The Studio - Chapter 2


Topic: Chapter 2The next morning, I was woken by Donna climbing into my bed. She said "I've got some time spare before I'm due on set - fancy a fuck?" _Never_ one to refuse I threw off the covers and feasted on her body before gorging myself on her tits before thrusting my big cock up her tight pussy bringing us both off in short order. A very satisfying little quicky - the perfect way to start the day, especially as I had Jo to look forward to not much later. As we showered and dressed I told Donna about Jo and her fantasy asking if her had any ideas. She said yes, her younger sister whom she'd caught masturbating just a couple of nights ago. She was sure she'd be up of it but there was a condition that Donna got to see Jo and her sister, Naomi, make out "Like live in the room! Not on camera. " and afterward got to have some fun with Jo after she had watched me give Naomi her first taste of cock. I sent her packing for her first studio shoot telling her to set it up. I had just finished dressing almost drooling at the thought of making out with Naomi when Jo arrived for her first day of 'work'. "Got any knickers on?" was my first question. She pulled up her short skirt to reveal she did not. "Like I said Boss - I like fresh air on my pussy!"I bent her over the desk, dropped my trousers and took her from behind. "Guess you're right - not all of your work will be on your back!" I said as I laid into her, enjoying the tightness of her perfect pussy once more as I rode her to a mutual orgasm. As I withdrew and pulled up my trousers she got up and smoothed down her dress. I complemented her on it saying it was even nicer than the one she had worn yesterday to her interview. She smiled, obviously pleased by the complement and said she had enjoyed my dick just as much as yesterday and hoped she has been just as good for me.

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   I assured her that she had been and that I was working on her fantasy. She hugged me pressing her tits firmly against my body and rubbing her leg up and down against mine. "The vibrator was fun too - not the real thing but fun!"I sat her down and explained what the studios actually did illustrating it with the first take of our antics yesterday on the projection TV. She was obviously fascinated watching intently and before long had her dress hitched up so she could play with her pussy, laying deep into herself with her fingers getting herself off at just the same time her screen counterpart had her first orgasm on my invading cock. At that point I pulled her hands clear and went down on her tasting a heady mix of the cunt wine and my sperm as I got her off again; her eyes never left the screen even when I had forced her over the edge just at the end of the clip. "Wow! Liked seeing that and I liked what you did to me both yesterday and today!"I laughed and hauled her to her feet. "Let's get you acquainted with the place - let's see what's happening in the studios today. " I had a pretty good idea but it was sure to be an eye-opener for Jo. Studio One saw the first girl from yesterday, whose name it confess I couldn't even remember at that point getting her pussy soaped up by Julie - she'd obviously taken my remarks to heart and was personally shaving her before introducing her to the joys of girly sex. Next up was Donna in Studio Two - this puzzled me a little as Julie was scheduled to be directing this one but it seems she had cut a deal with one of the other directors so she could enjoy a bit of time on screen with our busty new star. Donna was obviously having great fun entertaining two of our better hung studs. This one we watched to completion, Jo melting against me letting be fondle her cute little tits as the two guys jacked off over Donna. "Wow - this stuff is hot!" Jo breathed. I reached under her dress and massaged her clit. She came instantly.

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   "So are you!" I informed her getting as huge smile in return. Donna came to me and said Naomi would be in about two that afternoon. Plenty of time to set up a web-cast and this one I just knew I could name my price for. In the third and final studio Liz was making her debut with another girl with at least two guys waiting to move in on the couple. I was kinda sad to have lost her but I knew I had a worthy replacement in Jo. After really letting Jo in on what the company was about I left her in the company of one of the secretaries to show her round the boring but necessary parts of the organisation, admin, packing and dispatch (although a lot of that was done electronically these days with the widespread take up of broadband - folk could pick and choose what they wanted without having to take a whole movie and I could price differentiate according to how hot/legal the shoot was. Jo was definitely going to command a premium!) etc. while I went to set thing up for this afternoon, both for the web-cast and rescheduling the shoot Donna had been due to then and arranging something else to keep the studio busy during the time - these places are expensive to run so you have to get maximum utilisation! Everything arranged and with Jo back at her desk after her tour, I took her to the staff restaurant for a light lunch. As we returned she asked about a room we passed, the door was open and she had a good look inside. "Is that the medical room?" she asked. "No its one of six breakout rooms doted round the place. ""Why the bed then?""Well staff are encouraged to take a break whenever they one as long as they don't abuse the privilege and most tend to take theirs with a partner. "Jo reddened "You mean they slope off for a quicky? They have sex?"I nodded saying "Well, given what's going on the studios are you surprised? Virtually all of them have appeared in front of camera too - they get a royalty, as you will for yesterday and the three of you are going to make a fortune this afternoon!"Jo laughed "Wow - this is going to be a fun company to work for. ""Let's have a shower and get ready for Donna and Naomi. " This we did with no more than some playful touching with me playing special attention to her perfect little tits and between her legs from both sides getting her off massaging just gently without any real penetration, she in turn tickling me to hardness.

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  Stepping out we dried each other off and she, surveying my dick, dropped to her knees and blew me in nothing flat - she was learning technique very rapidly or maybe she was just a born natural! "Couldn't leave you with a hard on!" she said as she pulled me out. "You'll have plenty of time to get hard as you watch me and little Naomi making out. At least I hope she's little, did you ask?""Yeah, apparently she's quite young and about the smallest in her school year. She's already found her joy button - Donna caught her playing with herself the other day stark naked on the bed, rubbing her clit and playing with her tits - Donna's comment was something like 'They only little but if I know you will love them Jamie. ' Sound like you will too!""She sounds absolutely perfect!" Jo returned with a smile. Two o'clock on the dot saw Donna lead her sister into my office. I caught Jo licking her lips in anticipation as she looked the youngster who was not too long into double digits age wise. Jo went to her and kissed her on the cheeks, running her hand over her chest before saying "I want to make love with you. ""And me with you!" Naomi said barely audible before clearing her throat and adding brightly "And I want to lose my virginity proper to you Jamie - Donna tells me it's a whopper. Can I see it?"I hadn't expected her to be so forward and thought she would have need at least a bit of coaxing to actually go through with the deal but apparently not a bit of it so I said "Sure! Strip me Donna. Naomi you strip Jo - that won't take you long and then let her strip you. Jo was naked in an instant as her target slipped her dress off her shoulders and it slid to the floor. Naomi complemented Jo on her body running her hand over my young PA's taught tummy and then between her legs as she dipped her head to Jo's breast. "That's not fair!" I heard Jo say but she did nothing to stop the girl and both Donna and I were undraped long before Jo started on Naomi. Unlike her own stripping she went very, very slowly, kissing at the girl's emerging flesh but avoiding her tits which she left encased in a lacy little bra.

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   She was teasing the girl (and me, I wanted to see her naked and I'm sure Donna did too!) as she eased her blouse off. Finally Jo reached behind her conquest, undid the snap. Naomi shrugged her shoulders, the bra fluttered away and there were her cute little tits in all their glory. They looked good enough to eat, small of course remembering her age but with quite large, stiff nipples or so they seamed to be from the brief initial glance I got before Jo had her mouth and hands plastered all over them largely hiding them from view as she kissed and fondled them. As we watched I was standing behind Donna firmly kneading her tits while she worked on her own pussy and my cock which was sticking through between her legs, gently wanking me as she pleasured her clit. Finally Jo came up for air and I could see my initial impression of Naomi's chest had been spot-on and I looked forward to having the pleasure of them in the not too distant future - in fact I was tempted to dive right in there and then but decided that this was Jo's fantasy coming true and that I shouldn't interfere for the moment. "Soon but not now. " I decided as Jo slowly worked the zipper of Naomi's jeans down and, at an agonisingly slow pace worked them down her thighs, her little pink pants coming slowly into view. Jo let the heavy denim slide the rest of the way down under its own weight to join the growing pile of cloths on the floor. As Naomi stepped out of them, Jo knelt in front of her and blew her hot breath through the silky thin material, targeting the girl's clit causing her to moan loudly. Even before Jo had started her latest action, there had been a big damp patch on Naomi's knickers attesting to her excitement (and her physical readiness for what was about to happen). Finally Jo eased the flimsy garment down and kissed Naomi right on the button causing her to cum and cum hard as Jo licked up her pussy juices. Standing up she kissed her conquest and then informed her "That's what you taste like - I've always known I'd like the taste of pussy. Your turn now - eat me. As she went to her task with no little excitement in her eyes I got Donna down on the floor doggy style right above one of the concealed cameras - it would have a perfect close range view of our coupling, not that I expected anyone would be watching us right now, all eyes would be on the girls! As were Donna's and mine - we were almost fucking on autopilot as we watched the hot action.

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   Having got Jo off the pair of them slumped to the floor and were kissing and cuddling, caressing each other's bodies - not kisses of passion but rather kisses of gratitude and thanks for what seemed to have been a very sweet experience for them. Just then Donna got off making the pair of them look up as she yelled out her orgasm. I too was close to cuming and decided to do it best porn star style so I whipped him out, told Donna to lie down and Naomi to jerk me off over her chest. In her inexperience she wasn't sure what to do at first but with a little help and instruction from Jo I was soon blasting off over the prostrate girl. Gosh I'd needed that after what I had just witnessed - a naked probably pre-teen girl both giving and receiving lesbian oral sex. "Better clean her up!" I told the other two. Both looked at me quizzically for a moment before I stuck my tongue out and they got the message and dived in to lave up every trace of my cum. Not a drop was left by the time they were done, and I'm sure they stayed sucking on her tits for a lot longer then necessary as they finger-fucked her to another orgasm using just one finger each but stretching her wide as they attacked her pussy from opposite sides. Naomi was learning fast - so too was Jo, this being her first time having girly sex after all. I called a half-hour intermission at this point to allow us all to catch our breath and freshen up. While we showered I asked what folks wanted to do next. Naomi piped up "You've got have sex me of course!""Not before I've tasted your beautiful virgin pussy!" I declared. "OK eat me out - then fuck me. I'd like to try it in my rear before we finish too. Then I reckon Jo's due a turn on your dick while me and my sister explore each other's bodies.

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   She turned to Donna and added "You be able to finger me properly - I won't be intact by then!" Grief where did she get all this?So we trouped back to the other room and with the web-cast running again - with an increased number of subscribers I noted with pleasure glancing at a discrete little counter - I took Naomi over to the couch and began making out with her, feeling the eager hotness of her mouth against mine as I trailed up her side to her firm little tit actually touching her for only the very first time as I felt her nipple spike into my hand. Something this exquisite I just had to taste so, slowly adjusting my position, I kissed my way down her neck the short distance to her chest. I kissed first one nipple and then the other biting them gently as I did so. "Oh I like that - do it a bit harder. " So I set up a rep sucking a little more of her meagre (but oh so tasty) flesh into my mouth each time and biting a little harder. She seemed to be liking it and liking it a lot. I decided it was time to up the anti and trailed a finger down to her hairless little cunt (naturally bald as Jo had wanted) and, finding her very wet, massaged her labia for a while before pressing through them gently to get to her clit. It took only a few moments of work there before she came going limp below me. Slowly recovering she pulled my mouth back to hers and kissed me deeply. As it broke she said "Time for you to eat my pussy Mister! I don't want to wait much longer to lose my virginity!" Although Donna and Jo could have been entertaining each other during this time, and to a certain degree they were but only to the extent of a mutual finger-fuck, they were sitting perfectly positioned to watch the action on the couch as I went down on Naomi savouring her virgin musk as I lapped at her with my broad tongue and gently massaged the area around her soon to be discovered love hole with my fingers until she came again her juices literally spurting into my mouth. OK, this was game time! "Ready?" I asked. "Ready! Just go slow but I want _all_ of him in my pussy so don't stop until he is. Don't spare me a single millimetre. " Jo and Donna had abandoned their game and came closer to watch. Jo caressing Naomi's chest muttering words of encouragement while Donna lined up my dick on her little sister - I could have managed fine on my own but what the hell!"OK!" Donna said "Push!"And push I had to, the pressure being so great against my dick, but eventually she relaxed and I eased into her with just a little whimper from her at the point where I could actually have been said to have taken her.

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   Her cunny was soo well lubed from all our previous games that after that initial phase it was quite easy to achieve what the youngster had wanted - all of my massive shaft buried in the tight depths of her womanhood - despite her age she could no longer be a girl after this afternoon! At first I took it easy as she got used to the sensations of having her vagina penetrated for the first time, of a huge cock filling her and any one of a hundred and one other things that she must be feeling right now as I gently rocked my cock back and forth in her. Soon she was moving with me and I hitched her legs onto my shoulders spreading her legs wide and giving everyone the best possible view of our illicit union. Soon she was thrusting back at me with gusto especially as the first orgasm she had ever had against a cock washed over her. It was huge and relaxed her totally. While it took me all my time not to cum with her, her contractions against my cock trying to milk my cum out of my balls being immense, I was determine to keep her pleasure going as long as possible before I had to give into her charms. Keep going it did, while it subsided from that first great peak her orgasm never really went away, building to lesser peaks two or three times before she found the big one again - possibly even stronger than the first and I just had to give in shooting time and again into her depths. I withdrew but she was not letting me off that easily even though her sister was waiting to dive in and explore the depths of her cunt for the first time. "My arse!" she commanded "Do my arse if you can. "Without giving my dick time to flag, I scooped up some of the assorted goo from her pussy and spread it around and into her little pin-prick anus easing her open slightly with my fingers before setting my cock in-place and ramming forward - I knew nothing subtle would let me gain entry here! She yelped quite loudly. "Say the word and we stop Honey!" I said making to pull out fearful of hurting her. "No, no. . . Getting OK. .

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    Go deeper. . . "My knob ensconced in her rear, once more I slowly bored forward savouring her smooth, ever so tight anal passage. "Deeper!" she encouraged. "I like this nearly as much as having you in my cunny!"So deeper she got until my whole big dick was up her arse and I began to stroke, pulling nearly all the way out of her before lunging forward again. I kept the pace slow at first but she was soon encouraging me to go faster so I slowly upped the pace until I was pounding into her at quite a brutal rate, she with me all the way until both Naomi and I found release at exactly the same instant. I withdrew, well sated but neither Naomi nor I were able to rest. Donna instantly dived in on her sister, plastering her mouth on her pussy while sliding a couple of her fingers up her sister's still dilated arse. Jo for her part forced me to lie down while she cleaned up my cock with her mouth soon sucking me back to hardness. She didn't let me cum though - as soon as I was fully erect again she mounted me cow-girl style, riding me with a passion. I just lay back and let her ride me thinking I'd definitely made the right choice for my new PA - she was one hell of a good lay. And yes, that is exactly what I thought despite my encounter with Naomi, having fucked and reamed a young virgin only moments previously. Because of Naomi I was very slow in cuming, Jo finding the big one long before I was ready.

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       She, realising this, adjusted her position and slid me into her tight rear. Bliss! While she had been pleasuring me in her cunny, I'd been aware of the two sisters sixty-nineing and fingering each other's pussies, I could now see on the large monitor that things had moved on and that Naomi had taken Donna's whole fist into her cunt! Wow! Jo, who was facing the right way to see the action in the flesh as it were commented she would like me to do that to her sometime, sometime soon! I smiled as I reached out to massage her clit - I knew I was going to cum soon and wanted her to cum with me. My actions had the desired effect and she almost literally exploded into an intense orgasm just as I shot my load up her rear. Bliss squared!As we broke up, I turned towards Donna and Naomi to see that the roles had now been reversed. Having cum on her sister's fist, Naomi now had hers deeply embedded in Donna's cunny causing her to writhe around like nothing on earth as the youngster massaged her insides getting her off good-style. Naomi withdrew and came to Jo and I offering us her hand to lick. As we accepted her offer I faded the web-cast out. It seemed a good place to stop. We were all literally fucked-out and sat around kissing and cuddling for a while while we recovered from what had been quite an afternoon. I explained to the girls how I would divi up the royalties - Naomi, as the star of the show, would get twice as much as the others but Jo and Donna should still be looking at around ten grand each once I totted things up finally. I would keep back a percentage of the take to cover the cost of running the web-cast but would take nothing for myself nor the studio otherwise. Donna asked me about a DVD. I said no, I would mix one (or two) and they could have copies but this was not for distribution, Naomi being so obviously underage which could lead to big trouble if a copy fell into the wrong hands - like me going to jail for life for having sex with a girl (well) under the age of thirteen, not had it was, obviously, the first time I had run that risk! Take Megan and her daughter as examples - I did - take them that is, both when they were pretty young! Jo asked if any of the viewers of the web-cast could have made a copy but I explained that it was broadcast via a very secure server-farm and that I employed a _very_ clever team of computer experts to ensure that no-one could retain a copy of any of the company's web-casts even by videoing their monitor - something technical about the modulation, don't ask me but I know they are working constantly to keep up with the latest efforts of hackers, crackers and whatever. I explained that, to the best of my knowledge, they had never been beaten. So with all that said, we showered and dressed.

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       Donna and little Naomi had to leave for home but not before Naomi had had one last grope of my cock telling me how much fun she had had, that she hoped to do it all again sometime soon and that I'd have to teach her to suck my cock like Jo had. Looking back I realised it was about the only pleasure of this little cutey I had not had. I said "Come back anytime you want - I'd love to teach you cock-sucking!"She then went to Jo and kissed her. "Hope I fulfilled your fantasy?" she said rubbing her leg up Jo's. "It was really good having sex with you - loved the way you undressed me first! Those two nearly lost it before they could see anything much!"Jo blushed saying "Yes, that was my fantasy to a tee - you have a beautiful body and I hope it's not just Jamie's dick you want to come back for. ""No worries there - I loved eating your pussy and having mine eaten by you. Plus, now I'm not a virgin there are more things you and me can do together. "Jo's blush increased to a bright shade of red as she thought, no doubt, about the sisters fisting each other. Jo and Naomi kissed for a long time after that, tongues entwined as I did similarly with Donna. As the sisters made to leave I said "Wait a mo!" as I went to a cupboard to retrieve one of my trade-mark dildo-cum-vibrators which I handed to Naomi. "Think you'll have fun with that! Donna and Jo already have one each. " (As did nearly all the girls who worked in the studio!)She gasped when she opened the box. "Gosh yes! You'll need to teach me how it works tonight Donna!" she said as she gave me a big hug. I laughed and reached back into the cupboard. "Here, have some spare batteries - sounds like you might need them!"With that the sisters finally left.


       I turned to Jo asking "Enjoy your first day at work?""Oh yes! I still can't believe what happened this afternoon. You'd better cut that DVD soon - I want to see it all again. ""So do I!" I assured her "But you can get it all on your computer anytime - yours and mine are the only ones with access to that area of the server. The link is in your start menu. Nine o'clock tomorrow - can't promise as an exciting day as today but I'm sure we can think of something!""Boss? Jamie?" she said quietly. "Can I stay the night? I'd really like to. "I hugged her to me, kissed her forehead and said "Of course you can! Lets go get some dinner first. " I phoned my favourite restaurant to make a reservation - most folk would have trouble getting a table in this place at such short notice but the head-waiter sidelined as one of my studs so I had no problem. We had a very pleasant meal together after I had guided Jo through the menu - I'm no snob but I could tell she'd never been in such a classy place before. We really struck a cord together and once we were done she really snuggled up close to me in the taxi on the way back to the studio. I let us in and led her through to my bedroom where we enjoyed a night of real love-making. Not sex you understand but love-making. After that night Jo never moved out and eventually we married in a very low-key ceremony - so low key (it was how we both wanted it) that most folks even at the studio never knew we are married for ages - but, no, I didn't give up other girls and nor did she. Naomi was one of only a host of visitors we 'entertained' (and were 'entertained' by) on a regular basis. Naomi soon learning how to suck cock among many other tricks!My only regret is that Jo and I can't have children together but as I am sterile (and always have been - its a genetic thing the quacks tell me) that is that - it did however mean that I was in no danger of getting any of my many other partners in the family way! At one point I suggested she make use of one of the studios' 'actors' but she declined - despite the number of girls she's (we've?) slept with I'm the only guy ever to have had the pleasure of her perfect pussy.

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       Eventually we settled on artificial insemination by donor and she is now full with child and you know how much I like fucking a preggy teen although Jo only just qualifies for the title by now! I love seeing her full belly and already engorged tits bounce up and down as she rides me - cow-girl being her favourite position, especially in her current condition. Of course, I have free reign on her tits - especially before a right hard fuck, she loves me to relieve the pressure that her premature milk builds up in them. It's going to be a girl by the way and, as Jo has pointed out, biologically at least, I won't be her father. . . To be continued. . . ---------------Feedback welcome. theblackdouglas@ymail. com.