Weekend Get-A-Way with Sister-In-Law


A few days ago, I had the most incredible weekend with my sister-in-law. It all happened by accident, but became a weekend I will always remember. My wife and I had been planning a vacation to Reno, NV for a few weeks now. It was to be a weekend getaway from the kids. We had planned on letting loose some and having a great time. We chose Reno because it was close by and I was able to get an incredible deal on a suite in one of the casinos. Brenda was to stay with the kids while we were gone. The wife and I were very excited about the weekend.
It was the day before we were supposed to leave for Reno, when Brenda arrived at our house. We had a great dinner talking as a family and discussing things to do while we were gone. Around 9pm, one of the kids started getting sick. We knew that the trip was pretty much cancelled. We couldn’t leave Brenda with the sick child. The suite at the hotel was paid for and non-refundable, so I decided it would be best if Brenda and my wife went to Reno without me and I would watch the kids. As luck would have it, my wife would get a call from work regarding a paper that she would need to complete as soon as possible. She suggested that Brenda and I should go and enjoy the trip while; she stayed back with the kids and worked on her paper.

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   I was very reluctant to go without her. I have known Brenda for about 18 years, but we have never really hung out together, but my wife insisted that it would be good for us. After a while of discussions, it was decided.
The next day, Brenda borrowed some of my wife’s clothes and we packed the car and headed out to Reno. The drive was about 3 hours and felt a little awkward. I started to think that this was a bad idea. We finally arrived at the hotel and checked into our suite. We had a great room that overlooked the other casino lights with floor to ceiling windows. The suite had a master bedroom with a Murphy bed in the living area. We decided that I would take to Murphy bed and Brenda would get the bedroom. To make things a little more awkward, there was a gift left for my wife (part of the romantic weekend package I had purchased). The gift was a dozen red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and lingerie. She teased me about the lingerie. Since it was already a long day, we set aside the gift basket, and decided to venture down to the casino floor for a couple hours.
We spent about 2 hours gambling and drinking and decided to call it a night.

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   We were both feeling pretty tipsy when we headed back to the room. I was rather turned on by the night. There were so many sexy women on the casino floor, and Brenda was one of them. I have always been attracted to my wife’s younger sister. Tonight she was wearing a pretty tight white low-cut top that showed off her stomach. Brenda is very athletic and has a 6 pack with a belly ring. She is also wearing tight black leather pants that show off her muscular legs and perfect ass. To top off the outfit she is wearing a pair of high heels. At this point, I am looking forward to getting back to the room and jerking off a little.
We get back in the room, and start getting ready for bed. Brenda comes out of her room wearing a jogging bra and short shorts, and says goodnight. Man, I am so turned on. I start channel surfing the TV and find that our cable service includes the Playboy Channel, so I begin jerking off. I am lying on top of the covers stroking my cock, imagining everything I saw earlier. Suddenly, I notice out of the corner of my eyes that through the reflections in the mirror and window, I can see Brenda lying in her bed.

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   I can’t really make out her face, but I can see that she has her bra pulled up and is massaging one of her breasts, and her other hand is fingering her pussy! Being the exhibitionist/voyeur that I am, I decide to keep jerking off, but now I am only watching Brenda’s reflection. I can tell that she is watching TV and really turned on. I turn the TV volume down some more, and I can hear faint sounds of her moaning. This makes me cum really hard, so I clean up and then go to bed.
The next morning, I am pretty nervous about whether or not Brenda saw me last night. She doesn’t even hint towards it, so I figure I am in the clear. We have our complimentary breakfast delivered to our room and decide to both head down to the gym for a workout. Brenda wears a jogging bra and tight gym shorts. Her outfit is especially sexy on a woman with her body. We work out and get quite a sweat going. After the workout, we request a dry sauna be made available for us. The casino reserves the saunas privately for their guests. I meet up with Brenda in the sauna and we are both wearing only towels. As we sit in the sauna, Brenda says, “You know I had a big crush on you when you started dating my sister. I think it is great that you are working out again.

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   Your body is looking really good. ”
“Thank you. You of course still have a very sexy body. ” I reply. Brenda smiles at me, looks in my eyes and drops her towel. “Drop your towel too”, says Brenda seductively. “I am not trying to fuck you. Look, we both know that we watched each other get off last night and it was incredibly hot, so let’s do it again. What do you think? I mean it isn’t cheating if you are just watching, right?”
Without saying a word, I drop my towel. Brenda’s body is so sexy; she has a fitness model type body that is glistening with sweat. She has a completely shaved pussy, size C tits with perfect dark nipples. We are lying back facing each other, only a couple feet away. I watch her start rubbing her nipples with her hands; she arches her back and pushes her tits into the air. Slowly Brenda’s hand runs down her body and begins rubbing her smooth wet pussy. Brenda lets out a sexy moan.

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   My eyes are fixated on her pussy; I find myself rock hard. My hands grab my cock, and I begin stroking my dick. We are lost in lust as we watch each other getting off. Looking into her blue eyes, I can see she is dreaming only of my cock. We are both moaning very intense. Our eyes are locked on each other getting off. We are both getting closer to cumming, so we move closer to each other and watch each other lost in our own pleasures. Brenda starts to cum, and that pushes is me to the edge. I cum too. I notice that some of it lands on Brenda’s tummy. She wipes it up with her finger and places it in her mouth. “Yummy,” she says with a smile.
Afterwards, we get dressed and head back to the suite. Now the ice is way broken. We begin to talk much more freely and our conversations lean much more sexual.

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   We decide that since tonight is our last night in the suite together we will have one more night of fun. We decide to try and get as turned on as possible; we are going to go out to a romantic dinner, go gamble, and hit up a strip club. After the night, we will return to the room, strip down naked and watch each other get off for the rest of the night. I am so turned on by the promise of tonight, and I can tell Brenda is too. We both take naps to rest up for the evening.
When I wake up from my nap, I see Brenda getting ready for the evening. She is sitting on the edge of the tub naked, shaving her legs. I watch her for a while. She looks up at me and slowly spreads her legs giving me a straight shot of her pussy. “Hello sexy. Ready for a fun night?” she asks.
“Absolutely!” I reply. “You made me cum so hard earlier. ”
“Just wait until I make the cock cum again tonight. ” With that, I get out of bed naked.

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   I am already hard from watching her in the tub. I begin to get ready myself, deciding to do everything in her view. As I shower, my cock gets hard again thinking about her watching me. “Oh yeah, I am so turned on right now. My sister is so lucky to have that thing in her pussy,” she says. “If you weren’t married to my sister, I would fuck that cock so hard right now. ”
I get out of the shower and begin getting dressed. I am reminded about the strawberries and champagne. We open them up and toast to one more incredible evening. We decide to dress up for the night and live it up. I wear a stylish suit while Brenda wears an evening gown of my wife’s. The dress is red, low cut, and has a long slit up the leg. It is probably the dress that turns me on the most that my wife owns. As we sip the champagne, Brenda opens up the package of lingerie. It is a small see through white teddy.

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   “So did you pick this out to fuck my sister in?” she asks. “I bet I would look sexy in this too. ”
“I know you would. Maybe you can wear that tonight?” I ask. She only smiles back. We polish off the rest of the champagne and head out to a romantic dinner. We are given a very private booth that was lit by candlelight. We finish off some more drinks and flirt throughout dinner. Most of our conversation is sexual at dinner. She asks, “So what made you decide to shave your balls?” I explain that I liked the look from porn and really enjoy how much more sensitive they are to the touch. “Yeah, that is part of the reason I shave my pussy. Plus it makes eating pussy much more enjoyable. I love licking a clean-shaven pussy. ” Brenda continues.
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   Thinking of you licking another pussy gets me so hot. ” I tell her. She places her hand on my leg and leans into my ear.
“I bet you want to see me suck a cock too. Come on, let’s go gamble. ” We head out to the casino floor.
On the floor, we act almost like a couple on their first date. We hug often with a lot of flirtatious touching. We play blackjack for a while and break even, then move to craps. I start having an incredible roll, and find myself up nearly 2 grand. I can tell the excitement turns on Brenda. At one point, she rubs my ass and says, “Let’s go to the strip club now. I would love to see your cock hard again. ” We finish our drinks and leave.
At the strip club, we get a private room with the extra cash I won.

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   We have several more drinks, and switch off getting lap dances. Brenda is very bi-sexual, so it is very thrilling watching another woman grind her tits in her face. At one point, a stripper named Kandi, who is a very curvy blonde with great tits, slides one of her hands between Brenda’s legs. I can tell that she touches Brenda’s pussy briefly. Her eyes are filled with lust. It is now about 3am, and we decide to head back to the room for our fun.
We walk arm and arm into the elevator laughing. The door closes and Brenda says, “I can’t wait to see that cock. I am so fucking horny. ” She leans into me with a hug. Her leg is pressing firmly on my hard cock. She runs a hand up my leg slightly and looks up at me. Our eyes lock, and suddenly we find ourselves kissing passionately. Our hands begin roaming each other’s bodies. I push her into the wall of the elevator, while grabbing her ass.


   She lifts her leg off the floor and locks my legs into her. Our tongues are intertwined in kiss. We find ourselves making out like a couple of horny drunk kids, grinding our pelvises against each other.
The elevator stops at our floor. We make it to our room kissing the whole way down the hall. We make it into the room, the door closes and our kiss becomes more intense. I push Brenda against the wall again. My hand slides down her leg and then up her dress. Brenda doesn’t fight and spreads her legs as she arches her back into the wall. I slide me hand up to find that she is wearing no panties. Her pussy is sopping wet. I stick a finger in her waiting pussy and she lets out a loud moan. “Did Kandi touch your pussy?” I ask as I finger fuck her.
“She did. She stuck her finger all the way in and then back out.

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   I wish I could have tasted her little pussy. ” Next I turn her around to face the wall. I left the dress up and over her head, and she is standing there in only her heels. I push against her ass with my crotch and she pushes back. She leans over her shoulder and begins kissing me. “Your finger has my pussy so wet. Want to taste me?”
I turn her around, and drop to my knees and begin licking her pussy. She moans as I lick her clit. I see her cupping her tits and making her nipples really hard. Brenda lefts her leg over my shoulder to give my tongue deeper access to her pussy. Her pussy tastes amazing. As I stand up, Brenda begins undressing me. As soon as we are both naked, we make our way to the living area. Brenda sees the lingerie, and decides to put it on. She looks incredible.

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   She walks to the blinds and pulls them open. We can see the neighboring hotels behind us. She pushes me down to a chair, and gives me a very sensual lap dance. Our hands roam each other’s bodies.
The blinds are still open, and we decide to leave them that way. Brenda steps out of her sexy little outfit and kisses her way down my chest to my hard cock and starts sucking me. She does it masterfully. She licks my balls, and one by one places them in her mouth. Slowly she runs her tongue up the shaft and puts the head in her mouth.
“I so wanted to suck your cock this morning in the sauna. I am so happy I finally get to. ” She tells me, as she strokes my shaft. She stands up, still stroking my cock. She looks me in the eyes and asks, “So do you wanna fuck your wife’s little sister?”
“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I say.
She walks to the window and leans her tits into the glass.

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   She turns her head over her shoulder and looks at me. “You know you can fuck me like the slut you wish your wife was. ”
I walk up behind her. Feeling my cock against her legs, Brenda spreads her legs, and pushes her ass towards me. Her pussy is exposed and open. I slide my cock up and around her wet hole. Just rubbing my cock against her pussy has my cock covered in Brenda’s juices. I position the head of my dick and start to penetrate her pussy. She pushes against me and my cock slides into her. Her pussy is so warm and so tight. It actually feels a lot like my wife’s. I fuck her so hard from behind. We are both moaning and panting. Brenda then turns around to face me. She places a leg up on a nearby chair.

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   I enter her again. We are fucking each other so hard. “You are the first cock I have had in almost 3 years… oh shit you feel so good. ” Brenda is moaning and then shutters into an explosive orgasm. I continue to fuck her harder and harder. Brenda says, “Yeah fuck that little pussy, I want to feel your cum deep in this pussy. Come on, cum in me baby. Cum in my little pussy. Let me feel you dripping out. Cum for me baby, cum for me. Come on fuck your wife’s sister. ” I am so close, and finally I pull her close and shoot my cum deep inside her. She moans with passion. The look of lust in her eyes is amazing. I just stare into her eyes as my cum squirts inside her.

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   Brenda is panting and rubbing her chest with pleasure. We both lay down in each other’s arms kissing. “Want to go shower?” Brenda asks.
We enter to large walk-in shower together and start freshening up. We start to wash each other, and suddenly we are both aroused again. Next thing I know we are making out one more time. Brenda has her hand on my cock pulling it hard. She whispers, “I want you back in this pussy. I want to feel your cum again. ” We begin to fuck again. Brenda has her leg on the shower seat and I am pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. After a while of fucking, Brenda is cumming once again. This pushes me over the edge and I shoot my load once again inside her pussy. This time when I pull out of her she starts to suck all the cum she can off my cock. She even lets some of the cum dripping from her pussy land on her fingers and swallows that.

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   We finish our shower and head to bed together.
The next morning, we are pretty quiet and don’t say much. We both know we crossed a line we never intended to cross. We make some small talk as we pack up our stuff and check out of the hotel. Along the drive we decide to talk about the night, and we decide it will be our little secret. Neither of us want to hurt my wife or ruin our relationships. We talk about the fun we had and decide that a night like that will only happen once in a long time. To seal the deal Brenda gives me a blowjob as I drive us home. She swallows my cum and tells me she had a great time this weekend. I am not sure where this will lead in the future, but for now it is amazing.



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