The Pool Party


Topic: Pool Party Changes White HousewifeRing<Ring<Ring, "Hello". . . . . "Oh hi Levone, how are you? (pause)"Certainly, it's no problem at all he's more than welcome. I'll make an extra sandwich for him, see you in a little while. " Hanging up the phone and taking 2 more slices of bread to make an extra sandwich, Mrs. Laura James had no idea that her daughter's Pool Party would change her life forever.
Levone hung up the phone and looked at her brother Tyrone. "Great, you can come, they are such nice people, I'm glad, it will do you good to be around nice people". . . . . Levone said.

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"I guess, ain't been around no nice people where I's been, I don't know what to do". . . . . . Tyrone replied. "You did your time and now you can begin again". . . . Levone said. She loved her older brother, she was sorry he turned 18 in jail for assult but she was glad he was home. . .

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  . "Sis allot has changed, I mean look at these prison tatoos, and all I's got to wear is that old suit from before's I left. " Levone said. . . . . "It's ok, get dressed and lets go. "
As Tyrone slipped on his white speedo swimtrunks he had grown in the 2 years in prison. His huge black dick was barely able to stay contained as the 20 pounds and 2" he had grown, it wrapped around his hip and the suit accentuated it's thickness, it barely covered the crack of his ass. The white suit was such a contrast to his coal black body covered with prison tats. Pulling on some sweats and tank top he walked to the car with his sister.
"Hi everybody". . .

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  . Levone yelled. Walking toward Lavone was Susan James, age 16, hugging Levone. "Oh hi, I'm glad you came girlfriend". . . . Susan screamed. . . . . "Susan, this is my older brother Tyrone, I'm so happy you let him come". . .

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  . Levone said. Tyrone admired the young blond standing in front of him extending his hand, grunting. . . "Hi. " Susan welcomed them and showed them around introducing them around to everybody. There were 4 guys age 16, and 6 other girls ages 16, Tyrone just grunted hi, he didn't really remember anybody's name.
But he didn't miss the ripe young white girl bodies adorned in bikini's innocently exposing there bodies as they jumped in the pool laughing and playing. Tyrone kind of stood watching drinking a coke. The boys were trying to start a conversation with the black guest but fresh out of prison he didn't have much in common with white school boys. He would just grunt a reply enjoying the pure young girls bodies.
"Okay Mom, I'm teaching Sunday School tomorrow so I'll see you after the 11:00 service". . .

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  . . Laura said hanging up the phone.
She stripped off her shorts and tank top, reaching in the drawer picking out a blue 1 piece suit. Laura didn't like wearing bikini's in front of people thinking it brings to much attention to herself. She admired her 36 year old body, her 32D breasts still firm after 2 daughters,with fifty cent size aureoles and eraser size nipples, turning she admired her butt still free of cellulite, as she straightened the suit it hugged her 25" waist. She noticed that her long trim legs needed a shave. Pulling her brunette hair in a pony tail. Adding some lite pink lip gloss to her full lips, at 5"11, 130 pounds, Laura thought to herself, not bad for an old gal.
Tyrone spotted Mrs. James as she walked on the patio. GODDAMN he thought to himself, who the hell is that.  
All the kids yelled hello to Mrs.
    James as she walked out carrying sandwiches. Levone climbing out of the pool, "Tyrone, come here".

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      . . . Levone yelled. Tyrone climbed out of the pool. She shuddered as she was introduced to this young black boy, as he took the sandwich tray from her hands. "Here let me get that". . . . Tyrone ask. He was wet from the pool and Laurie looked down and caught her breath at the bulge in this boys suit. Tyrone chuckled to himself as he carried the tray to the table. He saw a slight blush.
    Tyrone jumped back in the pool, thinking damn I'd like to fuck that white bitch, I ain't had no pussy in 2 years, I's think she liked my black dick.

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       Let's play with her awhile, see if she's hot for it.
    Walking up to her Mom was Susan, whispering. . . . . . "Tyrone just got out of prison, I don't know what for, but look at all those tattoos, and that bathing suit, gross, everybody is laughing. " Laura's rational mind got angry that a boy would wear such a revealing suit in front of so many young children. Suddenly, Tyrone walked to the shallow end and Laura saw again the outline and almost the color of his huge dick, Laura had no idea men could be that large. . . . . "I know honey but lets be nice and help him have a good time".

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      . . . she.