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After a few drinks we were getting on really well, the girls were being very friendly, and I think every guy in the room was jealous of us as we sat there staring at their beautiful bodies. I returned from the bar with another round of drinks, placed them on the table and sat down. Kelly thanked me, and as she did so, uncrossed her legs. I remembered how short her skirt was and looked towards her crotch in the hope of catching a glimpse of panty. I was luckier than that, she didn’t cross her legs back the other way, and instead sat there with them slightly apart. Her skirt had risen up a long way and I could clearly see her pretty crotch. She was wearing white lacy g-string panties. The gusset had pushed inside her slit, exposing her pussy lips. They glistened even in that bar lighting, evidence that she was turned on. I spent only a few seconds looking at her sex, it felt like hours, and by the time I looked up, my cock was straining inside my trousers. I didn’t think that anyone had noticed my absent minded staring as I looked back up and rejoined the conversation. Then I caught Kelly’s eye, and she smiled at me, and gave me a wink. I smiled back of course, a bit shyly, guessing she knew what I had been doing. She still didn’t cross her legs though. Next to her, Jenny saw me smiling, and I think she must have thought I was smiling at her, because she smiled at me and uncrossed her legs, just like her friend had done a couple of minutes ago. Again, her skirt rose up, and this time I was treated to a real sight.

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   Her pussy was exposed, naked without any panties. It was very beautiful, with just a small triangle of blonde pubic hair showing. At this point I could almost feel myself ready to cum in my trousers looking at these two very different, but sexy girls. Jenny’s pussy was wet with anticipation, her small lips shone as they caught the light. I looked up and she smiled again, winked, and then licked her lips slightly, just enough to send me close to the edge once again. Suddenly, our hosts announced they had to go. I was extremely disappointed of course, but to my surprise and delight Kelly and Jenny said we should stay and have a couple more drinks with them. I was only too happy to accept, the chance to stare at those pretty twats was too great to pass up. At that moment, Kelly got up to go to the toilet. We sat and chatted to Jenny, and I looked at her pussy some more. As she moved on her seat, I could see her pussy lips moving, sliding over each other, lubricated by her sexy juices. I though I could see a darker patch forming on her skirt where her juices were running down her legs and staining the material. I was about to get carried away when Kelly returned. She sat down in front of me again, and again, her pussy was exposed for me to see. As I looked at it I could see that she was no longer wearing her panties.

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   Her lips were uncovered, there was no string of white material to pull them apart, her tanned pussy was bald, completely shaven, and looked so smooth. Her wetness was evident, her pussy lips glistened in the light, and I could almost smell the sensual musky aroma of her cunt. I felt a gentle kick under the table. It could only have come from Kelly, so I gently kicked her back. Then I felt a hand on my knee, again, it must have been Kelly, so I reached under the table and grabbed it. She looked at me in the sexiest way and then forced something damp and lacy into my hand. As I looked at what she had given me I could see that it was the panties she had removed moments earlier. I looked up at her and smiled, she returned my smile and gave me a knowing look. I slipped my present into my pocket and continued to gaze at the girls’ pussies. Gradually, the topic of conversation got around to sex. Kelly and Jenny seemed interested to know how often we got it, and whether any of us were still virgins. Two of my team mates said they were, and Jenny seemed shocked. Being first years, they were still quite young and had both been to all-boys schools. Jenny muttered something about ‘doing something about that’ and they turned their attention to me. I told them that I had a girlfriend and that we were living together.

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   Kelly said something about it ‘not mattering’. We questioned the girls about their sex lives. Neither had a boyfriend but they said that they didn’t really mind because they liked the freedom it meant they had. I was staring at Kelly’s pussy as she talked, playing casually with the panties in my pocket. Suddenly my attention was caught as they declared themselves to be bisexual. I looked up suddenly, and they smiled, my team mates sat there open mouthed, shocked at the thought of these two sexy girls fucking each other. By this time, the bar was becoming hot and crowded, it was a warm evening, so the girls suggested that we took a walk down to the lake on their campus. We agreed, and left the bar area. I was disappointed that I couldn’t look at those two pussies for a little longer, but I knew I had seen enough to keep me in wank fantasies for a long time. As we strolled along in the warm summer air, I chatted to Kelly whilst the others walked with Jenny. We talked about my girlfriend, about how serious we were and about how I felt towards her. I told Kelly that we were very serious, and I loved her more than anything. Kelly seemed disappointed. “I want you to fuck me” she said“ I don’t know Kelly, I can’t. ” I replied, “I’ve got a girlfriend and I won’t do anything to hurt her.

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  ”“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her though”“But I’ll know though … I’m sorry I’m not going to sleep with you Kelly. You’re gorgeous, but I’m not going to do anything to hurt my girlfriend. ” She paused. “Ok, I guess that’s nice. ” She smiled again, a wicked grin on her face. “Do you not want to do anything then?”“Like what?”“How about a blow job, or you could wank off and cum all over my face”“I … I … don’t think so. Thanks, but I can’t”“Are you sure?” She moved her hand down towards my crotch, and felt the outline of my stiff member pressing against my trousers. It felt so good, I thought I was going to lose my load there and then. “No, thanks Kelly, but I don’t want to” I pulled away from her. “You’ve been staring at my pussy all night, fantasising about licking me and fucking me, and now you don’t want to?”“I know, I’m sorry”“Well look, I need to cum really badly, you’ve got me all worked up. Jenny’s going to be a while with your friends, so I’m going to fuck myself, if you want to watch, then that’s cool. ”“Ok”She moved off into some bushes. I didn’t know what to do, whether to follow or not. I thought that as I had seen her pussy all ready, a little more wouldn’t hurt. I slowly followed her, being careful not to make a noise, I didn’t want her to know I was there.

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  I saw her leaning up against a tree, she was sitting on the ground with her legs apart, her pretty pussy exposed to the world. She had pulled her top down, and was massaging her small, pert, tits. She didn’t seem to know I was there and soon, she was getting carried away with herself. She kept one hand on her tits as the other moved down towards her pussy. She began to rub herself, fingering her slit, dipping inside her hole and then rubbing her clitty. She began to moan as she rubbed her clitty harder and harder. I loved what I was seeing, my cock was bulging in my pants and I was desperate to wank myself off. Then, I remembered the panties in my pocket. I took them out, and wrapped them around my shaft. I began to smell the panties as I continued to watch Kelly get herself off. Her moaning was getting louder and louder, she seemed to be nearing her orgasm. Her hand left her breasts and moved down to her pussy. She pushed two fingers inside and began to fuck herself. All the time she rubbed her clitty hard, moaning and fucking herself. I watched and pulled on my cock.

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   I could feel myself about to cum. Just as I thought I couldn’t take it any more, and that I was going to lose my load, she started to moan even louder than before. It was clear that her orgasm was taking hold now, her body was shaking and her face became flushed. She screamed so loudly I though someone would hear and come to see what was wrong. As she shook I came too, my cock covering the white panties she had given me, I tried to keep my moaning in, and thought I had managed it. A few moments later, Kelly had recovered. “Did you enjoy that?” she called. I sat still, not knowing what to do or to say. “I know you watched me. Did you enjoy it?” I had to do something, she knew I was there. I got up from behind the bush and stood looking at her. Her face was still red from her orgasm, my cock was sticking out of my pants and I had her white g-string in my left hand. “You dirty boy. I knew you’d watch me. Have you cum all over my panties?” I nodded.

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  She came over and took them from me. Goblets of my spunk were dripping from the soaking panties. She put them to her mouth and sucked the cum off them. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wish I could have tasted that from your cock. ” She rubbed the panties against her crotch and then slipped them back on. “They’ll remind me of you”Embarrassed, I realised that my cock was still exposed to the world. I took hold of it, and went to put it back in my pants. Kelly, looked down, and smiled. “Are you sure that you won’t fuck me? You’ve seen what I’m like” She dropped to her knees and reached out for my semi-erect cock. I drew back. “No Kelly, I’m sorry but I don’t want to. You know why. ”“Ok, I understand. Wanna feel my tits before I put them away?” she joked, I hesitated, and before I could respond she had pressed them into my hands.

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   They were much smaller than my girlfriends, pert, warm and soft though. They felt really good, and I started to get hard again. Kelly noticed. “Wow, you like them then. ”“Yeah, sorry”“It’s cool, I like it. Think of me next time you wank yourself off” She stood up, and pulled her top back. We went back to the main track to find Jenny and the others waiting. Jenny was looking somewhat dishevelled, and my team mates were looking very pleased with themselves. “We should probably head back now” I said, my team mates nodded their agreement, somewhat begrudgingly. “Thanks for a great evening” I said to the two girls. They came towards us and kissed us on the cheeks. “We’ve had fun too. Hope you come back and see us again some time”I nodded and turned away, we walked back to the car and started our journey back to Uni. We were quiet on the way back, each left to our own thoughts. The journey passed quickly enough and soon we were back on familiar ground.

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   I returned to my flat to see my girlfriend. I thought it best not to tell her what happened, I knew I loved her more than anything, and had not really done much wrong; just have a good look and a wank. No more than I would do on the internet or with a magazine. The next day I admit to getting a little thrill when I found out that we would be returning to the scene of the fun in the cup, in just three weeks time. To be continued ….