Tracy Part 1


Wrap Wrap Wrap, Tracy knocked on the door of the apartment that she knew very well. She wondered in her mind what her stud would be wearing though she was already so wet that it really didn’t matter. She knew what was about to come was going to be several hours of something she absolutely loved. The click of the lock opening brought her back to reality and the door opened and she couldn’t see anyone she timidly walked into the room. As the door closed behind her and she felt the pair of strong hands touch her from behind she loved it when he rubbed her breasts through her clothing. She knew that familiar touch it was her lover, she spins around and wraps her arms around him in a loving embrace as they kiss.
            Tracy drops to her knees and grabs a hold of the belt buckle and begins to make her way towards her prize, the unbuckles the belt and unbuttons his trousers they fall to the floor. She then grabs a hold of the waistband of his boxers and begins to pull them down, then for the first time that evening she sees it her prize his lovely 7in. cock it’s already hard as a rock and glistening with precum. She quickly lowers her head over the tip and begins to suck. He lets out a moan and tells her how wonderful she’s doing, she loves to look up and see the expression of pleasure on his face as she sucks his big cock. He lets out a moan after she’s been sucking on him for a few minutes she knows she’s about to get a load of his creamy white goo. Ahhhhh he lets out a final moan as he fires his first load of the evening in to her hot waiting mouth she loves the taste after she’s sucked him clean she knows that she’s about to have her fun now.
            Tracy stands up after giving a wonderful blowjob and we begin to kiss passionately he leads her into the bedroom.

Where they begin to undress at this point Tracy reveals that she is wearing the sexiest outfit that he’s ever seen it clings to her every curve leaving very little to his imagination. She leans back on the bed and slides her panties off and says “eat me now.

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  ” He leans down to see a perfectly shaven pussy just begging for attention, he leans in and begins to slide his tongue in and out of her hot little hole. Over and over faster and faster, she begins to breath heavier and gyrate her body uncontrollably he has to grab her legs to keep her from hitting his head while her continues to work her hole with his mouth, very quickly he finds her arching her back in what must be a very intense orgasm her first of many she knew that night.
Just after Tracy has come down from her orgasm she quickly jumps up and pops his dick into her mouth she wants to make sure it’s nicely lubricated so he can slide it right into her pussy giving her that full feeling she’s been craving all week long. After a few seconds of sucking him, she feels his hands touch her shoulders as he pushes her back onto the bed he jumps on top and throws his manhood into her eagerly wet and ready pussy. She moans in pleasure as it fills her hold to its capacity he shoves it in as far as it will go and waits for a few seconds for her pussy to expand to take all of his size in. After a few seconds of holding he begins to pound her pussy over and over again she squeals, screams, and moans in pleasure as he pounds her to one orgasm after another. As he’s fucking her she’s wonder how much longer can he keep on going like this. One after another orgasms wash over her body causing her to shudder and gyrate all over the bed.
            After a while he begins to tire and she can sense this and she encourages him to trade places with her she loves to be on top it gives her the feeling of ultimate control. She throws him to the bed and grabs his wrists and places them in the handcuffs that are attached to the bed. She knows that she is in control now. She lowers her head and begins to suck on his dick, she remembers to lick all over his balls and even gives a lovely little lick to his asshole she knows that this drives him crazy and she loves to watch his dick grow ever harder from her fondling. After she’s gotten him very very nice and hard she climbs on top and guides his cock into her pussy once again and shoves it into her depths. She lets out a moan of pleasure and begins to ride him like she’s an absolute pro at it. He starts to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples encouraging her to go faster and harder.

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   Just as she is about to cum once again he reaches up and grabs her hair pulling it sending her into one of her best climaxes of the day. After a little while the both grow tired and collapse into each others arms cock still buried in her pussy.
            She looks at him and suggests that they could both use a shower and could have some more fun in there. They walk towards the bathroom as soon as they’ve gotten there he begins to start the shower while he is adjusting the water and getting it just right he notices that she has dropped to her knees once again and began to suck him back to life he knows this will be a fun shower.
To be continued…