Vicky's Visit IV


When Vicky jumped on top of me My hands by reflex, grabbed her butt. I now had my hands full of the bare buttocks of my wife's sister, with my throbbing cock shaft nesteled between her cunt lips. The long T-shirt she was wearing was above her waist and my head was swimming from the sensation of her skin next to mine, with our most sensitive parts making firm contact. She would jump every time the thunder boomed causing her pussy to rub my shaft sending tingeling lightening of my own to invade my senses. Now her pussy was heating up more and starting to lubricate increasing my arousal. "No, I thought, This isn't right!" but my cock was saying different. I had to find out what was in her mind. "Uh, Vicky honey, I said. We have a problem here"
"I know, she sighed. But you feel so good Phil. " So do you baby, I replied, But, we shouldn't be like this. " "I don't care,  she replied. I've always wanted to be with you like this since I came here, and nows our chance. " With that she raised up and pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it away.

I gasped when I saw her firm young breasts exposed and at the feel of her hard nippels  as she she lay down on my chest. And began kissing and nipping at my neck.

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   Again she raised up and put her hot slick pussy lips on my cock and began sliding back and forth. I was quickly past the point of no return now. I was amazed at her hip action as she did this. She would slide down my shaft and on the return, She would flick her hips and catch the head of my cock in her pussy lips and roll it around causing us both to groan out our pleasure.
OHHHHH, GODDDDDDD! she wailled. I'm Gonnnna CUMMMMM!! When she spasmed she locked her mouth to mine in a hot thrashing tounge kiss as I felt her pussy spasm and coat my cock with her necter. She broke the kiss and said: "You didn't get to cum poor baby!" And with that turned around, and took my cock in her soft hand and placed her lucious satiny lips on the head and running her tongue around the rim with a feather touch. "Oh, baby. I gasped as she sank down on my cock driving me crazy with her tongue while her teeth gently grazed my corona as she gently bobbed up and down.
As if this weren't enough, I looked up and there was her teenage cunt just inches from my lips. The storm had abated and a bright moon illuminated the bed room and  the soft luminance gave me a perfect view of it. Her swollen labia between her sexy little ass  cheeks pouted out thru a light patch of dark hair. With a tight glistening pink slit testifying to her excitement. Her inner lips just barely peeped out. I raised my head up and her sweet young cunt scent filled my nostrils.

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   I immediately covered her tight little pussy with my mouth, and laved her heated little quim for all I was worth, sucking an nibbeling her inner lips and flicking my tongue over her hard tasty clit. I loved the tangy sweet taste of her juices as she began to really lubricate now. MMMMMMFFFFF,MMMMFFFF, she moaned around my cock as she continued thrilling me with the ministrations of her oral assualt, which had my mind reeling.    Suddenly my balls began to boil and I moaned: "Vicky, Oh, vicky baby, I'm Gonnna CUMMMMMMM!" YES, Yes, She shouted. ME TOOOOO!!!!
Her sweet pussy juice was running down her inner thighs as I again buried my face in her twat licking slowly as she moaned and spasmed. She took about two  squirts of my jism before she removed her lips and jacked me rapidly using my sperm as a lubricant. Then using her tongue to clean up the rest from my mannhood. She had left me gasping, and I was surprized at the skill she had used to do it. She came back to my side and lay with her head on my chest as we both caught our breath. "That was wonderful Phil", she said". "Yes, it was baby, I am impressed with your sex knowledge, I said. " "Oh, me and a couple of boy friends would fool around like that just to get a good cum for stress relife,  but thats all she said. "
"You are still a virgin at 19 I asked?" Yes, she replied. I made up my mind that when the time came I would lose it to a loving considerate man like you Phil, Someone whom I loved and who loved me enough to make it special. " Would you take me Phil I want your firm hard cock in me, not some boys little whacker, she giggeled.

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   There it was, she had offered herself. "And don't worry, I am on the pill" she said. "Baby, I said let me sleep on this tonight. " We have already enjoyed some forbidden fruit which we must keep from Sharon and I'm not sure how I feel about all this yet. "O. K. she said. "But hold me, I want to be in your arms. . . . She said. " she came against me with her firm little ass against my belly and my arm over her cupping one of her firm.