Life's a Bitch lll Epilogue


Topic: Life's a bitch lll Life's a Bitch lll Epilogue By A. G. Thomas For several long minutes I sat looking stupidly at the door as the frantic pounding and shouts of Police continued before slowly rising and walking to the door. As I turned the dead bolt the door burst open and I found myself looking into the concerned faces of three uniformed policemen. "Mr. Bishop. We tried your office first but they informed us that you hadn't come in and we feared the worse. Thank God you haven't done anything foolish. May we come in please. " As the officers stepped forward I blocked their way. "What's this about I nearly screamed. I haven't done anything. I'm a respected businessman and member of the community. " "It's about your wife sir! Now may we please come in and talk to you. " As I stepped aside and they filed past me the one with a lot of strips on his sleeve took my arm after closing the door behind him. "Perhaps it would be better if we all sat down.

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   Would you be so kind as to show us to your living room please. As if I were one of the walking dead without a word I turned and led them into the living room. Not until upon standing in the entranceway and seeing the static on the TV did I remember leaving the DVD's and stack of photos out on the coffee table in plain sight. Seeing one of the policemen reach down and begin thumbing through the stack of photos I tore from the grasp of the one holding me and rushed forward. But my lunge was blocked by the third policeman who after wrapping his arms about me said it's to late Sarge. We should have known when that sick fucker just laughed at us that he'd done something like this. " I hardly heard his words though as while struggling to brake loose I was screaming let me go you've no right. "Calm down Mr. Bishop. We're not here to critic your viewing habits we're here to help you. " Somehow his words broke through the anger and shame that filled my brain and slowly my frantic struggles to brake free ceased. "Help! How the hell could you possibly help me" I whispered as with tears filling my eyes I slumped to the couch. "What in heavens name could you possibly do or say that might be of the slightest help to me" I muttered. "Are you going to tell me that the slut in those videos and photos isn't my wife. Maybe your going to tell me that they've been retouched, or that it's some other woman who just happens to look like her.

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   Is that what your here to do. Are you here to try to convince me that the wanton filthy slut that I saw in those DVD's and photo's is anyone other then my wife. " By the time the last words were out of my mouth I was screaming like an hysterical woman. For a minute none of them said a word they simply looked at me. Sitting down beside me the Sergeant said "no Mr. Bishop that's not what were here to do. I'd give anything to tell you that the woman that you saw in those video's isn't your wife but I'd be lying. And no matter how convincing I tried to be you'd know I was lying, so no, I'm not going to try to deceive you. But before you think about divorcing her you might want to hear why she did what she did. To make a long story short she was blackmailed. You see Lawrence Lathum the head of the EMC at St. Marks drugged her one night about five weeks ago. We believe he somehow slipped her ketamine. At least that's what our experts think after viewing the tape he made of her that night. Mr.

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   Lathum won't admit to it. He just laughs like a hyena while saying what a black cock hungry slut she is, but as I said I experts think ketamine was the catalyst for her behavior the first time. As for your wife well the only thing that she remembers about that evening is a distorted perception of both sight and sound. She vaguely remembers Mr. Lathum leading her from the EMC. It was as if she were looking down on herself; as if she were dreaming. She doesn't remember anything else until the next morning when, after waking up with she describes as a hangover, Mr. Lathum showed her a tape of her having sex not only with him but several other men as well. Our experts believe that in the dream like hallucinate state that she was in he convinced her that she was at home with you. That it was you that she was making love to. As I said earlier the sick fucker didn't stop there. Over the next several hours he had several friends of his visit her in that room. It's the belief of our experts that before each man had sex with her Mr. Lathum told her how much he, meaning you, loved her; how much he enjoyed making love to her. Not knowing or suspecting that anything was other that what she believed it to be she willingly and uninhibitedly welcomed each lover she was presented to.

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   He video taped as well as took photographs of every thing that transpired in that hospital room. In the morning he confronted her with what he termed her indiscretion. He told her that if she didn't become his sex slave; I don't know if he used that exact terminology, but however he worded it it boiled down to  if she didn't do as he wished that he would send copies of the video not only to you but to both hospitals administrators as well as her parents. Leaving her with no option but to comply, and believing that by doing so she was saving her marriage as well as retaining the respect of her parents she gave in. That in a nut shell Mr. Bishop is how he got your wife to willingly participate in making those video's you looked at. What she hadn't foreseen was the depravity that Mr. Lathum was capable of. Do you remember him bringing her home?" Slowly I nodded and when I did he said "ok that checks out then. At least Lathum wasn't just blowing smoke up our asses and bragging about something that he only now wished he had done. Now what comes next I hate to tell you but I have to. Were you aware that as you were driving away that he went back into your house and that he didn't leave until just before you returned from work?" Jumping to my feet I screamed no while looking at each policeman in turn hoping, praying that what he'd said was wrong even though in my heart of hearts I knew he wasn't. I'm afraid so Mr. Bishop. Mr.

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   Lathum bragged about it. He boasted about using her every way possible while telling her what a wanton slut she was. He claims he repeatedly taunted her about pleasuring his friends and any others he might decide to give her to. He also took pictures of her that he didn't send to you because, though they were very provocative, we've seen them, they didn't show her with other men. What you have there on the table before you Mr. Bishop are the only two videos that he shot. " For several long minutes he paused studying my face before again speaking. "You heard me correctly Mr. Bishop he only shot two videos that he had any intention of distributing. There are roughly a hundred copies of each, which in addition to the blackmail video, the District Attorney well see are destroyed after Mr. Lathum's trial. As for the web site well it doesn't exist. In the raid we were able to get his computers and thus prevent his uploading it to the internet. Here again after the trial the hard drives will be destroyed. The District Attorney wishes you to know that he will do all that is in his power to protect your wife's identity and thus hopefully your marriage.

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   Now if you'll be so kind as to come with me Mr. Bishop I'll take you to see your wife. " With that he stood and without waiting to see if I and his fellow officers were following walked from my living room. A moment later I along with the other two policemen followed. Once in his car we, with the others following behind in another car, pulled away from my house. It was not until about fifteen minutes later that I became aware that we were not heading in the direction of the hospital but toward the industrial park. "Where are we going? I thought you were taking me to the hospital? I thought we were taking me to see my wife?" For a second only silence greeted my panicked words and then he spoke or should I say chuckled. "Hospital? I never said anything about a hospital Mr. Bishop" he chuckled as he turned into the industrial park. "As for seeing your pretty black cock hungry wife, well. . . . you'll see that nasty cum slut in about another minute, give or take a few seconds. Now sit back and enjoy what's left of the ride.

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  " Hardly a moment later he pulled between two warehouses then around to a building that's front was an office complex. Pulling up before the offices which had LapItUp Productions stenciled on the window he climbed from behind the wheel and opened my door. When I hesitated he pulled me from the police car and shoved me toward the entrance. Move it Bishop! You wouldn't want to keep Mr. Lathum and his "star" waiting would you. Opening the door he pushed me through. Flashing a beaming smile to the receptionist he chuckled "hi beautiful. They haven't started shooting yet have they?" Looking up from her magazine she smiled and despite all the thoughts roaring through my head my breath caught in my throat. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. She looked like the younger version of the 1983 Bond girl Kim Basinger except that her hair wasn't blonde, it was a lustrous deep chestnut. There was another difference also. Her skin coloring was like that of another famous actress and bond girl Halle Berry. I couldn't help but wonder if the rest of her was as beautiful and then I didn't have to wonder anymore as she stood and walked from behind her desk. My heart beat in perfect rhythm to the clicking of her three inch stiletto heels on the marble floor. She was dressed in a skin tight red dress that was so short as to just barely cover her charms.

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   As she glided, yes glided, toward us I stared opened mouth at her. Her light laugh, like the ringing of a fine crystal bell, tickled my ears as with but a cursory glance at the cop beside me she stepped to within a papers thickness of me. Only her 34C breast, which looked to be about to spill out of her dress and my erection kept her from melting against me. A shiver racked my shoulders as rising to her tiptoes and with her lips just lightly touching my ear sultrily whispered "Mr. Bishop I presume. You must be very proud of your wife. She's made you a lot of money. Not as much as she's made Lapitup Productions of course, but a lot of money never the less. " The closeness of her, the smell of her perfume scrambled my senses making her words meaningless syllables. For a moment I forgot why I was there, forgot that somewhere in the building my wife might at that very moment be fornicating with an untold number of negro's. Dropping back onto her heels and without taking her eyes from mine she breathed "no Forrest. He was about to wake her up a couple of hours ago and get her ready for her next video but then he got a call from one of the distributers. Seems they had a special request, and no I don't have any idea what it was. All I can tell you is that after he hung up he told everyone to get the fuck out and not to come back for a couple of hours. When they left I asked the main cameraman William what was going on.

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   He didn't know but he said that after the call Mr. Lathum was ecstatic. Maybe even more ecstatic then he'd been at Robin's first shoot. He swore he saw dollar signs in the old man's eyes. Anyway, before Mr. Lathum started burning up the phone he told me to tell you that even though he'd promised you and your compatriots another taste of her it ain't gonna happen. At least not today. " I sensed more then felt the cop beside me tense up. Was he really a cop I wondered, or was he just someone dressed up to look like a cop in order to get me here? Well whichever the case was, he had fulfilled his assignment admirably. "Before you go storming onto the set and getting in his face darkie you best think twice. You ain't so dumb as to forget what happened to the last two brothers that pissed him off are you?" Again her light tinkling laugh kissed my ears after which she breathed "Best if you just go on back to the precinct and catch you some bad guys. Besides now that you know where she lives, and of course if Mr. Bishop here has no objections, well then you can visit her just about any ol' time you please. If it were me though, well I'd just satisfy myself with pleasuring her on the set so as I wouldn't piss off Mr. Lathum.

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  " The buzzing of the telephone cut off whatever else she might have been going to say. Her words must have had their desired effect for the anger which had been emitting in waves from the stocky negro beside me dissipated. Turning from me she leaned over her desk and picked up the phone. When she did her skirt rode up confirming my fantasy that she wasn't wearing panties. Looking back over her shoulder she gave me a wink and while smiling said yes Mr. Lathum. Just a few minutes ago. All right sir I'll tell them" and with that she hung up the phone. Without waiting for her to say another word Forrest grabbed my arm. Muttering under his breath so that the receptionist wouldn't hear he hissed, "all right Bishop let's go. Lets go watch your wife make her seventh video shall we. " Pushing me through the door we walked down a long hallway. As we drew nearer to a door over which a red light glared the faint sound of dogs barking that I'd heard when entering the hallway grew louder. Standing before the door I held back. I did not want to see what was on the other side.


   I did not want to see what the special request for my wife's latest video was. But a hand between my shoulder blades propelled me through the door and into the surreal setting of an animal shelter.          .


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