Train ride to remember


This was the day I joined the Navy.   As because I was joining late in life (27) I was put in charge of all the recruits boarding the train in Boston MA going to Chicago IL (Great Lakes Boot Camp).  There were 30 of us on a 27hr train ride.   It was my responsibility to ensure all of us had meals and were settled in our birthing rooms.
Because it was late afternoon when we board we didn’t get a hundred miles before it was time for us to hit the dinner car.   This was only a very small snack car between Boston and Albany NY.   When we went into the car we over took it in mass.   After all the guys were fed it was my turn to eat but when I got my food I found only one seat in the whole car empty.    It was were two very lovely women were sitting.   I asked if I could join them and was told to have a seat.  
As I eat and the train rumbled on I took up a conversation with the lovely ladies and found out that Tina and Linda (not there real names) were on their way to Chicago too.   Tina asked what the group of men was that were there on the train and when I told them we were all sailors going to Chicago for the next 12 week of boot camp they were impressed.  
We continued to talk until we were the only three in the car.   Finally Linda slipped away to talk to one of the other guys and Tina and I started to talk alone.   She told me she was a black jack dealer in Los Vegas and had come home to Boston to she her Mom.   She told me that she noticed I seamed to be in charge of the men and I told her because I was the oldest and had enlisted for a longer time then most of them I was.

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    This seems to draw her attention to me even more.
Let me first say that Tina was a vision of loveliness.   She was about 5’7”, blue eyes, blond hair and a figure that could stop all thirty of us sailors on any given day.   I was very happy to be holding my own with her.    She told me that she was traveling economy class and wondered how I was traveling.   I told her that the Navy set us up with two man private births that converted into two single beds.   She says she wished she could afford a place like that for her trip.   She was changing trains in Chicago and going back to Vegas and would be sleeping in the coach chairs for the full 4-day trip.
I was no dunce and I got the hint very quickly.   I asked if she could give me a minute and I went and found my birth buddy and filled him in on what I was trying to arrange.   He told me that he didn’t plan on using the room at all.   He was going to stay at the bar and see if he could tie one on for the last time before the 12 weeks of hell.
I went back and told Tina that my buddy wasn’t going to use the room and that if she wanted to she could come and sit in it with me.   We slipped out of coach car and into the bunkroom car, found the room available for me and pulled the door close behind us.   I couldn’t believe my luck.

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    She and I sat on the sofa and soon were kissing heavenly.   My hand reached for her firm full breasts and were not turned away in any way shape or manner.   She asked how the bed worked and I showed her that the couch pulled out and created a very good size bed.   Soon we were both laying next to each other and fondling each other.   I opened Tina’s top to find the most love pair of breasts I had ever seen.   Next she slipped out of her pants and panties and I found my first shaved pussy I had ever personally seen.   Then I noticed something very strange about her she had the most beautiful tan body I had ever seen.   Not a tan line on it.   She told me that back at Vegas she would sit out by her pool nude.   She believed she needed to have a full tan for all the small costumes she wore at the casino.  
I began to suck on her full breasts and my fingers found her sweet bare pussy was all wet and waiting for me to take her.   Suddenly she stopped and said before we made love that she needed to use the rest room.   Because, there was in my birthing compartment I told here I would put up the bed and stop out so she could use it.   She told me not to bother she would slip her coat on and just go down the hall to the ladies room.  
As we opened the door there was the conductor was standing there making his rounds.

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    He new that everyone in this car was Navy personnel and that Tina didn’t belong there.   He told her that she was going to have to leave now.   She convinced him that she need to get her bag out of my car so he gave her two minutes to clear out.    I was so frustrated and turned on and here she was being sent back to coach.  
We still had 20 hours to go to Chicago and were now confined to the coach.   Tina became leery of trying to get alone for the rest of the trip.   The best we could do was through a blanket over us and feel each other up the rest of the way.   She did make me cum once by jacking me off and I got her off as well but we never did hook up the hole way.
I was my luck that the only conductor that took the train from Boston to Chicago was the one who caught us.   He keep and eye out for us and turned us around when we tried to slip into the room at about 3am.   When I got to Chicago Tina only had about 45 minutes to get to her other train station and catch her next train to Nevada.   We did ever see each other again.   I have had many a wet dream about her and often wondered what happened to her.   Many a night while at sea I masturbated to the wonder thoughts of that most beautiful body I almost had.
Let me know what you think of my true adventures.

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    This is my third story and all have been true.   Contact me at.