Wishes and Fantasies


"And you thought you knew me like the back of your hand, didn't you?" Brandon laughed, excited that Kristen didn't shoot him down at the very mention of it. Maybe this fantasy could become reality, he thought, his cock tingling at the notion. "Any certain woman I should be aware of, or are you just thinking of picking up the next cute little thing that walks by here?" Two could play this game, Kristen thought, watch him squirm a little. This would be fun. Since they were standing in the center of the mall, they had a pretty good view of the majority of the traffic that was passing through. Kristen sat down on the bench to the left of them, and pulling Brandon by the hand, dragged him down beside her. "Look around, any hot bodies you want to take home with us?" Kristen giggled, finding it very arousing to be checking out fresh young meat with her boyfriend. She squirmed a little herself, feeling herself become wet and excited at the thought of her shower fantasy coming true. As they sat there looking all the women up and down, trying not to be obvious, Brandon was finding it hard to hide the growing bulge in his jeans. He couldn't believe that Kristen was really getting into this. He could tell that she wasn't just indulging him by the flush in her checks and the way she kept rubbing his thigh with her hand- a sure sign that she was very horny. "Now, she is cute. A little short maybe, but very cute. " Kristen whispered as a petite blonde woman of about twenty-five walked by. "She has nice tits, don't you think? Cute ass, too. "Brandon couldn't believe his ears.

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   Kristen was really checking these women out. This was a whole new side of her he'd never seen before, and he definitely liked it. He didn't know how much longer he could sit here though, he was rock hard and really needed to let his package out of its restraints. "So, do we grab her and take her home, or do we go home by ourselves tonight and talk about it while I fuck your brains out?" He blurted out, a little too loudly. They received several stares from a group of elderly women standing beside them. Kristen burst out laughing at the look of disapproval that they received. "If we don't get out of here right now, I am going to throw you down and do you this minute!"As they stood, Brandon turned toward Kristen's back and readjusted his bulging dick to a more comfortable and less obvious position. "Let's go then," he said. "Although. . . since were into kinky today, a little exhibitionism could be fun. " "Come on, let's go. " Kristen grabbed his hand and all but ran through the exit and to their car. She was so hot and wet that she was sure everyone in the mall knew what she was thinking, just by looking at her.

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   Laughing she hopped into the passenger side of their Jeep, throwing the few small packages she had into the back seat. Brandon jumped into the other side and reached for the ignition, revving the engine a little as he backed out and sped away. When they were out of the main flow of traffic and onto the more rural roads that led to their house on the outskirts of town, Kristen reached her hand over and stroked Brandon's still hard cock through his jeans. "I really think this needs to be let out, don't you?", she asked as she popped the button and undid the zipper with one hand. A deep moan was all Brandon could find for a reply. With one motion, Kristen had Brandon's jeans undone and his throbbing cock poking through the fly of his boxer briefs. Her first thought was, God he has the most beautiful dick I have ever seen, and its huge , too. Lucky me. Kristen's second thought was, Hhmmm. . . I haven't done this in a while, as she clicked off her seatbelt and followed her hand with her tongue, diving her face into Brandon's lap. As her wet mouth engulfed Brandon's cock and her tongue traced circles teasingly around its mushroomed head, Brandon reached down to the left and hit the button to let the seat back a little, giving Kristen more room to work her magic. "Mmmm. .

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  . ", he sighed, as he backed off the accelerator a little and checked his mirrors. No one in sight, he thought, and my girl is giving me head while I'm driving down the road. Life is good. Kristen worked her way into a comfortable position and proceeded to swallow all 8 inches of Brandon's throbbing muscle in one gulp, feeling the head hit the back of her throat.
    She moaned with pleasure, enjoying this almost as much as he was. She could feel herself getting wet all over again, her juices soaking her black lace panties. Kristen used one hand to grasp the base of Brandon's cock, keeping rhythm with her bobbing head as she sucked and swallowed, loving the taste of the pre-cum and the musky scent of sex. The other hand found its way down between her legs, where she feverously rubbed her clit through her jeans. She could feel her hot juices seeping through the fabric of her Levi's, which made her suck even harder and rub even faster. Brandon, trying hard to keep the Jeep on the road, glanced over at Kristen's lap and almost drove off into the ditch. Not only was she fucking the hell out of him with her mouth, she was getting herself off too! This was too much, he had to pull over. He was going to explode and he was doing 50 miles an hour! Up ahead he spotted a dirt road and quickly turned onto it. When they were far enough off the main road he hit the brakes and slammed the shifter into park. Gripping the steering wheel tightly with both hands, Brandon again turned to watch Kristen's hand rubbing furiously against the tight crotch of her jeans.

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       Her hips were bucking and he could hear an animalistic moan building in the back of her throat. "Oh God yes. " Brandon groaned. "Swallow my cock, all of it. Rub your pussy, make us both cum. " He reached down and grabbed hold of her hair. The vibration in her throat from her moaning was driving Brandon crazy. "I'm there baby, I'm cumming. " He felt his balls tighten as he exploded into Kristen's waiting mouth. She kept sucking, milking every drop from his pulsing cock, making sure not to miss a drop. The feeling of his sperm hitting the back of her throat in wave after hot wave was all Kristen needed to push her over the edge. Her fingers moved faster and harder until her whole body stiffened and she shook with the intensity of the orgasm. When the shivering subsided, Kristen released Brandon's softening cock from her mouth, leaving behind a kiss or two on its red swollen head. Pushing herself up with her hands she looked at Brandon and smiled. "Sorry we didn't find what you were looking for at the mall today.

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      " "Well, we can go back tomorrow and try again, if you'd like. " Brandon grinned. "Of course, if you have someone in mind, you could bring her home with you some time. ""Be careful what you wish for, my dear Brandon. I just might do that. "(to be continued. . . soon)copyright 2003 Harley Girl.