Tomoko seduces her brother's best friend


Topic: Tomoko and DanTomako was watching TV when he arrived.   She didn't bother moving from her sofa where she was spralled out watching a game show.   What did she care if her stupid brother had an American exchange student coming to stay?  it just meant even longer queues for the bathroom!
"Come and say hello to Dan, Tomoko!"  her mother commanded firmly as the babble of voices from the hall disturbed her programme.   She sighed and unwound her slim legs and gracefully got up.   At 18 she was a startlingly attractive young girl; small and slim, long sensuous legs, an innocent-seeming heart-shaped face, beautiful, dark almond eyes and pert little breasts which she liked to show off with tight t-shirts when her parents allowed.   All the boys were chasing her, but she treated them largely with disdain, teasing and tormenting rather than granting them what they so obviously desired.
She slumped out to the hall, fully intending to grunt a greeting and return to her show.   But then she saw him.   He was tall and well-built, blonde curly hair, a big grin with impossibly white teeth.   She stared, struck by this vision, then caught herself and blushed.   He smiled at her, greeted her in broken Japanese and offered his hand.   She tried to appear cool but stammered and mumbled som ething nonsensical before fleeing to the safety of her room.
Over the next few days she learned a lot about their guest.   He was 19, like her brother, from Ohio, spoke appalling Japanese and inexplicably seemed immune to her charms.   She couldn't understand it, why wasn't he fawning after her like all the boys she knew?  He barely seemed to notice her.   This wouldn't do, so she decided to formulate a plan to force him to sit up and take notice, and then of course she could ignore him!Her campaign began by making sure that whenever he was in the house she wore the most provocative clothes she could get away with.

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    She had a pair of tight shorts which showed off her slim waist, curvy buttocks and toned thighs to the maximum.   She also neglected to put on a bra, so her nipples were clearly visible as little bumps on her swelling, orange-sized breasts.   Then she took to lounging on the sofa, one leg thrown casually over the arm, legs spread while she innocently read a magazine.   Nothing.
She decided to up the ante.   She put on a short skirt she wore in the summer, and sexy pink panties with a picture of a frog on the front and then when he came in to the living room she casually drew up her legs so the skirt rode up her thighs.   What man could resist taking a peek?  She opened her legs slightly.   Now he only had to walk round in front of her to see the glorious sight of her little pink knickers straining against her sex.   He just muttered something and left.   Was he gay? She'd heard him speak of previous girlfriends (but he didn't have one now. . . !) so that couldn't be so.   Maybe he just didn't fancy her?  Was she too young?  In Japan men always wanted young girls, she got offers from dirty old men all the time to sell her knickers or let them see her 'thing'.   Maybe Americans were different.

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    It was driving her crazy, and denting her confidence in her own allure.   She'd have to be more direct.
It took careful planning.   She had carefully noted down his prefered times to take a shower (the thought of him soaping up that body made her feel all funny inside. . . ), and one day when Dan and her brother had returned from a game of basketball she activated the plan.   She knew that he would want to head straight for the bathroom to shower after having a quick drink of juice so she positioned herself in the bathroom and waited.   She had taken off all her clothes and just had a very short towel wrapped around her body.   It was so short it barely covered her nipples at the top and only came down to the very top of her thighs at the bottom, and revealed a good inch of perky buttock behind.   She'd wet her body to make it look like she'd just showered and artfully arranged her damp hair to maximum effect.   She heard him coming dowm the corridor and was suddenly wracked with nerves and doubts.   She'd never let any boy see her in such a condition, what would he do?  But then it was too late, his hand was opening the door (which she'd 'forgotten' to lock) and the door opened.
"Oh, Dan!  I'm so sorry!  Do forgive me!  I'm so embarrassed!"  She threw her hands up to her face and feigned shame, glancing through her fingers to gauge his reaction.  He blushed bright red and seemed to forget all his Japanese, and said in English, "Never mind, it's OK.

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    it's nothing.   No, no, I don't mean nothing, you're very nice, not that I mean that I think you are attractive like that, no, I mean you are. . . but. . . " And his voice trailed off in confusion.   Bingo!  She had him!  He was wearing a robe and carrying a towel, and looking down she suddenly saw the front of his robe looking rather like a tent.   His face reddened even more and he squirmed, trying to hide his obvious erection, but only serving to draw more attention to it.
Tomoko was confused.   She'd only wanted to attract him because he seemed to pay her no attention, but now she had him she was strangely reluctant to haughtily reject him in the way she did other advances.   He was so cute, all red and embarrassed, and so sexy, and judging by the size of his tentpole very well endowed.    But she was inexperienced in this, she'd never actually encouraged a guy before.   What should she do?  How far should she go?  In the end, she just smiled at him and said, "Don't worry, I don't mind.

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    I like you. . . " and then she heard her brothers voice calling out for Dan, and footsteps heading this way.   There was just time to say, "Let's talk later. . . " and flee to her bedroom, her heart thumping.
She thought she understood now.   Dan, for all his boyish charms and bravado was shy!  He didn't know how to chat to girls, and that was why he'd been ignoring her.   That evening she made a show of yawning and appearing tired, then announced loudly that she was going to bed early to read a book and then sleep.   As she passed Dan she shot him a look she hoped was full of hidden meaning, and left.   Would he come?  In her bedroom she agonised over what to wear.   Not too skimpy (she still wasn't sure what she wanted from the encounter, but at 18 she knew that these things could go too far) but enough to show her body in the best way.   She settled on a pair of pink pyjamas, decorated with flowers.

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    She kept her knickers on but took off her little bra and undid the top button so her modest cleavage was revealed, her nipples as always poking out of the thin fabric.   The pyjamas were thin, the blue knickers clearly showing through the pink flowers when she bent over, and tight enough to show her curves.   Then she waited.   Her room was at the end of the corridor, fairly isolated from the rest of the house, and Dan's room was further down.   She heard masculine voices, then doors closing, and the anticipation was maddening.   Would he come?  Then the sound of stealthy footfalls. . . .   Was it him?  A tentative knock at the door.   She forced herself to wait for a few seconds, then opened it.   he was there, red and embarrassed looking again, shuffling and trying to say something which seemed to make no sense.   Her heart melted.   She quickly pulled him in and shut the door.   She had only turned on the red bedside lamp and in the rosy light, he looked more handsome than ever.

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    He was a good two feet taller than her, she felt like a small child next to him. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and she could see a lump appearing in the front of the shorts again as he looked at her.   Her nipples stiffened even more at his gaze, and it was her turn to blush.   They stood there looking at each other, neither knowing what to say. "I should go, your brother might. . . "
"No!  I mean, it's OK.   Stay.   We can talk or something. . . ""But it's dangerous.   You're so young, and if your parents knew I was here. .

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  . . ""I'm not that young!  And they never come down here, my room is private.   I can do what I like. ""Oh, OK.   Errr. . what shall we talk about?"  He seemed reassured and moved further into the room.   She was acutely aware of how childish it was, typically covered in stuffed toys and teen heartthrob posters. She gestured for him to sit down on the ned, and he lowered himself onto her 'Hello, Kitty' duvet.   She sat down next to him and they looked at each other.   There was a palpable energy between them, she could feel it like static electricity building up, both of them aware of the short distance separating their bodies. And the stiffened organs, his penis and her nipples, still fully on show. "You're very beautiful.   I've barely been able to look at you since I arrived.

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    I'm not very good with girls. . "  He concluded miserably.
She laughed, a delicate tinkle and covered her mouth with a hand.   "You're very handsome.   I've been looking at you.   Do you work out?"  This seemed to galvanise him, fitness was obviously a passion of his, and he waxed lyrical about his exercise regime.   She asked to see, and he gladly flexed his biceps and showed her his abs.   She thought she'd faint with the sight of it, he was so manly, so different from the boys she knew.   She felt an unfamiliar heat between her legs, and knew she had to see more.   And she wanted him to touch her, oh, so much. . . .   But he was still shy.

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    Even when she leant towards him, lips parted, legs crossing and uncrossing, the top of her pyjamas falling open to reveal even more of her milky white skin, still he didn't touch her.   She could see he was trembling with desire, and his penis was straining against his shorts, but he was too nervous to make the first move. Eventually she could bear it no more, and she put a hand on his thigh, high up, close to the glorious bulge, and he stopped talking.   "Kiss me!"  She commanded him. "I-I-I can't, you're only 15.   A child. . . . "  She was annoyed.
 "Do I look like a child?  Do children have these?"  She pulled the top of her pyjamas tight across her breasts, emphasising them, he nipples eager for his touch.   "I'm a woman, and I want you to kiss me, please Dan. "  She was almost begging and his resolve crumbled.   He eagerly surged forward, and she moved too, so they awkwardly bumped heads.   They laughed and tried again, more slowly, their lips finally met and she was transported.

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    It was wet, warm, sweet.   Her lips parted and her tongue ventured out into his mouth, tangling with his own.   Their kisses became more passionate, then frenzied.   His arms closed around her, hard and tight, his hand at the back of her head carressing the nape of her neck, her ears.   She pulled away, coming up for air.   They both gasped with desire, hungrily looking at each other.   Tomoko realised that she didn't know how to control this situation.   She'd never felt like this before and had strictly controlled the few gropes and fumbles she had allowed, there was no control here.   As he reached out and began unbuttoning her top she weakly realised she should stop him, but felt powerless.   She looked into her eyes as her breasts were revealed, and the look of awe in his eyes made her even more excited.   Her breasts were impressive.   Small but firm and upright, still slightly conical with large, pink nipples on top.   He reached out and carressed them, squeezing and playing with them.   "Kiss them. " She breathed, "I want to feel your tongue on my breasts.


  "  He obliged, bending his head to lick and suck furiously.   her heat increased, and she realised with amazement that she was heading towards orgasm.   She had never really been into masturbation, the few times she had tried she'd stopped with embarrassment, and no man had ever touched her between the legs, so she had never felt this before.   She gloried in it, but was also scared.   Despite her brave words, she was still a little girl and these sensations confused her.
He moved closer, falling on top of her and pushing her to the bed.   His weight was crushing her and she could feel his long, hard cock pressing into her belly.   She blushed as she realised she'd thought the word 'cock'.   She normally never used or even thought such words, but now it just seemed right.   It was a cock, and she wanted to see it.   She pushed him off, using all her strength.   He fell on the floor, surprised, and suddenly worried he'd gone too far.   But she jumped on him, grabbing his shorts and pulling them.   When he realised what she was doing, he participated willingly, wriggling until they came away and she tossed them aside.   It sprang into view.

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    It was long and thick, a big purple helmet on top bobbing around, a bush of blond hair at its base.   She just stared, aware of the enormity of what she'd done.   A demure, respectful 18 year-old Japanese girl sitting here staring at an enormous American teenage penis.   "Touch it, baby. . . " He moaned.   She reached out hesitantly and gave it a quick stroke.   It was smooth and hot.   She gripped it and he groaned.   It bucked in her hands, and she squeezed harder, fascinated by his reaction.   He gave out a gasp and his eyes looked horrified, and then the penis, who she thought was her friend, shot her in the face.   A stream of hot, salty cum sprayed over her face, making her squeal in shock.   Some of it went in her mouth, and she tasted it, strange and alien.   He was mortified, and jumped up, trying to wipe her face clean, babbling apologies.

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    His cock was still dripping semen, waving wildly around, and the whole scenario was so ridiculous she started to giggle uncontrollably.   The cum trickled down her face onto her breasts and dripped onto her pyjama bottoms and her cute, girlish bedclothes.   She got up and took a tissue and tried to wipe herself clean.   It wouldn't come off the pyjamas and she knew that she'd have to take them off.  
Even after what had happened, with the naked Yank's cock still dripping onto her floor, she felt nervous about showing herself to a guy in just panties.   He'd come now, it was all over anyway, wasn't it?  She shrugged and turned around, slipping the pyjama bottoms down and tossing them aside.   Dan's breathing grew hoarse again, and he came over and put his arms around her.   She said nothing as his fingers danced over her skin, her shoulders, her breasts, her belly, before lightly brushing the front of her panties. He was still unsure, taking his cue from her, and she was confused.   She yearned for his touch, shocking herself at her desire for his fingers to violate her most private parts, but she was still a child in her own mind and she didn't know if it was right.   In the end he couldn't control himself any longer, after all he was a teenager drunk with lust, and he slid his hand down her panties and between her legs.   Tomoko was very slim, so her belly merged alomost imperceptibly into her pudenda, and there was a light, silky covering of pubic har above the labia.   Her vagina was prominent but tiny, the slit seeming barely big enough for the finger that now sought it out.   She gave a cry and grabbed his wrist trying to stop him, but he couldn't stop now.   He rubbed along her pussy (she suddenly thought of it as a 'pussy'), and it opened to him, juices flowing.

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    She doubled up, and he held her with one hand down her pants and the other around her breasts, while he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.   His cock was still very much alive, grinding between her buttocks.
She gave up, and gave in to her feelings.   She turned around and pushed him hard so he fell back on the bed.   She admired the meat sticking up from his groin for a moment before straddling him and positioning the big head at the entrance to her sex.   If seemed incongruous, she was so tiny it seemed it would never fit and she hesitated.   But the heat inside her won out, and she lowered herself carefully on to it.   She wriggled around on it and the head gradually disappeared inside her, causing the most wonderful sensations to shoot out from her groin, like electricity shooting through her body.   She slid down the pole further, to her eyes it was so long and she was so small that she was virtually having to stand to position herself above it.   It met resistance but her weight carried her on and her hymen tore.   She cried out, but now she slid down completely, losing control, and feeling impaled.   Pain shot through her, quickly replaced by the most amazing pleasure.   She could now look into his eyes, their pubic hair mingling, both transfixed by these sensations, which in a flash of revelation she knew were as new for him as for her.   He rolled her over and began pumping away, uncontrollable, lust possessing him.   She allowed herself to fall limp, revelling in the sensations each new thrust brought to her sore, stretched pussy.

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 It took a while for him to come this time, at least a minute, and this gave her just enough time to reach the crest of her wave.   She was wracked by a series of orgasms, thinking she was in heaven, and shrieking out loud.   His penis began pumping out yet more of its seed, straight into her womb, and they both collapsed, exhausted.
This was how Tomoko's father found them when he opened the door, concerned at the strange noises.   He goggled in incomprehension at the picture of his beautiful baby daughter lying underneath a sweaty American, covered in cum, and virgin blood, her vagina filled to bursting by his cock, her legs wrapped round his back. Then he dashed off to find his sword.



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