What was I Thinking? Part One


This is my first work of erotic art. If you like it, please feel free to write and let me know.
If I get enough responses, I’ll continue to post new stories.
While this particular scenario is fiction, most of the story is compiled from actual
What Was I Thinking ?
Part One
      I don’t know what had come over me or what the hell was going through my head.
Here I was, about to commit two carnal sins. First, you should never ever get involved with someone you work with. You know the old saying, ”Don’t get your meat where you make your bread”. Well, here I was, about to break that rule.
Secondly, this person is married, albeit unhappily married, but she's married just the same.
What the fuck am I thinking? This had disaster written all over it.
    Well, she’d been at a country dance club with her sister when we bumped into each other accidentally on purpose if you know what I mean.
Her sister was well aware of her life at home, so escaping her was no problem.
The drinks has gotten to both of us and the looks we had exchanged at work had proved to be exactly what I thought they were ……. lustful longing.
We decided to move this party elsewhere. Someplace a little more private.

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   So he we are, I’m heading to the registration desk at a roadside motel as she sits in the car, anxiously and awkwardly waiting.
I get the keys from the clerk and jump back in the car, neither looking at the other. Both knowing, but neither saying anything to stop what was about to happen.
As we enter the room, both of us throw our coats on the armchair near the desk.
As she turns and appears about to say something, I take her into my arms and kiss her deeply, relaxing her inhibitions and removing any ideas of objection.
She kisses me just as passionately as our breathing gets heavier.
Any ideas of not doing this go out the door with that long lingering kiss.
    As I kiss her, we move our hands over each others body, exploring, causing our breathing to deepen even more.
I move my kisses from her lips to her neck as she tilts her head back, allowing me to explore her neck and shoulder, teasing, tasting, taking in her scent.
She turns her back to me and tilts head forward, urging me to kiss the back of neck.
She moans her approval as I reach around and gently cup her breasts, feeling the firmness.
As she pushes her ass against my cock, feeling it stiffening though my pants, I fumble with the buttons of her blouse, nervously but adeptly unbuttoning each one as I ease the blouse over her shoulders, down her arms as it falls to the floor.
We’re now moving in unison, our bodies in tune, a slow sensuous dance.
I then unhook her bra as it too slides over her arms and to the floor.
She turns to face me as my eyes take in her gorgeous breasts, my heart racing, anticipating.

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She slowly eases my sweater and turtleneck shirt up over my head and that gets tossed into the ever increasing pile of clothes on the floor.
I take her into my arms and kiss her again, feeling the warmth of her breasts pressing against my chest, her nipples stiffening, showing her arousal.
As we kiss, I caress her back, moving my hands lower, finding the clasp on her skirt, unhooking, then unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor.
     As I’m unhooking her skirt, she lowers her hands and unfastens my belt, unbuttons and unzips my pants easing then over my rigid cock, as they also fall to the floor.
Kissing her, I gently back her towards the bed. As her legs touch the end of the bed, her knees bend, as she eases herself onto the edge on the bed and lays back, feet still on the floor.
Surrendering herself to me, I kneel before her, kissing her legs, inciting a gasp to escape her lips as she loses herself is the soft gently touch of my lips.
I kiss her legs, moving higher and higher as she parts her legs, inviting me to explore.
I kiss her through her panties as she arches her back and let’s out a groan of pleasure, arching her hips to meet my mouth.
As her hips are arched, I slide her panties past her hips, she adjusts to allow me to remove them fully.
She then moves up the bed, as I move up to join her as I lay next to her, kissing her lips madly, moving from her mouth to the neck, nibbling and biting gently, causing her to writhe with passion.
As I kiss her neck, I slowly trace light teasing circles around her nipples with my finger, causing her breathing to deepen.
Sensing what she wants, I move my lips to her breasts, making small circles around her rock hard nipples with my tongue, slowly teasing but not quite touching them, making her crazy.
Oh how I love to tease…….
After a few moments, but what seems to her like eternity, I take her nipple into my mouth, causing her to sharply inhale and squirm, rubbing her thigh against my rock hard cock.

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As I continue to kiss and tease her nipples, she reaches down and takes my cock in her hand, not quite able to get her hand around the shaft, she lets a MMMM of surprise, satisfaction and concern.
I raise my head from her nipples and ask, ”You like?”
She whispers back, “ It’s too big, I don’t know if I can handle it”
I reply with a devilish smirk,” Good”.
       She then releases my cock as I kiss slowly down her stomach, working my way to where she urgently wants me to be.
All I brush my lips over her nearly shaved bare pussy, I wonder whether she keeps it this neat or whether she planned on this happening tonight and trimmed it for this occasion.
Either way, I’m going to take her to heaven and back more times than she’s ever imagined.
I gently brush my lips passed her neatly trimmed pussy as she gasps in anticipation, parting her legs wider, inviting me.
I move past it, as she grunts her frustration, I slowly kiss the inside of her left thigh, working my way back up teasing and getting closer and closer and closer as I brush my lips across her pussy again and down her right thigh, causing another grunt of frustration.
Driving her crazy as I kiss the inside of her right thigh, moving higher and higher and higher as she arches her back, inviting, begging me to taste her.
I brush my lips across her pussy again and move down the right side, sending her into total madness.
Sensing her yearning, I tease more, moving higher and higher and higher, kissing, teasing.
As I brush my lips across her pussy again as she grabs my head in both hands and forces me into her.
I resist slightly as she throws her head back, reaches her hands down and parts her lips, begging me to taste her, to tease her, to take her to the stars.
I tease again, this time more deeply, gently touching hers lips with my lips, then tongue, working my way up, making small circles around her clit with my tongue, never quit touching it, causing her to squirm and arch her hips, chasing my tongue, trying to meet it with her clit.
“You know you’re killing me” she whispers
I look up with a devilish grin and say,” Oh yeah”…. ”Good”.

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I lower my head to continue as she throws her head back in frustration, expecting more teasing.
I tongue my way up and gently flick my tongue across her clit, sending a sharp spasm through her body causing a groan of pleasure as she purrs,” Oh my God, what are you doing to me, That feels soooooooo good, where did you learn to do that?”
 As I continue to tease and flick my tongue across her clit, her breathing becomes rapid and her body begins to quake.
I quicken my pace and flick more firmly as he arches her entire body.
I look up just as a look of total shock crosses her face, orgasm washes over her entire body. Oh how I love that look. It says,” Where the fuck did that come from”, “Oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life”.
She quivers and shakes and explodes several times as I intermittently flick her clit and use my finger to massage just inside her pussy where it’s most sensitive, causing the massive orgasm to continue into smaller orgasms, trying to make this feeling of ecstasy last as long as possible.
I know she’s near an end when she inhales in sharp gasps each time to tease her clit.
As her orgasms subsides, she exhales deeply and collapses, totally spent, as limp as a strand of spaghetti.
    I slide up the bed and wrap my arms around her as we spoon,
I can hear her purring contentedly, her entire body is relaxed.
She whispers to me,” I hate you for doing this to me”, I hate my husband for not doing this to me”.
I whisper back,” I haven’t done anything yet…YET”
She rolls over, looks at me and says,” Is that right?”
I reply,” Oh yeah,…we’re just getting started”



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