The wrong place at the wrong time


I was at this party and chatted up this honey of a girl and thought I was doing quite well. She didnt tell me she already had a bf and when he arrived about half way through the party he got all steamed up about me chatting her up and a couple of his mates got me out side and stripped my clothes off me. I was  held by three guys over the trunk of a car and then the bf turned up and took his pants down and said this is what happens to anybody who talks to my girl and then he stropped me over the bare ass with his belt which hurt like hell, then he said ok grease him up. One of the 3 guys got some grease of some sort and wiped it around my ass.  I said no please dont do that and without a word this guy plants his cock right up and into my ass. It hurt like hell as I had never had anal sex ever before. He pounded his cock back and forth up and down my asshole and he had his hands around my chest and squeezed each of my nipples hard. I was crying out in pain and shame but they all cheered him on and finally he blew his load of cum right up inside me.
Then one of the other guys started on me and he did the same only this time the big guy brought his gf out and showed her what was happening to me with the second guy doing anal sex in me. They all made me feel horrible and degraded me something really badly. She said for them to stop and the big guy said - no way- this will happen to you if you as much as talk to another guy. Look and learn girl.

Then the second guy came in me and she cried as he made it sound like it was the funniest thing he had ever done. Then the third guy was told to do it, but he was not happy but they said if he didnt the he would get the same treatment. The other three including hr stood and watched until he too came in me and by now their cum was running down my legs mixed with some shit as I was really shitting myself  as all this was happening. Then the big guy then ripped the top open of her blouse and bit her on both nipples and she screamed in pain.

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   Then got his cock out again forced her down and made her suck on it in front of me. All the time he was telling me that I was responsible for her having to do it and that she would never talk to anyother guy again or they would both get the same treatment. She was really distraught and she kept pulling her head off him but he pushed her back onto his cock saying suck me you bitch come on make it seem like you are enjoying it. Then he finally he came in her mouth. She then began to gag and almost vomited. He laughed and said to her ok shit face he is all yours I want nothing to do with you. Then he turned to  the guys and said if you want her you can have her. They all said no they were happy, and they left the two of us there in the carpark, me with an ass full of cum and her torn clothing hanging from her and breasts exposed with a huge bite mark around each nipple and cum running down her chin.
Actually that was the beginning of a slow start in a relationship which still exists. Neither of us has begun to be sexual with each other but the kissing is improving but we still have nightmares about what happened to us both that night. I was advised to take no action against them as the guy was a well know hood in the area and we would be dealt with.



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