It Was Going to Happen Anyway


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They met back in high school. It was the mid 1990’s and it was very common to see black men dating white women in their school. It was the latest thing, almost like a clothing fad.
Marc was extremely attracted to Lexi. Her hair was poorly bleached blonde, she wore too much lip stick, her clothes showed too much flesh, she had a tongue piercing, and her butt was thick and luscious. In other words, she had the sex appeal of slut.
She dated black men strictly all throughout high school, which is why everyone was surprised when she somehow ended up with Marc. It was his thuggish features that attracted her to him. He often wore a sporty goatee with close cropped hair (sometimes bald) and he had a muscular, but not overdeveloped, body.
His personality was attractive. He was one of the few handsome men who wasn’t so full of himself that it was impossible to get along with him. He was just a cool, good-looking guy who’d managed to do what no other white man could—win Lexi’s heart.
They say you never stray too far from your roots. In Lexi’s case, they were right.

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Marc knew she was attracted to his friend, Sean, the moment he introduced them. Sean fit the description of what she looked for in a man. He was black, well-built, well-hung, tall, charming, and a good dresser.
The signs were there. Lexi’s personality changed when he was around. She wasn’t as silly. She was more laid back and sensual.
He caught her stealing glances at him whenever they got together to play cards. She sat next to him at the movies. She spent a lot of time making small talk with him, but the tell-tell sign was the way she acted when she got drunk around him. She’d look at him like he was a piece of meat. She often sat slouching on the couch with her legs wide open staring at him with lust in her eyes. Then she’d notice what she was doing and close them up.
Sometimes she’d lean on him for support, look up at him, and her face would go blank. She’d take a deep breath as the temptation to kiss him passed through her mind.

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   Then she’d separate from him and move on to something else not realizing the way she wore her emotions on her sleeve. She really thought she had everybody fooled.
Marc knew she wanted him and Sean knew it too, which was making it twice as hard. Sean had a liking for white women, especially white women with asses like Lexi’s. It was thick and ripe, juicy enough to make any black woman envy her.
It got to the point that he was afraid to leave the two of them alone together. Not that Marc was the jealous type, but he didn’t like the idea of his best friend fucking his girlfriend unless he got something out of it too.
But Marc was realistic above all else. The attraction was too strong. It was going to happen eventually regardless of how hard he tried to stop it so he made plans for everybody to get what they wanted.
He invited Sean over and told him to make sure he brought a date with him, somebody who would be willing to fuck them both.
Sean looked confused at first, but when Marc explained that Lexi had already agreed to having a four way group fuck, Sean quickly changed his attitude. He’d had visions of fucking Lexi and jacking off in her face for a long time now.
It was Saturday night. Everyone met at Marc’s house and went straight to the couch.

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   Sean sat between the girls with his arms around them.
Damn, the girls were dressed to impress! Lexi was wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes that rode nicely into the crack of her thick, white ass, showing off the fleshy mounds on the sides. She was wearing a lime green bra shirt that showed off her sexy belly and medium sized tits.
The black girl had Marc’s cock throbbing from the moment he laid eyes on her. She had a big ass too, and the clothes she wore made it seem more scrumptious.
It was a pink stripper’s outfit that showed a lot of flesh and left nothing to the imagination. It was like she had pink and brown skin and she was sitting there naked. That’s how close it fit.
She’d pulled the part that covered her rear end inside her ass, which left a lot of the fleshy parts on the sides exposed. Between that and the sexy way she wiggled her rump and smiled at him, Marc had forgotten all about his girlfriend.
The couch could only hold three people so Marc sat on the chair across from them.
“What’s up guys?” asked Marc.
Sean looked up, said, “What’s up?”
“How ya going?”
“Just chillin’ with two lovely ladies. ”
Marc made a joke about the black girls’ boots. They looked like they were made of patent leather, but that wasn’t the interesting part.

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   They were really long and looked out of place with the skimpy pink clothes she wore.
“This is a very good butt day,” said Marc after he was done joking with the black girl.
“A serious butt day,” Sean confirmed.
“Seriously, seriously nice. So, who are you?” Marc asked the black girl.
“I’m Delicious. ”
“Delicious? Yeah, I know that, but what’s your name?”
She laughed a bit, then Marc remembered that he’d seen this girl at one of the strip clubs that he Sean had been to, which would explain why she had the outfit.
“Delicious Milano?” he asked.
“That’s right. ”
“Any relation to Allisa from Who’s The Boss?”
“No, she’s only a quarter Italian,” joked Dee (Dee is what people called her) as if she was all Italian.
Marc turned to his girlfriend, said, “Lexi Leigh. ”
“Hi,” she said.
“Hey Lexi, wanna get laid?” he joked.
“Yeah, I do,” she said quite seriously as Sean slapped her on her ass.
“We’ll take care of that, but ya know, I really must…must …see these two butts.

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   What do you say?”
The girls stood up and turned around. Lexi stood with her legs together and bent over slightly, which caused her Daisy Dukes to ride further into her ass.
Dee did the same thing except her pink shorts were already deep in her black ass. Now that she was in this position, her long boots looked right at home on her scantily dressed body. It added to her sex appeal tremendously.
The girls stood by each other with their asses on display for about a full minute. They moved them slowly, giving them a slight twist here and an up turn there.
Marc was having a hard time keeping control of himself. Seeing the ladies in this compromising position was making his stomach quiver and his cock twitch in his pants.
“Sean, you get to warm them up, but I get to tap their asses. ”
Sean laughed and said, “Deal. ”
He stood and motioned the ladies to bend over the couch. Now he understood why Marc had such a lust on his face a few seconds ago. They did look really good bent over like that. He fondled both of them by groping all over their asses and sliding his hands along their slits.

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“Don’t mind me; I’m just getting personal,” he said to Lexi, who was watching him over her shoulder. She’d wanted this for such a long time.
He and Marc were talking about something, but she had no idea what. She was too lost in herself. She felt Sean’s lips connect with her ass, then release and touch her shoulder. She felt his finger wiggling under the lining of her shorts, trying to get to her wetness as Sean kissed Dee’s back and ass.
She let out a barely audible moan and slowly grinded her body against his finger, which had slipped inside her special place.
“Take those shorts off,” marc commanded, and she did so. Everything else came off with it and Dee followed behind her.
Now that there were two naked big-bootied women before him, Sean dropped his pants and Lexi’s eyes damned near popped out of her head when she saw how much cock he had for her.
The rumors didn’t do him justice. Sean’s cock was huge.
She fell to her knees and started sucking him. Dee jerked his cock in her mouth, causing it to stiffen as she slurped it. She pulled it from Lexi’s mouth and closed her lips around it herself.

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    Sean moaned and grunted as he looked down and watched them passing his dick between them taking turns trying to suck the melanin off of it.
    Lexi pushed him onto the couch and straddled him. She slowly eased onto his throbbing prick and grit her teeth as she felt it stretching her pussy to its limits.
    This was the last slow movement she made all night, because as soon as he was fully inside, some kind of animalistic lust took control of her. She started bouncing rapidly on his cock. Her pussy got wetter as the minutes passed by and after a while she was soaking wet and gushing all over his dick.
    Sean didn’t know how much more he could take. She was so tight and Dee was making it harder because she was licking cock, pussy, ass, and whatever else came in touch with her lips.
    It was all Sean could do to keep from blowing his load. Luckily Marc came to his rescue. Apparently their freak show had gotten him aroused too.
    He pulled Lexi to the floor and stuffed his cock in her mouth for a few minutes so she could get it rock hard with those vacuum jaws of hers. Then he tossed her aside and went straight to Dee.
    With an ass like hers, there was only one way to fuck. She put her face on the loveseat, arched her back, and gasped as she felt Marc’s big white cock burrowing into her from behind.

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    Meanwhile, Lexi was spread eagle on the couch. She was the one who looked delicious lying there like that. Her pierced breasts had sexily fallen into place. Her belly was flat and had a sexy crease up the middle. Her pussy was juicy and covered in peach fuzz, and made loud swishing sounds every time Sean pushed his meaty pole into it.
    She kept licking her lips while she stared yearningly at him. Her tongue ring was catching reflections of light, drawing more attention to it, making him think of the way it felt on his dick earlier.
    The girls had the living room filled with the sounds of their screaming and the smell of horny pussy had spread throughout the room.
    These girls were some really good fucks, but the evening was about to get a lot sweeter. They traded sex partners and Marc slipped his cock in Lexi’s ass.
    Lexi closed her eyes with her thick thighs raised high and fingered her clit while Dee teased her nipples. The space in her ass was a lot tighter than her pussy so she had to get used to the pain.
    Now it was Sean who was slamming Dee’s cunt from the back. His cock was thicker than Marc’s and it was what she was used to, so her screams and orgasms came more often. She kept her attention on Lexi and Marc while her head was bucking from Sean’s deep thrusts into her snatch.

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    Sean was getting close to climax, but he didn’t want to cum unless it was in Lexi’s face. He’d waited too long for this moment to waste it.
    He made Dee get on her knees and signaled for Marc to get out of Lexi’s ass so she could do the same.
    The guys started masturbating their horny cocks in the girls’ faces. They sat with their eyes wide and anxious with anticipation knowing that at any second their pretty faces would be covered in cum.
    Marc started moaning and then his cock exploded sending sticky spoo flying across Dee’s face and hair. Sean moaned as he felt a burn stream up his penis and erupt into Lexi’s face.
    “Oh, fuck,” they shouted as they jerked every spec of seamen from their spent shafts.
    The girls would let the cum slide into their mouths and then push it onto their lips and smear it around with their tongues. Dee started sucking Marc’s cock and smeared a little of it around the cock head before she sucked it back into her mouth.
    Lexi did the same. Sean let out a loud cry when he felt her strong jaws sucking at his sensitive cock head.
    Once his orgasm subsided, Sean smiled at Marc and said, “Thank you once again, Mr. Davis. ” He looked at the girls and said, “Ladies?”
    They were expecting some kind of sexy response, but Dee screamed, “It’s in my eye,” and Lexi yelled, “It’s in my nose,” so the evening ended with everyone laughing their asses off.

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