Tonight I'm In Charge


I open the door and see you standing on the doorstep. My face breaks into a smile as you come into the house and slide you arms around me. You lean down to kiss me but I pull away.
“Tonight I’m in charge” I say sweetly, winking at you.
I start to walk upstairs and after a minute you follow, with a little trepidation. When we reach my bedroom I push you down onto the bed and straddle your body. As I reach over to the bedstead, my breasts are right above your mouth and my nipples stand out hard through my thin t-shirt. Your mouth gently bites one nipple before I draw back. I take your hands and place them above your head, then holding them down with one hand I tie you up to the bedstead using my dressing gown belt.
Satisfied you are securely tied up; I reach down the side of the bed and pick up my black scarf. I gently place it over you eyes and tie it round your head.  
“What’s the point of this? I like to see you when we have sex” You ask
“The point is you don’t know what im going to do to you next and can’t stop it” I smile and whisper in your ear “So just lie back and enjoy”
I move off the bed and strip off all my clothes. I unzip your trousers and pull them off. I gently stroke your cock through your boxers, before taking them off. I bend over and take the head of your cock in my mouth, flicking with my tongue for just a second before moving away.

“Stick out your tongue” I order
I move so my pussy is directly above your mouth and lean forward so I can reach your cock with my hands and mouth.

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   I move my hips down until I feel the tip of your tongue on my pussy. You start to move your tongue over me until you find my clit. As you suck my clit into your mouth, I teasingly breathe warm air over your cock, occasionally darting my tongue out to touch you. I finally move my head to take as much of your cock as possible into my mouth. You moan in pleasure as I start to gently suck and use my tongue to swirl round the head. I feel an orgasm slowly building up inside of me as you start to furiously lick and flick my clit.
Just as I’m about to orgasm I move away from you. You hear me walk across the room. I reach into my underwear draw and pull out my vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. I turn the vibrator onto a low speed as I move back to the bed. I run the vibrator over you nipples and down your stomach towards your cock. I get a little lube onto my hand and run it from your balls down towards your ass. You moan as I run my hand back and forth before sliding a finger into your arse.
    After a few minutes I replace the finger with the vibrator and move so im straddling your body, facing your feet. I take hold of your cock and move so you are just at the entrance to my pussy.

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    “Don’t move” I order as I lower my hips so just the head of your cock is in me before moving off again. I slowly repeat this, each time letting another 2cm of your cock inside my tight pussy.
    When you are all the way inside me I reach down turn the vibrator onto full power, feeling the vibrations hit my clit through you, I start to move on you harder and faster.
    You rip your hands free of the ties and pull off the blindfold before grabbing my ass, thrusting hard up into me, both of us moaning loudly. As I come you push me over so your on top and thrust deep inside me, burying you head into my shoulder to smother your moans as you come.
    Both of us lie there breathless for a few minutes with you still deep inside me.
    “You know your going to pay for that next time babe” You say.
    I just smile, anticipating how you’ll be able to tease me.