The Tunnel of Love


Now inside the "Bat Cave" we parked, and quickly got out to take a look around. The cave was cool and quiet, with only the sounds of cars rushing by overhead and the occasional echoes of us as we talked quietly.I walked around the car as Stephen followed me, and pushing me up against it, he rubbed his hard cock against my stomach. I laid back as he quickly unzipped my jeans and then knelt down to run his tongue through my freshly shaven snatch, tasting the sweet droplets of my orgasmic nectar. I began shaking, the Bat Cave echoing with my pleasured moans, causing Stephen's tongue to probe for more of my pussy cream.His cock was throbbing now, aching to be swallowed up by my moist pink meat. Stephen turned me around and bent me over the car; echoes of moaning and licking swirled around the cave.

His hot, throbbing cock pushed at my steamy slit, then shoved deep into my hot, wet snatch; and I felt full as he slammed hard against my ass, pulling at my hips to form an orgasmic rhythm. He was rock hard and ready to explode ~ and I was thirsty for his cum ~ "Stop, I want to drink you" I demanded, and the cave screamed it back a second time. Spinning me around, Stephen shoved his screaming cock into my mouth and begged for me to take all of him, as the cave quickly responded with his pleading and my sucking, licking, slurping sounds. Throwing his head back, Stephen howled loudly, gushing loads of hot, thick cum straight down my throat ~ the Bat Cave echoing our pleasure as I howled with him...Visit Lady Jag



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