Jiggy Juice


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The bottle looked weird, and that’s what caught Devlin’s eye as he was jogging down the beach. It had an odd shape. It was very wide and had a cork in it, but it didn’t look like any alcoholic beverage that Devlin had ever seen.
He probably wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for the waves splashing against it. He was in his own little world; too busy daydreaming to notice anything going on around him.
“What the fuck is this?” he said as he picked the bottle up. There was a strange label attached. There were too many words for it to be a liquor bottle.
Devlin read the label twice more. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. Surely he must be imagining things, but the label read the same every time.
“It’s a fucking love potion.

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He looked around to see if anyone had seen him pick it up. No one was around. The beach was empty this afternoon.
A naughty idea popped up in his head. He jogged the rest of the way home. He made it back unusually fast.
“Honey,” he said when he got in the door.
“Yes,” replied Lee.
“Where you at, baby?”
“In the bedroom. ”
He read the label on the bottle again. As he read the last word, he noticed a glass with something in it. His heart started pumping double time as excitement raced through him.
“Is this your drink out here?” he yelled.
“Yes. ”
“I’m gonna take a swallow of it, alright?”

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   Go ahead. ”
He pulled the cork off, tipped the bottle, and let a small drop spill into the glass.
He heard Lee coming up behind him so he quickly stuffed the bottle in his pocket.
Lee greeted him warmly and started chatting about nothing in particular. Devlin answered every question and commented on every statement, but if you would’ve asked him what they were talking about, he couldn’t have told you. He wasn’t really into the conversation. He was staring intensely at Lee waiting to see what happened.
It didn’t seem to be having an effect. He was disappointed but he expected it a little. Of course it was too good to be true.
He went to take a shower. He turned the water on and started looking around for the soap. It was missing. He went back to the living room to ask where it was. He stopped at the doorway when he saw what happening.

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Lee was on the couch naked except for her panties. She was fingering her pussy while she fondled her nipples!
Devlin approached her. She seemed too into herself to notice him. He looked at the glass of juice, which was empty on the table.
The potion had worked!
He sat on the couch and asked if the drink had made her feel this way. She said yes, but it was the way she said it that made Devlin know he had hit the jackpot.
She stared at him with her teeth gritted. Her eyes had “Horny Slut” written all over them. Her legs spread wider by the second and she couldn’t stop grinding her pussy in circles. He had never seen her this horny before.
He touched her pussy. His finger slipped inside and bubbles oozed from her split.
“This pussy is soaked,” he said in amazement. He tried to talk about it some more, but she grabbed his head, pulled him forward, and said, “Just fuck me. ”
“Are you sure?” said Devlin trying to torture her.

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She nodded frantically and frowned a little. She was not in a playing mood.
As soon as he started sucking her tits, she wrapped her legs around him and let out a moan that was part ecstasy, part relief.
Devlin made his way south towards her pussy, kissing and sucking everything in between. His face met with a lot of heat when he got to her pussy. It was hotter and wetter than usual, and the taste was stronger.
Lee looked down and saw his sexy bald head between her legs. He looked up, they made eye contact. The sight of him looking up at her with his mouth sucking on her fat pussy lips made her spill cum in his mouth.
Not that Devlin could tell the difference. Her pussy was so slick that it all seemed the same to him.
He started jabbing his tongue at her pussy hole. Then he would pull it out, lick along the inner lips and suck the clit. She even held her pussy lips open so he could slide his tongue deeper in her muff.
“You like that?” he asked.

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“Oh, yeah. Oh…oh…Ohhhhhh !”
She came again.
Devlin tried to lay on her. She stopped him. He was confused.
She slid out from under him and motioned for him to sit down.   She knelt between his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth.
“Oh shit,” he moaned.
Lee’s cheeks deflated as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. She let it sit there for a few seconds while she contracted her throat muscles. She lifted her head until only the cock head was still in her mouth, then swallowed it all the way down again repeatly.
Devlin said, “Oh, shit. You ain’t never done this shit before. ”
He was right too. Lee didn’t like giving blowjobs.


   Her jaws would get tired and cramped really fast, and then she’d have to stop. It usually never lasted past two minutes, but this time she sucked him for about ten minutes and probably would’ve gone longer if she wasn’t so desperate to get fucked.
She crawled up his body and mounted him. This was, by far, the easiest entry into her pussy since they’d been together. Her pussy was so slippery it just slipped right in.
She started bouncing on it, being sure to keep her tits pressed in his face so he could suck her nipples and send her into another violent orgasm.
She rode him for a long time, and when her legs got too tired, he grabbed her by the hips and helped bounce her on his stiff cock.
A severe tingle started building up in his shaft. His body tensed as loads of spoo shot into her horny cunt. She kept riding him while he came, making it more powerful, until he’d spilled every drop inside her pussy. Her pussy got so full of cum that it leaked out and dripped all over his balls.
Normally this would be the end of it, but seeing her in such a lustful state made him want to keep fucking. He knew she wouldn’t object, so he bent her over and nailed her from behind for a few minutes and then laid her flat on the couch.
He held her legs high and wide enjoying the view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. By now they’d built up a nice sweat and it made it seem all the more erotic because of the way their bodies slid around on each other.

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The intense tingle came back to Devlin’s shaft. He started fucking her harder, ramming her so hard that the couch was moving backward inch by inch.
“You want it? Huh? You want this shit?” barked Devlin as he pulled his cock out and aimed it at Lee.
“OHHHHHHHH!” he screamed as more spunk shot out of his cock and landed all over Lee’s face and tits.
His hand was shaking badly. This orgasm was much more intense than the last.
“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” he kept repeating. “Oh, fuck. ”
They showered together and got dressed. Lee came out of the bedroom and sat beside Devlin as he was tying his shoes.
“Hey, baby, I don’t know what got into me. I don’t know what it was in that drink, but it had me feeling like I was on Ecstasy or something. ”
Devlin started laughing. He said, “Well actually I wasn’t gonna tell you this.

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   But you gotta swear that you won’t get mad. ”
“Promise first. You gotta promise you won’t get mad. ”
“I promise. What?”
He stood and got the bottle out of the drawer that he’d hidden it in while she was dressing in the bedroom. “You said you promise you wouldn’t get mad, right?” he said as he sat down.
Exasperated, Lee said, “Yes. ”
“Alright. When I was jogging this morning, I found this bottle with a note attached to it. And I put…a drop in your drink. ”
“A drop of what?”
“I actually don’t know what the fuck it is. It had some label on it that said it was a love spell, a love potion. But actually, from me watching how the shit worked…I mean…weren’t you excited?”
“Yeah, I was, very. ”
“I mean, fuck, you never sucked my dick like that before. Whew, damn!”
They both giggled and she blushed from embarrassment.


“Anyway, I thinking if we take some of this and maybe get samples and see what it’s made of, I think we can make a lot of money. What do you think?”
“Try it. I think so. ”
“Okay, so I’m gonna run over to the store and I’m gonna go over to my buddy’s house and get this shit done. And you wouldn’t believe I only put one small little drop in your drink. ”
“And it had me acting like that?”
“Only one drop, I promise…one small-ass drop. ”
Lee was amazed. She laughed and said, “Just be sure you save some for us for next time. ”
“Yeah, I think I should,” he said as he was pouring a sample into a tiny bottle. “Anyway,” he said, “I’m gonna leave the big bottle here. And don’t fuck with it whatsoever. ”
He got off the couch and ran out the door mumbling excitedly about how rich they were going to be.
Lee, being a woman who had a difficult time keeping horny during sex, wasn’t as excited about the money they could make. She was excited about how horny it made her.
No longer than Devlin had been out the door but two seconds, she picked up the phone and called one of her closest friends.

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“Hello, Ecstasy. Girl, let me tell you…”
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