Weekend Experiments part 2


Topic: Trying things out Weekend Experiments
Part 2
  All that day I kept looking for ways to go and be by myself so I could relieve this erection that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. After dinner I grabbed some toilet paper and headed down the path towards the lake, looking up the path to make sure that Steve didn’t follow me. I then dropped my shorts down and began to masturbate while looking across the water.
     I was soon interrupted by a voice behind me and as I hurried to get dressed, he laughed and said “don’t mind me I just came to join in”. I turned around to see Steve with his shorts down around his ankles and stroking his long and thin penis which bent to the left slightly. He said “don’t let me interrupt you”, and after thinking it over I decided getting satisfied was more important than being embarrassed.   Besides we have joked around about jerking off at magazines and other girls many times in our past, so I strangely I felt comfortable enough to continue where I had left off.
  I turned back to face the water again and resumed activities, but to my amazement I went soft. The thought of someone watching was too much stress for me. As I was about to pull up my shorts and call it a day I felt something hard and warm press into my ass, then between my legs. Steve was now holding my cock in his hand and without saying a word, started stroking me. The feeling was great and I immediately became hard again, he then whispered to me “what do you think”. I turned and asked him if he thought this is something we should be doing, he replied “only if it was kept between us as friends and never to be spoken of outside of the camp”. I agreed “this was just experimenting with what we had seen earlier and how it felt”.
  He smiled and nodded in agreement and turned me to face away from him, as I did he resumed placing his penis between my legs and stroking me again.

As he played with my cock and balls I got undressed and spread my legs wide so as to give him an unobstructed feel.

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   His hips starting moving in a slow and steady motion and I could feel his warm member rubbing between my legs and soon the pace began faster and harder. I thought that my balls were going to wind up in my stomach they were so tight and pulsating as his hand gripped tighter, I soon decided to have some fun of my own and reached between my legs with one hand and grabbed his now pre-cum soaked dick and started rubbing the bottom and tugging his balls. Steve then started thrusting his hips forward faster and faster, pounding me with all his might.
    I bent forward and placed my hand between my legs; his dick was forced up between my legs, against my crotch and was now thrusting into the back of my balls. I could hear his moaning getting louder and his hand now moving faster over my dick until he pushed into me as far as he could with all his power and held still, then he let out a low sounding moan that sounded like a wild animal call. I could feel all his juices pounding into the back of my balls and running down my leg. I closed my legs together tight squeezing his dick in my cheeks and I felt his body quiver one more time. As he stepped backwards and lay back in the grass, I turned and saw him lying there lifeless panting hard and sperm dripping from his semi-erect penis. I turned and jokingly asked “why am I the only one who didn’t get off today”.
      As I lay down beside him in the grass looking up at the sky, I started to instinctively play with myself. Suddenly I felt Steve’s warm hand rubbing my balls and stroking me again. After a few quick strokes I was hard and he rolled onto me like he was about to screw one of his girlfriends. As he rubbed up and down on me, I started to enjoy the feeling and pulled him up close so that our dicks were rubbing together tightly against our stomachs.
  He knew what I was thinking and forced his body down on mine and began humping me like had a pussy, as he did it felt so great that I came within minutes all over his belly. The cum made a lube between us that felt so awesome.

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   He could now move up and down on me more easily than before and he started to go faster and faster. I reached down and grabbed his ass, pulling him in tighter to me and when I did it sent him into another one of his nature calls and he shot a load right into both our faces and on our stomachs. He fell on to me and closed his eyes while letting out another a low moan.
    In the heat of all the shooting I caught some of his juice in my mouth and it tasted rather strange, salty yet sweet and really not so bad. Feeling still horny I rolled Steve off me and onto his stomach. I told him that “I just wanted to be on top this time” and with that I spread his legs so that I could now see this puckered pink hole looking right at me. He then blurted out “just do as I did and do not go in for the hole”. I laughed and agreed as I rubbed the juices which were spewed all over my stomach, between his legs for lubrication.
    I then positioned myself on top and forced his legs closed around my dick and placed my legs on the outside, as I began to slowly pump his tight ass. It felt so good that I went slow and steady at first, as I thrust into him I could see that he was pushing up to meet me. I started to go really fast and got so carried away that when I started to orgasm I lost all control and stabbed directly into his ass where I laid with just my head poking into his sphincter, my load went into his ass and was bubbling out around my dick. Steve let out such a scream that I jumped off and stepped back.
  He screamed “You asshole, I think you ripped my ass apart”. As we both stared at his ass, I could see little gobs of white liquid drip out.

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