Unforgettable days with my best, close friend


Topic: Unforgettable days with my best and close friendHi, this is santhosh (25 yrs) in chennai and I want to tell my sex experience with my friend. Her name is Subha. I met her during my college days. She is a girl with normal height, fair in color, with sexy boobs and butts, which makes me crazy always. I did not talk to her for 2 yrs. From 3rd yr I started talking to her when we went on tour to Ooty. She thought that I am a nice guy. We were very close after that tour and became close friends. I used to go to her house and talk to their parents, group studies etc. I learnt that she is very possessive. When I talk to some other girls she go very crazy and used to fight with me. Later i learnt that she does not anything about sex when I asked her accidentally. I asked her whether I can explain her and she said no. I just left it then. But I always had the lust in my mind. One day I asked her to come out to go for a movie.


   She said ok and came out with me. She was wearing blue jean and white tight tshirt. I never thought that she wore such a tight tshirt. Her round boobs shape was clearly seen, When we are going in the bus, lots of guys were looking at her only. We booked tickets and roam around before the movie is started. I never touched her before. When we were walking in steps, she slipped a bit. I hold her by one arm with my fingers on her boobs. I felt the boob press. It is so soft. But she did not think of anything bad about me. Then we went to movie. I did not look at the screen, but watching her boobs. She is so busy in watching the movie. My cock was in full tension and wanted to come out.

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   I kept watching it and started rubbing my cock. We were doing shoulder touching when we comment about the movie. I feel excited whenever she touched me. One time, I just hold her fingers tight and continue watching movie. Her hand was so smooth, and she said nothing. Instead she hold tight too. My cock was in full temper and in sexy mood to kiss her. But controlled myself. Then I just pulled her hand towards me and she placed her head in my shoulder. I felt good. I thought of putting my hands around her neck. But controlled myself. I just enjoyed her company and really wanted to fuck her. When in final semester, we had our project and we two did same project. She came to native and stayed in myhome, as we were doing a project in a company over there.

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   We are pretty much close to me, and my mom washappy about it. She used to sleep in my mom's room and myself in my room. One day no one was there at home in the afternoon. They went out for a wedding function. She was sleeping badly and I was watching porn movie in my computer. I was pretty much excited and just went to see her. She was in deep sleep. She was wearing chudithar and sleeping sideways. To my luck, her boobs are exposed more than half through her chudi neck. It was good that she was wearing low neck chudi. I immediately took my digi cam and took photos of her and her boobs without flash. I took nearly 100 photos from long to close up shots. Then I took my cock out and started masturbating infront of her. She was in deep sleep. I cummed and went to bathroom and came back.


   I thought of touching her boobs, but controlled. What a boobs she has!. I slowly opened her bag full of clothes. I saw some napkins, bra and panties. I took one panty and smelled and kept it with me. Then I came out and downloaded the photos to my computer and saved with password. I even posted some of the photos to net (covering her face) and got nice comments.
Another day, my parents went to another wedding in a nearby town. They said that they will come next day morning. We could not go as we did not get permission from the company and they are strict in attendance. We went to the company and came home by 4 pm. I started talking to her about boys, whether she sight anyone or crush on anyone. I said that I like some girls, who are so beautiful in the college. Then she asked whether she is not beautiful. I said that she is also beautiful and said that she is my friend and how I could I sight her.

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   She could not say anything and smiled. We then starting watching tv in a sofa. She was sitting close to me. I simply pinched her hand. She pinched me back and we started playing by hitting each other. I hold her two hands and said that I will bite her hands if she hit me. She hit me again and I bite her hands so light. She said that she will bite my mouth. I was surprised and said that ok and bite her hand again. She pulled me and bite my lips. I was shocked and at the same time enjoyed. I said that I will bite her mouth too. She said that it is not possible. I pulled and hold her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She said nothing.

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   I then started kissing her neck, as I was in full mood. I nevery thought that I will get this oppurtunity. She asked what I am doing. I said that nothing, just telling how much I love my friend in my own way. I told her to show me how much she luves me. She said lot, I told her to show in my way. She hugged me tight and gave me a kiss in my cheeks. I then kissed back her all over the face, neck.
I removed her duppata and took her in my arms and started walking inside my house. I kept telling that she is best friend and I like her very much. She liked that and did not say anything when I carried her. She was just enjoying. I said that I want to sleep in her lap for sometime. She said ok and kept my head on her lap. Wow what a view.

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   Her huge boobs are above myhead. I was so horny and controlling my hands touching the melons. I turned around and kept my face in between her legs near her pussy. I can smell something good, so kept my face over there for sometime. She just combing my hair and watching tv. I then kissed on her stomach so tight and pressing her hip. She said that it is paining and stop doing it and kept doing it. She bent to take something and at that time, her boobs completely pressed in my face. It was so soft and I thought of sucking it like a baby drinking milk.
I then asked whether she wants to sleep on my lap. She said ok and kept her head in my lap. I started caressing hep cheeks, slowly her lips and put one finger in her mouth. I felt the saliva and she suddenly bite my finger. I took it outside and started sucking it. She said sorry and took the finger from my mouth and keep in her mouth and sucked it like a cock.

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   I kept one hand in her stomach and pressing it. I thought that she will mood while doing it. But no sex expression so far.   I just lifted her head up and keep her mouth near my mouth. I said that I uv you and gave her a deep kiss, by sucking her upper lips. She did not do anything. I asked her whether she can suck my lower lips at the same time when I suck her upper lips.
She said ok and sucked my lips very hard. I simply enjoyed it and we were kissing for nearly 18 min. At the same time, I was touching her all the body, touching her boobs too but did not press it. I was waiting for her to moan. I started kissing hard and put a hard lock around her. I was in peak and started pressing her boobs badly. She could not go out of my hold as I was hugging her tight. I felt the softness of her boobs and slightly started to moan.

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  . . mmmmm. she hugged me tight and her boobs were pressing against my chest. After checking that she is in mood. I took her in my arms and went to bedroom. I put her in the bed and jumped on her. Holding her tight I kissed her everywhere. I asked her how it is. She said that she is feeling something different. I asked whether she want to feel more. She said yes. I then turned her around and unhook her chudi pins. Loosened her bra and I took one of her boobs out and started sucking it without even looking at her. What a round cute milky boobs.


   She started moaning more . . ahhhhhh. I did not stop it. I want her to reach the peak. I tear off her bra and took the boobies out and pressing one and sucking one.
She is now completely in my control and I can see itin her eyes. I slowly moved down to reach the most beautiful part of female body. I untied her pant and slowly removed it. She was wearing pink lingerie and sexy white legs. I started kissing and licking all over the legs. Then I licked her pussy with her panties on. I thought of getting these things on handy cam. I jumped up and took the handy cam and set it in a right position. I slowy removed her panty now and unveiled the beauty.


   Beautiful pussy in the world with nice pubic hairs around it. I started licking her pussy and biting him. Licked her clitoris and she was really excited and kept my head tight in between her legs. I licked for more than half an hour and then i sat on her boobs and showed my cock to her. I told her to open her mouth. She did and I inserted my cock into it and told her to suck it like a lollipop. She started doing it without saying anything. She is a good sucker. She sucked it more than like a lollipop. I came back to her pussy and slowly inserted my finger into it. It was a really tight pussy and can't let my finger in. She moaned badly. uhhhhh ahhhhh. . plz dont do that.


  . etc. . which makes me more excited. I still cant believe that I am having a sex with a close friend who is a beauty. I started fingering fast and ready for the final and enjoyment of sex. Fucking time!
First I thought not to fuck, but I was in very hot mood to put my rod in her hot pussy. I did not mind whether she will become pregnant. I slowly rubbed my cock in her pussy. Starting inserted it in her tight pussy. But it is not really easy. I took some vaseline and put in cock and her pussy. Now I pressed with my full pressure. She started screaming with pain. I did not mind and busy in tearing her pussy.

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   My cock went half way and spread and hold her legs and started fucking her. She screamed aloud and my went in fully and fucked hard. Some blood came out from her pussy. I realized that she lost virginiity. I cleaned it up and inserted my cock again and started fucking her.
I fucked her for 45 min and took my cock out before the cum is out. She also reached peak and had organsm. She was really tired. I took my cam and shoot more of her. Also took lots of photos. I took a bath and came back. Then asked her to go and take bath. She took bath and came nude. I cleaned her up and asked her not to wear anything till morning until my parents come. She did and stayed nude.

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   I asked her how was it. She said it was good and felt bad that she lost her virginity. She said whether she will get pregnant. I said no. I asked her whether our class girls talk about sex or interested in it. Later thaI was surprised when she said all the girls in class (about 20) are interested in sex . Later that night, I was horny again and fucked her again. I kiss her, press her boobs everyday. One position is like sucking boobs like a baby. I asked her to wear saree daily, because I love to see the boobs expose through blouse. One more thing I like is, sucking her boobs like a baby. She open he blouse one side and give it in my mouth and cover my face with her saree. I suck it until I satisfied. Also she masturabate my cock with her hand at the same time. It was a nice experience during those days.


Wait. . I have to tell more about it. I had sex with some of my class girls whom Subha brought for me. Guess what myself and subha got job in same office. We had done all sort of mischief when everybody is there in Office. I will post it in my next post. Keep reading. Have Sex and Have Fun.  



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