The Wilder Side of Life


The darkness had over taken me, and I was its slave.   I was a prisoner of its lust and wonder and of my own desires.   I was in heat and in love with own body.
I was 25 then, 4’11’ 90 pounds, slim and tanned by the sun, my dark red hair braded into two pigtails tightly woven and held together by red bows.   My emerald eyes and cherub face always made me look younger than I was.   I was single, as I had been all my life, an orphan since my 15th birthday I grew up taking care of myself.   I had inherited a small home just outside town nestled in the country, and for years had survived on what I grew and knew.
I had a petite body and worse I had a figure like a boy, a young boy at that.   I was 32-28-32.   My breasts are more flat than raised and only my nipples stood out to prove they were there at all.   Since I had been alone most of my life, I had learned to take pleasure in playing with them.   I would allow my vacuum cleaner hose to be my lover and a pair of clothes pins to be their fingers.   I would use them to tease myself and make me hotter as I fantasized about having someone else to please me.   I made a wheel that I could peddle and placed soft pliable rubber nipples from bottles on it, and then I would pretend it was the mouth that devoured me as I spun it between my legs.   Sometimes when I was really hot I used my broom handle or plunger handle to tease my insides.  
So was my existence in this lonely existence.

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    It was meager and poor and desolate as well.   Then one day I began to explore around my countryside.
I knew the nearest neighbor I had was two miles south of me back towards the small town.   The other directions I knew of an old abandoned house and nothing more within four miles.   So I pranced out a trail through the dense woods until I came to a barb wire fence.   That told me someone had at least been here before.
It was early that Tuesday morning, I was wearing a pair of cut off jeans so short that had my ass been more than flat it would have bulged out the back sides.   I had a cut off t-shirt that was white and plain and fell below my flat breast.   Under those I had nothing but desire.   I strolled up to the fence and gazed into a thicket and as I spied around I saw it was the back of an old graveyard.  
I skidded inside the loose runs of jagged wire and as I did my shirt caught at the back and snagged a large piece of it.   I stood up and looked at the two inch piece of cloth dangling on the rusted wire and sort of wished it had yanked it off me instead.   Then I walked around the stones that were very old, most had dates before the turn of the last century well over a hundred years ago.   As I slunk up the small ridge I was looking for the entrance when I came upon an old stone building, a tomb.   It was in the center and stood nearly nine feet tall and was twice as long and wide as high.

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    The iron bars over the front of it had fallen to one side and the interior was easily accessible.   I peered in and saw what looked like a stone pedestal and two old coffins on it.   Another pedestal barren was beside it and I could see torches mounted on the walls but the back of it was black and dark.
So I scurried further into the graveyard to explore there first and when I topped the small hill in front of me, I was greeted by the dense woods again.   The gate at the entrance had been overgrown by vines and weeds and I could see nothing except trees and brush.
The barb wire fence around it had gaps missing and rolled up and I knew that this place had been abandoned like me.   So I slowly waltzed around and as I did the morning sun grew warm overhead and I became hot outside and in.
I was making my way all around the three acres that were taken up by it, maybe more, and as I did I found myself dreaming that one of these in this place were alive maybe even a ghost, and I found my hands slowly caress my lower breast and nipples a few times.   I had made my way to a stone that was nearly as tall as I was, and as I rested and looked up to the nearly cloudless blue sky, I pulled up my top and dropped it onto the stone I leaned on, and the felt the air on my bare breasts.   It made me want to do more, so I unsnapped my shorts and placed them on top of my shirt and stood upright slightly parting my legs so my hand could dabble inside my thighs.
I was dabbling with throwing myself on the ground when a brisk cooling wind flew over me.   It was so refreshing and strong that I lost my balance and fell face first down.   I raised myself to my knees and let its cool winds flow over in and around my bottom.
I stayed in that position for a long time, and I rested on my face as I allowed my fingers to tease and twist my nipples harshly while the wind caressed my ass.   Then as I felt my inner desires building my fingers slid downward and I began to taunt myself into frenzy.

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    The next thing I knew I had a finger inside my pussy and one in my asshole probing at the same time until I came loudly.   I howled like a pup in heat and I was just that, a Bitch in search of sex.
When I came I reared myself upright and walked back to the stone, but just as I was about to take my clothes and leave I saw the tomb again.   This time it called to me.   I mean I felt a desire like nothing I ever knew to walk right in naked and I had no ideal why.
I bravely walked up the ridge to it and dashed inside the opening and as I did I was drawn to empty pedestal and once there my hot flesh was tossed onto the cold dusty stone of it.   The chill made me shiver and cry out until my hands found a nipple and my clit.   I fingered my pussy like mad.   I tweaked my nipples until I yelled from it and as I did I had the hottest deepest orgasm ever.   The wave of pleasure flowed from through and all over me for many, many long moments.   I was jittering as I started to climax and I shuttered and yelped madly as I came again and again.   Then as my wave subsided I sat up on my elbows and began to gaze around.   My eyes which I had closed during my lusting had now become accustomed to the dimness.   The walls of gray were block and rough and adorned with only three torches held by metal grips.   They looked usable and still able to work as I examined them and the two drab brown coffins beside me less than two feet away.

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    They rested side by side both faded bronze and maybe iron rusted by time.   I looked at them and began to wonder what the skeletons of those who had died would look like.   I was still hot but not nearly as hot as when I came in there as I stood up and moved close enough to place my hand on the outside one.
I was just about to run when I heard a sort of growling that made me shiver and freeze.   My heart raced as I was sure it was coming from an angry guest inside the coffin, and as I moved away quickly I fell back on the empty pedestal spilling my body and throwing my legs wide apart.   In fear I trembled as I heard the sound grow closer.   Then as I felt tears fall from my eyes the head of a big black dog appeared and right between my legs.   It was big, some sort of short haired large dog.   It was black with a small brown stripe on its head and while it seemed friendly I was still so scared by the thought of the ghost that I just froze and spoke not a word.   It reared up on the pedestal using its front paws to support itself as I trembled on and on.   I couldn’t speak nor move and as I stayed froze it began to sniff at my body.   First it sniffed my feet and legs and then upward until its snout rested between my legs.
I looked at it intently and as I slowly came to realize there was no ghost it seemed to enjoy spouting hot blast from its nostrils onto my very wet hot box.   I was about to rise to pet it as a rough wet slobbering tongue lapped my right outer fold and then left outer lip.   That feeling threw me for a loop and made me squeal with desire and howl with pleasure.

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    The beast was eager to explore me as my salty extract was leaking and as it did again, I felt myself begin to cream heavy.   The more I drained and seeped the deeper and more the dog licked in my pussy.   I reclined fully and widened my legs for it and then as it lapped my pussy I twisted my nipples and soon as I had before, I was nearing an endless wave of pleasure.   The dog seemed not to mind me howling but rather he would sniff and lick harder and faster as I did it, until I came for the first time ever in a squirting gush of fluid.   It felt like hot piss that made me tingle forever and the dog lapped it like water from a bowl.   I was now in a tangled web within myself as I knew it wasn’t right to be here and do this and as I pondered its merit, the beast rose up as I moved my box closer to the edge by sliding my hips forward.   I felt it lift and the pedestal was at the perfect height for it as the two foot lift placed my wet hole in perfect sink for his cock that had grown upright red and stiff to insert it inside me.   The beast slammed itself in me so quickly that I had no time to deny it.   Once in me I wanted it to stay.
The dog knew that I wanted to be fucked, and it did everything it could to accommodate me.   When the beast thrust harder and harder I felt its first wave escape and my endless wave grew larger and flushed hotter fluids from me and on it.   The dog continued until I felt a second wave then it rested long enough to lick lap and lustfully eat away the drained parts of me.  
I did not think it was over but when it finished it raced away out the opening as if called by its master.   I was so hot that I tried to right myself but was worn from my fist sexual experience and was only able to get to the door as the beast disappeared over the ridge.
I wobbled up the small rise to the crest but could only hear faint rustling sounds from the dense woods in front of me.


    Standing beside the stone where I left my clothes I gathered them and walked back down and past the tomb before I paused and reflected on what I had done, felt and experienced that day.   I could see the sun was now far into the west and nearing sundown as I reluctantly started home.   I walked so slowly that the sun setting behind the trees had fully set before I reached home.   I dropped my shorts and shirt on the back porch before I realized I had walked naked the entire way.   So keeping in the spirit I bathed and then had a small meal before I snuggled into bed.
My clock showed eleven as I placed my head on the pillow, and as the minutes slowly passed, I felt drawn almost summoned to return then and there to where my animal lover had taken me.  
I got up and slid on a pair of flip flops and gathered a pack of matches and nothing else.   I walked back in the darkness drawn by the desires inside me and somehow after a few flawed attempts I found the rear of the cemetery and entered it.
It was a moonless night, and overcast and yet still warm.   In the far western sky I began to hear rumbles of thunder as I walked towards the now dark structure.   The cool grass was littered with hard stones and one of them extracted my right shoe so I left the other with it.   Now bare and horny I entered the tomb.
 I held the matchbook in my hands and slowly struck one and inched towards the torch after I lit it I then repeated the process until all three were flickering brightly.   The room was still eerie and spooky looking and as I spied around the dark front opening flickered with light of its own.   I stood there playing with myself for a few seconds when I felt the strong urge to step out into the night and enjoy the storm now approaching naked.

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I made my way to the tall stone on the ridge and watched as lightening flashed closer and thunder echoed loudly.   When the rains began to fall I lifted up my head and let it wash over me and then as the cool air replaced the hot humid air my nipples came erect.   My hands bathed my body in the rain and as the storm grew stronger small hail stones began to strike me.
I allowed them to hit me and I even leaned my body backwards over the head stone and opened my legs for it to strike my inner folds, which it did.   Each whack and touch was shockingly erotic and made me tingle and quiver in pain and pleasure until I was shuttering into an orgasm.   The icy shower lasted a few minuets only yet it was enough to send me to a blissful state of mind.   Then as the heavy down pour washed over me, I found myself wallowing on the drenched ground rolling over and sliding along it.   I stood and allowed it to wash away the muddy parts of my body before I returned to the shelter of the tomb.
Inside it the winds had extinguished all but one torch and instead of relighting them, I moved to settle on the pedestal and use the one light to pleasure myself.   I was teasing and taunting my nipples as I felt a stronger desire than before to gaze inside the coffin beside me.   I stood up and slid my hands along the outer edges until I found the clasp to open it with.   I was full of fear at first but as I unlocked one and then the other I suddenly began to grow braver.   I had to apply a lot of pressure on the final clasp to open and when I did the lid sprang up and open and there to my fearful eyes were the remains of woman.   She was rotted to her bones almost and her dress a dingy cold gray had a pale yellow collar.   She looked to be very old but as I looked inside I felt a presence with me.

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        I slammed the lid and when I did I heard the faint huff of a beast.   It was an exhale from a snout and a sound I was hoping to hear, and when I saw his dark head enter inside the tomb, I moved to the pedestal and parted my legs and called him sweetly.
    He snorted and gently moved forwards toward me until I could feel his warmth graze my ankle and as he sniffed his ways closer, I eased myself back and wider open.   His hot breath found my inner folds wet from water and cream and slowly he sniffed and licked me until I began to feel as I had before.   His large rough tongue was flowing up inside me with ease and with great appreciation as I began to whimper and coo and sort of howl for him.
    I felt his mouth slobber in me and a wave of hot cream from me covered his wagging tongue fully sending him into a heightened state of want as well.   It seemed to make him more desirable of my cream as well, and when I flowed freely like a fountain, his lapping increased to a fever pitch.   I was shrieking with appreciation and desire as his body suddenly rose upward and as I pushed myself to the edge fully he pushed his cock inside me.   He worked me over again and again and again until I felt so many waves and bursting gushes from both of us that I lost count.   I would gush fully followed by his hot cream blasting inside me.   Then after so long a time that the storm had faded and the first light of day struck, he retreated and raced once more from the room.
    I was ready this time and as he fled I gave chase, and followed him from a distance.   He led me back down the pathway from the entrance to a small creek.   Then across the water we raced and it led up a long trail to open meadow and into the back of a small farm house.   I waited and watched by the edge of the woods as the dog danced around the back door.

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        A woman in her mid to late fifties was carrying a small pan of food and as she sat it down the dog lapped it up.   She stroked his back and head a few times before she moved away and examined her small flower garden.
    She was about 5’5” 145 pounds, salt and pepper gray hair with black streaks, dressed normal for her age she wore an old faded blue dress that did little to show her true nature.   She seemed happy and friendly and had I been dressed I would have walked up and introduced myself then.   She walked around the yard watering her flowers with a small metal can and as she leaned over once I saw her hands caress under her dress.   She slipped up towards the rear right cheek of her bottom and then extracted it out and as I watched her, I dreamed.
    I stayed there for nearly a full hour hidden behind the safety of trees.   She watered her entire yard then I saw her move inside and when she came out she was carrying a basket of clothes and wearing only a smile.   Her semi pale naked body exposed two very saggy but well formed breast.   I could see her crotch was shaven neatly and her ass though big and dimpled seemed well formed as well.   She seemed to move around for me, as if she knew I was there.   She hung her dress on the line and then her other things and slowly she carried the empty basket back into the house.   I watched her naked flesh move away and I found myself wondering what it would be like to be with a woman.   I never dreamed about it until this day but now I wanted to know.   The woman didn’t stay inside long but returned naked again with a blanket that she placed under a tree.

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        She reclined on it and suddenly I watched her play with her ample tits and caress her inner folds as I did the same from the woods.   She was fondling herself like mad just as the dog moved to her and as she placed her legs wide apart, I witnessed the beast do to her body what he had done to me.   That settled it, as far as I was concerned, I knew then and there that I had to approach her.   I slowly moved towards them as the dog sank his mouth fully inside her parted legs and when she began to howl and coo I had made my way to within five feet of her.   I was naked and hot and in lust forever and as I stood there I tried to form the right words in my mind.
    Suddenly she spoke out with, “Child come here and feast upon me. ”
    I dropped to my knees and crawled up beside her and after a long starring pause, I sank my mouth to hers and we kissed as our hands found each others nipples.   Her were longer and more erect and as I twisted them she returned the favor.   I had never kissed anyone before this and as I was a fast learner she easily showed me how.   Her mouth danced with mine until I felt my breast drawn to it and as she sank on one her fingers made a way between my wet hot crotch and entered me fully.
    The dog had begun lapping her wet pussy even faster as mine was drawn to her very oral mouth.   She licked me into a hot wave of lusting cream and as I drained in her mouth she tormented my nipples with her fingers and my pussy with her tongue.   My virgin wet hole was now a plaything for her amusement and I knew it, as I rested it on her mouth and to her credit she accepted it and kept me in that position for three unforgettable explosions of my pussy.   Then she flipped me on my back and lifting my legs upward and wide she sat her doggy wet crotch on my lips and ground it on my face as she allowed her dog to eat then fuck me.   This went on until he retreated to rest and then she devoured me again and again.


        We ate each other through six climaxes for her and three more for me before we also collapsed on the very wet blanket.
    As she snuggled up beside me, her soft warm voice said, “Now little doll, my name is Amanda, what is yours sugar?”
    “Tina,” I said meekly as my eyes twinkled while I looked up at her, and added, “I am so happy to meet you. ”
    That was eight years ago.   We are still together and instead of living in one house, we meet nightly at the tomb and there we have sex with Butch her dog for endless hours of lust and love.



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