The Screen


She studied the screen, biting her lip softly. She felt the flutter in her breast as she saw the words appear on her screen as it refreshed, a new message from HIM. It must be from him. She couldn`t bear it if another day went by without hearing from him, without reading the sweet words that dripped like honey from her screen.
It had only been six days since he had left, and already it seemed an eternity. He had left in the dark, in the middle of the night, leaving just a kiss and a note to remind her of his presence. And his smell, that permeated through her bedroom and quickened her senses when she drank it in.
That night, before he left, they had shared a bottle of red wine sitting on the balcony. She was wearing a silky top with her jeans, showing off her curvey figure. She was proud of her figure - she worked out enough to stay in shape, but she wasn`t obsessive about it. Hell, she wouldn`t qualify as a super model, but who wanted to be that thin? He was running his finger down her shin while they talked, the contact causing a current to run up her body.
He was wearing a singlet and shorts. The singlet hugged his chest, with dark hairs sprouting from the top. When he raised his arms she could see the trail of hair running down his stomach, the rainbow heading towards the gold. The bulge gently showing in his shorts was tantalising, and she could feel herslef getting hotter as the wine worked it`s way through her system.
When he reached for her hand and kissed her fingers she had to clench her thighs together to retrain herself.

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   She could feel her erect nipples pressing against her top, and the sensation of the silk rubbing on her breasts as she breathed was intense. She took another drink, and leaned back in her chair with her eyes closed, drinking in the warm spring air as the moon dragged itself across the sky. She heard his chair move, and started when his other hand slowly ran up her thigh, and rested momentarily on her exposed stomach, under her top. She got goosebumps and shuddered involuntarily, opening her eyes to see him staring intensely at her.
With only the sound of the jazz on the stereo in the air, she ran her hand up his arm, across his bicep to his shoulder. She could feel him tensing as her hand strayed across his chest, drawn to the nipple poking through the white singlet. Brushing her finger across it, she was rewarded with feeling his hand flinch as it gently sat on her stomach. Untangling her other hand from his, she reached out and found his other nipple, hearing him hiss as she tweaked it gently. Looking down she could see that this had had the desired effect, with his cock swelling against his shorts.
He reached out for her, lifting her hands off his chest and draping them around his neck as he leant forward and kissed her. His lips tasted of wine, the taste of summer and fruit and forgotten memories surged through her as their lips locked passionately, tongues intertwined, teeth nibbling. His hands drifted down her back, running through her hair and moving down to her waist, then up under her silky top until they rested on her shoulderblades. He raised her arms above her head and slid off her top, her upper body exposed to the moonlight, moonlight bathing her breasts.
They stood together, her breasts squashed against his chest as they kissed again. .

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  . and again, his fingers fluttering down her back. She arched to escape the feeling, bringing her in contact with the bulge in the front of his shorts.
Dropping her hands, she gently slid his shorts down off his hips, leaving him standing there in his g-string underwear with his semi-hard cock bulging out, threatening to escape. Lifting her hands up, she tugged at his singlet, lifting it over his head to leave her staring at his hairy chest. Running her hands down his front, she leant forward again and kissed his chest, moving sideways until she felt his nipple in her mouth. Licking it with her tongue, she teased it, rewarded with it hardening in her mouth as he gasped with pleasure.
His hands reached for the buttons on the front of her jeans and unbuttoned them, taking his time as she continued playing with his chest and her breasts rubbed against his stomach. His cock was almost sticking right out now, staring against his underpants as she shook herself free of her jeans, standing with them at her ankles, dressed only in black high-cut panties. She stepped forward to free herself as they kissed again, arms wrapped around each other`s bodies as the heat built up between them.
Sitting back down, she leaned forward and slowly freed his engorged member from his underpants. A drop of precum glistened in the moonlight as she reached out with her tongue and licked his purple head. His eyes closed as he felt her mouth engulf his straining penis, and he rocked slightly back and forewards as she built up a rythem, stroking his shaft as she nibbled, sucked, licked his head, saliva dripping down his length and lubricating her hand. She could feel her own juices start to flow as she continued with her pleasurable task. Stroking his balls, she could feel the pressure starting to build, and she slowed her movements, lifting her head to look him in the eyes as she swirled his head with her tongue, a lollypop ready to be enjoyed.

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He reached down and cupped her breasts in his hands, feeling her hard nipples pressing against his fingertips. Lifting her away from his cock, he turned her around and she leaned across the table, breasts pressing against the glass top as he lifted her hips and freed her from her panties. She felt him lick her back, starting at her hips and bathing her buttocks with his tongue. Parting her buttocks, his tongue passed down across her ass on its way to her pussy, wet with desire and aching with anticipation. His hands massaged her ass as he kissed and licked her pussy, and she could feel his fingers squeezing her, neading her almost, as her excitement grew.
Turning over, she rested her heels on the chairs and exposed her dripping beauty to his attentions. Again he lowered his head, stars shooting through her body as his tongue found her clit and sucked gently on it. She gasped in delight as he too started a rythem, in time to the beat on the stereo, licking her pussy, drinking her wetness, fingers gently rubbing up and down her pussy lips as he drove her wild with his attention. Suddenly she could handle it no more, and a shudder ran through her body as she had her first orgasm for the evening, hips raised off the table as he prolonged the feeling by sucking hard upon her clit and squeezing her ass. Coming down, she relaxed as he removed his lips from her, licking his way up past her breasts until she kissed him on the lips, tasting herself on him as she panted, recovering her breath.
He straightened and she looked down to see him positioning himself, hard as a rock, between her legs. Moving towards him, she felt his head push against her lips and find the warmth beneath. She gasped as he entered her, his seven inches comfortably filling her as she felt his pubic hair push against her shaven mound and his hands pulling on her hips. He withdrew, and again eased into her before starting his thrusting action. As he moved in and out she reached down with one hard and started playing with her clit, rubbing it in time with his motions.

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   her other hand she raised to his chest and tweaked his nipples. He loved it when she did that, and the closer to his orgasm he was the harder he liked it.
His movement continued, a sexual dance to the tune of the jazz, the balcony their stage as their breathing got heavier and sweat started to lightly sheen on his body. Faster, slower, deeper, harder, his movements alternating, sometimes removing the head of his cock right from her body before sliding back in. Juices dripped from her as her excitement rose, the crescendo of their private symphony in sight. "I`m coming" she gasped as she came again, body convulsing with the feelings he raised within her, sensations seething through her body as his powerful cock rippled inside her and her fingers danced across her clit.
The feelings were too much for him as he lifted his head back and roared as his own orgasm overtook him. Come shooting deep inside her, pulsing as his movements slowed as he recovered his equilibrium. Sweat dripped from his chest as he gave one last thrust inside her, her hands running down his body as he leaned forward and kissed her again, his softening member a reminder of the passion they had shared.