Who,s shagging the wife, & will she like her present


Chapter One
The Body of this Story is about Forced Sex, & Bi Sexual Women, this section will have four chapters ,and I aim to write part two ASAP. .
. If you wish to make constructive comments or send me your ideas which I could include in future stories ,please email me at . . . day2here4u28@yahoo. co. uk. . . come on ladies, let me have your always had the fantasy of having three women in the same bed, I have given this great thought,and even discussed with my wife July, she said she did,nt want to play any part in it, but I had other ideas, so I put my idea to the other parties which were all in the scheme of things, and they both said they had always fancied raping my wife. . . July and I did not see eye to eye any more, and like the others I also had the incling to have forced sex with her. .

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  . . . . . . . July was 26 years old, she worked in a College as a Gym instructor, she had a cracking figure, medium sized breasts ,that would hang firmly out of their bra, and her pussy ,what a delight, nice and tight, blonde pubic hair, and to go with that an arse which any man or woman would love to shag. . . . I new that July was shafting younger men at the Gym, but when it came to my turn , their was always an excuse, time of the month,Im sure you all know what I mean. . . .

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  . . . . . . . .
The other two in the scheme of things were women the first Cathy, she was 29 yrs, single and bi, she had a good body , with a decent pair of firm tits, I longed to get my cock between them, and I was hoping my chance was just around the corner. . . . . Cathy was 4. 7" Tall and weighed about 9.

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  8 lbs, she also worked in the same college as July and new of her body,as they often showered together in the communial shower area,,, and then their was Mel she was 24 yrs,about 18 stone and 5. 10 inches tall, like the others worked in the College computer room teaching girls from the age of 18 - 19, she was a very much a hands on teacher,and like Cathy was also bi, in fact she had recently had a little party at her flat,invited some of her pupils ,for extra cirriculum,well thats what she called it, sounds more like a young pussy party,and she got to taste all. . . .
Im Mac, Im 29 years old,stand 6. 3", and weigh around 18 stone, I am a self employed and re design gardens, make good money, and use the freedom to enjoy myself, July and I got together about 8 years ago, and we bought a second home in Cornwall, A good investment, a place we used a lot,and an ideal place for a good weekend party, the bonus about this place ,is that we were at least a mile from anyone else, no-one could here the screams. . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . Cathy & Mel suggested that we organise a suprise party in Cornwall, as it was 1/2 term, they could bring some of the freindly pupils down as well ,make it look and feel totally authentic. . . . . I was going to enjoy this. . . . . . .

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We decided to make it 3 days from now, which meant we half way through the half term,, I said to July about she and I having having a short break together in Cornwall, no thanks, Im going off with Giles & Richard, were off there ourselves for a Running Weekend, well a week actually, we are going to practice for the next Marathon , when are you going down I enquired, three days time, well I hope you enjoy yourself, Oh I will she said, she always teased me about my 5" Cock, She liked to tell me how she always fancied having Eight Plus Inches, but she never admitted to playing away. . . . . . . . . . . . .
The scene was set, but I offered to take July down to the cottage myself, telling July that I was going to go across to East Cornwall, for a week away,in the meantime Cathy had been rather sneeky,rang Giles and Richard, told them the she had booked the Cottage herself,had paid us for it,and was,nt going to give it up,and therefore the running weekend was off, they also were told that July had been called away to her parents up in Yorkshire, and she had not taken her mobile as Mac was going to buy her a new one , because hers had packed up.

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  . . . . . . . Cathy told me what she had done,and said that she and Mel, and four of their charges would meet us down there. . . . Well done I said, by the way did July,s runners except all she said to them,yes she said, I further told them that July would be in touch on her return. . . .

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  . . . . . .
Before going July and I set off, I removed her sim card out of her phone and replaced it with another, it had a block on it,so the phone was now inoperable. . So we decided to set off at the crack of dawn,I was so looking forward to the time away, although I new our relationship was dying a very quick death, I still had the desire to give her a good seeing to, she was good in bed, and she had an awesome mouth for oral sex. she new exactly how to tease the cum out of your cock, and give you a lasting pleasure. . . . but as far as I new she had never tasted or had anyone else taste her pussy(female). .

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  . . . . . . . . . .
Cathy and Mel and the girls that went down with them,had already prepared the cottage ,with fresh linen, a couple of camp beds, refreshed the fridge & freezer, not forgetting the bar, and had organised a pair of real tough handcuffs,because July is very strong,and would definatly put up a fight,so we new we had to shackle both her wrists and her ankles. . . A ball gag & rope was also purchased, and they fastened it to the solid Oak door leading into the study area, the idea was Whilst I unpacked the car, she would go in, because she thought her lovers would be here waiting for her,and Mel Cathy & the others would sought out and bloody quick. .


  . . . . . . . . My cock just grew & grew with the thought of fucking my wife and especially Mel, she oozed sex appeal, and I didnt know who they had brought down with them,all I did know was they were liberated and all sexualy active, and there,s nothing like fresh pussy to ease a mans cock and desires. . . . . . .


We were about 18 miles from our destination, July was fast asleep, and I sent a quick text to Cathy, telling her of our pending arrival, she aknowledged it, OK. R. &. W. (Ready & Waiting). . . . . . . At the cottage we had a automatic gate installed, and as I aproached, the gate was already open, anyway I just drove up outside the house, parked the car, and July woke up, she rubbed her eyes and yawned,looked around and saw no other cars,I wonder where the boys are she said,maybe there out ,and Im sure you,ll find a note inside,guess your right, opened the door,grabbed and over night bag , and proceeded to make her way to the front door. The Cottage consisted of 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms,Dining area large kitchen and bathrooms etc,9 rooms in all, We also had a large conservatory built in the garden. . .

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  . . . . . .
July hesitated as she went to open the door, whats wrong I shouted ,nothing I thought I heard someone speakiing inside,well it could be the boys I said,but where,s there car, she replied. . . You go on in , I,ll sort your luggage out,she opened the front door to be greeted by Mel & Cathy, by the time she realised that they were not was she was expecting, they had collered her ,with a firm grip, and attached her ankles to the shackles in bloody quick time. . . . . .

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  . She fought hard, and the fists they did fly, but with the help of the other girls present,they secured her tightly to the oak door,and even got the ball gag fixed into position. . .