Victoria meets her online lover


Victoria meets her online lover
As I drove up to the motel that Victoria and I had arranged to meet at, I thought back to the time, that I had first met her.
We’d met online at a poker room and straight away we seemed to hit it off together.
It wasn’t long before we exchanged e-mail addresses and were soon chatting away like long lost soul mates.
We soon found out that each was married, but that didn’t stop us from chatting, after all, we were just friends, right?
At first we were just friends, but that started to change very quickly.
I had sent Victoria one of my stories that I had written, forgetting completely to check if there were any nude pictures of myself in the story.
I had two sets of stories on my computer, one with pictures and one without pictures.
As it’d turned out, I’d sent the one with pictures to Victoria by mistake.
Not that she complained at all.
In fact, Victoria seemed quite taken with my picture.
A few days went by, and our fascination with each other grew quickly.
I wanted to see much more of this wonderful lady that I’d met online.
It soon became quite clear that Victoria too, wanted to meet with me.
After a couple of weeks of chatting online, Victoria admitted that she was slowing falling in love with me.
I too had to admit that I was falling for this lovely lady as well.
Because of her job, Victoria moved around the country a lot and was coming up my way in a few months time.
I was very excited by the news, even though it wouldn’t be for some time yet, the mere fact that I was going to meet this very beautiful young lady, sent shivers right through my body.

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Victoria had agreed to send me a couple of nude pictures of her self and I could barely wait to see them.
As we chatted online, we found to our amazement, that we had a hell of a lot in common with each other.
It was really turning out to be a pleasure talking with Victoria.
She soon became the highlight of my day and evening.
I never gave up the chance to see her when we were both online together.
Because we were both married, we both had to watch out for our spouse, otherwise, they’d catch us chatting and then there’d be hell to pay.
We both had a couple of close calls, but managed to keep things hidden from our partners.
Even in bed with my wife, my mind was filled with our latest conversations online.
No one had ever turned me on so much as she was able to do just by chatting.
While she was indeed very beautiful, it was not just her beauty that turned me on, no, it was much more than that.
It was as though she needed someone to tell her that she was still very much a beautiful woman, a desirable woman.
Of course I had no trouble telling her that, because to be quite frank, she was one of the most desirable women, I’d ever met in my life.
But to my keen senses, I knew that deep down, something was troubling her deeply.
It took a couple of weeks before Victoria told me what was troubling her.
It seems that her husband was Bi-sexual.

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Victoria then described how she felt when she found out about it.
Victoria had found out only 9 months ago that he was Bi-sexual and it’d nearly floored her.
How could she have not known about his Bi-sexuality ages ago!
Victoria had always thought of herself as a smart enough woman fairly wise to the ways of men, but this threw her completely.
Then, she started to think about giving him a headjob and she wondered where his cock had been before he came home.
Now she knew why he liked anal so much.
Victoria too, loved anal, but was disgusted with the thought of his cock in a guys arse before coming home to have anal with her.
She’d washed herself that night in the shower but could not for the life of her, wash away the hurt and disgust that she felt inside her.
Victoria then told me that she never gave him a headjob after that and made him wear a condom whenever she had to give him sex.
But for nine painful months, she kept her secret to herself, apart from one other person, too ashamed to confide in anyone else she knew.
The one person, she did confide in was her elderly next door neighbor, Elsie, whom she loved as a mother.
Victoria told me that she had even shown a couple of nude pictures of my erection that I’d sent her to Elsie and that Elsie had told her to dump her husband and marry me.
I didn’t mind in the least as I’d given nude shots of myself to many women in the past.
Victoria said that once her shameful secret was known to me, she’d felt better getting it off her chest.
I told Victoria that on no account was she to blame herself for what’d happened; it wasn’t her fault that he was Bi-sexual.
I did fully understand where she’d been coming from, not that it’d happened to me, but from the fact of finding out my 2nd wife had been playing around on me with another guy.

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It wasn’t as bad as what’d happened to Victoria of course, but the hurt and the mistrust and betrayal would have been the same reaction.
It’d only made me want to take Victoria in my arms and hold her safe against anyone or anything that could ever hurt her again.
I too, had been hurt in the past, and didn’t want Victoria to have to go through any more hurt.
As I walked towards the room Victoria had booked for our first meeting, I again had faint stirrings of worry about what she’d think of the real me.
Until this moment, all she’d ever seen were pictures of me, now she’d be meeting the real me.
At the back of my mind, I did wonder if she would be even slightly disappointed in what she saw when she opened the door.
I had brought this to Victoria’s attention before today, and she’d been a little cross with me for even thinking it.
But, it was human nature to wonder if you were ever good enough for the woman you’d fallen for.
Knowing that there was only one way of finding out, I knocked on the door.
It opened almost instantly.
It was as though Victoria had been standing on the other side of the door waiting for me to knock.
There before me, stood a woman even more beautiful than her picture had lead me to believe.
I stood there for a few seconds, drinking in her beauty.
Victoria stood there on the other side of the doorway waiting for me to say or do something.
I broke myself from the spell she’d thrown over me and grinned.

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Still without a word being spoken, I stepped over the doorway and into the arms of one of the most beautiful ladies I’d ever met.
Victoria hugged me as tightly as I hugged her.
I couldn’t believe that at long last, I now held that sweet and lovely woman in my arms.
I could feel her body heat mixing with mine as we hugged, and I felt my cock start to respond. It was as though my cock knew what was in store for it.
I surely did.
Still holding each other, we looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.
“Hi there” I told her, grinning like a school kid.
“Hi there yourself my lovely man. ” Victoria replied with a smile that seemed to come from heaven.
I leaned forward and felt the warmth of her breath as our mouths drew nearer and felt my lips press against hers.
I’d dreamt of this minute for months now and finally, the moment had arrived.
I felt Victoria’s mouth part slowly and she allowed my tongue to enter its wetness and warmth.
As ours tongues danced the dance of love inside each other’s mouths, I couldn’t resist copping a feel of her arse.
Using both hands, I at first lightly traced the smooth outline of her cheeks, and then I gripped her firmly by the cheeks and pulled her crotch against my own.

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God how I wanted this woman, in more ways than one.
Her nipples were pressing against my shirt and I couldn’t wait to feel them naked against my own flesh.
Victoria slowly withdrew from our embrace.
“I think we’d better close the door, or we’ll finish up giving the neighbors a free show. ” She said with a smile, going around me and closing the door.
She then stepped back into my waiting arms before saying, “God, Brian. You don’t know how I’ve longed for this day to arrive. ”
“I think that I have an idea, Victoria. ” I replied gently kissing her on the lips once more.
Again, we kissed tenderly and passionately, our tongues darting and withdrawing inside each other’s mouths.
Again, I let my hands wander across Victoria’s very cute backside as we kissed.
I lightly ran the finger’s of my right hand down the groove between her cheeks, knowing that in a very short space of time, I’d be enjoying the delights of her body and much more.
I felt Victoria’s entire body slightly shiver in response to my touching her backside through her dress.
I loved the response I was getting from this beautiful woman.
Gone were the fleeting thoughts of was I good enough for her or not.

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I knew for a fact that I was more than good enough for her.
In fact we seemed so right together, that we had both thought aloud at different times, that we were in fact soul mates.
“Shall we have a drink, Brian?” she asked with a smile.
“Yes please. ” I replied with a smile of my own.
Victoria poured two drinks and we sat on the lounge exchanging small talk while we had our drinks.
I looked at this beautiful woman that I’d met purely by accident online and again wondered how come I’d been so lucky.
I would not have dreamt in a million years of being with someone that was this beautiful and smart to boot.
“Well Brian, where’s this shower you promised me. ” Victoria asked smiling as she sat her glass down on the coffee table in front of us.
“Oh, I’m dam sure we can soon find it, Victoria. ” I replied with a smile of my own, sitting my own glass down beside hers.
We stood and I held out my hand for her to take.
We soon found the shower and I stood there looking at her for a second or two, knowing that at long last, I was about to finally see Victoria fully naked.
“Here, Let me.

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  ” Victoria said as I started to undo my shirt.
I removed my fingers from the buttons and allowed Victoria to undo my shirt for me.
She hung the shirt on the door knob and then she lowered herself to her knees in front of me and took hold of my belt.
As she undid my belt, Victoria looked up at me with a smile.
I looked deep into her eyes and saw love staring back at me.
I’d been scared to show true love to a woman ever since I’d been badly hurt in the love game, but with Victoria, I didn’t feel the need to be frightened of her.
I knew that she wouldn’t desert me for another man like my 2nd wife had done.
I reached down with my hand and lightly stroked her on the side of the face.
Victoria turned her face towards my hand and kissed it.
Then, she got back to the job in hand.
She slowly undid the zipper on my trousers and allowed my pants to fall at my feet.
I stepped out of them and stood there in just my underpants.
Then she gripped my underpants and slowly lowered them to my feet also.
Again, I stepped out of them and now stood totally naked in front of Victoria.
Victoria said “What’s this?” as she reached forward and took hold of my semi-erect cock.

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“Now that is what I’ve been waiting to see for a long time. ” She said with a laugh.
I grinned as she leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock.
“I bet it tastes as good as it looks. ” Victoria said with a smile, before leaning forward and placing her lips around the head of my cock.
The warmth of her mouth closed around the top part of my cock and then, slowly, she began to push her mouth further and further along its thickening length.
Not too many women were able to take its full length inside their mouths, but Victoria didn’t seem to have much trouble doing so.
I felt her nose touch my pubes as she continued to suck me off.
I knew that I wasn’t going to last long inside that warm, moist mouth of hers and while I would of liked to have lasted longer, also knew that the 2nd time round, I would last much longer.
I knew also from our chats that Victoria was not one of these women who hated sperm inside their mouths.
I’d not met too many women in my travels who also didn’t mind swallowing sperm.
I was pleased that Victoria was one who didn’t mind swallowing.
My own wife would not take my sperm inside her mouth, let alone swallow it.
I felt Victoria’s fingers lightly begin to tease my balls as she fucked her mouth along my cock.
Then she reached a little further under my balls and I felt her begin to tease my anus.

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Again, not too many women liked playing with a guy’s anus.
Slowly and carefully so’s not to cause me any discomfit, Victoria began to push her fingertip just inside my anus.
That was more than enough along with her hot, wet mouth fucking my cock to send me over the edge.
I felt my hot sperm start to empty into Victoria’s mouth.
“Mmmm” Victoria mumbled around the shaft of my cock, as she sucked every last drop of my cum inside her mouth.
My cock softened inside her mouth and Victoria removed her finger from my anus and removed her mouth from my cock.
“Now that was nice. ” Victoria said with a grin.
“Sure was darl. ” I replied with a big grin on my face.
Victoria then stood back up and I knew it was my turn to give this beautiful woman pleasure with my mouth.
I picked up my trousers and underpants and hung them along with my shirt.
It wouldn’t do to have them too messed up as I had to meet my wife afterwards.
I’d arranged it this way, so that she wouldn’t be suss about me being dressed up in my good clothes and with wet hair.
She’d just think that I’d not long got out of the shower to meet with her.

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Which would be true, except that I was going to be hopping out of the shower with Victoria first.
I kissed Victoria on the lips tenderly at first, then with increasing passion.
Our tongues joined forces inside her mouth as we hugged tightly to one another.
I felt the faint stirrings of another erection coming, but wanted to pleasure Victoria with my mouth first.
We kissed for a few minutes before I slowly pulled away from her lips.
Then I turned her with my hands so that she was now standing with her back to me.
I reached up with my fingers and took hold of the zipper at the top of her dress.
As I lowered the zipper, I saw the straps of her bra come into view along with smooth bare flesh.
I leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the back.
Then,          I helped Victoria from her dress and she stood before me in just her bra and panties, which I saw with pleasure was a G-string.
I reached up and undid her bra strap, allowing her beautiful breasts to escape into the fresh air.
Then, Victoria turned herself towards me, allowing me to view her lovely breasts for the very first time.
I reached forward with my fingertips and ran them over her twin globes.
I wanted them in my mouth so badly, but first I wanted to see this lovely lady totally naked.
I then sank to my knees in front of her, the same as she’d done to me.


Hooking my fingers either side of her G-string, I slowly lowered them to her feet.
Victoria stepped out of them and now I had a totally unrestrained view of her body.
I stared at her nakedness in pleasure; I felt like a kid in a candy store.
As I’d once told her while online, she was indeed an angel.
Victoria knew from our chats, that I loved women without hair around their vaginas.
It would not have bothered me greatly had she had hair down there, but this was a bonus.
I’d always loved the feel of smooth flesh under my tongue as I made oral love to a woman, also I didn’t have to go to the dentist for a haircut.

    I placed both hands on her hips and leaned forward and kissed her belly button.
    I felt Victoria’s body shake slightly in pleasure as she felt the tip of my tongue starting to descend towards her vagina.
    We had made love many different ways together in my stories and while we were having cyber sex, so Victoria had a good idea as to what was coming next.
    I could smell her heavenly vaginal scent the closer I got towards her vagina.
    I knew I was in for a treat.
    My tongue guided over her smooth flesh, until I felt the slight protrusion of her pelvic bone under my tongue.
    A few more seconds and I would taste her juices, the one thing I’d be waiting to do for many months.
    I felt her outer lips with the tip of my tongue and signed silently with pleasure.

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    I ran the tip of my tongue all over her smooth flesh, not yet wanting to plunge my tongue deep inside her.
    Not only was I teasing Victoria, but wanted to tease myself as well.
    This was a golden moment for me and I wanted it to last for as long as it could.
    I reached between her thighs and lightly teased her anus with my finger.
    Victoria gave out a low moan of pleasure and placed both of her hands on top of my head.
    Then, I guided the tip of my tongue towards her swollen, erect clitoris and just gave it the briefest flick with the tip of my tongue.
    Victoria moaned softly with pleasure above me and I felt her hands grip my hair.
    But again, I didn’t want to go straight for her vagina, I wanted her to be half begging me to touch her vagina with my mouth.
    So I instead moved my tongue slightly to the left and ran the tip of it down the groove on the inside of her thigh, close to but not quite touching her outer flesh of her vagina.
    I did the same to the right hand side of her crotch.
    I felt Victoria’s hands trying to guild my mouth towards her vagina, but still I was not ready to obey.
    I moved my face completely away from her crotch and placed the palms of my hands either side of her hips and then slowly moved them down her thighs.
    My fingertips were soft against her warm flesh, but I made sure that while it was caressing her flesh, it actually wasn’t ticking her.
    I ran my fingers down the outsides of her legs, and then I moved them around until they were now on the inside of her ankles.
    Slowly I began to guild my fingers back up her flesh, enjoying the feel of her beautiful skin beneath my fingers.

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    My fingers moved slowly towards her beautifully bald vagina and I let them brush either side of her lips.
    Then I ran the tips of my fingers gently over her smooth vaginal lips, causing a low moan of pleasure or frustration from Victoria.
    Then I lightly ran the tip of one finger down the soft, wet groove of her vagina.
    I then angled my finger upwards and slowly began to ease my thick finger up inside of her.
    At the same time, I lowered my mouth to her throbbing clitoris.
    I took her erect clitoris inside my mouth and teased it with my tongue; causing Victoria’s already very moist vagina to become even wetter, if that was at all possible.
    Her tight vaginal walls parted before my probing finger.
    The warmth and wetness of her vagina closed around my finger as I plunged it as deep as I could inside her.
    Victoria was now humping my finger as if it were a smaller version of my cock.
    As I pulled it back out of her I then slowly eased two of my thick fingers inside of here.
    The thickness of two of my fingers was the same width as my cock.
    I made sure that as I finger fucked her, I lapped up some of her love juices that were flowing out of her.
    Her juices tasted like pure nectar to me.
    Victoria’s thighs were shaking quite badly as she neared her orgasm.
    Her fists were now tightly holding onto my hair.

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    I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping and releasing my fingers within her and now wished that it was my cock buried deep inside of her.
    I wanted to feel that hot throbbing mass of female flesh around my thick cock.
    I couldn’t wait anymore.
    I withdrew my fingers from her and pulled my mouth away from her crotch.
    I stood up and said, “I want and need you now lover. ”
    I turned her around towards the bath and bent her over so that she was gripping the sides of the bath, allowing me the view of the most perfect arse I’d ever seen.
    I moved in behind her and gripped my throbbing cock in my fist.
    I guided it towards her waiting vagina.
    I placed the head of my cock at the very moist entrance to her vagina and slowly started to penetrate her wetness.
    I gripped her hips in my hands and plunged myself fully into her.
    I didn’t want to hurt her, but the need to empty my hot seed into her womb was far greater than I could cope with right then.
    My strokes were forceful as I plunged myself as deep inside her as my thick cock would go.
    I knew I wouldn’t last long but right then all I wanted to do was to plow myself as deep inside her as I could.
    Passion and lust had become one.
    Victoria seemed to sense my need as she too was pushing herself backwards to meet my incoming thrusts.

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    True, while I’d made love and had had sex with many women in my pass, this beautiful lady surely surpassed them all, in everyway possible.
    Her tight vaginal muscles were gripping and releasing their grip on my thick shaft, almost as though it was her 2nd mouth.
    I could hear Victoria groaning and grunting as I fairly rammed myself into her.
    I hoped that she too was very close to having her orgasm as I was just about to cum myself.
    Gone now was the first bout of love and tenderness, only to be re-placed by pure animal instinct to mate.
    I felt the first stream of hot cum shoot inside Victoria’s beautiful vagina and that also seemed to trigger Victoria’s own orgasm.
    I felt her hot juices coating my entire shaft as I emptied myself into her.
    I was in heaven.
    Nothing before this could even closely come close to being called “love making”.
    This was both animal lust and passion mixed together as one.
    It was the most intense feeling I’d ever felt.
    Maybe this is what true love was supposed to feel like.
    All I knew was that no other woman had affected me both sexually nor emotionally as this woman had.
    As our animal passions began to cool, I leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the bare flesh of her back.
    Somehow, this woman seemed so right for me.

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    I didn’t want to become one again.
    Being joined together like this was the closeness we could ever be.
    There is no other better feeling than being joined together sexually with the woman you love.
    It felt as though I’d invaded Victoria’s very soul, not just her vagina, and she’d accepted me without question.
    The whole thing was a truly remarkable feeling to experience.
    However, no matter how hard I wanted to stay within her, my cock, only being human, shrank and slipped out of her and I watched as some of our mixed love juices seeped out of her.
    Victoria turned towards me with a big grin on her face as she said, “Wow, we both needed that”
    “Sure did, my darling. ” I replied with my own grin as we sank into each other’s arms and embraced.
    Our lips met with tenderness as we cooled down from our animal passion of a few minutes before.
    “I think we’d better have a shower, my lover. ” Victoria said, breaking our kiss.
    “Yes, you’re right, darl. ” I replied turning towards the shower stall.
    I turned the water on and as I adjusted the water, Victoria leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me and lightly kissed my back.
    It felt as though I was being wrapped in a blanket of love.

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    I truly loved the feeling.
    We entered the shower and as Victoria washed herself, I moved in behind her and wrapped my arms around her, hoping she’d feel the love that I felt towards her in my embrace as I’d felt from hers.
    Because we were both married, we both knew there would be some problems we’d have to sort out as our relationship grew.
    But both of us knew deep down that we were meant for each other, not the partners we’d finished up with.
    So those problems would be solved in their own good time and then, one day, we would be together, both in the flesh and emotionally.
                                End of part one…part two coming soon Hope you enjoyed Storyteller




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