The Ultrasound


Topic: The UltrasoundThe Ultrasound
Karen sat impatiently in the radiology department waiting area, thumbing through a women’s magazine with a sigh. Her husband sat beside her watching the television that was on the wall in the left corner, laughing at the afternoon comedy, he didn’t seem to mind the wait, but boy Karen sure did.
She had just been to the hospital the week before for an abdominal ultrasound, and now today she had to take off work yet again to return for another one. Her doctor said this one was to be vaginal, they could get a better look at what was going on inside her. It was a pain, taking off, and then arriving to find the waiting area so packed. It had already been over an hour and a half. She thanked god silently that she wasn’t having to hold her bladder today or she would have bust.
Finally a young woman called her name and Karen rose and followed her through the familiar department. Karen recognized her from the week before, she had performed her abdominal. Karen hated that, her bladder about to bust, nasty jelly all over he abdomen, the girl pushing in roughly making her want to pee. She cringed at the thought. She had never had an ultrasound vaginally so she was a bit apprehensive, but at the same time she thought couldn’t be any worse than a pap smear.
“Go ahead and remove your clothing from the waste down. ” The young woman stated in a clinical tone. “Your underwear as well please, Zach will be in in a moment. Cover with that blanket, and hop on the table.

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Karen removed her shoes first, and then her pants and pink panties. She folded them nicely and hopped on the table covering with the white blanket. The room and the table she was sitting on was a bit cold. The looked over a bit nosey at the monitor beside the table and tried to make out what it said on the screen. All she could make out was her name, everything else was foreign to her.
After what seemed like a half hour of sitting half naked on the table a man that looked to be about her age entered the room. She read his name tag and noticed it said “LSU RADIOLOGY STUDENT“. Karen couldn’t help but notice he was very attractive. He had curly dark brown hair and dark eyes. He was very tall and his upper body even in the white coat looked very muscular. He also smelled very good. Normally Karen would never notice these thing. She was married and very much in love after all. It must have been her nerves over the vaginal ultrasound, or maybe it was her hormones , but she found herself very attracted to this man.
“Hello Karen how are you today.

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   Were going to get started just shortly, I am Zach. Have you ever had an ultrasound vaginally?” He asked.
“No. ” She said shaking her head growing a little more nervous.
“Ok all I need you to do is scoot back a bit and lay back. I will be using this transducer. ”
He held up a long white object that looked very much like a dildo Karen had once seen at one of them sex toy parties, she felt her cheeks start to burn.
“That’s not gonna work!” She heard herself exclaim, before she realized what she said. The tech looked at her and chuckled. He gave her a flirtatious wink and patted her leg.
“It is inserted about three inches inside of you, and we do all the rest. You will need your feet up in the stir-ups please. Don‘t be nervous. ” He said smiling. “It is painless we use the jelly.

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  ” he said showing her the tube.
Karen lay back and did as Zach had asked. She noticed that the girl hadn’t made it back into the room just yet and was already beginning to feel very self aware. “Scoot back just a little more?” Zach asked as he put jelly on the transducer. “Ok I am going to go ahead and start, Sheila will be back in just a moment. ”
The position Karen was in she could watch the tech easily. She felt him lift the covers and lightly felt his warm hands on her legs parting them a bit. Just his touch made her shiver. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Just the mans presence was making her a bit warm. She felt him gently insert the end of the transducer inside of her. But maybe a little to gentle because Karen immediately felt her body down below start to respond. “God please no, please no. ” Karen thought to herself. “I can’t get turned on from a medical procedure.

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  ” Karen was quiet embarrassed and clinched her eyes tight.
“Are you alright honey?” The tech asked with a smile. She felt him pull the object out of her pussy slowly and then push it back in only to miss and hit her clit several inches higher.
“Yes. ” She said with a gasp. Surely that was an accident she thought to herself. Just as she was growing increasing warm Sheila entered the room to check on Zach. “Looks like you have it started well. ” She said to Zach, she stood in the room and just observed keeping her eye on the monitor. Karen also noticed as well that Zach’s eyes now stayed on the ultrasound monitor as he captured the imagery .
The procedure seemed to be taking a very long time. And through-out the whole thing Zach was very gentle. But he seemed to pull it out and put it back in a little more than he should. And Karen knew now that her pussy was very wet. She couldn’t help it.

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   Also he seemed to be hitting her g-spot, something that before today she had never found.
    Several times she had felt his hand slip and twice she felt his actual fingers brush her pussy. She was beginning to feel violated. But at the same time knew that it was probably just her and her hormones, and she was very much enjoying the sensations.
    “All done. ” Zach said pulling the rod out carefully. “You can sit up now. ” Karen sat up very flustered and knew that her face was red. Both techs looked at her as she sat up.
    Flustered Karen said, “Whew its hot in here. ”
    “I will be right back,” Zach said looking at Karen intently. “Just have to check and see if everything turned out before I have you dress. ” Zach and Sheila left the room. Sheila nodded and smiled.
    “Oh god could they tell!” Karen thought to herself as she brushed the sweat from her brow.

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       She was so embarrassed that her body had betrayed her like that.
    After a few moments the student re-entered the room. She watched as he shut the door behind him. “Everything seems to have turned out ok. ” He said with a smile. “You may get dressed if you like or…” Zach pulled Karen to him and kissed her lips gently. “Doing that had the strangest affect on me. ” He said, “And I could tell it did on you as well. ”
    “I am very embarrassed. ” Karen stated looking sheepishly at the floor.
    “Don’t be. . ” He stated. “Its chemical, hormones. I felt it, you felt it…” Karen stared down and at the hard on in Zach’s pants.

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       “It would have to be fast, very fast,” he said. “but if we don’t we will always wonder. ”
    Karen nodded kicking her blanket off of her exposing the lower half of her body. Zach came at her fast and hard kissing her pulling her blouse over her head. Karen gasped barely unable to contain her excitement. Zach reached around her unclasping her bra and roughly fondling her breasts. He released his hold on her just a moment, running across the room and locking the door. Pushing her back onto the table putting her feet into the stirrups he grazed himself over her pussy. She could feel his hardness through his pants.
    She begged him enter her, begged him to free his cock.
    Karen moaned with pleasure when he finally entered her cumming almost instantly her body trembled. Zach covered her mouth trying to silence her as he quickly pounded his hard cock in and out at a frantic pace.
    “Fuck. ” She heard Zach say just as he pulled out. “I’m going to cum.

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      ” She felt the warm cum spill onto her leg out of Zach’s cock.
    “Damn. ” She moaned. Zach’s spent body leaned against her.
    “Wow, that was hot!” He laughed. She watched as he quickly resituated his clothing. Karen nodded at a lost for words not sure what to say.
    “Ok honey, you can get dressed now, if the lab needs anything they will call you. If not you will hear from you doctor. The young tech quickly left the room as if nothing had ever happened.
    Karen quickly dressed and met her husband out in the lobby. “Did it hurt?”
    “No not a bit,” She smirked. “Lets get out of here. ” And they quickly left the lobby.

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