Little Loo


"You okay, hon?" Sandra asked gently while giving the little Asian a quick once over. "You don't seem like your regular self. " Loo used a handkerchief to wipe a thin film of sweat from her forehead and replied, "I-I'll be all right, I just feel a little light headed. " Now Sandra was really getting concerned! Loo's face was a pasty white and her eyes didn't have their usual sparkle. Now taking control of the situation Sandra took the young woman by the arm and offered, "Come with me, I have some aspirin in my purse. " "I'll be okay," Loo protested. "I'm sure you will," Sandra replied firmly, "but we're going to go to the restroom to get you cooled off. " Realizing that it was useless to argue with the older woman Loo let herself be led along the long corridor the woman's bathroom. Once inside Sandra dampened a washcloth and gently wiped the perspiration from Loo's face. "Better?" she asked. "Yes," Loo answered softly. Sandra was just about to head back to their office when out of the blue Loo broke down with sobs and uttered, "I'm sorry Mrs. Olsen, but everything's not all right!" Sandra stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face the crying woman while asking gently, "I'm a good listener, dear, now tell Sandra what's bothering you. "Sandra put her arm around Loo's shoulder and gave her a hug while waiting for the young woman to explain herself. Finally after blowing her nose and sniffling she offered in a hushed voice, "I-it's a female problem. " "Is that all?" Sandra asked with obvious relief.

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   "That's normal for a woman your age, believe me, I know!" Loo shook her head from side to side and replied, "It's not that kind of problem, Mrs. Olsen. " Sandra, looking a little confused, asked, "I'm sorry, dear, tell me exactly what's bothering you. " "I-I'm too ashamed," she said with her head bowed. "May I show you instead?" Sandra's heart was literally breaking as she watched the poor thing looking so forlorn, so without a moment's hesitation she whispered, "Of course you may, I raised three daughters of my own!" Loo looked around as if to see if they were alone and asked, "C-can we lock the door, please?" Sandra smiled at her tiny charge and quickly turned the handle on the dead bolt lock and nodded for her to continue.
The cute little Asian then took a deep breath and slowly lifted the hem of her skirt until it was well past her tiny waist. Then with her free hand she tugged down her pale pink panties, exposing her vagina to Sandra's wide eyes. "My gosh!" Sandra gasped. "How long has it been like this?!?" "About a month," came the quiet reply. What was so stunning was that Loo's smoothly shaven vagina was incredibly puffed up and in an obvious state of extreme sexual arousal! The little organ was flushed wide open and oozing a steady flow of Bartholin's fluid. Even more incredible was that the poor dear's clitoris was engorged to the point that it was largest such organ that Sandra had ever seen! Even when her own daughter went through the same type of condition, Sandra couldn't remember Connie's clit ever even approaching such a enlarged condition. Seeing little Loo standing so helpless with her skirt pulled up made Sandra's own vagina contract involuntarily and drench her own panties with a generous gusher of pussy juice. After clearing her throat she asked softly, "Is it like this all the time?"
Loo nodded her head sadly and whispered, "I'm constantly on the edge, mother said all of the women in her family went through the same thing. " She said that Aunt Miki never did out grow it. " "How do you, um, take care of it?" Sandra asked. 

   "Well," Loo replied, "my mommy sucks me just before I leave for work in the morning, and at night my boy friend takes care of me. " "I see," the older woman replied softly. "As I see it we have to figure out what to do during the day. " "Is that right?" Loo nodded her head guiltily and replied, "I-I'm sorry to have bothered you with my problem, Mrs. Olsen. " "What did I tell you to call me?!?" Sandra replied with a smile. "Uh, Sandra," Loo answered softly. "That's right," Sandra replied, "now don't you worry about a thing, I think I have a solution to your problem. " "You do?!?" the young woman asked excitedly. "What is it!?!" "Tell me, please!!!"
Sandra chuckled a little at Loo's excitement, but then in a quiet voice replied, "As I see it, you need someone to orally satisfy your vagina at least twice during the day. " "And I'd be very happy to perform the task. " Tears filled the young woman's eyes as she blubbered, "Y-you don't have to do that, Sandra, I-I'll be all right. " "Nonsense!" she retorted. "Now come with me into the stall so I can sit down on the john!" Struggling to walk with her panties down around her ankles, Loo shuffled along behind Sandra into the empty stall. The older woman plopped her big ass down on the stool and beckoned the young girl forward.

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   When Loo's pussy was only a foot or so away from her, Sandra reached out and cupped her tiny ass while pulling her forward a few more inches. Then after taking in a deep breath of the little Asian's sweet aroma, Sandra leaned ahead and let her tongue slither out into the sweetest and wettest pussy she had ever tasted! "Oh, Sandra!" Loo gasped. "T-that feels just wonderful, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy!!!" God she tasted divine! What a succulent little pussy this girl had! It was even better than her daughter's at that age! What was even more arousing was Loo's clit! At least three quarters of and inch long and hard like a tiny little cock! Each time her tongue snapped over its little head the poor girl shook and moaned in pure delight! After a good five minutes of hard licking and sucking Loo's legs buckled slightly as a powerful orgasm slammed into her excited little organ. Her whole body then trembled as wave after wave of pure unadulterated pleasure wafted through her entire body! When it was finally over she collapsed onto Sandra's lap while trying to regain her lost senses!
"Feel better?" Sandra asked gently while caressing Loo's cheek. "Oh yes," she sighed softly. "But I think I have something I can do for you. " "What's that, dear?" Sandra asked. "After mommy sucks my pussy she always lets me tongue her until she has a nice hard cum of her own. " Sandra smiled to herself as she thought back to the times when her own Connie would want to orally satisfy her in the same way. "Are you sure you want to?" Sandra asked while all the time knowing the answer. "Oh please let me!" Loo pleaded. "I hope that you have a hairy pussy," she then added under her breath. "I just love a nice thick hair pie!" "You little minx!" Sandra scolded with a laugh. "All right, dear, I guess it's okay, now off with you then and let me get my knickers down!" Little Loo slipped to the floor and watched with rapt attention as the older woman stood up and hiked down her panty hose with one hard shove. "Is that hairy enough for you?" she asked quietly.

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   Loo's eyes were as big as saucers as she stared a the incredibly hirsute jungle that was covering Sandra's drooling cunt! After making an audible gulp the little cutie replied thickly, "I'm gonna really enjoy this!" Then after making eye contact with the older woman she leaned in and buried her tongue in the hairy mass, searching for the hard little button she knew was hidden inside!!!
Sandra quickly opened her top, allowing her massive breasts to fall out onto her round tummy. She grabbed a thick nipple in each hand and twisted them roughly while the little cunt lapper did her thing on her bulging mons! Sandra had been sucked by a lot of men and women, but no one she could recall could compare to the motor mouth that was attached to her organ like leech! "Suck me, you little bitch!" Sandra moaned while lifting a nipple to her mouth and biting it hungrily. "Oh yessssssss, right there, do mama's big hard clit!" She needn't have asked, because if there was one thing that Loo knew about, it was sucking cunt! She bored in hard and fast on Sandra's distended little clitty, and after a bit of gentle teasing, brought the middle aged cunt to a bone jarring climax! Her hips bucked forward nearly knocking the little Asian over, but Loo gamely hung on until the last vestiges of her cum slowly ebbed from her shaken body! "Oh my," Sandra sighed, "you are a cunt lapping machine. " Loo giggled and infectious laugh and replied, "Now just remember you promised, at least twice a day!" Sandra reached out to caress the young woman's face and replied, "And that's a promise that will be easy to keep!!!"
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