Black Nurse Fantasies 2


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It was Nancy’s first month on the job. All the other nurses were black. She was the only white nurse at this hospital. The other girls were very outgoing and they welcomed her in with open arms.
Nancy liked being treated so well, but all the attention made her feel uncomfortable sometimes. The other nurses talked to her like they had known her for years.
For example, they talked about their sex lives all the time and they went into very intricate details when they did so. She’d found out that almost all the other nurses were strippers by night and went around fucking just about anybody who tried.
After a while, Nancy got used to listening to their hot stories and watching them practice new dance moves in the ladies locker room. She was becoming one of the girls and she even enjoyed listening to their wild sex stories. It seemed like these black women were having the time of their lives and a part of Nancy—who had lived a sheltered lifestyle until now—wanted to experience the wild side firsthand.
She had become such good friends with the black girls over the last few weeks that she had began to talk like them sometimes; she had began to act like them all the time.
It was a little after 4 o’clock. The locker room was cramped.

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   The women who worked first shift were getting ready to go home; the women who worked second shift were getting ready to start work.
Everyone was feeling extra frisky this fine evening, so the ladies decided to teach Nancy a few of their stripper moves. Since they were in a hospital and couldn’t play the radio very loud, they gave Nancy a walkman to listen to as they tried their best to teach her the one thing that every stripper needed to know above everything else—how to move her ass.
They all agreed that Nancy was a sexy white woman and she had a nice body. The problem was that she shook her ass like a white girl. She was too stiff, she needed more motion in her hips, and she smiled too much, which took away from her sex appeal.
One of the other girls tried to give her a demonstration. She stripped down to her skimpy underwear and started prancing about while she talked shit and flaunted her body.
Man, oh man, was that chick sexy, thought Nancy.
All the girls in this division looked so good. Nancy liked their skin colors the most. Nancy had always thought black people had the prettiest skin. It was no wonder white people were always on the beach trying to darken up.
A few seconds later, the girls had told Nancy to take everything off except her underwear. She needed to be in “uniform” to get her attitude right.

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   The lessons started again, but Nancy still wasn’t feeling it.
“Can I listen to my walkman so I can have some music?” she asked.
They handed it to her. They told her to bend over the toilet and the lessons were on again.
“Where the hell are all the nurses?” Sean, the Assistant General Manager, said to himself. It was almost 4:15 PM and he hadn’t seen anyone from second shift.
He got a little more of his paperwork done and then checked his watch. He went outside of his office. Still, there wasn’t a single nurse to be seen.
He started walking towards the nurses’ locker room. Anger was boiling inside of him. Even from this distance he could hear the hooting and cheering. He knew most of the nurses were strippers, and that was fine, but when their other job got in the way of their current job, that was going to be a problem.
Sean was a cool man. He was an easy guy to work for.

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   He never made a big deal about petty things, but he hated it when he had to tell people who were considered professionals to do things that they already knew they were supposed to be doing.
Just that quick, these stupid chicks had managed to screw up his good day. He was set to tell them off. He was going to kick ass and take names later. There would be write-ups, suspensions, reprimands, all kinds of…
Look at that.
The first thing he saw when he got to the locker room door was half naked women, but the one that caught his eye was the new nurse, Nancy. She was bent over the toilet seat wearing nothing but a bra and a pair of panties that fit nicely up her ass, leaving plenty of flesh visible on the sides.
Sean took a deep breath. He felt his cock sliding down his thigh. Luckily he was wearing dark sunglasses so no one could see in his eyes and know how turned on he was.
He smirked at them, crossed his arms, and stood to the side of the door without saying a word. The message was clear. He wanted them to leave.
Some were ashamed and couldn’t look him in the eye. Others looked like they were glad he caught them.

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   Either way, the nurses started filing out one by one as they noticed him standing there.
The only person who didn’t leave was Nancy. Why was she still bending over the toilet doing that rhythm-less booty bounce dance? Was she really that defiant?
Sean was half angry and half horny now. He hated disobedience, but it was hard to stay angry when he was looking at a sight like that.
He was about to say something to her when he heard something coming from her direction. It sounded like music. It was really low. That’s when he realized what was going on. Nancy was listening to loud music on a walkman. She didn’t know he was there and she didn’t know all of her friends had left.
His glasses were too dark so you’d never know it by looking at him, but Sean had a twinkle in his eye. With his 6’3” frame and 220 pounds of muscle and sinew, he advanced.
The music was loud. Nancy was trying to lose herself in it, just as the girls had told her.
She wasn’t aware of anything going on around her.

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   All she knew was she felt a lot of hands moving her butt in different directions.
After a few seconds, all the hands were gone and she was bouncing her ass to the beat of the music all by herself.
Nancy’s confidence had risen. If no one was guiding, she obviously must be doing it the right way.
Her eyes were closed. She let the loud music take control of her as she waited for one of her friends to intervene.
For a long time, no one did, so she kept bouncing her ass around trying to make it as appealing as possible as she imagined herself on stage with the other girls.
She’d probably be the only white girl stripping in club. She was thinking maybe she could give herself a name like Vanilla, something that said she was white and didn’t mind shaking it for the brothas. Or maybe she could…
There it was. She felt a hand. It wasn’t around her hips like before. It was on her ass and it was getting into some regions where none of the girls had ever gone before. If this was their way of saying she was ready for the night life, they’d certainly made their point clear.
The hand groped her ass cheeks and then she felt another one touching the part of her panties that covered her pussy.

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   She looked over her shoulder and saw the assistant GM standing over her and none of her girlfriends anywhere.
Her first reaction was to run and put her clothes on, but she didn’t flinch. She figured there wasn’t going to be any trouble if he was feeling her up.
Her strip tease had obviously gotten him horny, and she wanted to have the first wild sex of her life. It seemed they could solve each other’s problems, so Nancy remained bent over the toilet and let the assistant GM do as he pleased.
Yes!! She had turned around. She’d seen who was behind her and she wasn’t objecting to it. Sean was on cloud nine.
He started kissing and sucking her ivory ass cheeks as he caressed the mound between her legs. There was a lot of heat coming from it. The more he kissed her, the stronger the scent of pussy became in the air.
He slid her panties off her supple thighs. She stepped out of them. This white woman had a nice ass with a fat cunt decorating the middle.
Nancy lowered her head farther down and arched her back.

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   She let her ass sway slowly from side to side.
Sean stood up and started undoing his pants. “I like to watch you like this,” he whispered as he fought to free his ten-inch cock from his underwear.
Once it was out, he gently slapped it on her ass. “You’re a bad girl,” he said.
He continued slapping her with it and sliding it on her rear end, allowing the body heat and the eroticism of the moment to fully harden his penis.
“Sit on the toilet for me and spread your legs,” commanded Sean.
She did, and when she turned around, she was happy to see that he had opened his shirt up. She could tell he was well-built by the way he filled out his shirts, but she had no idea he stacked like this. Sean was a tall, dark pile of rippling muscles.
He took a step forward and stood with his semi-erect penis hanging in front of her face. They stared at each other for a few moments with neither of them making a move, although Nancy’s eyes did drop occasionally to Sean’s humongous prick.
He was making it jump. Every few seconds it would jump and go limp, jump and go limp. It was very inviting and tempting.

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   Nancy was transfixed with her fingers in her mouth not even realizes how hard she was sucking on them.
Simultaneously, that hand dropped to her pussy and started stroking it as her other came up and grabbed hold of the biggest cock she’d ever seen.
She started stroking her pussy and his cock. She watched it stiffen to full length in her hand. There had to be close to a foot of throbbing black dick in her hands.
Her pussy was soaking wet. She was horny as hell. The only thing she could do was stuff him in her mouth.
She couldn’t take much cock in her mouth other than a few inches past the head. There was too much of it.
She used her hands to stroke the rest in sync with her sucking motion. All you could hear was Sean moaning as he humped into Nancy’s mouth.
He motioned for her to sit back, then he dropped to his knees. He opened her legs and raised them a little bit.
Nancy had a pretty pink pussy with a little fuzz growing on it.

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   It smelled sweet and fresh and tasted even better.
Sean sucked it, slurped it, fondled it, did everything to it for five minutes straight. He had Nancy bubbling up her juices as she screeched, moaned, whimpered like a baby, and spilled pussy juice into his eager mouth. It was the best tonguing of her life, and when he was finished, she couldn’t have been more ready for the dick.
They traded places. Sean’s cock looked like a flag pole growing out of his pelvis. It was kind of scary. She’d never had a cock anywhere close to that size.
She mounted him anyway, trying very hard not to show any fear. Sean squeezed a handful of ass with one hand and pulled her meaty cheek out of the way.
He placed the head of his cock on the hole. Her juices spilled all over his shaft as he entered her, leaving his cock drenched in her fluids.
It was an easier entry than either of them had expected. Nancy was so wet and stimulated that her pussy stretched to a perfect fit. She could handle his girth, but there was still a little bit of his length that couldn’t quite make it up her cunt.

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Regardless of that, it was still a great fit. Nancy started bouncing up and down on his shaft as she cried out and let her tits jiggle in his face. He was playing in her asshole as he helped her bounce and grind on his cock.
After a while, he lifted her off of him and put her on the floor. Like they’d started, she was bending over the toilet seat, this time on her knees, head down, ass up, and ready to be poked.
She liked this position the most. She could feel him a lot more because he was in control of how deep he went in her. When she was riding him, she backed away from the pain. She didn’t take all of his cock in her. Now that Sean was in control, he could shove every inch in her.
Nancy’s moans got louder with each passing minute and eventually turned into shouts. It hurt so much, but it hurt so good.
He was jamming it all in her tight hole. He stroked it in different directions. She could feel her guts yielding to the size and solidity of Sean’s massive prick.


When he felt he was nearing an orgasm, he pulled it out and put it in Nancy’s face. She nibbled at the head and then started stroking and sucking him off as he watched her and moaned with delight.
“Ohh, yeah,” said Sean. It was getting so close. “Go, baby. Ohhh. ”
His whole cock was drenched with saliva. Nancy was fingering her twat and sucking for all she was worth.
“Oh, baby, oh, you’re gonna make me cum!”
Sean took his cock from her mouth, pointed at her, and stroked it. Streams of white spoo splattered her face and mouth as he groaned in passion, making no attempt to keep the volume down.
She licked his balls and followed it all the way up to the tip of his penis. She grabbed it and stuffed it back in her mouth trying to suck the remaining drops of semen from his balls.
Sean’s body tensed. He began convulsing and screaming until she let go of his spent cock.
Nancy got up.

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   She stared at him. He stared back. No one said anything. She started getting dressed.
The moments afterward were awkward. It seemed like someone should say something. The only problem was that they didn’t know each other. There wasn’t anything to say.
Maybe they’d talk about it on a later day, but even if they didn’t, at least she had a great story for the girls tomorrow.
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