The Real llusion


The Real Illusion
She sat in the moon light with a thoughtful look on her face. . She was tense all over her body with anticipation. . She sat and she trembled. . Wild thoughts ran through her head and she laid her head back against the pillow on the back of chair and closed her eyes…. Soon she dosed off in to a exhilarating dream that made her skin crawl. . It felt so real. .
He ran his hand down over her shoulders and in to her tank top squeezing his hands beneath her bra until he could fondle her nipples with his finger tips, as he pinched the nipples between his fore and middle fingers she arched her back and whined. . She grabbed at the middle of his fore arms and slid her hands up to his shoulders and could feel the muscles under his warm skin, and his hot breath on her neck as he kissed it oh so softly. Between her legs she began to feel herself getting wet and could feel a throbbing sensation from her clit as longed to be fondled.
She slid out of the chair on to the floor, he moved out around the chair and crouched right beside her and pushed her dress up out of the way running his fingers along her inner thigh.

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   He slid his fingers over the silky underwear that she had on and could feel the moistness in them. He kissed her navel as he slid his middle finger then fore finger inside of her, he could feel her legs tremble. Hard and engorged inside of his jeans he was becoming harder by the second and was relived when she slid her hand up his leg and across his cock and pulled down the Zipper slowly. The sensation of the vibration from the zipper was enough to make him weak, he held him self up with is other hand and removed the one from her crotch. She pulled on his jeans as he helped pull them down she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it as she kissed around the base. He could feel the blood as it pulsed in his cock and could feel the warm wet feeling of her tong as she ran it around the head of his dick then took him all the way in kissing the base when she could go no further.
He slid one arm under her pulling off her panties and the other unzipped the back of her dress, he then lifted her with one hand under her knees and the other behind her back and picked her up off the ground, he stood up and moved towards the house placing one thigh on each of his hips and sliding his warm cock in to her. . It felt so wet and warm. He placed her back against the wall and slowly slid in and out of her. She mooned and this made him want her more, he grabbed a Brest and began to pinch and bite at her nipple, and as he thrust himself in and out of her she closed her eyes and let out a yell as she hit the height of it all, and dug her nails in to the backs of his shoulders and ran them down his back. .
Laying in bed his body was hot and covered in sweat from the dream that he was experiencing. The sun crept in to the widow and across the floor towards his bare naked sleeping body. When the sun touched his face it woke him from a dream that gave him the most exhilarating feeling of being real, “Was it real?” he said out loud to himself.

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   He stood up grabbing a towel off of the pile of clean laundry to wipe the sweat off of his body. Standing there staring at his bed drenched in sweat and seamen from his wet dream, and the thoughts of the girl in the dream still running through his head, he headed for the shower. While the water ran down his naked body weaving over each muscle he could do nothing, but think of the girl that occupied his dream almost all night, and the thoughts of her still made him hard.
He climbed out of the shower with no thoughts of reliving the throbbing in his groin the only thoughts were on the girl from the dream and the amazing details in which he could remember of the dream. “You cannot remember dreams this well” he said trying to convince himself that it wasn’t true but last night seemed so real, it was scary. .
He sat down on the couch and turned on the television, tried flipping through channels to get his mind off of the girl and when he couldn’t he put his hands over his face to try to remember details of events in the dream, and at that point realized that he could remember them all. . He could then feel the throb in his groin again and he looked at the phone. . “There is no way that the dream could have been real. . She would never have been here last night. . ” His eyes shifted back and forth from the phone to the ceiling as he thought of calling her to see how she acted.

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  . When it rang he felt like he jumped right out of his skin. . Picking up the phone he took a deep breath, “Hello?” he asked and only heard breathing on the other line… “Gwen?” he said it without thinking…
“How did you know that it was me?” The voice on the other line said “I don’t think I have ever called your house. ”
“Caller ID” even though he had never looked at the little box that sits clear across the room. It was just what he said cause that is all he could think of… “What have you been up to?” Trying to change the subject. “Your right you don’t normally call, what’s going on?” Glad that he got her off of the some how physic events. .
“Nothing much I was just a little board and figured that you wouldn’t mind if I called to visit a little. . ” he could hear in her voice that she was leaving something out.
With out thinking he said “do you have any plans for tonight, Cause I don’t?” now realizing what he said. . He closed his eyes and scolded him self for it. .

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“No plans here, actually absolutely none I have today and tomorrow off, and entirely nothing to…. . . ” She cut her sentence off and paused for Quite some time… “ Why do you ask?”
Not being able to think of something to cover his words at this moment and wanting to say something so she wouldn’t know that something was on his mind like he knew something was on hers. . “Want to come over her for dinner……” he thought for a moment longer. . “ I have a pool and it has been quite hot out lately. . I also have air conditioning”
“sounds like your already trying to talk me in to it and I haven’t even said no yet. ” He could tell she was smiling, you can hear a smile in some ones voice when they talk on the phone.
“Well what do you say?” he asked now thinking that that may have been why she called.
    . But she stayed silent for a few moments… “Not a biggie I just figured that I Live out here where it’s a little more open and it would get you out of your apartment”
    “Ya,, no, that don’t sound like all that bad of an idea. .

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      ” her voice still pausing frequently “but I have one question first. . ”
    “What’s that?” un concerned as he could be
    “ How real should Dreams feel,” His heart now pounding as he listened and let her ask her question. . “ I mean this probably sounds real odd, but I had a dream last night and I can remember it real well… But what’s Odd is that it was like a Real Illusion, you know like a magic trick that everyone thinks is fake but no one can figure out how it was really done…” she stopped cause she noticed that he became real silent. . “well its no biggie” she said trying to change the subject. .
    Covering for him self “don’t know I really don’t remember dreams at all but I know people that can remember them pretty well. ” hoping that it worked he started to feel that she shouldn’t come over. . But he wanted her to so badly. .
    “Well” she cut in “ what time should I be out there?”
    Astonished she agreed, and they said their goodbyes, as he pressed on the off button on the phone, he took a deep breath and hung up the phone.
    The blinds were still closed, dinner dishes were still in the sink from the night before, and he still sat in his towel on the couch.

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       He stood up and pulled down on the string to the blinds, Flooding the room with bright sun light, he closed his eyes to get time to focus and could see her, quickly opening his eyes again he walked to the kitchen and picked up a sponge to do the dishes. .
    Going through his dressers he had this odd feeling of not knowing what to wear, a feeling that he cant for the life if him ever remember having. Finally he decided on just something normal, a pair of slacks and a nicer T.
    On the nightstand was his wallet, he stuck it in to his back pocket and picked his keys up off of the dresser, everything seemed like he was doing it in slow motion, cause his mind was surely someplace else. On his way out to the car he paused to grab a pop out of the cooler on the porch and toss out a beer can from the night before.
    Still sitting on the couch staring at the phone, in total shock of what she just did, not being able to believe that she was hooked on the thought of him in her dream. “Why on earth did I call him?” She stood up and walked to the shower, setting her coffee down on the counter next to the sink she leaned forward to look in to the mirror she could see the effects that not enough sleep does to you on her face, even though if this was a dream she slept quite well last night. Shaking her head she Pulled her night shirt off over her head and laid it on the counter. Climbing in to the shower all she could think of was his arms wrapped around her and his lips pressing against her neck.
    After her shower while she stood in her towel in front of the mirror brushing out her hair, she could feel her muscles relax and it seem that worries were lifted. Its just a get together between two friends, so she slipped in to a silky flowing summer dress that she wears all the time in the summer and used a little cover up under her eyes to get rid of the sleepiness look that she started the morning off with.
    Placing her swimsuit in her bag she also tossed in some warmer clothes for the cooler night, a complete change of clothes for the next day, and a night gown. . Thinking that she knew that she wouldn’t need these, she felt she should take them any way, “I’ll just leave them in my car.

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      ” saying it out loud so she could let her self know that it was ok to take them. She picked up her purse and looked at her over night bag and laughed out loud, thinking. . . “How Ironic, my dream now I’m using something called an overnight bag to go over to his house. . ” She carried her bags out to her car and walked back to shut off lights and get her keys. . Her keys were on her head board an when she reached for them she couldn’t help but think of her dream again, she quickly shook her head to try to get rid of the image of him, “I cant be thinking like this. . I need to get rid of this feeling before I get there!” she said aloud scolding herself for the thoughts. . Then hit the light switch and walked out of the house locking the door behind her as she went.