......three for the show


i was checking out the web when I found an ad on GL usually most of the ads are flakes or pro scammes searching for a quick buck. . . I responded to the ad which was a couple looking for an third (MFM) I thought what the heck. . . sounds like fun and I hadn't done it before. . . I was absolutly stoked when just days later I got a response telling me to meet them in front of the theaters at the Redrock. . . They told me they would be wearing red shirts and I said I'd be alone in a red shirt. I could not sleep the next two nights . . .

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  excited and apprehensive . . . stimulated . . . When i arrived there they were holding three tickets to some foriegn film no one knows of . . . I thought I hope iam what they are looking for . . . She was attractive fortyish. . .

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   blonde with a mini skirt and low cut red blouse held closed with three small button. . . her figure was athletic and a few extra lbs and warm smile as she greeted me. . . her hand was moist and warm as were mine. . . . Her boobs peaked thru her shirt . . it was right then I Knew i wanted to see them up close. . Mr X was a regular guy.

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  . . . laid back ready to see his wife suck and fuck another man while he encouraged and supported her. .
As she did with him when they spent a weekend in Reno and the Babysitter. They were three 3somes more experienced than me but I just couldn't get her nipples out of my head. . . we spoke for few a minutes . . . as we moved toward theater #7. . .

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   she took me by the hand and her husband slid his hand acrossed back and eventually resting on her ass. . .
we entered the already dimming theater and she guided us to the top row . . . these seat were the ones you could remove the armrests. . . . we sat in the middle i was on her right and Mr X was on her left . . . She removed her coat and place over her from the shoulders down. .

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Just minutes after the movie started she took my hand and placed on her chest her husband was exploring an opening to her pussy. . . Her legs opened giving access to he pantyless . . . . her boobs filled my hand like basket ball fills Shaque's hand. . . I ran my hand across from one nipples to the other. I was pinching and pulling the tip of her nips. . .

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   MzX slid forward in her seat to make finger fucking her easier. . . . Her shirt opened easily and I placed my mouth completly around her Silver dollar size areola. . . I could see MrX's fingers disappeared and reappear from her nearly hairless pussy. I could make out the edges of her pussy from the light off the screen and my mouth watered as I slid my hand into her pussy touching MrXs accicdently she offer her ass hole and he shoved one finger and a second after she ordered him finger fuck her ass at a the same rythm as my fingers were moving. . . I brought my hand to her mouth and she licked every finger. . . As things heated up she removed the coat pulled her skirt up above her ass.

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  . . her husband knelt in front of her and licked from her asshole to her pussy. . . all the while my fingers were Jack-hammmering her pussy. . . Her hand pulled open my pants and slipped my rock hard cock I couldn't believe my luck I was getting my cock sucked and watching this hot lady get head in a public place . She moaned louder than the russian actors on the screen. . . Her hips arched up off the seat and her husband buried his tongue into her asshole and fleckering up her pussy . . .

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  . Part 2 coming