The Patriotic Wife #2


These stories are written from my heart and are what I fantasize about.   I like hearing from like-minded individuals especially women who enjoy my thoughts.
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His wife the patriot

 Chapter 2 of 5  6/22/05
It had been a week since Jack had went back to Iraq to fight with his unit.   Ruth missed him very much but found comfort and purpose in visiting the soldiers recovering in the local VA hospital.   The soldiers were happy to see her and several now had envelopes with her pictures in them stuffed under their pillows.

It was just another day for Ruth as she showered and readied herself for her visit to the VA.   Standing naked, she admired herself in the mirror and went to get the camera to take another picture to send to Jack.   She sits the tripod and camera at the end of the bed, programmed to take a picture every 2 minutes.   Finding her long dildo, the first picture is taken of her with the dildo to her lips.   The second is of her on her back with it at the entrance to her pussy.   The third is of her with it about half inserted and the fourth is of her with it completely pushed in to the max.

Laying there with the dildo shoved completely inside to its balls it is further inside than ever before.   This causes a wave of orgasms to begin for the camera as she forgets it is still on.   Several orgasms later she sees the camera flash and realizes that Jack will receive quite the picture show as she fucks herself roughly with the dildo.

She arrives at the VA to see the doctor working on David and goes to the opposite side of his bed to comfort him.

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    When told to leave David looks to the doctor and says, “She’s my girl friend and will be taking care of me when I am released. ”  The doctor drops the demand and tells them, “It looks as though you will be taking care of him at home tomorrow afternoon.   He won’t be using these arms for quite a while but he will be a lot happier at home. ”

This causes them both to smile knowing what each other is thinking.   When the doctor leaves, Ruth leans in to hug him, giving him plenty of time to see inside her blouse.   As they sit and talk David tells her, “One of the guys said you jacked me off last night while I was sleeping. ”  Ruth stands and smiles saying, “You must have been dreaming.   I wouldn’t do that. ”  With a great big grin on her face she lifts the front of her skirt just enough to show him her shaved pussy and then turns to visit the rest of the room.

The guys are all concerned that she will not visit them anymore if David leaves and she reassures them that she will.  

Gathering her courage, Ruth goes to the ward with the older, 1 arm, black man and enters to find him sleeping.   Walking about the room she talks with the other young men who all seem to find her stimulating.   Several of the young men ask for pictures and she tells them that she will bring them later.   She quietly approaches the one armed black man and stands staring at him before laying her hand lightly upon his cock.   Even through the sheets she can tell it is large and extremely hard.

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At home Ruth prepares the house for David and writes Jack a letter enclosing the new photos from that morning.   In her excited condition she literally has mail sex with Jack while writing.

The evening arrives and Ruth finds herself in the VA ward, as usual, just at closing time.   Walking into the end ward the one armed black man looks her over head to toe and starts to say something.   Ruth is standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips looking at him as he jabbers on, not listening. She raises her skirt and slightly bends forward, while reaching behind her, grabbing her own ass with both hands.   The young men behind her watch as she parts her legs and begins to touch herself.  

It ends as suddenly as it started with her standing back up and turning a circle holding her skirt up with both hands.   Smiling and walking to the black man she says, “You talk too much. ”  When she reaches his bedside, his hand runs up her leg and under her skirt, touching her pussy.   Not saying a word he strokes her lips with one finger while staring her in the eye.   After what seemed like forever Ruth hoarsely says, “You are much better when you are quiet. ”

Grinning now his finger finds the entrance causing her to part her legs.   Lightly his finger strokes her while occasionally entering her.   Ruth opens her eyes and lays her hand on his saying, “You seem to be getting much better.

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  ”  His only reply is, “I sure would like some more of your pictures. ”  Putting his hand back onto his own chest Ruth smiles and responds, “I have some new ones I’ll bring by. ” 

Back out in the hall Ruth stops to pull herself together before going to David’s room.   An orderly comes to her and smiles, telling her, “The men sure are enjoying you.   I have never seen a group of guys happier in this place. ”  Staring back at this man, Ruth can see that he is being honest but she is somewhat surprised by his size.   Ruth knows she is tall, especially with heels, but this man is about 6’ 8”, 300 lbs, around 25 years old and black as night.

Smiling up at him she responds, “I’m just trying to do my part. ”  Leaning down towards her he says in a low voice, “If you can get me some pictures, I’ll set it up so that you can visit after hours. ”  He stands back up and Ruth feels small as she replies, “That would be nice.   I’ll be back after while. ”

He tells her where to meet him later and smiles as he walks away.   Ruth feels like running at this point but continues to David’s room.   David is awake and happy to see her as she hugs him tightly.   Looking at her and smiling David says playfully, “Sit down here.

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    You look great.   In fact you look so great that I really need to be pointed in the other direction if you get my drift. ”  They laugh and she sits on the bed side and reaches under and straightens his cock saying, “When you get home I sure hope that you can keep your cock somewhere out of trouble. ”  They continue to laugh, each thinking about what was just said.  

Ruth’s nipples strain at her blouse and David notices saying, “God, I just love the way you are so comfortable showing off yourself. ”   Looking to herself she places her hand on his chest and replies, “Wait until you see what I like to wear around the house. ”  David’s eyes are full of lust at this comment and he responds, “You know I can hardly wait.   I have been hearing about your pictures but obviously can’t even look at them. ”  Ruth turns a little more towards him showing him her pussy before saying, “I’m just glad you are getting better and going home.   I’ll be back in a little bit and bring you the latest pictures. ”

She kisses his check and stands, seeing the desire in his eyes she leans back down, whispering to him, “Jack told me to take good care of you.   Don’t worry. ”  This makes him smile and she turns to leave but not before talking to some of the other young men.

Smiling at the orderly as she leaves, Ruth heads home to print more pictures.   Printing several sets of pictures, Ruth now realizes that she has quite the picture gallery.

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    She decides to include her newest picture set also and heads back to the VA.

In the parking garage, Ruth waits nervously at the location told her by the orderly.   Eventually he walks towards her but this does not seem to calm her at all.   This man is a mountain next to her and he walks right up smiling and says, “I’m glad you came back. ”  Ruth hands him the envelope and he smiles saying, “I’m sure I’ll enjoy these later.   Follow me and I’ll show you the back way in. ” 

As they walk up the stairs Ruth follows this mountain as he talks to her about some of what he has seen her do and some of what the others have said.   When they get to the correct floor he turns to her and says plainly, “Everybody seems to be cool with this but try and be as discreet as possible when others are around. ”  He did not even try and touch her or ask for any favors but just opens the door for her letting her inside.   This surprises Ruth who now sees this man as a real friend to these young soldiers.   In the hall Ruth smiles at the orderly and says quietly, “You seem to really like your job and these men.   Thank you!” 

The orderly smiles and walks away, leaving Ruth standing in the hall.   Quietly she enters the first ward and all of the men are sleeping.   When she exits the ward an orderly sees her and smiles as she walks towards the next ward.   Inside the lights are out but she knows this is the ward with the one arm black man who has given her quite the time.

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Walking to his bed he is quiet and she lays her hand on his hand before reaching to his crotch.   She feels his hard cock and looks back to his face but he does not move.   She lays his envelope of the newest pictures on the other side of him before slowly pulling the sheet down until she sees the head of his cock.   He has not moved yet and Ruth pulls the sheets down past his crotch to allow her the best view in this light.   He moves slightly spreading his legs open just right to allow her to see his balls.   Not looking to his face anymore Ruth gently takes his black cock in her hand and strokes it slowly.   Her face is close as she looks at the first set of black balls she has ever seen.   Lust gets the better of her and she licks at the base of his cock.  

Standing his cock straight up she marvels at its length and color.   Just inches from her face, is her first black cock and she can smell its sexual scent.   Ruth moves closer brushing his cock across her face and lips.   Lost in her own lust, her tongue works its way to the tip and she lets go with her hand as her mouth begins to work its way down over his cock.   Slowly, she slides down until it touches the entrance to her throat before working her way back up.   It seems to be straining against her, trying to point towards his stomach and she lets her head fall slowly towards his stomach to ease this tension.

Lying still, the black man can only see the back of her head now as she begins to take his length back into her mouth.

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    Lost in the moment and dedicated to her work, Ruth pushes on until she feels her throat around his cock.   Controlling her breathing, Ruth keeps working at this until she opens her eyes to see his balls touching her lips.  

Pride in her work has brought this cock down her throat and she had not noticed that she had worked herself around to where she was almost lying on top of him to get the angle she needed.   Her left foot was still on the floor but her right knee was on the bed next to his chest with a hand on either side of him.

He could smell her scent and see her ass in the dim light as he enjoyed the feeling of her throat.   Gently, with his only arm, he runs his hand over her bare ass so lightly that she does not even notice.   Her whole body moves with her throat as she rocks back and forth fucking this cock into her throat.

    His hand rests on her ass until she takes his cock all of the way down her throat mashing her nose into his balls.   He uses this time to run his hand over her bare pussy and he parts her lips, expertly finding her clitoris.   Ruth does not notice and tries desperately to please this hard cock.   His fingers are soaked with her juices and he marvels at how excited this woman is.    One finger at a time disappears into her pussy until she begins to instinctively buck back against his hand.   Relaxed and wet his hand slips inside causing her to suddenly notice that she has been caught.

    Pulling back off of his cock pushes his fist deeper.   Pulling away from his fist forces his cock into her throat deeper.

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        She is caught in the naughtiest of all traps and knows that there is only one way out.

    She begins to move back and forth faster but this only shows the old black man what it takes to make her move faster and he begins to push her with his fist.   He pushes forward slowly until her nose touches his balls and then says, “I knew you are one hot bitch. ” He backs off to let her breath and pushes again telling her, “I know you like my black cock.   Now I want you to try my black cum. ”

    He backs off letting her relax only for a second and begins to fuck her with his fist until she nearly collapses from her own orgasm, forcing his fist from her pussy.   She does not pull her mouth from him but continues to suck on only the head of his cock as she strokes him with her hand.   Suddenly, he tightens giving her what she has worked so hard for, swallowing only after she made sure to taste all of this mans seed.

    Suckling on him until he began to soften, Ruth stands and covers him back up saying, “I hope you get better soon.   You have a great cock and I laid your pictures next to you. ”  She kisses his forehead before pulling her skirt back down and turning to leave.

    In the hall the big black orderly sees her exit the room and approaches her saying with a smile, “Let me show you the bathroom.   That was quite the show you put on.   You’ve given that man every reason to live now. ”  Ruth smiles but is still too dazed to respond.

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        After cleaning herself up, she sees the big orderly and walks to where he sits.   Smiling she tells him, “Thank you, I kind of lost control in there. ”  The big man just smiles to her saying, “My names Roger and I’m just glad I could help. ”  Ruth touches his shoulder gently as she walks past him to David’s ward.

    Inside it is dark and she walks to David’s bed still a little blind.   There, she sees him sleeping and leans down to kiss his cheek.   Disappointed that he is asleep she looks to the clock and sees that it is already 12:30.   Stopping to think she realizes that she must have sucked on that cock for well over an hour and turns to leave knowing that tomorrow David will be coming home.

    In her skirt and high heels she struts up to the orderly’s sitting in the hall suddenly and catches them with her photos spread out on the desk.   The guys kind of freak, trying to hide the material but give up quickly when it is obvious.   “I see you like the pictures. ”  Ruth says with a smile.   Roger apologizes and offers to walk her out.   Ruth figures him to try and fuck her at the car but is surprised when all he talks about is another young soldier that has lost the use of a lot of his body and wants to die.  

    While going down the stairs, he leads while she follows, listening to this story.

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        Then he tells her, “He was trying to rescue a buddy that was shot by a sniper and ended up getting shot himself.   His buddy ended up dying anyway and I think that is what has just pushed him over the edge. ”  Ruth stops as she hears this and covers her mouth almost crying.   Her escort stops and looks up to her and she says, “Please show me who he is.   I would really like to talk to him sometime. ”  She turns and starts back up the stairs with him behind her and glances back to see that he is staring up her skirt.   This only causes her to shake her ass a little more and maybe even lean forward a little.

    From the door to the ward, the orderly quietly leads her to this young soldier’s bedside and they stand next to him in quiet.   It is obvious to her that he is in bad shape just from all of the equipment around him.   Ruth takes Rogers hand and leads him from the room.

    It is a quiet walk to the car as they both are obviously thinking of this poor young hero in need of reasons to live.   As Ruth sits down into her car her skirt rides up showing the big black orderly her smooth pussy.   Ruth makes no move to cover herself and looks up to Roger and says plainly, “I will make sure to go out of my way to give this guy something to look forward to. ” 

    Her big black orderly stares openly at her pussy and declares, “I just know you will. ”

    Dedicated to a drop dead gorgeous woman whom which I can only dream of having as my own.



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