohhhh fuck I love looking at that pussy!!! Jill on the other hand was completely fixated with her daughter’s smoothly shaved labia, and even from a distance of eight feet she could clearly see her distended clit poking its little head through the thick folds of skin that normally protected it!!! Both of them were now pretty much on automatic pilot, and as their orgasms built in their groins, images of the young hung black stud bounced around inside their heads as orgasms of monumental proportions slammed into their pussies like shells from a Howitzer, leaving them both stunned and devastated from the experience!!!
G-good lord, mother, Hillary groaned, are you trying to kill me or something, that was incredible!?! Her mother just chuckled and replied, Just remember one thing, dear, you can’t control your desires, you can only hope to contain them, understand!?! And with a wry smile Hillary replied, Understand!!!


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