Fantasy meets Reality


Dulce (Candy) was staring at Jamall while the economics teacher was lecturing about how the stock market crash of 1929 occurred and how the economy is much more stable today. This was a very boring subject for Dulce, but she needed the class so that she could graduate from high school. Meanwhile Jamall was taking the same class so that he too could graduate from high school and go on to Moorhouse University and play basketball. Jamall was 6 feet 4 inches tall weighing 220 lbs.  and a size 18 shoe. Dulce never was sexually involved with any guy with color but had her share of Latinos in her barrio (neighbourhood). She would always admire how tall Jamall was and how she, one day, wanted to be with him or any of the other guys on the basketball team. She was not a racist, as  she had  friends of color, mostly girls, who would brag about how big their man's dick (10-18 in. ) was. Dulce wanted to see for her self what her friends were talking about; she hoped they would be a little bigger than her Latino counterparts (6-18 in. ). The bell finally rang and slamming of books echoed the classroom; Dulce was going to put her plan into action.
Hey Jamall "How you do on the last test?" Dulce sputtered as she ran up to him. " I  gotta B+" Jamall said "Why you axing?" "Well I think I may need  some extra help so that I can pass this stupid class and graduate from this school.

" Dulce said "I feel you" He said "How 'bout 5 at Burger King. .

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  . I''ll pay" he said "Okay 5 it is" she said "See ya then" Jamall said. Wow!  this went better than I had originally imagined Dulce thought as she continued down the hall to her locker and he also going to treat me too maybe he want some too?All sorts of thoughts ran into mind until she bumped into a girl who said  "Watch where the fuck you going".  Five o'clock was slowly approaching (to her imagination) as Dulce rode the bus home to get her other homework done and get ready to meet Jamall later that day. Meanwhile Jamall was at basketball practice working up a sweat: running , drilling, and shooting hoops. Basketball practice was soon over for Jamall at about 4:30 and made his way over to the train station which was not far from the blue line light rail station