Vicky's Visit III


After Sharon had left to pick up Vicky, I pulled on my swim trunks, poured myself a good shot of bourbon, and went out to the swimming pool. Setting up my laptop I proceeded to checkout the reports of my managers. It had taken time and work, but I had established a lucritive locksmithing chain that now covered three states. After seeing that all was going well, I stretched out on the chaise lounge to enjoy my drink and thought of the last time I had seen Vicky. she was 18 then and was already blossoming into a lovely lady.  She had a bubbleing personality, and she and Sharon were very close. I told Sharon then she would be knock down gorgeous someday.
I had almost dozed off when my wife's mustang convertible pulled into the driveway. I rose and walked over to the garage. they were already giggleing and chatting merrily as I approached. "Phil!" I heard a sweet voice squeal. There she was. now  19 years old.  She was about 5'4" short dark brown hair that curled around her angelic face. she was clad in a tight blue sleeveless top that accentuated her firm round perky breasts, big brown  eyes, and  full cupids bow lips with a beauty mark at the right corner of her mouth.   A magnificent tan, well curved hips and shapely legs.

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    I paused taking in the sight. Before I knew it, she had jumped into my arms wrapping those firm legs around my waist and hugging my neck. I had to put my hands on her tight little butt to keep from falling forward as she planted a firm kiss on my lips. I said, " Welcome honey it's good to see you again".   "Isn't she a doll?" sharon asked. . . . . "Yes, Quite!" I said. They preceeded me as I carried Vicky's luggage to the house. I appreciated the view of my wife's and her sister's tight shorts that complimented their sexy little asses.
"Let's have a swim Vicky!" Sharon said, "That's a great idea! Vicky said. " You ladies go ahead, I'm going to relax and catch up on my newspaper" I replied. returning to my chaise lounge I proceeded to sip my drink and read the paper.

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   They came out shortly, and what a sight I beheld. They were clad in matching bikinis that left little to the imagination except for color. Vicky's was a hot pink the top just barely covering her breasts. the bottom was cut high and was joined by wooden rings that exposed a generous portion of her hips and thighs. I thought, " I'm damn glad now that I bought the adjoining acreage around our home or there would be more binoculars focused here than in the U. S. Navy".  Sharons' was a chartruse and just as sexy.  They dove into the pool and froliced around for about 45 minutes. I would glance over occasionally and I found that the thin material showed off their lovely tits, their nippels jutted out from the coolness of the air and when they climbed out to dive off the board the fabric clung to their lovely little asses.
I wrote it off to my male hormones, but I thought I could see the lips of their labias pouting out before they made their dive into the pool.   It wasn't long before I had an erection that almost hurt. "Phil honey, come on in. " Sharon said. I didn't want the girls to see my boner.

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   What would they think??? I made an excuse to go into the house holding my paper so that they wouldn't see my hard cock.   I poured another drink and watched them get out and dry off admireing their frim sexy bodies as they stretched and toweled off. Sharon came in to get them some iced tea to enjoy with the sunshine. " I'm glad to see you both enjoying yourselves" I said to her. " Oh honey its just wonerful having her here for all summer!" Sharon exclaimed as she walked out tothe pool. That it is, I thought and baby you are in for a session.