Anita was lost. She had no clue how she landed in the middle of a forest. Last night she was at her desk reading and drinking coffee . What happened after that?  Yes she remembered, there was a call from Ronnie, he wanted to borrow some of her notes. Then what happened???
“Ha ha ha you silly little girl “called a voice behind her.
“Who was this?” Anita was scared.
“I am your boss ,baby”.
“What  do you want cried Anita, why am I here?”
“To be punished , what do u think?”
Suddenly three men appeared with mask on. One of them started speaking to her, “I sneaked into your room last night through the patio, added some sleeping pills to your coffee when u were over the phone and waited patiently inside your closet , at last you fell asleep.  We then carried you here away from everybody. ” 
They then tied Anita to a large tree. Lets have some fun cried one of them. Anita closed her eyes in fear. Six hands explored every part of her. Anita's throat was so dry she could not even scream, she was in a total shock. Within seconds she could feel cold air on her erect nipples.

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   She dared not open her eyes. Her top was unbuttoned. Soon two hot lips were sucking her nipples.
“NO” she cried. Alas, there was no one who could listen to her.
They sucked on her and every second seemed hours to Anita. Suddenly they were gone. After acquiring much courage Anita opened her eyes. The three men were admiring her full 34D breasts. One of them came forward and untied her legs. Another one came forward. They now tied her legs to two different trees. She felt herself being stretched. She knew what was coming. Warm fingers ran up her skirt.

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   They played with her clitoris. Tears were rolling down her eyes. Someone lifted her skirt up to expose her low bikini cut white panties. She did not even feel it when her panties were peeled off her. The touch of a warm mouth on her pussy made her scream in pleasure.
“So , I see you enjoying you wet pussy “said a voice in her ears.
She did not care who it was. She knew she has lost herself. She was responding to the moves these guys were making. She loved it. She heard herself asking for more. Two of them sucked her big nipples, while the third licked her pussy. She was exploding. .
She called out “more please.

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  . . please fuck me. ”
Right then they all moved back. “Nooooooo” she cried. The three had their pants down and were jerking off. “NO please ,I need you” cried Anita, totally shocked to hear herself  say that.
    One of them came forward.
    “It’s your punishment baby, we are not here to pleasure you”. One of them took pictures of her . She begged not to. . No one heard her.
      One of the guys came up to her and told her that “she will have to listen to them from now on else there photos will be on the walls of her school”. “NO please i beg of you” cried Anita.

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       You have 5 seconds to decide. Reluctantly Anita said yes she would do whatever they told her. One of the guys came forward and inserted something into her pussy. It felt like a vibrator. Anita did not say a word. The guys ordered her to pull up her panties and go to school . They warned her not to take the vibrator out . Anita obeyed.
    At school Anita could not concentrate in anything. She wanted to talk to her friends but was not sure if her secret would be safe with them.  As she sat on her seat in her classroom suddenly she felt her vibrator jump into action. She somehow walked to the girls room to stop the vibrator.  She walked back to her class trying to read everyone's face.  Have they understood why i jumped out like that. .

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      hmm maybe not she thought.   As she was about to sit down  she found a paper on her chair, it said ”never stop it again ,your pictures came out real good”.  Anita was shocked she looked all around her classroom , she could not figure out who it could be.
    The next few days were really tough for Anita. The vibrator would spring into action when she was talking to her teacher about her homework, when she was outside school talking to her friends, at night when she is sleeping. After a week went by one day she found a little box and a note on her classroom chair. The note said you r freed, your punishment is over. Here is a gift for you. She opened the box , there was a small remote.