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This is a true story. . .
  It started out one Saturday afternoon, my ex fiance and I were hanging around the house. She is a cute blonde maybe 5'5 wil 36d breasts, but not fat by any means. Anyway we decided to have a little fun.
  We put down a plastic sheet over the bed, and got out a bottle of sex oil that we had. I slowly undressed her while kissing her all over her body. After completely undressed I rubbed the oil all over the front of her body. Suddenly my phone rings, so i say crap Ill be right back. I answer the phone and it is my friend Frank. We talk and he asks what Im doin, I said not too much. He says oh well I'm gonna head over to hang out Ill be there in 45 minutes. So I say O. K.
Meanwhile, my fiance is still laying on the body all hot.

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   I go back upstairs and we start having sex. Then I get the handcuffs out of the drawer, we actually had 2 pair she loved them. So I handcuff both hands to the bed post. I handcuff her on her stomach so that her back is facing up. I rub the oil all over her back and ass until shes nice and slippery. Then I slowly slide a finger into her ass, she lets out a little scream, as I suprised her. We had only had anal once. I slowly massage her ass with the one finger, and gently slide in two.
After a while she is worked up enough I slide into her. I continue to gently poke her for about 18 minutes, until I cant take it anymore and come in her tight ass, she lets out a sigh as my cum fills her.
This is where the fun part starts, I uncuff her roll her back over on her back and then recuff her, as if I am going to "take care" of her now. However I re-apply the oil so she is very slippery and horny.
I then say Im going to take a shower, she screams "WHAT?" you better uncuff me. I tell her no, Frank will be here in a few minutes I'll leave the keys on the counter. This room was a loft so she would be able to hear him when he came in.

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   She yelled and yelled as I went downstairs. She said you can do that as she squirmed. So I went back up and kissed her, I said dont worry he'll unlock you.
So, I do go in and take a shower. . I'm in there maybe about 18 minutes with a hard-on thinking about what may be going on outside. Then I come out of the bathroom and sit down on the couch. I hear very quiet talking and get excited to realise Frank is up there with her.
Then things get very quiet and I hear no noise, I listen closely to see what I can hear. Suddenly I hear quiet moans. My plan worked. Slowly my fiance starts to moan more and more, and I begin to hear the handcuffs rattle against the headstand.
The went at it for about 20 mintues as I sat there listening, he even made her cum, I found out later. After they were finished Frank came down and walked right past me into the bathroom. He came out about 5 minutes later, and acted like nothing happened athough he knew that I was right there.

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My fiance, at the time remember, later told me the whole story in detail and she really enjoyed it. That was only the beggining of this year long (or so) sex triangle.
Let me know if anyone wants to hear more, I do also have pics of her, not naked or anything but regular pics to help picture it. . haha. . but I cannot post them on the site for fear of someone recognizing her.