The Ultimate Day


Gloria is your usual small town girl, sweet, innocent and highly naive. Well this is what most people believed anyway, however her boyfriend Josh new different. He loved the fact that when Gloria was hanging with friends or getting to know new people she would always be able to convince all of them that she was completely innocent and knew nothing about the world. Though when they were alone Josh knew this not to be true, and this made him feel special. What they did together was all there’s no one else knew about it. Secrets between lovers, as Josh realised, made the loving so much better. One of there best things to do when they were laying in each others arms, was to discuss there most outrages fantasies in detail. It was great to feel how the words would excite each other.
On this one very wet day, after deciding that the weather was just not good enough to leave the house, Gloria and josh were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Gloria decided that this was no way to spend a day together, so with no warning to josh, she stood up and turned the TV off. She had decided that it was time to put one of her fantasies into reality, so she put on some music and started to strip. Josh watched this gorgeous woman move slowly to the music and with every move take something off until all she was wearing was a bra that wasn’t really a bra and a garter belt holding up black sheer stockings. Gloria was absolutely exciting standing in front of him waiting to be ravished, her nipples hard pocking through 2 holes in her bra. As Josh watched her rub her hands all over her body, gently pinching her nipples every time she ran her hands over them, he could feel his penis growing and start to push against the zip of his jeans. Gloria could see the bulge in his jeans start to get bigger. So with a few small steps she walked over to him and slowly pulled the zip down so that Josh’s penis was free.

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   The soft touch of her hands on his penis felt good and made him even more excited.
Gloria then slowly took off Josh’s shirt and threw it on the floor, next was the jeans and then the very airy boxes, until Josh was sitting completely naked on the couch. Gloria then turned around and walked into the bedroom. No word to Josh, but before he could get up to follow she was back, holding something behind her back. She came over to him, and started to kiss him, long and deep kisses, and using this Gloria got Josh up off the couch and standing right under the low hanging chandelier. She first lifted one arm, and then the other over his head till he could feel the chandelier with his hands. She then took from behind her back, what she had brought from the bedroom, and hand cuffed Joshes hands together over one of the arms of the chandelier. She stood back tacking in all of Josh’s body, her eyes lingering on his big, throbbing penis. She then disappeared into the kitchen and came back holding a bottle of natella. She took the natella and spread it all over his penis and freshly shaven balls. The slow working of her hands was driving him insane, moving up and down the shaft, making sure that every inch was covered. Once she was satisfied she stood up and pushed her body hard against Josh’s making sure her breasts were squished against his chest, and his penis was nestled between her legs, just lightly touching the outside of her vagina. She started to kiss his neck, slowly moving to his collar bone and then all the way down the front of his chest, stopping at each nipple to give it a friendly nibble.
Her mouth stopped its exploring just at the base of his penis. He then felt her hands gently grabbing his balls and lifting them up closer to her mouth.

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   She took first the one ball in her mouth, sucking it gently, just using her teeth to lightly nibble and then the other, Josh was starting to moan from both the pleasure and pain, he just wanted her to tack his aching dick in her mouth so that he could cum, and watch her swallow his essence. Gloria knew that he loved to watch her take his load completely inside her, and she also knew that the moment her mouth went around the tip of his penis and it formed that light suction that drove him wild, there would be no more holding back. So to torture him a while she stood back up and walked to the chair that was right in front of him. She sat down with her legs open so wide that Josh could see her entire shaven vagina, he could even see her clit. Gloria slowly took a finger in her mouth and sucked it hard imagining it was his dick. She then ran the finger slowly down the front running it over each nipple gently squeezing them as her hand passed them. Josh then watched her move her finger all the way down her belly until it was just above her vagina. Josh could see that she was wet and getting very excited, she slowly took her finger and placed it just inside her vagina. Slowly running her finger over her clit.
Every time her finger went over her clit, Josh saw her shudder with pleasure. She then took two fingers and pushed them deep inside her. Slowly moving them out and in, and with each movement her breathing was getting heavier and she was starting to moan. Watching her pleasure herself was driving him insane. He wanted to be the one ramming his fingers inside her, using his tongue to drive her wild. When she eventual came, with a small scream of pleasure she stood back up and walked over to him, a little shakily from the orgasm.

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   She took his dick and placed it in between her legs so that he could feel the wetness of her vagina on his penis. She then sort of moved her legs up and down his shaft a few times, getting the natella all over her inner thighs and vagina. She then went down on her knees and took his ever ready, aching penis into her mouth. Just the feel of her tongue flicking at the head of his penis was enough to drive him wild. Before she could do much else he shot his essence deep into her throat. Once he had completely finished coming she stood up so that Josh could watch her swallow his cum.  
She then reached up and undid the handcuffs. The moment Josh’s hands were free he grabbed her firm ass and pulled her close for a long passionate kiss. He then turned her around so that her ass was pushed up against his already hardening penis. Josh then used his one hand to move Gloria’s hair out of the way while he started to kiss her neck. His hands were roaming around the front of her body. First caressing her belly then moving up to caress her breasts. He gently squeezed each nipple, and as he did she pushed her ass harder against his body and started to squirm with the pleasure his hands were causing. He then ran his hands back down her belly heading towards her vagina. As she felt his hands getting closer she parted her legs to give him full access to her clit.

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   Josh used one finger and just gently rubbed it over her clit. The clit was still very sensitive from its previous assault and so with every movement of his finger her body gave a slight jolt from the pleasure. Every time this happened Gloria felt Josh’s penis push harder against her lower back. Josh then took two fingers and gently pushed them inside Gloria. Gloria sucked in her breath when she felt his fingers go deep inside her. He started to move them in and out, Gloria wriggling at the same time to try and get Josh as deep inside her as she could. As Josh felt her get more excited he inserted another finger which caused Gloria to give a small yelp from the combined pleasure and pain. A few more in and out movements and Josh felt Gloria start to shake from the force of the orgasm.
Josh gave her a few minutes to recover before he turned her around again to face him. He then took her ass firmly in his hands and lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around his waste. As they started to heavily make out Josh carried Gloria into the kitchen and placed her on the kitchen table. He laid her on her back and she took her legs from around his waist. He pulled her so that her legs were hanging over the edge of the table and her vagina was inches away from his throbbing dick. He then rammed into her hard. Josh was so consumed with lust that he was fucking Gloria’s brains out.

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   He rammed into her harder and harder every time, and she was loving it. The pain was like an aphrodisiac, he felt her cum once then again until the third time they came together. Both panting and moaning from the intensity of the orgasms. Josh then picked up Gloria again, her still speared onto his penis, he carried her to the room where the lay together on the bed Josh still inside Gloria, just the way she liked it. The perfect end for the most extraordinary day.



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