In The Driver's Seat


 The Perils of Greggie-Poo   Chapter 3: "In the Drivers Seat"   When I last left off we were on a surprise trip to Vegas,(my wife, herlover and me).    As we pulled up to the terminal and the driver got out to take our bagsto the porter Mishi got out and told me to ask the driver if he would like"anything" in addition to his tip as we had around 45 minutes before we hadto board.    The driver looked at me and said "are you talking about what I think youare talking about?"   "Yes," I replied, "you may take pleasure from my wife if you so wish. "   "YOUR wife?!?!" he replied laughing,   "Sure, drive around the airport and park in the rental lot, there is asecluded place down where they park the shuttle buses. "   "Uh, whoa, man, I was going to stop for a piss break, you know. . .   waithere-"   "No," my wife said, hold it.   "It's now or never, stud. "   He thought about it.   "It's a really nasty piss, lady, I don't know if Ican-" he started.    "Even better," she said and shoved him back in the limo.    He didn't try to get back out.   My wife kissed Luke and he told her thathe would be at the bar and for her to make sure that I keep my hands offher.    She laughed and said, "Don't worry, he will be too busy trying to watchwithout crashing this limo!" and slid into the back seat with our driver.    I set up our camcorder we always brought with us to document theseoccasions- we have built up quite a collection!   I pulled away from the curb and glanced in the rear-view mirror out ofhabit and almost rear-ended the taxi in front of me as I saw the driversliding his big strong hands down the front of my wife's silk blouse andcupping her full breasts.

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     His dark brown skin looked wonderful against my wife's pale white skin,blonde hair and deep blue eyes.   I could barely keep my eyes on the road asI headed for the rental lot.   Mishi's legs parted slightly and she moanedsoftly as he started to rub the quickly moistening crotch of her black silkpanties.   I had no sooner parked when I heard her shriek in joy.    I snapped my head around to see what was going on and my mouth droppedwhen I saw him lifting my wife and sliding her up and down on his thickbrown cock.   I could tell it was at least twice as long and thick as mine-she really knew how to pick them!  Her leather skirt was bunched up aroundher waist and he hadn't even bothered to take her panties off, he had justpulled them to the side and slammed into her extremely hot, tight asshole!   I could see the muscles in his arms bulge through his jacket as herepeatedly picked my wife up into the air and drop her suddenly down ontohis cock.   As he would lift her up my wife would inhale and when slammedback down to the root of his thickness she would exhale with a grunt"HUUUUUHHHH!" up, inhale, down, "OOHHHHHH!!" up, inhale, down, "MMMYYYYY"up, inhale, down, "GAAAAAAWWWWDDDD!!!"   Suddenly he dropped her down onto his lap and buried his face in herchest, sucking on her beautiful, perky but big tits.   Looking me in the eyemy wife softly sighed as she rocked slowly back and forth on his cock, herlegs wrapped around his muscular back she started to slowly rake herperfectly buffed and polished nails, (another one of my bi-weekly chores Ihad to perform in the nude with my cock ring on and my butt plug in) acrosshis back.    She smiled at me and threw her head back and moaned as he started to nipand suck on her rock hard nipples.   She started to slowly and softly chantover and over:   "Cum inside me, cum inside, I want to feel you cum. "   Lifting his head he looked at my wife and then at me, and said "You gotit lady!" and he laid her down without taking his cock out of her andstarted to slam into her asshole faster and faster.    "Ooooooohhh, that feels so good!" my wife screamed.    "Better than your husband?" he panted.    "Ha!  I used to toss his little cock a pity fuck once a month, why doyou think my lover was feeling me up on the way here instead of him!" shereplied smiling over his shoulder at me.    I thought I was going to cum in my pants!  With a grunt I could see himlock up and freeze with his cock buried deep in my wife's tight, hungryasshole and I knew he was cumming inside her.

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     "Yes, yes, that's it lover, shoot it all in me!" my wife cooed.    "My god!" he said "I haven't cum like that in years, you are somethingelse lady, but I have a problem, if I pull out now my cum is gonna get allover these leather seats!"   "No problem, get back here Greg!" my wife barked at me.   I quicklyscrambled over the front seat and kneeled on the floor of the limo.   Mycock straining painfully as I knew I was about to be further humiliated infront of this complete stranger who had just fucked my wife.    "Watch this!" my wife said to the driver with a slight grin on her faceas she pushed him gently on his chest causing him to lean back and I knewthat if I had any chance of having sex my self on this trip it hinged onhow I handled the next 30 seconds.    As I saw his unbelievably fat cock slide out of my wife's asshole I knewimmediately when I heard a slight wet pop that I had at least 18 secondsbefore anything leaked out of her stretched, sopping asshole.    Looking at his cock I could see a long string of cum dangling from thetip and catching it on my tongue in one motion I made a smooth lappingmotion from his balls to the tip and slid the still bloated black head intothe back of my throat and sucked as hard as I could 18 times, sucking theremnants of his ejaculate into my throat as my tongue lapped the baseurging it all out, sucking my wife's shit off his cock.   Her shit was ataste I was quite used to, she hasn't had to use a toilet (besides me) forthree years now.    "Holy Shit!" he exclaimed, "I've read about freaky shit like this!  ButI never thought I would see it for myself!"   Snapping my head back his cock made a wet popping noise as it left thetight confines of my mouth and throat.   It was squeaky clean but I had abrown ring around my mouth- my lips were shit-stained.   I dove into mywife's ass.   Latching my mouth onto her just starting to ooze asshole Istarted to lap and suck as hard and as fast as I could.    "Jesus Christ, when was the last time this guy came!" I thought as Isucked gob after gob of slightly acidic sperm out of my wife's asshole.    "Good boy, clean me out good. " She whispered while running her handsthrough my hair and I could feel her asshole try to push out more into mymouth.

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    She farted a few times, wet nasty-sounding farts that filled mymouth with cum.   This guy must not have been laid in a couple years, atleast!   When I knew for sure she was completely free of cum I lifted my head andlooked around for any I might have missed, (didn't want any on the leatherseats!) and I smiled when I didn't see any.    "Don't you think you should thank the nice big dick?" my wife purred,holding the huge prick by the base and grabbing my head and forcing me backdown on it.   I looked up at her, then the driver, who looked a littleconfused.    "Look, lady, this is all nasty and horny and shit, but I just- ugnh!" Islid my mouth back down on his cock which was starting to get soft by now.    I locked eyes with him as I knew my wife would like and sucked him likea madman.   He started moaning immediately.   He laid back and clenched theseat and I went to town on his cock, getting it rock-hard in a matter ofseconds.    "It's his turn, now" my wife whispered into his ear and she licked hishear which caused his dick to twitch in my mouth.   "Fuck my faggot husbandup the ass, like you fucked me. . . "   The driver was so pent up and horny he didn't argue.    "Fuck his ass!" she hissed.   The driver pulled me off his cock with aloud slurping sound, drool running down my chin.

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    My wife undid my pantsand the driver violently yanked them down as I spun around to take his cockin my ass.   I heard him snicker as he caught sight of my butt-plug.   Mywife popped it out unceremoniously and bent forward and shoved it in mymouth.   I moaned and suckled my own shit off of it like a pacifier.   It wasbig, but not nearly as big as this black stud's cock.   I was in for a realfucking, especially as horny and revved up he was.    "Go on, you fucking big black stud!  Fuck that ass!" She guided his cockto my asshole and he took over from there.   He shoved his cock up my ass inone push!  I groaned loudly against through the butt-plug in my mouth as hesavagely began humping my ass.    "Oh yeah!" My wife hissed, rubbing her sopping wet pussy, "yeah, look atthat big black dick fucking that little whiteboy faggot ass!  Drive it intohim!  Fuck him like a whore!  Make him your bitch!  Fuckin' fuck the SHITout of him!"   The driver moaned and groaned and really gave it to me.   While it was mywife on top before in control, this time the driver was doing just that- hewas in the driver's seat and driving his stickshift right up my exhaustpipe!   He fucked me with a vengeance.   He grunted and snarled like a wildanimal, driving his entire 12 inch cock up my ass with each thrust.   When Isaw the videotape my wife made later, I was amazed I could take suchpunishment, his cock was literally a blur as it plunged itself to the hiltinto my shit-chute and back out.   Shit was collecting around my asshole asmy wife only let me take a shit once every 4 or 5 days.   Now this big blackassfucker was shoving 5 days worth of shit up into my bowels, making hiscock feel even bigger than it was!   If I could have touched myself, I would have come, but I knew my wifewould only let me jerk off in front of her when everyone else was done.    I had a crick in my neck because this animal was fucking me with suchforce that each thrust drove my head into the far door, and shook the limolike an amusement ride!  If anyone was passing by, they probably had a goodidea what was going on.

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  . .   well, SOME idea, anyway!   He was taking much longer to cum this time since he had just fucked mywife's ass a few seconds ago.   He must have drilled my ass for at least 10minutes, while my wife drove him on with her nasty sailor talk and stickingher tongue in his ear.   His sweat started to drip down onto me, coating myback and neck.   I could hear his heavy breathing as his rock-hard fucktooltore up my faggot ass.   The limo reeked of sex- my wife's ass, hersmoldering cunt, his cum, my shit, and the driver's musky sex-sweat.    I started moaning and grunting with each shove.   My wife pulled the nowthoroughly clean butt-plug out of my mouth and I groaned out loud.    "Yeah, that's it, you like his cock, don't you, you fucking faggot?"   "Y-ye-ugnh!!!" I tried to answer.    "Come on, faggot, I don't hear you!  Tell him how much you love himfucking your hot little asshole!  Come on, boy!" She slapped me.    "Yeah!  UNGH!  F-FUCK ME!  Fuck my FAGGOT ASSHO-UNGH!" I had no ideawhat I was saying anymore, I'd never been so savagely fucked in my life!   "That's it, faggot, come on, let him know how great that monster feelsin your guts!" she said and tongued his ear, causing him to grunt hard andgrind his cock deep inside me.    "UNGH-OHHHH!!  Yeah!  Fuck me!  God, yes!  I LOVE it!  GOD I need yourhard black COCK up my ASShole!!!  UNGH!  FUCK MEEEE!!!" The driver couldn'ttake any more, and I knew he was close.    But instead of cumming up my ass, he pulled out and roughly pulled meback and turned me over, on my back.   My mouth was now where my ass hadjust been and his cock was right at my lips.

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    I knew what was coming now.    I could see chunks of my shit on his cock, they were slightlylighter-brown than his almost-black glistening cock.   I saw a peanut in oneof the chunks right in front of my nose.    "Oh -ye-urkCLGLE!" I tried to say as he shoved the shit covered-cock inmy mouth.   I opened my mouth as wide as I could so the shit would get in,then closed my lips tight on his withdraw so I would keep all my shit in mymouth.   My shit was as familiar to me as my wife's.    It was always really strong since it was the shit of an all-shit diet. Ioften wondered how many times the same hunk of shit passed though my bodyas I ate all my wife's shit and always ate my own shit.   I wondered whatthis big black man's shit tasted like. . .   I would soon find out.    His second thrust drove my shit down my throat and I swallowed iteagerly, the swallowing motion obviously doing good things to this thickmanmeat log in my mouth and he groaned and started to deep-hump my throat.
       "Goddamn!  Look at you, honey!  You're a fucking deep-throat queen,baby! Yeah, fuck his faggot mouth!  Fuck it like an ass, you fucker!"   My wife drove him on, and he bent forward over me like he was when hewas ass-fucking me and drove it home!  He fucked my face like he had myass: fast, hard, and deep!  I was an expert at not gagging- my wife hadtrained me well with longer and longer dildoes (and longer and longermen!), but this fucker was shoving his cock down my throat so savagely thatI started gagging and convulsing.   The driver either didn't notice, ordidn't care cuz he just kept on ramming his meat down my gullet!   I saw my wife stick her finger up his ass as she talked dirty to him andI knew it would be soon.

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        He shoved his cock all the way in, froze, andmoaned long and loud.   His groan grew into a primal roar and he bucked andshoved and literally pumped his load into me!  I could feel his cockpulsate with each cumload he shot into my gut- and I swear I could feel itfilling my stomach!   He sat back, holding my head firmly on his cock and pumped my head upand down as he continued to cum and thrash about.   I bobbed my head up anddown, timing it so that I could taste his studly deposit, his thickcockcream slide across my tongue as it shot out his cock-cannon.   I lovedsucking cum directly from a hot cock, I wished it could never stop.    "Yeah!  Oh god!  Eat that cum, you faggot!" My wife was frigging herselfto a second orgasm watching this beast fill me with his seed.    "Yeah, feed it to him!  Shoot your fucking fucksauce into his faggottummy!  Yeah!" as she massaged my throbbing cock through my jeans.   Mymouth attached itself like I was a starving infant and I didn't stop tothink what I was doing, it felt so good to have her stroking my cock as shewhispered in my ear:   "My asshole feels soooo good right now, it always feels good after areal man fucks me. "   I started to cum and I realized in horror I still had to go through theairport and board the plane!!!   "That's it cum hard baby" she giggled as she started to squeeze my ballshard enough to cause my prick to jump and squirt every drop of sperm I hadin my pants.    After about 18 or 18 good spurts, he finally ran out, but I keptsucking, slowly dropping the tempo, but keeping up the long deep thrusts. On my last one, I deep-throated him and swallowed, in effect sucking theentire length of his cock with my mouth and throat, coaxing every last dropof cum from his big, hairy, black balls that I could.   I was an expertcock-sucker, even my wife, who taught me by example everything I knew hadto admit I was a better cocksucker than her.    I continued this tight sucking as I slowly pulled off his cock, makinghis twitch and jerk in pleasure.   When I finally pulled off and let hishuge black prickhead squeeze through my lips, his cock was only half-hard,as if I had sucked the starch out of it.    "Mmmm. .

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      .   very good, fagboy. . . " My wife held my jaw as she said this andstuck her finger in my mouth- the one that had been up the driver's ass.   Isucked it nice and clean, getting my first taste of the black man's shit-which she was kind enough to get a chunk of under her fingernail.    "Now finish up. "   I knew what she meant and turned to the driver once again and placed hiscockhead in my mouth.    "Whoa, whoa, now there's no way I'm gonna cum again!"   "No, no, that's not what he wants, stud" my wife assured him, "tell himwhat you want, honey. "   She held his cock as I backed up a little and looked right at him.    "Please, master, feed my you hot, nasty piss with your big black dick. . . feed my your piss, Master!"   The driver looked surprised, looked at me, and I put my mouth back onhis cockhead, then he looked at my wife, who just smiled at him with thatnasty perverted leer she has. .

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      .   she's so sexy!  He grinned, shook hishead, and leaned back.    "Alright, but like I said, I gotta take a nasty-ass piss, man, so youbetter be thirsty!  And don't you fuckin' spill a drop on my leather seats,motherfucker!"   "You heard the nice big black man, honey, drink it all down!" my wifeadvised me.    There was a moment or two of silence as he relaxed his bladder and triedto piss in my waiting mouth.    This is where I loved to be- at the receiving end of a big cock,drinking down from it. .   almost as much as I loved eating my wife's shitstraight from her ass.    Finally, the first trickles of piss began to run into my mouth.   Irolled the hot rancid piss in my mouth with my tongue, savoring it.   Mymouth filled slowly at fist, his cum being washed out of his piss-slit bythe yellow fluid.   I swallowed my first mouthful of this real man's piss. As his flow became stronger, I didn't have the luxury to savor it, I justwent to work and swallowed it as fast as I could.    My wife contentedly, affectionately leaned her head on his shoulder andthey both watched proudly as I drank this stranger's piss cocktail directfrom the big, black source.   The driver wasn't kidding either, he had a LOTof piss!  He must not have gone in at least a day!  Long hours of drivingand lots of coffee, I'm sure.    I later timed the tape for how long he was pissing, it was at least 3whole minutes, full blast!  I like to keep count how many mouthfuls Idrink, my wife likes me to keep a diary of every single shit I eat, everymouthful of piss I drink, every cock I suck, every time I get fucked up theass.

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        This time, I counted 37 mouthfuls!!!  My wife just looked onincredulously as the driver just kept pissing!   "My goodness, dear!  He's really filling you up!  We're going to have tokeep this one!"   When he finally did stop, I sucked his cock from the root up like I hadbefore to make sure not a drop would leak out when I came off, and not adrop did.   In the end, I hadn't spilled a single droplet of this big blackman's cum or piss!   Even my wife had to be proud of me.   The driver was pulling up his pantsand getting ready to drive us back when my wife said:   "You did such a good job honey I am going to reward you on the plane. "   The driver was still laughing and shaking his head as we pulled up tothe terminal a second time.    My wife kissed me on the lips and told me, "If you want to put thatlittle cock in me this weekend you have to tell everyone who either asks oreven stares at your wet crotch how you came in your pants!  "   When the driver opened the door for us he gave my wife his card and toldher, "Call me anytime you need a limo and it will be half-price. "   As it turned out, my wife did better than that.   She offered to have himcome live with us and pay for him, he wouldn't have to work- I would makeenough to support all three of us- largely from whoring me out to richperverts.    He moved in and fucked us both every day.   Now not only do I eat all hershit and drink all her piss, as well as mine, but his as well. . .   and hehas a taste for Mexican, which means really NASTY, soft shit!   As I stepped out he looked at me smiled and said in a voice loud enoughfor the 6 or 7 people nearest us to hear: "What happened to you buddy!"   I heard my voice say of it's own volition "I came in my pants while Isucked on a big, black dick. . . "   He just laughed, slapped me on the back and said, "Yeah, and I came inYOU!  Ha ha!"   I could feel my cheeks turn red as I turned to follow my wife in to theterminal and our reunion with Luke.


         On the plane, my wife did reward me, as promised.   She took me into thelavatory and fed me a five-course meal of nasty shit with a piss chaser! The woman next to me on the rest of the flight kept trying to cover hernose since by breath smelled so bad.   Me, I guess I've just gotten used toit.  



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