Under The Table


Cori stuck her head into Jake's office and asked if he was ready to go to lunch. "Sure am," he said, while jumping up and grabbing his coat. "Where to," he asked, as they hurried towards the elevator. "I'm really tense today," she replied, "how about Under The Table?" He laughed and said, "Tense huh? Sounds good to me!" Talking shop until they entered the restaurant, their tone quickly changed as the hostess asked what type of table they wanted. "We both want girls, "Cori answered without hesitation, "that's okay with you, isn't it Jake?!?" "Fine by me," he answered back while the hostess led them to a quiet corner table and said, "Please enjoy you lunch!"Jake was by now removing his trousers and under shorts, leaving him stark naked below his waist, while Cori hiked up her dress and wriggled out of her panty hose and lace underwear, her naked pussy being clearly visible as she held her dress up and slipped into the large booth, followed immediately by Jake. They both settled into their seats and placed their drink orders. The real unique thing about the Under The Table restaurant was what happened under your table during your meal. Cori spread her legs and waiting patiently for her girl to arrive, until finally feeling soft warm hands and a wet mouth moving up between her splayed legs while the mouth worked it's way up to her pussy and settled on her open vagina. "Mine's here, Jake," she cooed. "Mine too," Jake rejoined, as he felt the tip of his penis being licked by a soft tongue and lips.

Since it opened last year, this had become the hottest place to eat in town! You got your choice of a male or female to suck you under the table while you sat eating dinner or just having a drink. Cori and Jake tried to hit the place at least once a week, while about a month ago they brought their spouses along!!! Cori had recommended to Jake's wife that she try a young girl, and although she had never had a female eat her pussy before, they talked her into it, and watching her cum by having her twat eaten by an eighteen year old girl was the highlight of the evening! Cori and Jake both worked for a large advertising agency, and were always under a lot of pressure to perform, and as Jake liked to say, "Every day it's pull down your jockey's and get out the yard stick!" Being under all that pressure to succeed, it was only natural that they needed a place to uncoil some of that energy, so when ever Cori felt tense or pushed, she could always rely on a good hard orgasm to take off the edge, allowing her to refocus her efforts on the problem at hand! For this reason she was thankful that they had a place they could go to that allowed them to relax and relieve that very basic tension that seemed to be omnipresent between her legs! As long as she could remember she was a masturbater girl and sometimes she would call Jake into her office and have him expose his large penis to her as she masturbated at her desk. Jake would usually just stand there with his erection sticking out so Cori could get and eyeful while she frigged her slit, but once in a while though, he would let her suck the big pecker until it came in her mouth! Now, however, she felt the need to be eaten out, and this was the best place to get it! She usually took a girl, but on occasion she would get a boy, it just seemed like the girls had a more tender technique, and an inherent knowledge on how to satisfy a women's clit!
Leaning back now, both off them were now off in a world of their own, Jake feeling his ball sack tighten, as he neared his cum, while Cori had slipped her hand inside her bra and was mindlessly tweaking her hard nipples. Both of them soon were cumming into the mouths of their under table hosts while Cori let go a deep guttural moan as her pussy flood a torrent of juice and Jake's body stiffened as he loosened a big load into the mouth of his hot little cocksucker! "God that was good," Cori stammered! "Me too," Jake replied! "I gotta go to the john," Cori said, as she slid out of the booth and headed to the rest room at the rear of the cafe. Inside the john were two girls and two boys, all of which were there to help with any personal hygiene problems any of the patrons may have. One of the girls asked, "May one of us help you Ma'am?" Cori nodded and asked her to join her in the stall.

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   After closing the door behind them, the girl asked what she could do for her. "After I potty, could you please use a warm damp cloth to clean my vagina, and then use your tongue on my crack," asked Cori? The girl smiled and nodded yes. After she was done, Cori stood up and held her dress above her waist so that her vagina was exposed while the young the girl gently used a wash rag to dab the folds of Cori's pussy while she sighed and leaned against the wall as her pussy received it's bath. "All done Ma'am, said the girl, "would you like me to use my tongue now?" "Yes, please," Cori begged! "Would madam like me to have one of the boys come in and show you his penis while I tend to you vagina,'" asked the girl? Cori nodded in affirmation, and soon a smooth skinned nineteen year old boy was in the stall pushing down his shorts. Out popped a slim hard penis that stuck straight up in the air! Cori moaned as the young girl ran her tongue up and down her wet slit while the boy smiled at her and asked, "Would you like me to masturbate for you Ma'am?" In a hoarse voice, Cori squeaked, "Oh god, please!" Cori watched with glassy eyes as the young boy worked his hand up and down his hard shaft while the boy commented, "Tell me when you're going to cum, and I'll ejaculate my sperm for you, okay?!?" Cori could only shake her head, as she was now sweeping towards another orgasm! The mouth on her pussy was relentless in it's attack on her clit as she was now being hurtled uncontrollably to her cum! As her clit started to explode, she said in a wavering voice to the boy, "S-shoot it now, I'm c-c-cumming!" As her cunt began its spasmodic contractions, the boy looked her in the eye, and then sprayed a heavy load of cum into the air whole beating his young meat shamelessly in front of the older lady. Cori, now totally spent, slumped down on the toilet gasping for breath. "Was that all right Ma'am," the girl asked? "Excellent, just excellent," Cori gushed.
When she got back to the table, Jake was all dressed and paying the bill. "A long time in the john, wasn't it," he said with a twinkle in his eye? Taking his arm, Cori was again thinking about business as they walked back to the office!!!

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